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Tibetan herders become glacier guardians on roof of the world

Tibetan herders become glacier guardians on roof of the world.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-25 17:22

Lantern Festival celebrated across China

Lantern Festival celebrated across China.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-25 17:20

Chinese people celebrate Lantern Festival with joy, hope

People usually hang colorful lanterns, play riddle games and express their wishes and hopes for the future.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-24 21:59

China will drive LNG market expansion worldwide into 2040s

Driven by China's industrial decarbonization, the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market will continue to grow into the 2040s, according to a recently released report.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-24 09:58

Snow tourism mania heats up China's furnace city

The urban areas in Chongqing rarely snow, however, the passion for skiing among its residents is palpable, resonating even with those hailing from the snowy northeast of China.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-23 17:39

Private economy set to get boost from law draft

China has taken a decisive step toward bolstering its private sector by starting to draft a law on promoting the private economy, marking the latest step in boosting business confidence and revitalizing the growth of the world's second-largest economy.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-23 17:34

Overseas visitors hail China's National Winter Games

Many ice and snow sports activities have been launched locally during the National Winter Games.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-22 18:09

Nation advances in protection of tech-related IP

More foreign enterprises have chosen Chinese courts to settle their patent and technology-related disputes, due to the equal protection offered to them in the handling of such cases, said an official with China's top court.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-22 17:57

China establishes real estate financing coordination mechanisms in 214 cities

A total of 214 cities in 29 provinces across China had established real estate financing coordination mechanisms as of Feb. 20.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-21 19:39

Foreign companies cash in on China's exhibition boom

China has become one of the top three countries in the global exhibition industry, said David DuBois, president and CEO of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-21 19:35

Consumption booms during Spring Festival holiday

China's consumption in catering, accommodation, tourism, retail and entertainment was heating up during this year's Spring Festival holiday from Feb 10 to Feb 17.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-20 17:51

Meeting sets tone on major reform tasks

China reiterated on Monday its determination to persist with the key strategy of reform and opening-up in order to address the risks and challenges faced on its development path.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-20 17:50

Chinese tourism boosts economy

The recovery of tourism has become a driving force for China's economy.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-19 19:32

Tourism industry hits record highs over Spring Festival holiday

Some overseas destinations also offered goodwill gestures and created a festive atmosphere for Chinese travelers, and Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year, has officially been listed as a United Nations floating holiday starting this year.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-19 19:28

China's National Winter Games officially opens

Chinese State Councilor Shen Yiqin officially opened the National Winter Games at the Inner Mongolia Ice Sports Training Center in Hulun Buir on Saturday.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-18 16:26

Longer Spring Festival holiday sparks travel frenzy

For the Chinese people, the eternal theme of the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, remains family reunion, yet an increasing number of Chinese are choosing to integrate travel into their holiday traditions.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-18 16:24

Loong-themed cultural elements shine during Spring Festival

Loong-themed exhibitions, carnivals and creative cultural products are captivating tourists nationwide, injecting strong momentum into China's rebounding cultural and tourism market.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-17 21:06

Traditional Chinese lanterns illuminate festivities globally

The custom of attending lantern fairs during the Spring Festival is a time-honored tradition in Chinese culture, with a history spanning over 1,800 years.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-17 20:57

World brands upbeat about Chinese market

World major brands have expressed optimism about the potential of the Chinese market, as China's economy continues to grow, beating expectations, and their sales in China significantly increase.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-16 21:10

Year of Dragon off to a roaring start

The growing spending power of Chinese consumers, combined with government policies to support shopping, tourism and cultural events during the eight-day Spring Festival holiday, will definitely contribute to sustaining China's economic growth this year.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-16 20:59

Chinese online literature attracts worldwide fans

Through the web novels, overseas readers could learn more about Chinese cultural elements and core values.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-15 21:10

Beautiful Kashgar steals festive television spotlight

This year's China Central Television Spring Festival Gala established a branch venue in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, specifically in Kashgar in the southwestern part of the region.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-15 20:55

China to launch campaign to promote women's development

Women's federations across China will launch a series of programs this year to encourage women to shoulder responsibility in promoting high-quality development.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-14 18:33

Cultural confidence glows via new Chinese-style fashion trend

With the continuous interest in traditional culture, the new Chinese style of clothing, which cleverly blends traditional and modern elements, is in the spotlight during this year's Spring Festival.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-14 18:31

Port cooperation fuels trade in regional Chinese city cluster

Beijing, Tianjin Municipality and Hebei province, neighboring regions collectively known as Jing-Jin-Ji, are reshaping regional trade dynamics through an innovative fusion of air and sea gateways.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-13 21:08

China's FTA partners reach 29: govt data

China has signed free trade agreements with 29 countries and regions as of the end of January this year.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-13 21:07

Beijing to host 2029 World Aquatics Championships

World Aquatics confirmed on Sunday that the Chinese capital, Beijing, will host the World Aquatics Championships in 2029.

Source: People's Daily|2024-02-12 18:16

Hong Kong holds fireworks display to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year

After a four-year hiatus since 2020, a Lunar New Year fireworks display once again lit up the night sky of Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong Sunday.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-12 18:14

Chinese embrace Year of the Dragon with aspiration, vitality

China on Saturday ringed in the Chinese Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-11 21:09

China's industrial enterprises register steady recovery in 2023

China's industrial enterprises saw steady recovery in 2023 and their combined revenues increased for a fifth straight month, official data showed.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-11 21:07

Spring Festival Gala sees viewership rise nearly 13% to 679m

The annual CCTV Spring Festival gala aired on Feb 9, Lunar New Year's Eve, attracting 679 million viewers, a year-on-year increase of 12.69 percent.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-10 20:27

China's outbound investment rises steadily in 2023

China's outbound investment rose steadily last year, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-10 20:25

China's ethnic groups make jolly melodies for New Year

Local cultural traditions merge with Spring Festival to enrich celebrations across the country, Zhao Ruinan reports.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-09 19:55

Spring blooms across globe

Celebrations of the Lunar New Year are in full swing worldwide as China's traditional Spring Festival holiday draws growing, enthusiastic attention across the globe.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-09 19:39

China's consumer, producer prices dip in January

China's consumer prices fell for a fourth consecutive month in January while factory-gate prices declined at a slower pace, the National Bureau of Statistics data showed on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-08 18:50

New Year goods economy drives market

Chinese Lunar New Year goods markets across China are bustling with excitement thanks to the festive atmosphere.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-08 18:49

To understand China's economy, come to China

Seeing is believing. The best way to understand the Chinese economy is to visit China for a firsthand experience.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-07 23:11

Chinese youth favor New Year at sea

While the Spring Festival holiday is often associated with family reunions, many young Chinese are inspired to set sail for the high seas on international cruises.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-07 23:03

Spring Festival boosts consumption and tourism

The upcoming Spring Festival, traditional Chinese New Year, has boosted consumption and tourism in different parts of China.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-06 17:23

Nation's efforts to ensure food security praised

China's increased grain output and stable food prices in recent years, a result of the country's policy arrangements and decadelong preparations, stand out brightly against the bleak scenario of rising hunger and malnutrition worldwide.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-06 17:20

China's travel boom buoys global expectations

As the eight-day Spring Festival holiday draws closer, global tourist destinations are keen to attract Chinese holidaymakers, with high hopes for a tourism boom.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-05 23:17

How will China promote rural revitalization?

With the release of a key official document on Saturday, China has drawn a roadmap for advancing rural revitalization across the board, and for accelerating the building up of its agricultural strength.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-05 17:37

China set to launch two experimental satellites

Tiandu 1 and Tiandu 2, two experimental satellites for communication and navigation to be launched to the Moon, will arrive at Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in South China's Hainan province around Feb 7.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-04 17:35

China's internet sector sees steady growth in 2023

China's internet sector registered steady growth in business revenue and profits last year.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-04 17:32

China's deep-sea gas field makes new progress

The second phase of Shenhai Yihao, China's first self-developed ultra-deep-water gas field, saw the onshore manufacturing of its integrated processing platform completed in Qingdao.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-03 21:17

No 1 Central Document details rural vitalization strategy

Central authorities have unveiled a more detailed road map for the national rural vitalization strategy in its annual No 1 Central Document.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-03 21:12

What goals China's provincial-level governments set for 2024

Chinese provincial-level regions have set several common goals for 2024.

Source: Xinhua|2024-02-02 20:08

China's auto exports rank 1st globally

China's export of automobiles rose 57.9% to 4.91 million units in 2023,ranking No1 worldwide for the first time.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-02 20:07

China's fiscal revenue rises 6.4% to over 21t yuan in 2023

China's fiscal revenue rose 6.4 percent year-on-year to over 21 trillion yuan ($2.92 trillion) in 2023, while fiscal expenditure grew by 5.4 percent on a yearly basis to 27.46 trillion yuan,

Source: China Daily|2024-02-01 14:02

China's trade in services grows by 10% to over 6.5t yuan

The value of China's trade in services grew by 10 percent year-on-year to 6.57 trillion yuan ($915.29 billion) in 2023, data from the Ministry of Commerce showed on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2024-02-01 13:59

China offers winter comfort to people in need

Local governments in China have spent 1.91 billion yuan (268.8 million U.S. dollars) on heating assistance, aiding over 4.85 million households to brave the winter chill.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-31 10:28

China ushers in new consumption scenarios ahead of Spring Festival

With the Year of the Dragon approaching, China, with an economy that achieved GDP growth of 5.2 percent in 2023, is unleashing more of its consumption potential by facilitating both online and offline shopping activities.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-31 10:19

Chinese vice premier stresses promoting rural revitalization

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Guozhong Monday stressed efforts to continuously consolidate poverty alleviation achievements and strive for substantial progress in rural revitalization.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-30 14:57

China's cultural sector continues to pick up in 2023

Major enterprises in China's cultural sector and related businesses saw a stellar increase in revenue and profits in 2023 as the industry continued to recover.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-30 14:54

China vows to support development of future industries

China will support the technological innovation, industrial cultivation and safety governance of future industries, according to a government guideline.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-29 21:54

China-Russia trade fair inks cooperation deals of 13.6 bln yuan

A total of 55 deals, together worth 13.6 billion yuan (1.91 billion U.S. dollars), were concluded on Monday by Chinese companies and their Russian business partners in Shenyang.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-29 21:52

Outbound tourism market booming ahead of Spring Festival

Driven by the continuous improvement in the convenience of cross-border travel, the outbound tourism market is expected to usher in new development opportunities this year.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-28 22:48

China, Thailand to enter visa-free era, says Chinese FM

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said here on Sunday that China and Thailand will officially enter a visa-free era from March 1 as the two sides have just signed an agreement on mutual visa exemption.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-28 22:44

China's industrial profits sustain robust recovery

China's major industrial firms saw their combined profits increase for a fifth straight month in December 2023, official data showed on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-27 21:39

China's Spring Festival travel rush begins with record surge

China's Spring Festival travel rush roared to life on Friday, as a staggering 189 million passenger trips were made on the first day, up 19.7 percent compared to last year.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-27 21:31

Pilot carbon sink trading yields profit, eco benefits in rural China

There was considerable excitement among the locals when Junying Village of the city of Xiamen, raked in over 14,000 yuan (about 2,000 U.S. dollars) in exchange for the two-year carbon sink production of its tea gardens.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-26 17:07

Healthy China-Japan ties urged

Premier Li Qiang called on Thursday for joint efforts from both China and Japan to uphold the principles of peace, friendship and cooperation.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-26 17:03

China's cross-border capital flow to be further stabilized in 2024

Cross-border capital flow in China is expected to be further stabilized this year, said a central bank official on Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-25 17:18

China and Singapore reach agreement on visa-free entry

China and Singapore have reached an agreement on granting visa-free entry for citizens from respective countries for stays up to 30 days, starting on Feb 9.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-25 17:14

China moves to stabilize capital market, improve confidence

China will make more efforts to build an investors-centered capital market, a senior official of the country's securities watchdog said Wednesday in an interview amid recent stock market fluctuations.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-24 15:15

Pledge to open lifts confidence of foreign execs

Investing in China is vital for the future of global financial institutions as opportunities arising from the opening of the world's second-largest economy remain extensive and promising.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-24 15:12

Homegrown reusable rocket one step closer

A recent test by LandSpace, a leading private space launch company in China, has moved the company closer to its goal of building the nation's first reusable carrier rocket.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-23 22:08

China contributes to regional and global security, stability

China carries out counterterrorism work in accordance with the law, and has heightened the people's sense of security, defended national security.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-23 13:09

China taps consumption potential to sustain high-quality growth

China is striving to forge consumption into a powerful engine to drive economic circulation.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-22 15:08

China, Jamaica highlight fruits of bilateral cooperation

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Jamaican Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Kamina Johnson Smith highlighted fruitful results of bilateral cooperation during their meeting.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-22 12:03

Multiple countries voice support for one-China principle

Following the two elections in the Taiwan region in 2024, many countries have reaffirmed their adherence to the one-China principle and expressed opposition to the so-called Taiwan independence.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-21 18:21

It's opportune time to Pick China, not Peak China

China retains the top spot for growth rate among major economies in 2023 with a gross domestic product (GDP) expansion of 5.2 percent year on year.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-21 18:17

Both roots and routes of BRI beneficial

The word roots (as in the roots of a tree) captures the essence of how we ought to be thinking about deepening our economic and social interaction routes or paths.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-20 20:01

Report sees 2024 giving China economic edge

China's effective growth-stabilizing policies will continue to exert influence on global development this year, positioning the nation as a primary economic driver.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-20 19:58

China emits fresh signals on building a financial powerhouse

China has sent fresh and strong signals on building itself into a financial powerhouse as part of its efforts to pursue high-quality development of the financial sector.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-19 15:27

Economic planner releases prioritized actions in 2024

China's top economic planner, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), on Thursday pledged an array of measures in 2024 and beyond to spur high-quality development.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-19 15:19

China, Ireland vow to advance ties

Premier Li Qiang has underscored the need for China and Ireland to jointly uphold a free and open international trading system.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-18 13:56

Economy set to pick up pace in 2024

China's economy is likely to pick up pace and grow steadily in 2024 after a bumpy recovery last year.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-18 13:15

China's GDP expands 5.2 pct in 2023, surpassing annual target

China's gross domestic product (GDP) posted a growth of 5.2 percent year on year in 2023, higher than the annual target of around 5 percent, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-17 17:45

China-Europe freight services in high demand

China-Europe freight train services will continue to play a key role this year.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-17 17:39

Chinese, Tunisian FMs stress independent development

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Nabil Ammar, Tunisian minister of foreign affairs, migration and Tunisians abroad on Monday voiced willingness to support each other's independent development.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-16 16:49

One-China principle a firm global trend

China said on Monday it stands ready to work with Nauru to open new chapters in their bilateral relations on the basis of the one-China principle.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-16 16:47

China to foster new drivers for foreign trade

Foreign trade is an important engine driving economic growth and a crucial link between domestic and international economic circulations.

