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JD Improves Management Service of Nanyang Intermediate People's Court

Source:chinadaily.com.cn Published:2018-09-11 09:36

Nanyang Intermediate People's Court holds a press conference to announce their cooperation with Chinese tech giant JD in Internet Plus. [Photo/nydt.cn]

Nanyang Intermediate People's Court signed a cooperation agreement on Internet Plus with Chinese tech giant JD to improve network management and information construction.

The service items launched exclusively by JD, such as responsible investigation, leading evaluation, auction assistance, custody of movable property, remote custody, sample viewing, WeChat promotion, financial loans, and transfer assistance, have created a perfect offline service system for the court. The system has not only reduced the workload of the court and increased efficiency, but also improved the rate of turnover and premiums for judicial auctions by providing reliable services for bidders.

Two levels of courts in Nanyang will improve their judicial auction efficiency with the help of the abundant user resources and strong research and development capabilities of JD. Nanyang Intermediate People's Court will take full advantage of the resources, data, technical ability, logistical advantages, and service advantages of the company to provide higher-quality services for bidders and further improve the transaction rate of judicial auctions.

Next, the court will cooperate with JD in big data assessment, warehousing logistics, and information construction.

The signing ceremony for the cooperation agreement on Internet Plus with JD is held by Nanyang Intermediate People's Court. [Photo/nydt.cn]

Editor:Zhao Hanqing