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Li Fang from Xinyang Won the Title of “The Most Beautiful Teacher of 2018”

Source:Dahe.cn Published:2018-09-12 11:55


The Award Ceremony


On the evening of September 11, at the award ceremony of “Looking for the Most Beautiful Teacher” of 2018 held by CCTV, Li Fang, a teacher from Xinyang, won the title of “The Most Beautiful Teacher of 2018”. It is the second honorary title for her who has obtained the title of “The Most Beautiful Teacher in Henan” before.


At the award ceremony, Tian Hua, who is the award presenter, the 6th national moral model and famous performing artist, eulogized Ms. Li with a comment of “Dedicated Person with Great Benevolence”. The award speech given by the organizing committee is “As death roared by, she used all her strength to erect safety barriers for her children. The critical moment reveals teacher’s noble ethics, and ordinary position makes the great life. Pay tribute to Li Fang who sacrificed herself in rescuing others!”

据了解,“寻找最美教师”大型公益活动由教育部和中央广播电视总台主办,面向全国广大教师群体,寻访教师典型人物,展示优秀教师无私奉献、甘为人梯的精神品格。寻找活动先经由央视记者寻找、各单位和社会推荐,再由教育界著名专家从中初选出85名“最美教师”候选人。通过活动官方网站展示候选人事迹、网络助力投票等互动评选的形式,从中推选出“最美教师”入围者,并由活动评委以票决的方式,投票评选产生的。最终产生全国10名“最美教师”、1个“最美教师团体”和10名“特别关注教师”奖。(记者李鑫 通讯员汪星晨 翻译赵汉青)

It is reported that the public activity of “Looking for the Most Beautiful Teacher” organized by the Ministry of Education and CCTV is to find examples and models among all teachers in China so as to demonstrate teacher’s spirit of selfless dedication. The teacher candidates will be found by CCTV reporters and recommended by various units and social sectors firstly, and then 85 candidates of the “Most Beautiful Teacher” will be selected by famous educational experts. By showing candidates’ experiences on the official website of the activity and voting online, the finalists of the “Most Beautiful Teacher” will be selected. Finally, 10 “Most Beautiful Teacher” awards, 1 “Most Beautiful Teacher Group” award and 10 “Teacher with Special Attention” awards will be determined based on the vote of the judges.


Editor:Zhao Hanqing