Source: People's Daily|2024-01-15 21:11

China ready to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with Switzerland

China is willing to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields with Switzerland for more practical results, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said on Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-15 15:49

Winter tourism booms across nation

Harbin's success has epitomized the vigorous growth of China's winter tourism industry in the post-Winter Olympics period.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-14 11:33

One-China principle unshakable, says Foreign Ministry

The Taiwan question is China's internal affairand changes to the situation on the island will not affect the fact that there is only one China in the world.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-14 11:28

China, Belgium pledge to expand common interests, advance ties

Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Friday held talks with visiting Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. Both sides agreed to expand common interests and push bilateral ties to a new level.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-13 21:08

China-Maldives cooperation at new starting point

Over the past 52 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the Maldives, the two countries have always respected and supported each other.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-13 21:06

China's foreign trade up 0.2 pct in 2023

China's total goods imports and exports expanded 0.2 percent year on year in yuan terms in 2023, official data showed Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-12 11:34

Development of a Beautiful China to be promoted comprehensively

The Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council have issued guidelines to comprehensively promote the development of a Beautiful China.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-12 11:32

China implements measures to facilitate entry of foreign nationals

China has put into effective a set of measures to facilitate the entry of foreign nationals into China for business, education and tourism.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-11 17:21

Top 10 Chinese, global scientific advances for 2023 unveiled

China on Thursday unveiled a list of the country's and global top 10 scientific advances for 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-11 17:17

China's GDP projected to increase 5.3% in 2024

China's economic growth is projected to reach 5.3 percent in 2024, Xinhua Finance reported on Tuesday citing a report by Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-10 19:21

Economy on track for solid recovery

China's economy is on track for a solid year with strengthening recovery momentum, fueled by reviving consumer spending, services activity and export growth.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-10 19:19

China's top diplomat presents diplomatic goals for 2024

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday presented China's diplomatic work for 2024, saying that China will always be confident and self-reliant, and fulfill its duties as a responsible major country.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-09 21:51

BRICS can help promote a fairer world order

BRICS is focused on building a fairer world order for the Global South.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-09 20:18

China remains crucial link in supply chain

China will retain its position as a key global manufacturing hub, as the supply chain diversification moves by certain multinational companies are gradual and limited only to low-end sectors.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-08 17:22

Eyeing vast opportunities, multinationals flock to China

With China's mature economic development and immense market size, there remains substantial growth potential in the long run.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-08 17:12

China's transport investment up in first 11 months of 2023

Fixed-asset investment (FAI) in China's transport sector expanded 3.2 percent year on year in the first 11 months of 2023, official data showed.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-07 20:29

China's forex reserves rise to 3.238 trln USD

China's forex reserves totaled 3.238 trillion U.S. dollars as of the end of December 2023, rising by 66.2 billion U.S. dollars, or 2.1 percent compared to the end of November.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-07 20:27

Desire for friendship can bridge differences

The consul general also spoke of the legacy of Ping-Pong Diplomacy, which ended a 22-year estrangement between the two countries.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-06 21:49

China calls for stabilizing ties with US

China reaffirmed its commitment to building a stable, healthy and sustainable relationship with the United States on Friday.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-06 21:45

China's consumer market sees a surge during festive seasons

China's consumer market has witnessed a surge in activity, driven by enthusiasm for cultural, ice sports, and tourism during the festive seasons.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-05 18:11

China, India could co-lead Global South

China, India could co-lead Global South.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-05 17:57

2024, a year of ongoing crises and unyielding hope for peace

At the beginning of 2024, uncertainty and election are two key words for unfolding situations in the world.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-04 17:46

Constitution better upheld

China's efforts to review normative documents, such as administrative regulations and judicial interpretations, will be strengthened in line with a new decision to ensure that the Constitution is better upheld and implemented.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-04 17:43

China is committed to sound ties with US

China's US policy is consistent and clear, namely mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-03 17:51

China vows support for development of private economy

China has announced concrete measures in six areas to enhance support for the private economy, following previous measures rolled out in 2023 that saw private enterprises register high trade and investment growth.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-03 17:43

China's visa-free policy facilitates travels from six countries

Around 214,000 people from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia entered China in December 2023, an increase of 28.5 percent compared with November.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-02 10:30

China's passenger traffic surges during New Year holiday

Passenger volume handled by China's transport network during the New Year holiday is likely to hit over 128 million trips, up 78.4 percent from a year ago.

Source: Xinhua|2024-01-02 10:27

More policy support sought to boost demand

China's factory activity contracted for the third consecutive month in December, heightening the call for stronger policy support to stimulate domestic demand and promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing sector.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-01 21:58

China and neighbors set to strengthen relations

The year 2023 witnessed fruitful outcomes of collaboration between China and its neighboring countries.

Source: China Daily|2024-01-01 21:53

Key figures capture China's development in 2023

Key figures capture China's development in 2023.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-31 17:55

Outdoor sports reshaping lifestyle of China's younger generation

Throughout 2023, whether in online or offline discussions, outdoor sports undoubtedly emerged as one of the most frequently mentioned topics in conversations among young Chinese.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-31 17:44

Data applications key to driving economic growth

China plans to expand the application scenarios for data in 12 key fields, including smart manufacturing, modern agriculture, trade circulation, transportation and financial services.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-30 21:58

US measures put tech ties under strain

Washington's containment attempts raise concerns over stifled innovation.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-30 21:56

Working toward a greener China

As 2023 draws to a close, the world has seen China leap forward in its transition to green and low-carbon development.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-29 18:14

China to boost efforts in attracting foreign investment

China will roll out a package of measures in 2024 to boost efforts in soliciting foreign investment, an official from the country's top economic planner has said.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-29 18:12

Diplomatic events reap broad benefits

China's boom in exchanges helps to promote global recovery, peace.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-28 22:31

Innovation boosts revival of China's cultural, tourist industry

The theme of China's cultural and tourist industry through 2023 was revival.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-28 22:28

China plays key role in WTO digital trade talks

China will continue to play a constructive role in the ongoing negotiations on e-commerce at the World Trade Organization to help foster high-standard, balanced and inclusive digital trade rules.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-27 17:40

New impetus for Sino-EU green cooperation

The COP28, held recently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, reached the UAE Consensus on finance, adaptation, mitigation, a Loss and Damage Fund, and the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-27 17:30

Foreign enterprises upbeat about China's economic prospects

China's economy is displaying positive signs of recovery and China remains attractive to foreign investment with the expanding market access, some global business leaders have said.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-26 18:05

China entitled to seek its own path

The scientific nature and truth of Marxism have been fully tested and the people-centric philosophy of Marxism fully implemented in China, demonstrating the era-adapting characteristics of Marxism.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-26 11:01

Made-in-China stuffed bears spread joy of Christmas overseas

During the Christmas season, Care Bears dressed in Santa Claus hats and other decorations, an adorable plush toy favored by kids, can be easily found on the shelves of shopping malls in the United States.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-25 18:04

Sino-US ties vital to global development

For much of the world, 2023 marked a return to normalcy of some sort after the three horrid years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-25 17:59

China points the way for global peace

Led by President Xi Jinping, China has been a promoter of regional and global peace and development and a contributor of international fairness and justice, while working to safeguard its sovereignty, security and development interests.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-25 10:02

China's fireworks decorate overseas festivals

In the city of Liuyang, central China's Hunan Province, the fireworks industry is gearing up for its most vibrant season as holidays are approaching.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-24 19:28

Buzzwords of 2023 reflect transforming China

Multiple organizations in China have recently unveiled their lists of 2023's most popular catchphrases, new lexicons, and online buzzwords, painting a vivid picture of a dynamic and transforming country.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-24 19:06

Country leads Asia in digital economy

The digital economy has become a key source of growth for Asia, accounting for 38.5 percent of the combined GDP of 14 Asian economies last year.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-23 19:42

Spring Festival listed as UN floating holiday

The Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, has been officially listed as a UN floating holiday in its calendar of conferences and meetings as from 2024.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-23 19:31

Conference on human rights held in Xinjiang

The 2023 Idea and Story Sharing Conference: Promoting High-Quality Development of Human Rights Cause in Xinjiang in Chinese Modernization Drive was held on Dec. 20 in Urumqi.

Source:|2023-12-22 22:59

RMB's share in global payments rises

The renminbi is gaining increasing importance globally, thanks to China's economic resilience and the Chinese currency's stable fundamentals in the foreign exchange market.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-22 22:50

Relief efforts gather pace in quake-hit provinces

A bonfire at a temporary shelter in Jishishan county, Gansu province rekindled among survivors the hope of rebuilding their lives after the disaster.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-21 17:04

10 sets of data decoding China's transformation in the new era

China has made historic achievements in economic and social spheres in the new era.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-21 15:15

Legal system on foreign-related cases improved

The delivery of legal documents in foreign-related cases is a big problem in China, as many overseas litigants do not authorize Chinese agents to accept such materials.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-20 20:16

China set for steady growth next year

China's economy is poised for steady growth in 2024 amid continuing recovery in consumption and services as well as the country's strengthened export competitiveness.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-20 20:12

Vibrant consumption fuels China's economic recovery

Despite external pressure and internal difficulties, China's economy has achieved a recovery and made solid progress in high-quality development in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-19 21:51

Modern agriculture key part of Chinese modernization

China has reached a critical juncture in the construction of a modern country.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-19 21:46

Foreign trade of China's Jiangsu hits 15-month high in November

The total import and export of goods in east China's Jiangsu Province grew 7.4 percent year on year to 482.53 billion yuan (about 68.03 billion U.S. dollars) in November, hitting a 15-month high.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-18 18:46

China boasts multiple favorable conditions to attract foreign investment

A Chinese official dismissed concerns about the withdrawal of foreign capital from China, stressing that the country has multiple favorable conditions to attract foreign investment.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-18 18:45

China launches commercial carrier rocket

China successfully launched SQX-1 commercial carrier rocket into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-17 22:14

China's financial institutions see rising assets

Assets of financial institutions in China rose to 452.82 trillion yuan (about 63.82 trillion U.S. dollars) at the end of the third quarter, up 9.5 percent year on year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-17 20:48

China expands high-level opening-up trials for cross-border trade

China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange on Friday announced the expansion of pilot programs of high-level opening-up policies.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-16 14:33

'Promising future' for China-US business ties

China's modernization will provide more opportunities for businesses from the United States and all other countries.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-16 14:27

Belt and Road ushers in tremendous development for partner economies

Pomegranates, introduced to China more than 2,000 years ago from Central Asia, have become a name card for free trade propelled by the Silk Road.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-15 15:30

Retail sales show signs of China's recovering economy

China's economy showed signs of steady recovery in November as industrial production and retail sales picked up though pressures remain, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Friday.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-15 15:11

China issues rules on human organ donation, transplantation

Chinese Premier Li Qiang has signed a decree of the State Council to unveil rules on human organ donation and transplantation, which will take effect on May 1, 2024.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-14 12:27

World Bank, ADB project China GDP growth of 5.2% in 2023

The World Bank has predicted China's economy will have grown 5.2 percent in 2023, with momentum expected to stabilize in the near term, propelled by a gradual recovery of consumer sentiment and policy stimulus.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-14 12:23

China holds national commemoration for Nanjing Massacre victims

The people of Nanjing observed a moment of silence, and sirens were heard across the city as China held a memorial ceremony on Wednesday to mourn the 300,000 victims of the Nanjing Massacre.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-13 17:30

China, Vietnam agree to build community with shared future

China and Vietnam on Tuesday agreed to build a community with a shared future that carries strategic significance.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-13 12:08

How Chinese hold their rice bowls firmly in their own hands

China secured another bumper harvest in 2023 despite disruptions from a string of bad weather events.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-12 16:44

Charting growth of China-Vietnam ties

As two economic engines in Asia, China and Vietnam have maintained deep political, economic, and cultural ties.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-12 12:18

China's grain production increases

China produced 695.41 million metric tons of grain this year, a year-on-year increase of 8.88 million tons, or 1.3 percent,

Source: China Daily|2023-12-11 14:01

China backs G20 goal to triple global renewable energy by 2030

China supports the initiative by G20 countries to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030, said Xie Zhenhua, China's special envoy for climate change.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-11 13:59

China's roads, waterways investment increases in first 10 months

Fixed-asset investment (FAI) in China's road and waterway transport networks expanded in the first 10 months of this year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-10 15:19

China launches new remote sensing satellite

China on Sunday launched a Long March-2D carrier rocket, placing a remote sensing satellite in space.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-10 15:14

BRI: a decade of advancing human rights on global scale

Over the past decade, the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has become a highly popular international public good.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-09 19:01

Leadership sets tone for economic work

Solid steps will be taken to effectively enhance economic vitality, prevent and defuse risks and improve social expectations as part of the nation's efforts to promote reasonable economic growth in 2024.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-09 10:43

Institutional opening up of Shanghai FTZ to benefit China

A Chinese commerce official said Friday that efforts to promote the high-level institutional opening up of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) will not only boost China's development but also benefit the rest of the world.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-08 17:56

China home to over 10,000 digital workshops, smart factories

China has built over 10,000 digital workshops and smart factories and become the world's largest intelligent manufacturing application market.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-08 17:54

Chinese modernization inspiring for world

Coming from various regions including the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Europe, the participants agree that the best way to know China's development is to see with your own eyes.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-07 17:30

China's foreign trade up 1.2 pct in November

China's total goods imports and exports expanded 1.2 percent year on year in November, official data showed Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-07 17:25

Proposal set to advance cause of human rights

Beijing has put forward a four-point proposal for advancing global human rights, including galvanizing common security and shaping a stabler international environment.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-06 16:48

Country aims to shine in space-based solar power tech

Amid global efforts to replace fossil fuels with clean energy, Chinese scientists and engineers are working on a bright idea — soaking up abundant energy from the sun and then beaming it back to Earth.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-06 16:45

China-Europe Railway Express freight volume jumps 19 pct

The China-Europe Railway Express operated a total of 16,145 trains that transported nearly 1.75 million twenty-foot equivalent unit containers of goods in the first 11 months of this year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-05 21:12

Nation lauded for contribution to human rights cause

Amid the 75th anniversary of the declaration, which falls on Dec 10, the China Society for Human Rights Studies held a seminar to commemorate the milestone document.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-05 20:59

24th China-EU Summit to be held in Beijing

As agreed between China and the EU, the 24th China-EU Summit will be held in Beijing on Dec. 7, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying announced on Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-04 15:12

Nations urged to boost common development

China is committed to broadening the convergence of interests with other countries, and will continue to provide the world with new growth momentum and opportunities through its own development.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-04 15:05

Visa free for six countries begins with great success

China's visa-free entry policy for ordinary passport holders from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia was implemented on Friday.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-03 19:51

China's central bank to support real economy

The central bank will ramp up support for the real economy, guard against systemic financial risks and deepen financial opening-up.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-03 19:47

High-speed railway opens to traffic in west China

A 238-km stretch of the Sichuan-Qinghai railway is now operational after a remarkable 12-year construction journey.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-02 18:19

Growth in carbon dioxide concentrations slowing

New reports showed that the growth rate in carbon dioxide concentrations was lower than the average of the past decade both for China and globally.

Source: China Daily|2023-12-02 18:16

China's factory activities slow, expectations unwavering

The purchasing managers' index (PMI) for China's manufacturing sector came in at 49.4 in November, down from 49.5 last month, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-01 17:51

China's service trade up 8.7 pct in first 10 months

China's service trade value grew 8.7 percent year on year in the first 10 months of this year, data from the Ministry of Commerce showed Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-12-01 17:48

China, Germany fast-track win-win alliance in NEV sector

With increasing collaborations between China and Germany in the new energy vehicles (NEVs) sector, both countries are fostering deep interaction and leveraging green development.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-30 17:25

Chinese enterprises secure global supply chain with digital tech

In the world's first national supply chain expo, a Chinese steel mill moved the model of its smart workshop into the exhibition hall themed digital tech.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-30 17:23

China aims to shine in space-based solar power tech

Amid global efforts to replace fossil fuels with clean energy, Chinese scientists and engineers are working on a bright idea — soaking up abundant energy from the sun and then beaming it back to Earth.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-29 20:24

Electric vehicles on fast track in rural China

In recent years, new energy vehicles have become accessible to a broader population in China's rural areas.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-29 20:16

Industrial firms make steady recovery

China's industrial enterprises saw profits rise for a third straight month in October, an official survey showed on Monday, adding to a run of indicators pointing to a stabilizing economy.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-28 19:19

Highlights of First China International Supply Chain Expo

The China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE), the world's first national-level supply chain expo, will be held in Beijing from Tuesday to Saturday.

Source:|2023-11-28 19:16

Art form widens its reach, sends cultural message

An outdoor stage made from cement stands in a village in Huaining, Anhui province.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-27 21:30

Global mechanism urged to bolster climate ties

A senior environmental expert has called for establishing an international mechanism to track the compliance of developed nations' financial commitments to the Global South.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-27 21:19

China's software industry expands in first 10 months

China's software and information technology service industry reported double-digit growth in revenue and profits in the first 10 months of the year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-26 17:39

Global firms upbeat on China's digital trade outlook

Introducing new products, services and technologies, foreign companies are eyeing growing opportunities in the Chinese market.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-26 17:10

China to allow visa-free entry for 6 nations

China will grant unilateral visa-free entry for up to 15 days to travelers holding ordinary passports of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia, the Foreign Ministry announced on Friday.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-25 14:12

Report maps out development of BRI

China will take more steps, such as advancing cooperation in new fields of green and digital development, to promote high-quality Belt and Road cooperation in the next decade.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-25 14:09

China aims to streamline forex procedures

China is working on simplifying foreign exchange-related procedures amid intensified efforts to open up its financial market, thereby enhancing the global appeal of yuan-denominated assets.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-24 16:37

China releases document on vision, actions for Belt and Road cooperation

China on Friday published a document titled Vision and Actions for High-Quality Belt and Road Cooperation: Brighter Prospects for the Next Decade.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-24 16:34

HK to help enhance Greater Bay-ASEAN links

Hong Kong, as a super-connector and a value-adder, is well poised to play a crucial role in furthering cooperation between the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area of China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-23 15:30

Remains of 25 CPV soldiers returned to China

The remains of 25 Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) soldiers killed in the 1950-1953 Korean War were returned to China on Thursday from the Republic of Korea (ROK).

