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China Remains Most Reliable Supply Chain: British Writer

Source:Xinhua Published:2021-08-29 16:42

The West's prediction that the global supply chain would leave China because of COVID-19 is completely wrong, said British writer Tom Fowdy in a recent article published on RT.

Fowdy, a political and international relations analyst with a primary focus on East Asia, noted that it's clear that China remains the most resilient, stable, and reliable supply chain in what continues to be an extremely uncertain world.

"Numerous pundits and outlets, largely out of political bias, got it completely wrong," he wrote.

"The reality is that Beijing has not lost its grip on the global supply chain through the pandemic, but has in fact consolidated it," he said.

Misjudgments are based on a lack of understanding as to how supply chains work, and wishful promotion of other countries based on geopolitical preferences rather than economic realities, he wrote.

"A supply chain is weighted on cost, endurance and speed, and the conditions in China have ensured its appeal has outlasted these political shocks," he wrote.

Editor:Zhao Hanqing