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-23 15:24

China's financial market opening-up continues apace

China has allowed Mastercard's Chinese joint venture to conduct bank card clearing operations in the country, marking another step forward in the opening-up of the country's financial market.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-22 14:49

Impact of China's shipping industry growing across the globe

China has allowed Mastercard's Chinese joint venture to conduct bank card clearing operations in the country, marking another step forward in the opening-up of the country's financial market.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-22 14:42

Tech in focus to push new industrialization

China will ratchet up efforts to cultivate leading global enterprises and unicorns in industrial internet — a high-tech frontier where major countries are all scrambling to establish a beachhead — the country's top industry regulator said on Monday.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-21 14:03

Nation's role in volunteerism praised by UN

A senior United Nations official in charge of the UN volunteers who contribute to global socioeconomic development has hailed China's focus on volunteerism, welcoming the Chinese volunteers' role in bolstering sustainable development worldwide.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-21 14:00

Targeted funding could boost realty sector

It is sensible for China's monetary policymakers to consider providing targeted funding for affordable housing and shantytown renovation projects.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-20 16:39

China's pivotal role in global growth hailed

China has been a dedicated proponent of global development and a builder of a community with a shared future for humanity amid mounting challenges.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-20 16:36

US businesses forge link with China on climate

The emerging consensus in the fields of artificial intelligence and climate change between China and the United States is expected to create more opportunities in sustainable and green development.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-19 17:50

Join hands for high-quality development in Asia-Pacific

The importance of preserving peace across continents, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, deemed a powerhouse of the global economy.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-19 17:39

APEC makes notable strides toward green growth

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation region's progress over the last year can be proved by efforts to promote green economic growth, experts said.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-18 19:34

Summit charts clear course for China-US ties

The summit between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden in San Francisco has been hailed as positive and successful.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-18 16:20

Keeping momentum of ties seen as priority

Both China and the US should work in the spirit of having no time to lose in maintaining the current momentum of relieving tension and improving two-way collaboration, exchanges and dialogues.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-17 16:01

Openness crucial for APEC economies

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation economies should uphold the principles of open regionalism and avoid the formation of closed and exclusive small blocs within the region.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-17 15:59

Chinese rail seeks to spread further afield

On the back of its successes in delivering on rail projects in several countries involved with the Belt and Road Initiative, China's rail heavyweights are confident in the market for future projects in a growing number of countries.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-16 09:50

China shares development dividends with APEC economies

China, as a major trading nation, has not only supplied a significant quantity of manufacturing products to other APEC markets, but has also distinguished itself for unwavering support of trade liberalization, the World Trade Organization and its rules.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-16 09:45

Business ties boosted across Strait

Top political adviser Wang Huning called for strengthening communication and cooperation between business communities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to seek new opportunities and development at a cross-Strait summit held in Nanjing.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-15 15:13

China's retail sales up 7.6 pct in October

China's retail sales of consumer goods, a major indicator of the country's consumption strength, climbed at a faster pace of 7.6 percent year on year in October.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-15 15:08

Delivery for 'Double 11' festival goes driverless

For most Chinese consumers, the annual Double 11 festival, the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday, means a simple tap on a mobile phone to buy goods at attractive prices and then wait for their arrival.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-14 14:52

Efforts to stabilize ties paying off

Beijing and Washington are busy working together for a key bilateral meeting in San Francisco this week, following rosy signs in the past year.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-14 14:41

More signals of stabilizing ties urged

Efforts to stabilize business ties between China and the United States and prevent economic decoupling will prove beneficial for companies and consumers in both countries.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-13 22:29

APEC forum seeks to hear diverse voices

Vulnerable communities around the world often suffer the first and worst blow of industrial pollution and climate change, and thus need better representation in climate policy discussions and decision-making processes.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-13 17:14

China sets new parcel record with 639 million

China has set a new record by handling 639 million parcels on Saturday, the State Post Bureau of China said on Sunday.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-12 22:19

E-commerce platforms help build digital Silk Road

Nairobi resident Susan Wangui has been shopping on Kilimall, a Kenya-based e-commerce platform operating between China and Africa, since 2018.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-12 20:58

(CIIE) Zoom in on 6th CIIE from six perspectives

The sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE), which closed on Friday, saw tentative deals reach a new high, injecting confidence into the sluggish recovery of the global economy.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-11 20:32

GBA opportunities laid out to draw foreign businesses

Overseas investors are being called upon to make the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area an important destination.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-11 20:26

MNCs can invest 'confidently'

China will communicate regularly with multinational corporations and address their concerns through its complaint response mechanism.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-10 18:46

Cyberspace pledges set to narrow divide

China's renewed commitment to take forward the building of a community with a shared future in cyberspace will propel greater global cooperation and exchanges in the internet sector and help narrow the global digital divide.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-10 13:21

Countries relish CIIE opportunities

Sixty-nine countries and three international organizations showcased themselves at the Country Exhibition area of the sixth China International Import Expo in Shanghai.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-09 19:23

Central bank to take steps to bolster economy

China's monetary policymakers are set to further reduce financing costs and maintain ample liquidity, in support of the country's economic recovery that has gathered steam.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-09 11:49

Exchanges seen as key for civilizations

Dialogues between civilizations need to be strengthened, domestic and foreign experts said at the Inter-Civilizational Communication and Global Development Forum, which opened in Beijing on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-08 10:49

China, Australia agree to further stabilize, develop relations

Beijing and Canberra have agreed to keep building up engagement in political dialogue, trade, response to climate change and people-to-people exchanges as both sides pledged to continue stabilizing and developing bilateral ties.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-08 10:48

(CIIE) Highlights of world comments on 6th CIIE

The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) showcases China's new development paradigm and builds a broad platform for global business to gain more opportunities in the world's most promising market.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-07 19:23

IMF ups its forecast on China's economic growth

The International Monetary Fund has revised its forecast of China's economic growth to 5.4 percent from 5 percent in October due to a stronger-than-expected third-quarter output and recent policy announcements.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-07 19:04

China's foreign trade up 0.03% through to October

China's total goods imports and exports edged up 0.03 percent year-on-year in the first ten months of this year to 34.32 trillion yuan ($4.71 trillion), customs data showed on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-07 19:03

Experts' takes on Chinese economy

The Chinese economy will maintain its recovery momentum. The key to maintaining economic growth lies in pursuing high-quality development.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-06 10:35

CIIE's key global role hailed

China will always provide important opportunities for global development, and the nation will remain committed to high-level opening-up and driving economic globalization in a more open, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-06 10:22

China vows to further ease market access

Chinese Premier Li Qiang vowed on Sunday that China will continue to ease market access and implement policies to remove all restrictions on foreign investment's access in the manufacturing sector.

Source: Xinhua|2023-11-05 13:50

China to keep expanding opening-up of market opportunities

China will continue to promote the greater opening-up of market opportunities.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-05 13:39

Experts see growth goal within reach

China is well-positioned to meet its 2023 growth target of around 5 percent, thanks to robust policy support and a sustained recovery trend.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-04 17:53

Expo to be fully powered by green energy

China aims to have CO2 emissions peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-04 17:48

China has to better protect culture for security

The world has made remarkable advances in high-tech, such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, as well as the life sciences.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-03 17:49

Key role of country in Asia-Pacific growth hailed

China is ready to work with its partners in the Asia-Pacific region to make the region a pacesetter for cooperation and development, and inject stronger impetus into regional and global economic recovery.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-03 17:47

China launches 40th Antarctic research mission

This is the first time the country's Antarctic research mission will be carried out by three vessels — polar icebreakers Xuelong and Xuelong 2, and cargo ship Tianhui.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-02 11:12

High-quality growth firmly on the agenda

China will enhance efforts to build a strong and efficient financial industry which will empower the country's high-quality growth and modernization drive.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-02 11:08

'Firsts' achieved under Belt and Road win wide praise

Over the past decade, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has yielded fruitful outcomes, extending its cooperation from the Eurasian continent to Africa and Latin America.

Source: People's Daily|2023-11-01 18:12

Steps outlined for improving finance sector

China will strengthen the management of its foreign exchange market and continue to maintain the stable exchange rate of the yuan at an adaptive and balanced level.

Source: China Daily|2023-11-01 08:50

China to further improve its visa policies

The Foreign Ministry said on Monday that China will continue to improve its visa policies and actively create more favorable conditions to boost cross-border travel.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-31 09:00

Shenzhou XVI crew safely lands on Earth

The Shenzhou XVI mission crew returned to Earth on Tuesday morning, concluding a historic, five-month mission that involved the first Chinese civilian astronaut.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-31 08:58

UN official hails China's green growth

As a world leader in renewable energy development, China can help nations in the Global South realize the United Nations' sustainable development goal of achieving energy access for all, a UN official said.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-30 10:20

Astronauts hand over space station to new crew

Astronauts in the Shenzhou XVI mission handed over the control of the Tiangong space station to their peers in the newly arrived Shenzhou XVII crew, according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA).

Source: China Daily|2023-10-30 10:18

BRI creates opportunities for global mining cooperation

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has created vast growth potential in the mining sector, with a range of joint projects and cooperation agreements realized over the past decade.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-29 17:12

China's cross-border RMB use up 24 pct in January-September

Cross-border renminbi (RMB) payments and receipts expanded 24 percent year on year to 38.9 trillion yuan ($5.42 trillion) in the first nine months.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-29 09:40

Industrial profits see return to growth in third quarter

China's industrial profits rebounded to 7.7 percent year-on-year growth in the third quarter, ending a decline of five consecutive quarters.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-28 17:14

Chinese export insurer strengthens support for foreign trade

In the first three quarters of this year, the insurer handled underwriting totaling more than 680 billion dollars.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-28 13:18

China reports record-high air passenger trips in Q3

China's civil aviation market recorded a total of 180 million air passenger trips during the third quarter of 2023, a record high in terms of quarterly numbers.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-28 13:13

Chinese economy to maintain recovery momentum

The Chinese economy will maintain a positive recovery momentum in the fourth quarter of 2023 as third-quarter economic data beat expectations, according to Zhu Haibin, chief China economist at J.P. Morgan.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-27 17:15

China retains strong appeal for investment

Multinational companies have vowed to deepen ties in China, as the country's new industrialization push brings vast new opportunities in advanced manufacturing and digital transformation amid sluggish global economic recovery.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-27 10:58

Mapping a digital future

In the context of the rapid digitization of the world economy, the governance of the digital economy has increasingly become a topic of common concern for the international community.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-26 15:20

Modernization is key

China's focus on modernization and high-quality development, along with its efforts to simplify fiscal and monetary policies for research and development, have yielded positive economic results, creating high-quality jobs.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-26 15:15

China helps Indonesia hit the fast track

China has liaised with nations and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, aiming to use its experience and technology to support the development of more countries.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-25 17:55

Canton Fair begins second phase

The second phase of the 134th session of the China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, opened in Guangzhou on Monday and will last until Oct 27.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-25 16:09

China's border crossings soar in Q3

Immigration departments across China inspected 123 million border entries and exits in the third quarter of 2023, a year-on-year increase of 454.4 percent.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-24 17:43

China-U.S. economic working group holds first meeting

The China-U.S. economic working group held its first meeting via video link on Tuesday, China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) said in a statement.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-24 17:41

China's economy keeps recovering in first three quarters

China's GDP grew 5.2 percent year on year in the first three quarters of 2023, reaching 91.3 trillion yuan (about $ 12.7 trillion).

Source: People's Daily|2023-10-23 18:03

China to see higher autumn grain output in 2023

China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Monday that the country's autumn grain output will rise from that of the previous year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-23 17:47

China's financial system pledges efforts to serve real economy

China's financial system will continue to improve its ability to serve the real economy, according to a report from the State Council.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-22 16:39

BRI pioneers high-quality cooperation for global prosperity

The just-concluded forum here in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) signifies a landmark milestone in the Belt and Road cooperation.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-22 16:35

China improves 5G infrastructure to upgrade industries

China had built 3.19 million 5G base stations by the end of September in its push to propel the digital and intelligent transformation of the real economy.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-21 15:26

Belt and Road to go greener, more sustainable

As the just-concluded third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation has charted a course toward greener and more sustainable development, the decade-old initiative is set to continue transforming the world's development landscape.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-21 15:23

Throughput of China's cargo-focused airport exceeds 100,000 tonnes

The throughput of the Ezhou Huahu Airport, China's first cargo-focused airport, has exceeded 100,000 tonnes, according to the airport.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-20 21:55

BRI has a green thumb vis-a-vis development

President Xi's speech at the Belt and Road Forum shows that efforts are being made to improve the initiative through, for instance.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-20 21:49

BRI forum brings world closer together

Connectivity, mutual benefit, common development, cooperation and win-win outcomes in focus as leaders from across the globe gather in Beijing, while the event also offers an opportunity for exchanges in a wide range of fields.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-19 16:27

China, Russia agree to advance ties

President Xi Jinping underlined China's readiness to enable a higher and deeper level of regional cooperation between the Belt and Road Initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union, during talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-19 16:04

Initiative spurs investment, trade across BRI landscape

China's trade and investment cooperation with other countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative has not only expanded in traditional areas, but also picked up pace in emerging sectors over the past decade.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-18 19:03

China's GDP up 5.2% year-on-year in Q1-Q3

China's gross domestic product grew by 4.9 percent year-on-year in the third quarter after a 6.3 percent rise in the second quarter.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-18 19:01

BRI: A decade witnessed from above

The changes brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the past decade have been so transformative that they are not only striking to our naked eyes but clearly visible in the satellite images.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-17 17:04

Progress seen in green development of BRI

China has made historic progress in its development of a green Belt and Road Initiative as the country strives to improve the top-level design and cooperation mechanism for the international scheme.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-17 13:37

Chinese e-commerce platforms expedite cross-border trade

China's cross-border e-commerce has sustained a steady expansion against global uncertainties.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-16 17:08

Central bank vows more solid support for real economy

The governor of China's central bank has vowed to provide more substantial support to the real economy amid recent improvements in economic indicators.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-16 11:52

BRI deepens cooperation in various fields between ASEAN, China

China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) strengthens production capacity cooperation among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-15 16:06

BRI's global impact beyond flagship projects

The projects have earned their reputation not merely as structures, but for revitalizing local and regional economic growth in their respective areas.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-15 16:03

China's technologies help BRI partners turn waste into wealth

China has been employing its technologies to help its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) partners in turning waste into wealth.

Source: People's Daily|2023-10-14 19:44

China, EU agree to forge win-win relations

China and the European Union are partners with no fundamental conflicts of interests, and their consensus outweighs differences.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-14 09:36

China's September foreign trade reaches new monthly high

China's total goods imports and exports continued to improve in September, with the trade volume reaching a new monthly high of this year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-13 14:15

China's consumer prices flat in September

China's consumer prices remained flat in September while factory-gate prices fell at a slower pace.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-13 14:09

Key takeaways from BRI white paper

China's State Council Information Office on Tuesday released a white paper titled The Belt and Road Initiative: A Key Pillar of the Global Community of Shared Future.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-12 18:05

Nation to advance building of high-quality overseas projects

China will further advance the construction of high-quality overseas projects and expand the network of free trade zones.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-12 17:58

To write new chapters of modern Chinese civilization

Chinese modernization, as a new form of human advancement, will draw upon the merits of other civilizations and make the garden of world civilizations more vibrant.

Source: People's Daily|2023-10-11 17:45

BRI paves path to global prosperity

The impressive facts and figures in the encompassing policy document unveiled by China on Tuesday on the 10-year-old Belt and Road Initiative are a convincing illustration of the vast and tangible results achieved by the nation and its partners.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-11 17:37

18th National Congress of ACFTU opens

The 18th National Congress of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) opened in Beijing on Monday morning.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-10 14:09

China publishes white paper on Belt and Road cooperation

Beijing issued an encompassing document to review and preview the landmark Belt and Road Initiative on Tuesday, marking the vision's 10th anniversary this year.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-10 14:02

Chinese economy to grow about 5.2% in 2023

BOC Research Institute, the research unit of Bank of China, predicted that the Chinese economy will grow about 5.7 percent year-on-year in the fourth quarter to achieve yearly growth of around 5.2 percent this year.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-09 14:08

Holiday shopping sprees up consumption figures

Chinese consumers unleashed their massive buying power during the eight-day combined Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday period.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-09 14:06

Decoding the importance of Schumer's China visit

After China and the United States conducted high-level consultations on Asia-Pacific affairs in Washington, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer revealed that a bipartisan congressional delegation will visit China.

Source:|2023-10-08 19:29

Golden Week holiday data shows consumption boom

This year's combined Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday in China, from Sept 29 to Oct 6, saw a surge in consumption, as reflected in data.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-08 19:23

Travel demand ramps up over double holiday

Travel demand, especially a preference for high-speed rail journeys, saw a strong upsurge during the just-completed combined Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-07 16:31

Flying Tigers inspiring next generation

This month, Flying Tigers veterans Harry Moyer will turn 103 and Mel McMullen will turn 99, and they will embark on a journey to China during which they will help to pass on the spirit of these heroic flyers to the next generation.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-07 16:18

Autumn grains harvested across China

Over half of the middle-season rice, over 40 percent of corn, and around 40 percent of soybeans have been reaped so far, according to the ministry.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-06 11:39

Tourists boost consumption numbers in holiday season

A surge in tourism activities has provided a boost to consumption-related sectors as the nation recorded impressive growth in traveler numbers and consumption revenues.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-06 11:34

Cultural activities boosts green garden visit in China during holidays

As the eight-day-long Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays bring a new traveling craze, more and more Chinese tourists choose to embrace ecotourism via garden visits.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-05 17:28

China's golden week glitters with booming tourism, cultural consumption

Traveling to see cultural heritages in the western desert, watching talk shows, and playing sports, Chinese are enjoying the longest golden-week holiday in diverse and exciting ways.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-05 17:22

Key indicators show China's economic recovery is gathering speed

China's economic recovery is gathering speed as key indicators from consumption to production pick up, meaning the country's pro-growth policies are taking effect.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-04 18:51

China welcomes U.S. congressional delegation's visit: FM spokesperson

China welcomes U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to lead a bipartisan delegation of senators to visit China.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-04 18:43

Patriotism sparks consumption during National Day golden week holiday

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, China's consumption market has been fueled by the public's love for family and for the nation.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-03 13:05

Outlook on growth upbeat for rest of year

China's economic growth is poised to gather pace in the remainder of the year with a slew of stimulus measures taking effect gradually.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-03 13:01

Holiday tourism contributes to China's rural revitalization

In recent years, a trend known as micro tourism has been on the rise in China, which is characterized by short-duration trips, frequent excursions, and destinations located in close proximity.

Source: Xinhua|2023-10-02 16:27

Rebound pace shows signs of picking up

China's economic momentum firmed up last month as manufacturing activity resumed expansion for the first time in half a year.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-02 16:17

China's 8-day National Day holiday sparks travel, consumption frenzy

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday will last from Sept 29 to Oct 6. This extended vacation period allows Chinese people to enjoy an eight-day break for travel and leisure.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-01 16:17

Flag-raising ceremony marks 74th National Day

A flag-raising ceremony was held in celebration of the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, in Tian'anmen Square in Beijing on October 1, 2023.

Source: China Daily|2023-10-01 10:25

China's manufacturing PMI bounces back to expansion territory in September

The purchasing managers' index (PMI) for China's manufacturing sector came in at 50.2 in September, bouncing back to the expansion zone.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-30 16:14

Rail project a symbol of 'mutual trust'

Jakarta and Bandung are vibrant and dynamic Indonesian cities, and strengthening the flow of people and goods between them is crucial.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-30 16:11

China gears up for record-breaking Golden Week boom

The vibrant atmosphere, buzzing with excitement and activities, serves as a vivid reflection of the unwavering confidence of the Chinese people in the country's economy and bright future.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-29 10:10

BRI-themed archaeology outcomes on display

Fruitful achievements have been made in joint archaeology programs involving China in the past decade thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-29 10:05

China's success inspires Africa to seek independent development path

African countries need to expand industrialization, promote infrastructure development and trade networks and invest in human capital like China did.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-28 11:39

China's first suspended monorail line launched

The strong presence of Chinese internet and technology companies as sponsors of the 19th Asian Games has grabbed the attention of viewers around the world.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-28 11:33

Economic uptick anticipated

China's economy is expected to steadily recover in the fourth quarter and further pick up in 2024.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-27 23:33

A look at China's economic data in August

China's economic indicators were stronger than expected in August.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-27 23:30

China issues white paper on global community of shared future

The State Council Information Office issued an informative white paper to review and preview the China-led vision of co-building a global community of a shared future.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-26 14:55

Premier calls for elevating ties with Nepal

Premier Li Qiang called on Monday for China and Nepal to strengthen high-quality cooperation on joint building of the Belt and Road.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-26 14:51

China-Arab States Expo yields fruitful results

Economic and trade cooperation has been highlighted at the four-day 6th China-Arab States Expo.

Source: Xinhua|2023-09-25 23:48

Kenyan county rolls out red carpet for Chinese investors

Wavinya Ndeti, governor of Machakos County in Kenya, has called on Chinese companies to invest in the county.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-25 13:30

Advancing new industrialization seen as key to high-quality growth

Experts call for boosting deep integration of cutting-edge tech and real economy.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-25 13:23

Chinese vice premier stresses agricultural production, rural revitalization

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Guozhong on Saturday urged efforts to continue to do a good job in agricultural production and promote rural revitalization across the board.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-24 22:41

Four unmissable moments at Asian Games opening ceremony

The eagerly awaited 19th Asian Games kicked off in Hangzhou, with Saturday evening's opening ceremony drawing global attention.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-24 22:38

Deal expected to bolster trade with EU

China and the EU are each other's second-largest trading partners.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-23 22:04

19th Asian Games opening ceremony held in Hangzhou

19th Asian Games opening ceremony held in Hangzhou.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-23 21:57

China's progress in meeting climate goals highlighted

China has made remarkable progress on the way to achieving its ambitious climate targets, making use of policy tools and market mechanisms.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-22 11:53

China's move to sustainable transport

China has witnessed booming railway construction in recent years and owns the largest high-speed railway system in the world.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-22 11:49

China mulls speeding up new industrialization

China's State Council is mulling efforts to advance new industrialization at a faster pace, according to a State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Qiang on Wednesday.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-21 10:44

China, Russia, Mongolia eye regional stability

At the first-of-its-kind trilateral meeting of Chinese, Russian and Mongolian senior representatives, consensus was reached in key areas including security affairs, advancing stability and prosperity in Northeast Asia.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-21 10:40

How China Works: AI technology improves lives

China is pursuing high-quality development in its service trade sector through substantial investments in high-tech industries.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-20 17:47

For China's 'science city', green future is the reality

On the Science Island of Hefei city, a group of scientists have their eyes on energy from the future - nuclear fusion power.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-20 17:45

Huge potential seen in Sino-South African space ties

There is huge potential and there will be big opportunities in the field of space cooperation between China and South Africa as the two nations have recently decided to enhance their collaboration in this regard.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-19 14:27

China's growth to rebound in Q4

The country's total social financing increased by over 3 trillion yuan (about $412 billion) in August.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-19 14:25

Chinese vision to help tackle global challenges

In the 10th year since President Xi Jinping proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, the greatest global development endeavour in history, the world stands at a crossroad.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-18 19:39

China ready to bolster Belt and Road cooperation

Premier Li Qiang stressed China's readiness to bolster Belt and Road cooperation.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-18 11:29

China, ASEAN eye closer ties as expo, summit open

Premier Li Qiang reaffirmed on Sunday Beijing's commitment to a neighborhood policy of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness in bolstering ties with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-18 11:24

China sees record train-ticket sales as holidays approach

China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (China Railway) said on Saturday that it sold 22.88 million train tickets on Friday, setting a new record for single-day ticket sales.

Source: Xinhua|2023-09-17 17:25

China's upbeat economic prospects underpin yuan's long-term strength

Despite short-term fluctuations, the Chinese yuan has been able to maintain its basic stability in the longer term.

Source: Xinhua|2023-09-17 17:21

Recovery set to gain further momentum

China's economic recovery is poised to accelerate during the rest of the year as last month's better-than-expected economic readings have added to signs that the economy had bottomed out.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-16 15:41

China shares insight on water governance

Congress' declaration hails country's approach in managing resources.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-16 15:34

China, Cyprus friendship stands test of time

China and Cyprus have forged a profound friendship and collaboration in a multitude of areas, which has stood the test of time despite the two countries' geographical distance.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-15 15:36

China-ASEAN expo set to promote trade, investment

The accumulative two-way investment between China and ASEAN countries had exceeded $380 billion by July this year.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-15 15:25

China's water management highly praised

Executives from international organizations have spoken highly of China's achievements in water resources management.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-14 22:48

China's drive to modernize boosts global supply chains

China's efforts to build a modern industrial system will help the world better deal with potential future disruptions in supply chains.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-14 22:43

China, EU can make G20 more inclusive

China and the EU have more common interests than differences.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-13 14:55

China's sci-tech museums attract over 1 bln offline visits

China's modern science and technology museum system has attracted over 1 billion offline visits since 2012.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-12 13:51

China, Europe seek cooperation in a fragmented world

Chinese and European leaders engaged in robust discussions on the sidelines of the two-day Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in New Delhi.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-12 13:49

Chinese aircraft maker receives over 1,000 C919 jet orders

The order quantity for China's homegrown C919 jet has reached 1,061.

Source: Xinhua|2023-09-11 16:50

Experts share views on the G20 Summit

Tackling global economic recession and boosting development have been the main topics of the G20 Summit.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-11 16:47

From BRICS to G20, volume of Global South keeps turning up

From BRICS to G20, the volume of the Global South is turning up. They deserve a global role in balancing international relations and building consensuses.

Source: Xinhua|2023-09-10 18:54

China, ASEAN to continue see strengthened economic ties

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations will continue to see its ties with China strengthen with particular focus on economic matters.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-10 18:51

China kicks off farmers' harvest festival consumption season

This year's Chinese farmers' harvest festival autumn consumption season began on Friday in Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2023-09-09 14:08

Foreign funds increase as prospects brighten

The number of wholly foreign-owned mutual funds in China has more than doubled to nine this year.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-09 14:01

Digitalization a rising frontier for China's global cooperation

China is promoting deep integration of digital technology and the real economy.

Source: Xinhua|2023-09-08 08:44

Driving economic recovery

The 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) has garnered considerable attention and expanded its international reach.

Source:|2023-09-08 08:27

AI lights up 2023 CIFTIS and our lives

AI face scanning job search engine, AI intelligent surgery robot, and other state-of-the-art technologies, especially AI-related products and technologies, are providing the visitors unique feelings and experiences at the 2023 CIFTIS.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-07 18:43

China battery firms lead market

Chinese companies continued to dominate the global power battery market in the first seven months, responsible for over three-fifths of battery installations worldwide.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-07 18:38

Chip stocks soar after new phone's tech leap

Huawei's feat has given its domestic peers the confidence to tackle technological bottlenecks and the US' curbs targeting China will fail eventually.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-07 10:08

China retains its appeal for foreign firms

China's wide appeal for multinational corporations will continue due to its robust domestic market and its unwavering dedication to opening up its economy.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-07 10:04

Digital, green innovation drives high-quality development of China's services trade

China's high-quality development featuring digital and green transition has provided crucial support for services trade and opened up new space for foreign companies.

Source: Xinhua|2023-09-04 21:51

China expands openness in service sector

A report entitled China's Service Sector Opening-up in Dynamic World was released on Sunday at a session of the Forum on Development of Trade in Services during the ongoing China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS).

Source:|2023-09-04 21:46

China's automobile manufacturing sector logs steady growth in H1

China's automobile manufacturing industry registered steady expansion in terms of production, revenue, and profit in the first half of this year (H1).

Source: Xinhua|2023-09-03 17:12

China to expand imports of high-quality services

China will endeavor to expand domestic demand, accelerate the building of a strong domestic market and increase imports of high-quality services.

Source: People's Daily|2023-09-02 17:35

China, Africa promote peace and security

The third China-Africa Peace and Security Forum saw representatives from China and about 50 defense officials and military officers from African countries and the African Union discussing how to strengthen China-Africa security cooperation.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-02 17:28

China and Egypt economic cooperation of great importance

Enhancing China and Egypt economic cooperation and investment is very important and has a direct impact on the wellbeing of people and prosperity for both countries.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-01 21:15

High-quality cooperation on agenda of BRI forum

China will host in October the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

Source: China Daily|2023-09-01 21:13

China's manufacturing PMI improves in August

China's August factory activity improved marginally but still indicated contraction for a fifth consecutive month.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-31 20:39

China to host 3rd Belt and Road Forum for Intl Coop in Oct

China will host the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing in October.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-31 20:36

BRICS Summit: Powering multilateral progress

The 15th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg has been a monumental success for the developing world.

Source:|2023-08-30 21:09

Expo enhances China, NE Asia high-tech ties

A raft of high-tech achievements and products attracted the attention of many companies from Japan and the Republic of Korea that attended the 14th China-Northeast Asia Expo.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-30 15:26

China proposes 8 tasks to ensure food security

China has proposed eight tasks to ensure national food security.

Source: People's Daily|2023-08-29 16:35

BRI hailed as potent tool for development

All countries should work in unity, counter risks and shore up solidarity to advance common growth.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-29 16:27

China inspires global green development with desert control experience

A total of 3,228 tombs have been found at the ruins dating back more than 3,000 years in the plateau province of Qinghai in northwest China.

Source: People's Daily|2023-08-28 18:54

Innovation drives stable growth of China's machinery industry

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology introduced its equipment and took part in the entire process, from construction to capping of the project.

Source: People's Daily|2023-08-28 18:50

Value-added of China's iron and steel industry set to grow by 3.5 percent

The value-added of China's iron and steel industry will achieve year-on-year growth of about 3.5 percent in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-27 12:00

China's AI investment expected to exceed 38 bln USD in 2027

China's investment in artificial intelligence (AI) is estimated to reach 38.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2027, accounting for about 9 percent of the world's total.

Source: People's Daily|2023-08-27 11:39

BRICS provides new mechanisms in int'l system

The BRICS is giving a platform to developing countries to find new mechanisms in the international system.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-26 19:48

China's foreign trade of agricultural products up 4 pct in January-July

China's foreign trade of agricultural products rose 4 percent year on year in the first seven months of this year, official data showed.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-26 19:43

BRICS an attractive alternative for a changing world

BRICS has become an important advocate for the promotion of accelerated growth, sustainable development and the safeguarding of multilateralism, which makes it attractive for many countries, global experts said.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-25 14:20

BRICS expansion hailed as 'historic'

Xi says adding six more members will mark new starting point for group's cooperation.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-25 14:01

China's service trade maintains rapid growth

China's service trade maintains rapid growth momentum with the country's consolidated power status in service trade, China Economic Times reported on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-24 20:10

Experts' take on the BRICS Summit

At the ongoing BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, a key topic that has attracted wide attention is the further development of new and complementary reserve currencies and settlement mechanisms.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-23 21:19

BRICS ties give impetus for growth

Enhanced cooperation and better coordination among BRICS countries will bolster their economic growth and fortify the multilateral trading system.

Source: People's Daily|2023-08-23 16:06

Economic new growth driver index up 28.4% in 2022

The new growth driver index of China's economic development grew 28.4 percent year-on-year in 2022, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-22 20:35

China eyes capital market to facilitate S&T self-reliance

China has initially established a multi-level capital market matrix including STAR Market, ChiNext and Beijing Stock Exchange, facilitating the self-reliance development of science and technology, Economic Daily reported on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-22 20:31

Experts' views on BRICS Summit

Four experts share their views on BRICS summit.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-21 21:35

BRICS cooperation at a glance

The 15th BRICS summit, to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa next week, will put the expansion of the bloc and African issues on the agenda.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-21 21:24

China celebrates achievements of its national parks

The Second National Park Forum held in Xining, Qinghai province, on Saturday, drew attention to the achievements in China's national park development.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-20 20:19

China's services sector sees strong recovery momentum in July

China's services consumption experienced strong recovery momentum in July, with the box office as a bright spot, data from the Ministry of Commerce showed.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-20 20:04

BRICS cooperation shines with strong appeal

The 15th BRICS Summit to be held in Johannesburg is destined to be a grand and dynamic event.

Source: People's Daily|2023-08-17 21:41

China sees rapid offshore wind power development

In the sea area of northern Fujian province of China, rows of hundred-meter-high white wind turbines spin steadily, delivering green energy to thousands upon thousands of households.

Source: People's Daily|2023-08-17 21:36

Action plan to boost China's rural-region commerce

A three-year action plan released by the Chinese government will inject new economic vitality into the nation's vast rural regions through efforts to boost local commerce activities.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-16 16:48

Chinese economy maintains steady recovery, quality growth

China sustained its economic recovery momentum last month and made solid progress in high-quality development despite lingering downward pressures on the global economy.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-16 16:40

A look at China's economic resilience

Despite sluggish global growth, China has navigated economic headwinds with an effective policy mix so far this year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-15 18:20

China to promote policy support for inbound investment

China will promote and strengthen policy support for inbound foreign investment.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-15 18:02

China becomes world's largest ship-owning country

China, measured by gross tonnages, has surpassed Greece to become the world's largest ship-owning country, according to information released by Shanghai-based China Shipowner's Association on Saturday.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-14 17:27

China's foreign trade to sustain growth

China's foreign trade is expected to maintain steady growth despite a challenging external environment, as the country continues to strengthen endogenous impetus and expand multilateral economic and trade relations, experts have said.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-14 17:20

Consumption and innovation drive China's local GDP growth

China's overall economic growth accelerated in the first half (H1) of this year as its service sector rebounded, and traditional industries achieved upgrades through innovation.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-14 17:12

Benefits of BRI enjoyed across globe

The recently built OOCL Piraeus received a water salute on July 10 as it arrived at the Port of Piraeus in Greece.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-12 21:38

How China's new development pattern boosts opening-up

Dual circulation, the new development pattern that China adopted in 2020, takes the domestic market as the mainstay while allowing domestic and foreign markets to reinforce each other.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-10 16:51

China contributes its part to global biosecurity governance

The Second Meeting of the Working Group on the Strengthening of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) kicked off on Aug. 7 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Source: People's Daily|2023-08-10 11:31

Games close with fond memories

The 31st FISU World University Games concluded on Tuesday night in Chengdu, Si­chuan province, winning wide praise from officials and athletes alike.

Source:|2023-08-09 17:39

Sports unite global youth as Universiade draws to close

The concept of integrating sports and education has been increasingly recognized by the whole Chinese society.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-09 17:32

China's foreign trade up 0.4 pct in first 7 months

China's total imports and exports expanded 0.4 percent year on year to 23.55 trillion yuan (about 3.29 trillion U.S. dollars) in the first seven months of the year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-08 21:00

Rescue, relief put lives first

Putting people first and prioritizing people's lives are principles that Xi has emphasized repeatedly and steadfastly in disaster prevention and relief work.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-07 19:14

Green development fosters new areas of growth for China's economy

Green development is a way to achieve maximum economic and social benefits with minimum resource and environmental costs.

Source: People's Daily|2023-08-06 16:04

China rolls out measures to boost economic recovery, confidence

China's economic recovery continues apace despite challenges at home and abroad.

Source: Xinhua|2023-08-06 16:01

China to better facilitate visas for foreigners with business

China will facilitate the issuance of port visas and multiple renewals for foreign businessmen, according to the Ministry of Public Security and National Immigration Administration.

Source:|2023-08-03 18:33

Slew of measures unveiled to help boost consumption

China announced a raft of measures on Monday to boost consumption.

Source:|2023-08-01 16:07

Protection of private sector highlighted

China's top procuratorate and top court have pledged to intensify efforts to strengthen the legal protection of the rights of private companies.

Source: China Daily|2023-08-01 15:51

Belt and Road a springboard, premier says

Beijing will continue to do its best to support Mauritania in its efforts to seek growth and rejuvenation.

Source:|2023-07-31 17:49

China's pandas endure as symbol of cross-border harmony

China now hosts about 2,600 giant pandas, with approximately 1,900 in the wild and nearly 700 in captivity.

Source: Xinhua|2023-07-30 21:28

China's cultural diversity, development vitality displayed

A Ghanaian expert said here on Friday that the 31st FISU World University Games in China has demonstrated its cultural diversity and development vitality.

Source: Xinhua|2023-07-29 20:26

Games a unifying force for world's youth

The Chengdu FISU World University Games will boost understanding about different cultures and views among young people around the world.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-29 20:22

Rocket launch carries satellites into orbit

A Long March 2D carrier rocket launched three satellites into space early on Thursday morning.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-27 20:30

BRICS acts for collective good of Global South

Indeed, BRICS is no longer an 'alternative', it is an established feature of the global landscape.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-27 19:48

Top meeting on economy spurs market confidence

Chinese and overseas markets on Tuesday responded positively to a top meeting on the Chinese economy.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-26 19:52

IMF growth forecast for China stays unchanged

For China, the IMF projected in January that the country's economy would expand by 5.2 percent this year from 3 percent last year.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-26 19:51

Globalization of renminbi to boost stability

The internationalization of the renminbi is gathering momentum, and such a trend will help facilitate China's further opening-up and encourage the country's global trade and investment.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-24 18:22

Expansion of BRICS set to be discussed

The discussion on expanding BRICS is expected to be high on the agenda of an upcoming meeting to prepare for the BRICS Summit in August, observers said.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-24 18:22

China's economy gaining momentum

As China's half-year economic growth data was released, some Western media and analysts hastily spouted their pessimistic cliches about the Chinese economy.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-23 23:38

Six things to watch in China's economy

The Chinese economy recorded a general upward trajectory in the first half of this year.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-23 23:38

China issues new rules on generative AI

China recently issued an interim regulation on the management of generative artificial intelligence (AI) services.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-21 16:24

Over 700,000 pieces of fake online content deleted

More than 700,000 pieces of fake information on the internet have been eliminated by Chinese police during a 100-day campaign against rumors, the Ministry of Public Security said on Friday.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-21 16:23

China sees high value-added economic growth in H1

The country's macro economy is showing signs of recovery and growth.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-20 16:07

HR agencies focus of new regulation

China recently released its first regulation on the management of human resources agencies to tighten supervision of their operations and secure a safer job market for the public.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-20 16:07

NDRC vows policy boost for consumption, investment

China's top economic regulator pledged on Tuesday to roll out policies that would spur consumption and increase effective investment, as part of a package of measures to revive the economy amid the still-weak demand and a gloomy global outlook.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-19 15:42

Safe, healthy cyberspace key for young people

The China Internet Civilization Development Report 2023, which was issued on Tuesday, said a comprehensive administrative system for cyberspace has been established in the country.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-19 15:41

Experts hail China-ASEAN achievements

All positive efforts made by China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on negotiations for a code of conduct, or COC, in the South China Sea should be welcomed, experts say.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-18 17:03

China's Q2 GDP grows 6.3% despite challenges

Chinese officials said on Monday China's economy expanded by 6.3 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2023.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-18 17:03

Chinese economy sees hard-won recovery in H1

China's economic performance in the first half (H1) of 2023 showed signs of recovery in the face of various challenges.

Source: Xinhua|2023-07-17 20:24

China's NEV sector sustains high-quality development

China's new energy vehicle (NEV) sector has entered a new stage of high-quality development.

Source: Xinhua|2023-07-17 20:23

China achieves bumper summer grain harvest

China has seen another year with a bumper summer grain harvest despite the impact of adverse weather, official data showed Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-07-15 23:50

BRI injects impetus into global economy

The Belt and Road Initiative has made significant contributions to global economic recovery through the promotion of infrastructure interconnectivity.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-15 19:37

China's foreign trade up 2.1 pct in H1

China's customs data showed Thursday that the country's total goods imports and exports expanded 2.1 percent year on year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-07-13 20:12

Feature: Air Silk Road connects dreams and hearts

Kiplagat Kenneth Kiptoo, a young man from Kenya, took a flight in May for east China's Hangzhou city.

Source: Xinhua|2023-07-13 20:11

Govt aims to bolster private firms' confidence

The private economy has also been a driver of the nation's innovative development.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-12 22:54

To jointly explore future of digital economy

The Global Digital Economy Conference 2023 was recently held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-12 22:52

China to extend financial support for real estate sector

China will extend two financial policies supporting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market to the end of 2024.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-12 09:18

China's NEV industry registers 20-million record output

China on July 3 hit the production milestone of 20 million new energy vehicles (NEVs) as a pure electric car rolled off an assembly line of Chinese automaker GAC Aion.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-11 21:23

Harmonious coexistence a common task

China is willing to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in this regard with countries around the world.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-10 23:42

China launches experimental satellite into orbit

China launched an experimental satellite into space on Sunday evening, according to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-10 23:40

China's railway investment up in H1

Fixed-asset investment in China's railways expanded 6.9 percent in the first six months of this year.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-09 12:06

China leads acceleration of global digital economy

China has witnessed a significant increase in the size of its digital economy over the past seven years, amid the accelerating development of the global digital economy.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-07 17:31

China playing growing role in UN 2030 goals

Analysts have highlighted the increasingly prominent role China has played in the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-07 17:26

China commits to building closer SCO community with shared future

Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the 23rd meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) via video conference from Beijing on Tuesday.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-05 13:17

China's wheat market stable amid summer harvest

China has ensured a stable wheat market while maintaining its wheat purchase level amid efforts to facilitate the summer harvest.

Source: Xinhua|2023-07-05 13:16

Big overseas potential for China's EV makers

Chinese carmakers are speeding up their efforts to explore overseas markets with their advantage in the new energy vehicle sector.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-03 17:52

China beats Japan to win Women's Basketball Asia Cup

China broke a 12-year title drought and ended Japan's stranglehold of the FIBA Women's Basketball Asia Cup.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-03 17:50

China's dual carbon goal propels thriving energy storage sector

China's dual carbon goal and targeted policies have provided strong tailwinds.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-02 18:23

102-year-old CPC attracts more talent

Being a member of a non-profit emergency rescue team code-named Blue Sky, Luo, a former forest firefighter, had witnessed his CPC team members charging ahead.

Source: Xinhua|2023-07-02 18:21

China, Africa in fast lane of high-quality cooperation

Chinese Vice President Han Zheng said China is willing to provide new opportunities for Africa through Chinese modernization and high-quality development.

Source: People's Daily|2023-07-01 22:54

Party members hit 98m after Congress

The Communist Party of China's membership rose to 98.04 million at the end of last year.

Source: China Daily|2023-07-01 11:39

CPC leadership reviews guidelines on policies supporting Xiong'an

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the meeting.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-30 16:44

China's FTZs deepen reforms to align with international standards

China set up its first FTZ in Shanghai in 2013, and the number of its FTZs has increased to 21.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-30 16:20

WEF highlights top 10 emerging technologies

A flagship report from the World Economic Forum was released at this year's Summer Davos Forum, highlighting the top 10 emerging technologies set to positively impact society within the next three to five years.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-28 20:02

State Grid aims to bolster global collaboration in green energy

The State Grid Corp of China, a State-owned power supplier, vowed on Tuesday to bolster international collaboration in green energy development.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-28 20:02

China issues priority list for pilot free trade zones

China set up its first FTZ in Shanghai in 2013, and the number of its FTZs has increased to 21.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-26 18:11

China sees passenger trips during holiday rise 11.3%

China's railway network handled more than 70 million passenger trips during the just-ended Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

Source:|2023-06-26 17:45

China's bumper harvest brings confidence

Rows of harvesters powered through the knee-high wheat in Xinjiang County, north China's Shanxi Province, harvesting over 600 mu (about 40 hectares) in just a few hours.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-25 16:36

China offering plenty of opportunities for int'l companies

China is offering plenty of opportunities for international companies to do good business, and the firms are taking up those opportunities.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-25 16:28

Foreign firms get further incentives

China's economy will become an even more attractive destination for high-quality and long-term foreign investment.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-25 16:00

Why are more countries eager to join BRICS?

After over a decade of development, BRICS cooperation has greatly been strengthened.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-24 22:03

Container throughput at China's ports up 4.7 percent in 2022

The container throughput at Chinese ports rose 4.7 percent year on year in 2022, data from the Ministry of Transport shows.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-24 16:29

Belgian friend tells beautiful story of China

Inspired by Xi's vision, zoo founder's garden highlights harmony with nature.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-23 17:06

Contributing a Chinese solution to global development

China's Global Development Initiative (GDI) is seeing sound implementation worldwide, according to a new report.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-22 15:31

Dragon Boat Festival celebrated across China

The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-22 15:30

Move to boost yuan globalization

The Hong Kong dollar-renminbi Dual Counter Model was launched at a time when the strategic importance of Chinese yuan currency.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-20 21:41

China jolts EV market with affordable vehicles

One of the keys to success in the electric vehicle industry is making an affordable car for the mass market.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-20 21:41

Belt & Road projects improve local residents' lives

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is not only about huge projects, but also about small and medium-sized projects.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-19 16:20

Eyes on the future: The China-Palestine strategic partnership

During his recent state visit to China, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas demonstrated ample recognition of China's peacemaking role in the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Source:|2023-06-19 16:19

Around 95% of wheat harvested in China

Some 19.8 million hectares of wheat, or 95 percent of the total wheat-planting areas, have been harvested as of Saturday.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-18 23:35

China's fiscal revenue up 14.9 percent in Jan-May

China's fiscal revenue expanded 14.9 percent year on year in the first five months of 2023, showed official data Friday.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-18 23:32

China's initiatives applauded by human rights forum attendees

Participants from various countries and international organizations attending the Forum on Global Human Rights Governance from June 14-15 expressed their strong support for China's proposals.

Source:|2023-06-16 21:10

Global licensing industry optimistic about Chinese market

China is the world's 5th largest licensing market with the fastest growth of annual retail sales of licensed merchandise and services.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-16 21:09

Marketplace boosts to drive overall growth this year

China's raft of new policies will inject greater momentum into the marketplace.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-15 16:38

China's economic recovery continues in May

The Chinese economy maintained its recovery in May with continued progress in transformation and upgrading, an official said Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-15 16:37

China-Africa cooperation eyes further progress in upcoming Expo

China is Africa's largest trading partner and its fourth-biggest source of investment, Vice Minister of Commerce Li Fei told a press conference.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-14 22:49

Capital market to play key role in driving growth

China's capital market will play a significant role in stimulating the vitality of rising Chinese technology companies.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-14 22:48

China's logistics industry shows vitality

The logistics sector, which serves as a bridge between production and consumption, is an important link that ensures the smooth flow of economic activity.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-13 21:44

Int'l wine producers have high hopes for Chinese market

Nowadays, premium wine is often included as part of a stylish and leisurely lifestyle for those who are looking to better enjoy their life.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-13 21:42

Protection comes first for cultural heritage

Saturday marks this year's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day in China, with the theme focusing on cultural relics protection and utilization.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-12 21:33

Nation urged to boost smart manufacturing

China should pool more resources into bolstering the application of cutting-edge intelligent technologies in advanced manufacturing.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-12 18:02

Burgeoning Chinese wineries wow world's connoisseurs

Winery owners and winemakers have transformed Ningxia from a barren land on the edge of the Gobi Desert to a leading wine-producer in China.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-11 14:50

Economy set for faster growth pace in Q2

China's consumer inflation edged up marginally while its factory-gate prices dropped further in May amid weak demand.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-10 20:30

China sees fastest improvement in air quality globally

There have been significantly more blue sky days over recent years, said Zou Yi, a Beijing citizen.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-09 21:39

China writes new chapters of desertification control

China is one of the countries that see the largest desertification areas with the largest population affected.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-09 21:36

More policy support urged for foreign trade growth

China's foreign trade grew at a much slower pace than expected in May amid multiple headwinds.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-08 19:52

Investors eye localization for better returns

Global investors are reexamining their business layouts amid the economic tension between the United States and China.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-08 19:15

China's foreign trade up 4.7% in first five months

China's total imports and exports expanded 4.7 percent year on year to 16.77 trillion yuan in the first five months of 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-07 23:41

Int'l Cultural Industries Fair opens in Shenzhen

The 19th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair kicked off in Shenzhen in South China's Guangdong rovince on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-07 23:39

Former UN official lauds China's climate efforts

Erik Solheim said it is absurd that some Western media criticize China for not contributing its fair share to the global fight against climate change.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-06 13:22

China's financial market opening-up continues to gather steam

The steady opening up of China's financial market has invigorated foreign investors seeking to expand their investment and business horizons in the country.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-05 21:45

China's rise will give a voice to developing world

The world is in desperate need of a more diverse pool of credible media outlets, and especially greater representation from non-Western sources.

Source: Xinhua|2023-06-05 16:32

China's e-commerce logistics index hits new high in May

China's e-commerce logistics index rose for the fifth consecutive month in May.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-03 19:46

RCEP to enhance economic integration

The fully implemented Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership pact will significantly enhance economic integration in the Asia-Pacific region.

Source: China Daily|2023-06-03 19:43

Cooperation key to speed up tech breakthroughs

Greater international cooperation is needed to explore technological frontiers such as computer-brain interface technologies and artificial intelligence.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-02 23:09

RCEP agreement in effect for all 15 members

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement took effect on Friday for the Philippines.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-02 21:14

Digital economy empowers China's high-quality development

Digitalization, a trend for global economic development, has become an indispensable part of China's high-quality development.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-01 21:16

Thriving courier business mirrors China's development vitality

China's courier industry saw its delivery volume exceed 40 billion parcels this year as of May 4.

Source: People's Daily|2023-06-01 21:15

Looking into history and designing the future

Ten years ago, China proposed an interconnectivity mechanism to cement all-round synergies with other countries of the world interested in joining.

Source:|2023-05-31 21:40

Proactive measures urged to sustain inflow of FDI

China should adopt more effective measures to sustain the inflow of foreign direct investment this year amid growing external challenges.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-31 21:39

Encouraging sci-tech workers and fostering innovation

Chinese President Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to sci-tech innovation.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-30 20:50

Spirit of Chinese scientists drives rise of tech innovation

The 2023 Zhongguancun Forum is taking place in Beijing from May 25 to 30.

Source: CGTN|2023-05-30 20:46

Life in digital China empowered by big data

A glimpse of life in digital China. The China International Big Data Industry Expo 2023 concluded on Sunday in southwest China's Guizhou Province.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-29 15:45

Why decoupling from China not desirable for int'l businesses

Many international CEOs recent visits to China have proved how U.S media outlets were wrong in claiming international businesses seek ways to decouple from China.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-29 15:45

China's C919 jetliner goes into commercial operation

The C919, China's self-developed large passenger aircraft, completed its first commercial flight from Shanghai to Beijing on Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-28 20:55

Science has no boundaries: experts at sci-tech forum in Beijing

The 2023 Zhongguancun Forum is held from May 25 to 30 in Beijing's Zhongguancun, known as China's Silicon Valley.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-28 20:54

2023 Zhongguancun Forum kicks off in Beijing

This photo taken on May 25, 2023 shows a scene of the release of scientific and technological achievements during the opening ceremony of the 2023 Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-26 15:18

Digital technologies update Tibet's cultural protection work

The regional library of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region had digitalized more than 20,000 folios of ancient texts.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-26 15:14

Chinese innovations shine at world's leading display show

Chinese brands gained a strong foothold at a world's leading show of the display industry held this week in Los Angeles, U.S. state of California.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-25 16:59

Opening-up to drive long-term global prospects

China will open up further and boost international economic and trade exchanges.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-25 16:58

Tibet steadfastly advances on path of Chinese modernization

In front of a carving on the peaceful liberation of Tibet, Dainzin Lhamo, 58, was lost in a sea of memories.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-24 20:38

FM urges Netherlands to oppose decoupling

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang called on Tuesday for China and the Netherlands to jointly oppose decoupling.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-24 20:37

China remains one of safest countries

China remains one of the safest countries in the world, as it has long been among nations with the lowest crime rates.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-23 15:19

'A Date with China' 2023 intl media tour visits giant panda base

A Date with China 2023 international media tour visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Southwest China's Sichuan province on Saturday.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-22 16:52

New accusations seen as sign of G7's failure

China was a hot topic in a series of documents adopted by the summit, such as the G7 Hiroshima Leaders' Communique.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-22 16:52

Countries eye peace, stability, development and prosperity

Chaired by China's president Xi Jinping, the two-day summit held in Xi'an was attended by the leaders of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Source: People's Daily|2023-05-21 23:52

China's service outsourcing industry posts steady growth

China's service outsourcing industry saw a steady expansion in the first four months of this year, according to data from the Ministry of Commerce.

Source: People's Daily|2023-05-21 23:51

Blooming tourism refreshes preservation of China's ancient cities

China has dozens of well-preserved ancient cities.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-20 16:01

Foreign firms eager to further tap Chinese market

Enterprises from Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) are eager to expand their market presence in China like never before.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-20 16:01

Xi'an seeks greater tourism cooperation

Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province, is working with Central Asian countries to develop tourism based on intangible cultural resources along the ancient Silk Road.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-19 21:03

325 enterprises to attend expo in China's big data hub

A total of 325 enterprises from home and abroad have confirmed that they will attend the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2023 from May 26 to 28 in Guiyang.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-19 21:01

China's economy on strong footing, says UN economist

China's economy is steadily recovering after the pandemic and remains strong, instilling confidence in its economic future.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-18 13:09

Sino-Kazakh ties to deepen

China and Kazakhstan agreed on Wednesday to build up cooperation on economy, trade, production capacity, investment and emerging sectors such as renewable energy.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-18 13:05

A look at Xi'an ahead of China-Central Asia Summit

The China-Central Asia Summit is set to take place in Xi'an, the capital city of China's Shaanxi Province, on May 18 and 19.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-17 14:02

China Focus: China-Central Asia cooperation in numbers

The China-Central Asia Summit will be held from May 18 to 19 in the historic Chinese city of Xi'an.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-17 14:01

China-CEEC cooperation expands in Ningbo

Ningbo, Zhejiang province, host city for the China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) Expo, has not only facilitated cooperation in trade but also expanded it to more areas.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-16 20:04

Infographic: China-Central Asia ties at a glance

President Xi Jinping will chair the China-Central Asia Summit on May 18 and 19 in Xi'an, Shaanxi province.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-16 15:58

China deepens SOE reforms, involving more market players

Two special campaigns related to the reform of China's state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have expanded to involve more market players.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-15 23:37

Global firms confident in China's growth

Multinational corporations have voiced optimism and confidence in China's long-term potential for economic growth.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-15 23:36

Exit, entry policies optimized

China will fully restore fast-lane entry and exit services at all ports starting on Monday.

Source:|2023-05-12 15:44

'City of future' offers glimpse of Chinese modernization

Six years on, Xiong'an New Area, China's city of the future, is offering a glimpse of the Chinese vision of modernity.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-12 15:41

Progress seen on building of green BRI

China has made significant progress in developing a green Belt and Road Initiative over the past 10 years.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-11 16:44

Foreign trade to see steady growth

China's foreign trade will maintain steady growth in 2023.

Source:|2023-05-10 16:15

Nation's modernization drive attracts global attention

As China strives to advance its modernization, international attention is focusing on how the nation will fulfill its ambition to become a modern socialist country.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-10 16:12

High-level summit to witness China, Central Asia ties reach new level

The upcoming China-Central Asia Summit will witness ties between China and the five Central Asian countries elevated to a new high.

Source: Global Times|2023-05-09 16:07

China's COVID fight a guidebook for the future

China took the lead in sharing COVID-19 information and virus control experience, as well as in supplying vaccines and sending medical teams, during the global fight against the disease.

Source:|2023-05-09 15:26

Yuan's global march gathers momentum

The yuan/rouble pair hogged a record 39 percent share of trading on the Russian currency market in March, it disclosed.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-08 16:09

Policy support set to boost consumption

China will step up its policy support to increase consumer spending and unleash the country's purchasing potential.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-08 15:58

China's manufacturing draws global attention at Canton Fair

The 133rd Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, concluded on Friday in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province.

Source: People's Daily|2023-05-07 20:35

Iconic barbecue mirrors China's post-pandemic vitality

The iconic barbecue in this old industrial city with 4.7 million residents has drawn flocks of foodies.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-07 20:35

China aims to further improve surface water quality

China will further improve its water quality by raising the ratio of surface water of fairly good quality to 85 percent in 2025.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-06 17:22

WHO downgrades COVID-19 global threat level

The World Health Organization said on Friday that COVID-19 is no longer a public health emergency of international concern, its highest level of alert.

Source: China' Daily|2023-05-06 17:20

In Numbers: China sees travel boom during May Day holiday

It is estimated that the domestic tourist trips during the holiday surged by 70.83% year-on-year to 274 million.

Source:|2023-05-05 15:48

Holiday spurs consumption and recovery

China posted a robust growth in consumption during the five-day May Day holiday.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-05 15:48

China sees international tourism boom

During the May Day holiday, a 13-member Indonesian tour group enjoyed a six-day trip through several eastern Chinese cities.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-04 17:16

May Day holidays set to be 'most prosperous'

China's consumption has been firing on all cylinders during the just-ended May Day holidays.

Source: People's Daily|2023-05-04 17:15

China's green exports further propel foreign trade growth

China's foreign trade growth in Q1 is mainly buoyed by new energy-related exports.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-03 19:54

Nation's growth to drive upturn in Asia-Pacific

China's full border reopening has boosted its economic growth prospects and provided a stronger momentum for near-term growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-03 19:53

China's economic recovery brings great hope to world economy

China's GDP grew 4.5 percent year on year in the first quarter of 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-02 19:46

China's consumption continues to rebound

Chan, who hails from Singapore, has been living in China for 20 years. His work entails perennial travels between Beijing and Tianjin.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-02 19:45

China's factory activities slow, expectations unabated

China's factory activities slowed in April as the foundation for economic recovery has not yet been consolidated.

Source: Xinhua|2023-05-01 15:47

Tourism sector sees boom during May Day holiday

The nation's tourism market is expected to see its best post-COVID performance during the ongoing May Day holiday.

Source: China Daily|2023-05-01 15:14

China's efforts to end conflict highly valued

South African Ambassador to China Siyabonga Cwele has praised China's efforts to mediate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to advance the political settlement of the crisis.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-30 10:33

China's Q1 growth helps restart global economy

China's economic growth in the first quarter of 2023 is faster than expected and will help to restart the global economy.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-30 10:30

Why are tourist trains gaining steam in China?

May Day holiday, China's five-day 'Golden Week' holiday, is just around the corner.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-29 19:50

AI technology invigorates China's digital development

At the 6th Digital China Summit, an exhibitor surnamed Zhang experienced an AI emotion-recognition system.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-29 19:45

Nation to beef up efforts on digital technologies

China will beef up efforts to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies to accelerate its industrial upgrade and promotedeeper integrationofthe digitaland real economies.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-28 17:37

China expects 120 mln railway trips around May Day

About 120 million domestic trips are expected to be made by Chinese railway passengers from April 27 to May 4 around the May Day holiday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-28 11:22

TCM study identifies compounds in COVID drug

Researchers have successfully identified key antiviral and bioactive anti-inflammatorial compounds in a traditional Chinese medicine therapy widely used to treat COVID-19.

Source:|2023-04-27 17:34

China writes new chapter in space exploration

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences on April 24 jointly released a series of global images of Mars.

Source: People's Daily|2023-04-27 17:28

China's tourism upgrades amid accelerated recovery

China's tourism market is steadily recovering with the removal of travel restrictions.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-26 15:54

Chinese EV dominance hastens end of petrol engine era

Shanghai Auto Show has shown Chinese EV brands can compete with all of the legacy automakers in every way -- performance, quality, comfort.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-26 15:50

China's space achievements transforming agriculture

Being a major agricultural country, China is transforming its agriculture with the help of its space undertakings to enhance productivity and increase farmers' income.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-25 22:19

China willing to deepen intl data cooperation

China is willing to deepen international data cooperation with other countries within the framework of the Global Development Initiative.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-25 22:17

China's services sector gains steam

Driven by improving consumer sentiment and pro-growth policies, China's services sector is picking up its pace of growth.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-24 16:50

Chang'e 8 to test use of 3D printing tech to build on moon

Chinese scientists plan to use the Chang'e 8 lunar mission to explore the feasibility of using 3D printing technology to construct buildings on the moon.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-24 16:47

China completes drawing ecological protection red lines

China announced Saturday it has completed drawing ecological protection red lines nationwide to identify the country's crucial ecological zones and enforce strict protection in those areas.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-22 23:53

China's foreign exchange market off to good start

China's foreign exchange market got off to a good start in the first quarter of 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-22 23:53

Monetary policy to back real economy

China will continue to implement a prudent monetary policy to support the real economy, and there is no basis for long-term deflation or inflation in China.

Source: People's Daily|2023-04-21 18:51

China's FDI inflow records stable growth in Q1

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Chinese mainland registered steady growth in the first three months of the year.

Source: People's Daily|2023-04-21 18:48

Confidence of international investors gets big boost

China's accelerating economic recovery has added to foreign investors' confidence in the world's second-largest economy.

Source: People's Daily|2023-04-20 21:09

China's economy gathers steam for faster recovery

Chinese economy is expected to recover at a faster pace after making a good start in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-20 21:08

China's economy starts 2023 with faster growth

China's economy grew faster in the first quarter of 2023, with a strong service sector and robust consumption driving the rebound and market expectations improving significantly.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-19 20:12

Amazing scenery along the China-Laos Railway

The China-Laos Railway started cross-border passenger services on April 13, a move that is expected to boost regional connectivity.

Source: People's Daily|2023-04-19 20:08

China willing to work with Russia on global security, stability

China is willing to work with Russia to make new contributions to maintaining world and regional security and stability.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-17 18:55

China replies to unfairness with sci-tech self-reliance

China is expected to intensify efforts to deepen its high-level opening-up policy while cementing self-reliance in key areas.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-17 16:37

BRI helps Pakistani young man pursue dream in China

A Pakistani postdoctoral researcher living in China's Lanzhou has expressed gratitude for the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-16 20:47

Full resumption of offline exhibitions signals economic momentum

The 133rd Canton Fair has kicked off in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-16 20:45

Consumer products expo provides opportunities for exploring Chinese market: business leader

A Turkish business leader says the third China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE) currently underway in China's Hainan provides excellent opportunities for global companies.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-15 11:57

Experience different cultures and styles at Hainan expo

Follow Xinhua's Yuan Rui for a tour of the China International Consumer Products Expo, which has brought cultures and styles from different parts of the world under one roof.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-15 11:57

More overseas IP cases resolved in China

More overseas litigants are choosing to resolve international intellectual property disputes in China, according to a recent report.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-14 23:39

China's rebound additive needed to promote global growth in 2023

China's economic rebound is an additive needed for a year like 2023 where global growth is expected to be weak.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-14 23:37

China's artificial sun achieves breakthrough

The experimental advanced superconducting tokamak (EAST), or the Chinese artificial sun, achieved a steady-state high confinement plasma operation.

Source: People's Daily|2023-04-13 20:16

China's foreign trade returns to growth

China's foreign trade got off to a steady start in 2023, as total goods imports and exports expanded 4.8 percent year on year in the first quarter.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-13 20:14

IMF upbeat on nation's GDP growth

imfupbeatonnation sgdpgrowthChina is rebounding strongly following the reopening of its economy, which is projected to grow at 5.2 percent this year.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-12 11:26

Explore fashion trend at Consumer Products Expo

The 2023 China International Consumer Products Expo kicked off in Haikou, South China's Hainan province.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-12 11:12

China and Brazil write a new chapter of partnership

That a 240-member business delegation is accompanying Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on his upcoming state visit to China suggests 2023 will be a milestone year in China-Brazil relations.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-11 12:51

China's consumer products expo sharing massive market

The third China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE) kicked off on Monday in southern China's island province of Hainan.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-11 12:50

Special envoys raise hopes for peace

China will work with European countries and the international community to build a more peaceful, more secure and better world for all.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-10 17:56

China tops global growth potential

Most Chinese people are confident about the country's development and regard its growth potential as the most promising in the world, a survey has found.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-10 17:54

China provided all known COVID-19 tracing data to intl community

China provided the joint experts team for tracing the origin of COVID-19 with all data and materials available at that time and did not hide any cases, samples, test and analysis results.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-08 19:02

China committed to achieving health for all

As this year's World Health Day falls on Friday under the theme of Health for All, China has been sparing no efforts in achieving that goal.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-08 16:55

French companies optimistic about China's robust economy

French business executives have shown great confidence in China's robust economy after their visits to the country this year, calling China a market that can't be missed.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-07 15:29

China remains growth engine despite forecast global economic slowdown

International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Kristalina Georgieva has expressed confidence that China is anticipated to remain a strong growth engine for the world.

Source:|2023-04-07 15:28

Visits Expected to Boost China, Europe Ties

The annual bilateral trade volume in commodities between France and China totaled 101.8 billion euros ($111.4 billion) last year, a year-on-year increase of 14.6 percent.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-06 15:11

China's Sustained Afforestation Efforts Green the World

From top leaders to ordinary citizens, planting trees has been a prevalent practice for the Chinese.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-06 15:10

Benefits Seen in Industrial System Upgrade

New economic growth drivers and competitive advantages will emerge as China beefs up its push to build a modern industrial system.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-03 17:28

City of the Future Taking Shape in Xiong'an

The highly-anticipated city of the future, Xiong'an New Area, is swiftly taking shape as it witnesses the culmination of all-out efforts to crystallize a grand vision.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-03 10:50

China's Shenzhou-15 Astronauts Complete 3rd Spacewalk

The astronauts of China's Shenzhou-15 crew have completed three spacewalks since their journey into space four months ago, according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA).

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-02 23:14

China's High-quality Development Hailed by Experts

China's achievements in high-quality development are hailed by experts attending the Boao Forum for Asia.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-02 12:15

50 Years of Ties with Spain Seen as New Starting Point

President Xi Jinping said China is willing to work with Spain to take the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Source: China Daily|2023-04-01 22:16

Russia to Step up Cooperation with China

Russia aims to further strengthen its comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation with China.

Source: Xinhua|2023-04-01 22:16

High-profile Boao Forum Sends Message of Robust Growth

In an ever-changing world full of uncertainties, people are in dire need of strong certainty to drive toward a better future.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-31 17:14

Experts Talk Green Development at Boao

Government officials, experts and executives at enterprises shared their expectations for the future of carbon neutrality and green development at the ongoing Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2023.

Source:|2023-03-31 16:59

10 Years on, BRI Shares Opportunities with World

When Lin Guangming came to south China's Hainan Province, he was fascinated by the massive opportunities presented by the fledgling free trade port and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Source: People's Daily|2023-03-30 17:36

China Stays Committed to Reform and Opening up

Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Thursday said that China will adhere to reform and opening up and innovation-driven development, no matter how the world will change.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-30 17:00

Enduring Strength of China-Philippines High-level Engagements

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong recently concluded his high-level visit to the Philippines.

Source:|2023-03-29 17:29

Boao Forum for Asia Draws Global Attention

The 2023 Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) opened its annual conference in Boao, a coastal town in south China’s Hainan Province on Tuesday.

Source: People's Daily|2023-03-29 17:28

Key Takeaways from China Development Forum 2023

At the China Development Forum 2023, which concluded on Monday, senior Chinese officials, leaders of multinationals, and representatives from international organizations have offered insights on China's economic development and potential.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-29 17:13

Consumption Showing Some Signs of Resurgence

Consumer demand continued to pick up steam as China ramped up efforts to boost buying sentiment.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-28 14:26

China Sets Its Own Path to Inspire Others

The aid, from China's Global Development and South-South Cooperation Fund, delivered lifesaving food and other nutritional assistance to 170,000 refugees in the West African nation.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-28 14:25

Chinese Modernization for Huge Population Inspirational

A Czech political party leader has said that China's pursuit of modernization for a huge population is admirable and inspirational.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-27 16:19

Fruits of the Chinese Whole-process People's Democracy

China is an ancient civilization and has experienced many ups and downs in history.

Source: People's Daily|2023-03-27 16:14

Irish Expert Confident in Chinese Manufacturing Sector

An expert working in China in the machinery industry says the Chinese manufacturing sector is growing rapidly.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-25 15:09

China's Strong Recovery Shores up Foreign Firms

With China's optimized epidemic prevention and control measures boosting social mobility and international exchanges, many foreign-funded firms in China made a great start in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-25 15:08

Key Concept Changes Global Thinking on Ties

Over the past decade, President Xi Jinping's vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind has been a key phrase in China's foreign policy.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-24 14:45

China Expands Its Toolbox for Global Unity

Over the past 10 years, many policy researchers have found that China has remained true to its word on its commitment to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-24 10:07

China-Russia Trade Injects Strong Momentum into Bilateral Ties

In 2022, the China-Russia trade reached a record high of $190.27 billion. In the first two months of 2023, bilateral trade grew to $33.69 billion with a 25.9%-YoY-increase.

Source:|2023-03-23 13:29

Experts Welcome China's Solution to Ukraine Crisis

President Xi Jinping's visit to Russia, his first overseas trip since being elected earlier this month, projects the significant role of China in promoting peace and finding diplomatic solutions to the Ukraine crisis via dialogue.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-23 13:25

China's Foreign Trade off to a Good Start in 2023: Official

China's foreign trade has gotten off to a good start this year, with an upbeat trend to follow, a customs official said on Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-21 13:50

Putin Praises China Relations as Role Model

Russia-China ties are the cornerstone of today's regional and global stability and a role model of harmonious and creative cooperation between major countries.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-21 13:48

Full Text of Xi's Signed Article on Russian Media

A signed article by Chinese President Xi Jinping was published on Russia's newspaper Russian Gazette and the website of RIA Novosti news agency ahead of his state visit to Russia.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-20 16:37

Nation to Expand Financial Sector's Opening-up

China will further expand the high-level opening-up of its financial sector and advance institutional opening-up with regard to rules, regulations, management and standards.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-20 16:21

Business Visits, Policy Certainty Boost Chinese Market Optimism

Global firms are endeavoring to take the pulse of the recovering Chinese market.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-19 19:44

China's Initiatives Promote Harmony in World

Xi emphasized that Chinese modernization is also a path the country should take to seek progress for humanity and harmony for the entire world.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-19 19:39

Exploring Xi's Economic Thought from Local Governance

A recently released report titled Toward Modernity: The Value of Xi Jinping's Economic Thought has explored the origins of Xi's economic thought from the perspective of local governance.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-18 20:23

Li Emphasizes High-quality Development

Premier Li Qiang vowed on Friday to push for overall economic operations to continuously improve and called on all those with a role in promoting the nation's economic performance to fully.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-18 20:21

China's Economy on Track to Steady Rebound with Promise ahead

China's economy is seeing a palpable recovery in the early stages of 2023 with multiple highlights.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-17 15:34

China's Modernization Drive Offers New Prospects for Humanity

As a role model for the world, Chinese modernization has provided great wisdom and opened up a new prospect for humanity's sustainable development.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-17 15:31

Exploring Xi's Economic Thought from Local Governance

Xi put forward a series of new ideas, new ways of thinking and new measures concerning economic work.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-16 19:56

World Leaders Congratulate China's New Leadership

More heads of state worldwide have expressed their warm congratulations to Xi Jinping on his election as president of the People's Republic of China.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-16 17:20

China's Stable, Resilient Development Boosts Global Confidence

China has set a gross domestic product target of around 5 percent for 2023 to ensure steady and quality development.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-15 11:18

Riyadh-Teheran Detente Proves China's Peace Diplomacy

Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China issued a joint statement in Beijing on March 10, announcing that the two Middle East countries will resume diplomatic relations.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-15 11:16

High-quality Development Serves National Rejuvenation

The Chinese people have confidence in the country's future and are more inspired and resolved than ever to forge ahead under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-14 15:54

What China's Green Transition Means for the World

Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-14 15:48

Experts Share Views on China's Institutional Reform

China's top legislature on Friday approved a plan for reforming the institutions of the State Council, China's Cabinet.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-13 15:14

Chinese Modernization Provides Inspiration for World: Experts

China's modernization has changed the global political and economic landscape like never before.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-13 14:56

List of Key Officials of China's State Council

The following is a list of key officials of China's State Council endorsed by lawmakers at the first session of the 14th National People's Congress.

Source: People's Daily|2023-03-12 22:27

World Leaders Extend Congratulations to Xi

World leaders continued to extend congratulations to Xi Jinping on his election as president of the People's Republic of China.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-12 22:27

Xi Signs Presidential Order to Appoint Li Qiang as Premier

President Xi Jinping signed a presidential order to appoint Li Qiang as premier Saturday at the ongoing session of China's national legislature.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-11 18:45

A Fresh Beginning for a Bright Future

The election of the nation's new leadership marks a fresh beginning on the Chinese path to modernization.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-11 18:18

China's 2023 Economic Work Priorities High-quality Development

High-quality development once again came into the spotlight as its significance to China.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-10 10:45

Turkish Scholar Hails China's Win-win Approach

A Turkish scholar has projected that China's economy will grow by at least 5 percent in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-10 10:43

China's Economic Recovery Renews Impetus for Global Growth

China's devotion to advancing opening up has reinforced its appeal for foreign companies and investors amid flagging global economic recovery and headwinds of protectionism.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-09 10:45

World Insights: How China Brings Prosperity, Stability to World

China has sent more than 50,000 personnel on peacekeeping missions over the last three decades.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-09 10:44

China to Steadfastly Deepen Reform, Opening up

China will never stop its endeavors to pursue reform and opening up.

Source: People's Daily|2023-03-08 19:26

China's Economic Momentum Injects Vitality across the Globe

China's 2023 economic growth target of around 5 percent unveiled at the ongoing two sessions certainly gave a fillip to the world.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-08 15:13

Decoding China's Economic Recovery at Two Sessions

The ongoing two sessions in China reassured investors and businesses that the world's second-largest economy is bouncing back from COVID-19 shocks.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-07 18:54

Wider Opening-up Drives Foreign Trade and FDI Growth

China's strong economic recovery will result in higher levels of investment from overseas.

Source: People's Daily|2023-03-07 18:54

Chinese Modernization Responsible for China, Benefits the World

Over the past decade, China has been among the countries with the fastest energy intensity reduction in the world.

Source: People's Daily|2023-03-06 19:47

China's Economy Resilient with Potential and Vitality

This year, China's growth target is around 5 percent.

Source:|2023-03-06 11:39

Highlights of China's Achievements in Development in 2022

China stabilized the economy, steadily enhanced development quality, and maintained overall social stability in 2022.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-06 11:30

Posters: China's Development Targets in 2023

Posters: China's development targets in 2023

Source:|2023-03-06 11:14

Posters: The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper

China released the “Global Security Initiative Concept Paper” on Feb. 21, 2023.

Source:|2023-03-05 21:43

Infographics: China Sets Main Targets for 2023

China aims to expand its economy by around 5% in 2023.

Source: People's Daily|2023-03-05 21:42

China Leverages Monetary Policies to Secure Sound Development

China's central bank will implement the country's prudent monetary policy in a targeted and effective way.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-04 16:43

What Are the Two Sessions

A key event on China's political calendar, the annual sessions of China's national legislature and top political advisory body, known as the two sessions, will take place soon in Beijing.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-04 16:42

Greater Effort Vowed on Foreign Investment

China is a market foreign enterprises must go to, and the country will further strengthen efforts to retain and attract more high-quality foreign investment.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-03 16:27

Chinese Democracy Meets Peoples' Needs

China has demonstrated that socialism with Chinese characteristics can bring huge economic and social benefits to the Chinese people and those beyond.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-03 16:27

Nation Maintains Solid Momentum for Growth

China's economic activity, including in both the manufacturing and services sectors, expanded for a second straight month in February.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-02 16:47

Proactive Strategy of High-standard Opening-up

High-standard opening-up entails high-quality trade and investment cooperation between the country and other major economies.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-02 16:47

Highlighting Chinese Economy's Resilience amid Challenges in 2022

China braved the economic headwinds and emerged from multiple challenges in 2022 with hard-won feats.

Source: Xinhua|2023-03-01 15:29

China Still Growth Engine of World Economy

China is the world's second-largest consumer market and the largest e-commerce market.

Source: China Daily|2023-03-01 15:28

New Pattern Crucial for China's High-quality Development

Accelerating the establishment of a new development pattern is a strategic decision for the country's long-term development and security.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-28 17:15

Nation's Growth Tops Global Interest List

China's GDP growth was the top concern among global internet users, according to an online survey by China Daily's website and 10 global media outlets.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-28 17:15

Tourism Recovering Faster Than Predicted

China's tourism market will return to normal and embrace high-quality development this year, a matter of importance to the recovery of global tourism.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-27 20:19

China Unleashes Great Economic Momentum

After achieving a major and decisive victory in its COVID-19 prevention and control efforts since late 2022, China has put its economy back on the fast track.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-26 14:26

Cease-Fire a Top Priority, Envoy Tells UN Session

China's position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear. The sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries should be respected.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-26 14:01

China Calls for Resuming Peace Talks to Resolve Ukraine Crisis

China on Friday released a paper stating its position on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-25 18:26

China Remains Major Engine of Global Economy

For business leaders and experts across the world, China's optimization of its COVID response was a strategic decision with a far-reaching impact.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-25 18:11

CIFTIS Welcomes Global Partners to Host Annual Event

The China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) is now expanding partnerships with influential companies and institutions in preparations for the annual fair.

Source:|2023-02-24 15:19

China Is an Opportunity Not a Threat: Spanish Business Executive

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Spain in March 1973, bilateral trade has increased to more than 43 billion euros (45.5 billion U.S. dollars).

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-24 15:13

Chinese Path to Modernization: The Way Forward

China's modernization journey is a unique one, and its leaders are dedicated to ensuring that it stays on track.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-23 17:09

Foreign Capital's Confidence in China Remains Steadfast

The amount of foreign capital actually used in China reached 127.69 billion yuan in January, up 14.5 percent year-on-year. In dollar terms that comes close to $19.02 billion.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-23 17:08

China Remains Popular Destination for Foreign Investment

China remains a hot spot for foreign investment, as business operators' opinions resonate with the country's official data.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-22 16:36

China Spurs Hopes of Broader Revival Following COVID-19 Victory

China has stimulated more hopes for a broader economic revival following its decisive victory in the three-year-long fight with COVID-19.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-22 11:51

Experts Hail Global Value of 'Shared Future'

The vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, has proved to be a significant global contribution.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-21 17:18

China Poised for Strong Recovery Momentum in 2023: Economist

China's economic recovery momentum is being sustained after reopening.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-21 11:48

China to Maintain Open, Orderly Int'l Trade Environment

China is willing to work with Belgium to resolutely maintain an international trade environment.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-20 16:55

Consumption Upgrade Promises Growth Momentum

The hustle and bustle of marketplaces have returned to China, especially during the Spring Festival holiday in late January.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-20 11:33

China, EU Should Strengthen Cooperation: Senior Diplomat

Faced with a world of change and disorder, China and Europe should strengthen cooperation to inject more stability into the world.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-19 23:04

China Powers ahead with Renewables, Carbon Reduction

China has been making huge strides in shifting from its dependence on coal to renewables for power generation.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-19 23:03

Anti-epidemic Miracle Highlights CPC's Governance Capacity

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has once again demonstrated its remarkable ability to steer the nation toward set goals.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-18 15:14

China to Contribute around One Third of Growth

China will likely become the largest contributor to global growth in 2023.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-18 15:11

China Remains an Investment Paradise for Foreign Capital

Foreign enterprises remain adamant in ramping up investment in the Chinese market.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-17 15:44

China's Optimized COVID Response Revives Holiday Travel Buzz

The 40-day Spring Festival travel rush officially ended on Wednesday, with more than 1.5 billion trips made by rail, highway, water and civil aviation.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-16 15:42

China Crucial in Helping Global Economy Overcome Challenges

The Chinese economic structure and policies give strong support for reaching the growth rates targeted by China or projected by the IMF.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-14 13:31

China Looks forward to Advancing Ties with Iran

China looks forward to working with Iran to take the upcoming China visit by the Iranian president as an opportunity to promote greater development.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-14 13:30

China Rewriting Development Blueprint, Trade Expert Says

A virtuous cycle has been formed in China's infrastructure development, and China is rewriting the development blueprint on infrastructure.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-13 11:28

Vaccines from China Bolster COVID Fight

Nation's helping hand demonstrates spirit of global solidarity, cooperation.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-13 11:27

Number of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Decreasing in China

Chinese mainland registered 37,611 COVID-19 hospitalized infections on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-12 22:19

Shenzhou-15 Taikonauts Complete Their First Spacewalk

The Shenzhou-15 taikonauts on board the orbiting Chinese Tiangong space station completed their first spacewalk at 12:16 a.m. (Beijing Time) on Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-10 16:41

​Beijing 2022 Venues Continue Boosting Winter Sports

One year on from the Games, the venues of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are being enjoyed by local residents and athletes.

Source:|2023-02-10 16:39

Facts and Figures: China's Nuclear Power in 2022

Facts and Figures: China's Nuclear Power in 2022

Source: China Daily|2023-02-09 17:58

China's Warming Economy New Impetus to Global Growth

Off to a good start in 2023, China's economy is seeing a faster-than-expected recovery.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-09 17:47

China's Economy Set for Robust Rebound in 2023

The Chinese economy is rapidly rebounding from the impact of the epidemic, and has gotten off to a good start in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-08 18:10

Quality Growth Tops Agenda Going Forward

China has mapped out an outline for boosting its strength in product quality.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-08 18:07

Bustling Chinese Factories Drive Recovery into 2023

Manufacturing facilities in China are rumbling back to life following the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in late January.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-07 15:02

China Issues Outline to Improve Quality of Development

China has issued an outline to improve the overall quality of its economy amid efforts to promote high-quality development.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-07 15:02

China's Economy Takes off Running in 2023

Since the beginning of the New Year, local authorities have made solid efforts to balance economic and social development, and epidemic prevention and control.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-06 17:07

People Celebrate Lantern Festival in Canberra, Australia

The Lantern Festival, the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, falls on Feb. 5 this year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-05 20:26

China's Shipbuilders Catch Tailwind to Sail on Brighter Journey

Despite a gloomy global market, China has wrapped up 2022 with an eye-catching performance in the shipbuilding sector.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-04 21:27

Winter Tourism Benefits from Olympic Legacy

Beijing and Zhangjiakou, the co-host city in Hebei province, will host a number of events to share the good memories of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Source: China Daily|2023-02-04 21:26

Enjoy Beauty of China's City of Wetlands in One Minute

Thursday marks this year's World Wetlands Day.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-03 15:53

Glowing Green: China Progressing in Ecological Conservation

From coastal to inland areas, from plains to plateaus and mountainous areas, China has been making great strides in wetland protection and restoration.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-03 15:52

CPC a Political Party in Ceaseless Pursuit of Progress

Under the leadership of the CPC, China has comprehensively deepened reforms and expanded opening up.

Source: People's Daily|2023-02-02 19:20

Infographics: China’s Economy Stands out in Global Arena

China was the only major economy reporting economic growth in 2020.

Source: People's Daily|2023-02-02 14:23

China's Import, Export Freight Hubs Busy, Vibrant

As China has optimized its COVID-19 response measures and facilitated the customs clearance, the country's major ports for foreign trade are gaining impetus.

Source: Xinhua|2023-02-01 15:17

Chinese Economy Gets off to a Good Start in 2023

Chinese economy is shaking off its COVID shadow and has gotten off to a good start in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-31 12:34

China, Leading Engine for Global Economy amid Pandemic

In its three-year-long fight against COVID-19, China posted outstanding results in economic development and epidemic control.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-31 12:34

RCEP Boosts Trade Growth amid Gloomy Global Outlook

Two-way trade between China and Vietnam last year achieved high growth thanks to the implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-30 22:07

China's Economy Stands out in Global Arena

China posted outstanding results in economic development and epidemic control, reinforcing its status as a leading engine for the global economy.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-30 22:05

2023 Spring Festival in Numbers

Chinese consumers splurged during the Spring Festival holiday (Jan 21-27), the first golden week after China optimized its COVID control measures.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-29 20:36

Holiday Consumption Mirrors China's Economic Vitality in New Year

China has basked in a festive hustle and bustle as people celebrated the lunar new year of the rabbit with strong consumer sentiments.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-29 15:07

Nation Sees Therapeutics Success

China will create broad-spectrum treatments to tackle mutated strains of the COVID-19 virus and develop drugs with novel mechanisms to fight the pathogen.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-28 11:42

Consumers Give Economy Festive Boost

The domestic tourism market also witnessed a robust recovery during the holiday.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-28 11:40

China Sees Travel Surge as Spring Festival Holiday Concludes

With the Spring Festival holiday drawing to an end, China's highways, railways and airports are seeing a surge of people.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-27 22:13

China's Tourism Resurges for Spring Festival

China's domestic tourism market registered a robust recovery during the Spring Festival holiday.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-27 22:13

Chinese New Year Celebrated across World

Splendid cultural activities are held in many countries to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, which came on Jan. 22.

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-26 23:05

Nation's New COVID Cases, Deaths Down Significantly

COVID-19 infections are on a sharp downtrend nationwide after cases peaked around Dec 22.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-26 23:05

Winter Sports Light up China's Great Wall

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Badaling Great Wall in Beijing was illumined when the night fell during the Spring Festival holiday.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-25 22:40

U.S. Economy Continues to Weaken

The U.S. economy continued to weaken in January.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-25 16:36

Spring Festival Traditions Revived, Developed

To many Chinese, the most important cultural tradition of the Chinese Lunar New Year, or the Spring Festival, is the family reunion.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-24 17:32

Local Kites Fly onto International Stage

Known as the kite capital of China, Weifang city in east China's Shandong province has a long history of making kites.

Source:|2023-01-24 14:51

China's National Development Zones Stabilizers of Foreign Trade

China's state-level economic and technological development zones have been an important platform for opening-up, stabilizing foreign trade and investment.

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-22 23:56

A Happy Holiday Feast for Chinese amid Global Inflation Woes

The festive mood has been high across China during the Spring Festival, with more family reunions expected after a new COVID-19 response policy.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-22 23:56

Selected Outbound Tours Given Go-ahead

China will resume outbound group travel to a selected group of countries early next month, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-21 16:31

Highlights of China's Economy in 2022

Poster: Highlights of China's economy in 2022

Source: Xinhuanet|2023-01-19 20:16

Fly with China's Large Jetliner C919

The world's first C919 is undergoing validation flights with a planned total flight time of 100 hours.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-19 20:08

China Still Important Engine for World Economic Growth

China's economy has taken the lead among major economies over recent years, remaining a significant engine fueling global economic growth.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-19 12:03

GDP Reaches New Level as Chinese Economy Embarks on New Journey of Hope

China's economy grew 3 percent year on year to a record high of 121.0207 trillion yuan (about 18 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2022.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-18 17:46

Foreign Investors Confident in China's Economic Resilience, Potential

The Chinese government recently issued a series of policies to better attract and utilize foreign capital.

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-18 17:42

Nation's Space Industry Hits New Heights

China's space industry had a busy year in 2022, the highlight of which was completion of one of the world's largest and most sophisticated orbiting infrastructures, the Tiangong space station.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-17 21:45

China's GDP Hits 121.0207 Trillion Yuan in 2022

China will make economic stability its top priority and pursue progress while ensuring stability this year.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-17 21:45

Washington Should Disclose Epidemic Info

The XBB.1.5 subvariant of Omicron strain of the novel coronavirus has been spreading so quickly in the United States.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-16 16:53

Hundreds Rally in NYC against U.S. War Machine

Hundreds of protesters from New York City and nearby regions held a rally and a march against U.S. involvement in overseas wars at Times Square on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-16 16:50

Progress Report on China's Youth Development

The National Bureau of Statistics made comprehensive analysis on the changes of youth development in various areas by combining some historical figures.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-15 23:58

China's Foreign Trade Hits Record High in Challenging Year

China's annual foreign trade value hit record high again in 2022.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-15 23:54

China's COVID Response in Numbers: 'Lives for lives'!

China spares no effort to prevent and treat severe cases of COVID-19 with better preparedness of medical resources.

Source:|2023-01-13 20:15

China Continues to Bring New Opportunities Globally

Foreign media outlets have successively predicted that with the implementation of favorable economic policies, China's ultra-large market will release more dividends.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-13 16:21

China a Sunny Spot amid Global Dark Clouds

Why does Andrew K.P. Leung think China is likely to be a comparatively sunny spot?

Source: China Daily|2023-01-12 16:33

Five Keywords of China's COVID Response

Three years into its arduous fight against COVID-19, China is making headway toward restoring vitality to the lives of over 1.4 billion people.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-12 16:28

Poverty Eradication with Chinese Characteristics

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has attained an unprecedented historical feat by achieving Goal 1 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-11 21:38

Chinese Whole-process People's Democracy

In his address at a central conference in October 2021, Chinese President Xi Jinping mentioned and elaborated on what he terms China's whole-process people's democracy.

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-11 16:21

International Tourism Markets Welcome Chinese Tourists

Many countries welcomed Chinese tourists as China announced to downgrade management of COVID-19 infection and resume outbound tourism for Chinese citizens orderly.

Source:|2023-01-10 20:31

CPC Maintaining Vigor Through Rigorous Self-governance

The report to the 20th CPC National Congress set out a series of arrangements for full and rigorous self-governance and advancing the new great project of Party-building in the new era.

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-09 20:14

Economy Grows Despite COVID Headwinds

As it has fought to contain the COVID-19 epidemic for most of the past three years, China's economy has expanded at an average annual rate of 4.5 percent, higher than the world's average.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-09 20:14

Rural China to See Robust Consumption

China is unleashing the consumption potential of rural areas, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Tang Renjian has said.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-08 22:55

Six Fallacies and Truths about China's Epidemic Control

China's war against COVID-19 is still underway, and victory shall come for the 1.4 billion Chinese people.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-08 17:05

China Stands Ready to Step up Cooperation with WHO

China sent experts to the WHO member states briefing Thursday and stands ready to step up cooperation with the WHO and the rest of the world to tackle the COVID challenge more effectively.

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-07 21:56

China Updates COVID-19 Diagnosis, Treatment Protocol

China released its 10th edition of the diagnosis and treatment protocol for COVID-19 on Friday.

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-07 21:56

Multinationals Eye Evolving Chinese Market

China has evolved from a large consumption market and low-cost manufacturing country to an important regional export base, an innovation center and a key part of the global supply chain.

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-06 23:10

China Spares No Effort to Prevent, Treat Severe Cases of COVID-19

China is doing its best to prevent severe illness and treat COVID-19 patients in critical condition.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-06 23:08

China's Reopening Good Omen for World

The vestiges of international travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic will ebb on Jan 8 with China set to open up to the world again.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-05 15:25

Foreign Firms Confident about China's Economic Outlook in 2023

Multinational companies are showing confidence in China's economic outlook for 2023 and increasing their investments in the country.

Source:|2023-01-05 15:24

Global COVID-19 Cooperation Maintained

China has maintained pragmatic cooperation with the World Health Organization and countries and regions worldwide since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-04 20:58

First Five-year Plan to Modernize Logistics Revealed

China has unveiled its first five-year plan for the development of a modern logistics sector through 2025.

Source: People's Daily|2023-01-04 20:56

Sci-tech Serves Nation's Strategic Needs

For the first time, China had as many top 100 science and technology clusters as the United States, with 21 apiece, according to WIPO.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-03 23:49

Confidence Mounts for Economic Growth

Hopes are rising that the Chinese economy can make a strong recovery and lead the way for the global economy as the world faces challenges on a number of fronts this year.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-03 23:49

Chinese Hospitals Go All out to Treat Severe COVID-19 Patients

As multiple regions in China are hit with surging COVID-19 infections, local hospitals are going all out to offer timely treatment, particularly for severe cases.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-02 23:06

European Companies to Welcome China's Business Delegations

The economic and trade cooperation between China and Europe will cover more fields and be more inclusive.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-02 22:46

Snow, Ice Tourism Heats up during New Year Holiday

Snow and ice tourism has heated up during the three-day New Year holiday starting Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2023-01-01 23:01

Nation's Character Guarantees It Can Overcome Adversity

The past year was one of challenges and achievements for China.

Source: China Daily|2023-01-01 22:54

Space Mission Records in 2022

For China's space sector, 2022 was a year of substantial progress and remarkable new records.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-31 18:39

In Numbers: China in 2022

The total grain output in China reached 686.55 billion kilograms in 2022.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-31 18:31

China's National Legislature to Convene Annual Session on March 5

The 14th National People's Congress (NPC) will open its first annual session in Beijing on March 5, 2023.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-30 23:35

In numbers: China's Economic Highlights of 2022

China has made remarkable achievements in economic and social development in 2022.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-30 23:35

Nation Takes Big Leap on Vaccinations

China's vaccination efforts have gained steam this year, according to authorities.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-29 21:20

China's Consumption Expected to Further Recover

China recently unveiled a guideline aimed at further expanding domestic demand to boost consumer spending across the board by 2035.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-29 21:20

China to Resume Passport, Visa Issuance from Jan. 8, 2023

China will optimize immigration administration policies and measures starting from Jan. 8, 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-28 21:33

China Works to Vitalize Market Entities

China has witnessed higher efficiency in the resumption of work and production, as well as a steady rise in the business volume in the logistics sector.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-28 21:32

China Keeps Injecting Vitality into Global Recovery

China, with better development, will surely benefit the rest of the world in the coming new year.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-27 23:25

China Lifts COVID Restrictions on International Arrivals

China will cancel nucleic acid tests for international arrivals starting from Jan. 8, a statement on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-27 23:21

China Strives to Improve People's Well-being

It is the epitome of how life has transformed for 1.4 billion Chinese people over the past year.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-26 23:13

Foreigners Share Views on China's COVID-19 Fight

Many foreigners working or studying in China have offered their insights into China's evolving COVID-19 response strategy.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-26 23:13

China Prioritizes People's Health in COVID-19 Fight

China has managed to keep its severe COVID-19 cases and death rates among the lowest in the world.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-25 23:49

China to Break New Ground in Major-country Diplomacy

China will fully implement the policies set by the 20th CPC National Congress, and break new ground in major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-25 23:49

China's Space Station Provides Open Platform for Cooperation

China recently launched the manned spaceship Shenzhou-15. The launch marks the final one at the construction stage of its space station.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-24 23:04

Efforts Made to Build a Barrier against COVID-19

As multiple regions in China have seen surging COVID-19 infections, local governments are taking swift and precise measures to prevent severe cases, and protect people's health.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-24 23:03

China Shoots to Fifth Place in Robot Density Rankings

China's massive investment in industrial robotics has put the country higher in global rankings in terms of robot density.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-23 23:26

Foreign Firms Bullish on Nation's Economy

Foreign financial institutions have raised their forecasts for China's GDP growth in 2023, based on an anticipated rebound in business activity next year.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-23 23:19

Chinese Economy Has Great Resilience

China is expected to see an overall improvement in its economic performance in 2023.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-22 22:21

Domestic Demand to Drive Growth in 2023

China's growth is expected to pick up notably next year with a gradual recovery in the domestic demand.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-22 22:21

China Protects Biodiversity with Determination

China will continue to advance ecological progress, and plan its development in the context of promoting harmonious co-existence between man and Nature.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-21 23:34

Modernization Drive to Deliver Common Prosperity

China's modernization drive differs in many ways from efforts to develop and modernize in other parts of the world, with the fundamental difference being its emphasis on common prosperity.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-21 23:27

Three Years' Fight Paves Way for Reopening

For almost three years China's strict pandemic prevention and control model worked remarkably well.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-20 20:34

Policies Boost Confidence of Global Firms

To reach these goals, China will further adhere to the standard economic and trade rules, create a more market-oriented and law-based business environment.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-20 20:34

China's Economy to See Independent Upward Trajectory in 2023

While the world's growth will likely weaken significantly in 2023, the Chinese economy is expected to see an independent upward trajectory with an overall recovery.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-19 23:02

Chinese Path to Modernization Example to Follow for Africa

The Chinese path to modernization serves as an example for developing countries, especially African countries.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-19 23:01

China Expected to Boost World Economic Recovery in 2023

China will continue to be a reliable and important driving force of global economic growth in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-18 19:55

Adjustment of COVID Measures a Boon to Economic Recovery

A new set of measures to optimize China's epidemic response will continue to facilitate the recovery of the world's second-largest economy.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-18 19:55

China Holds Central Economic Work Conference to Plan for 2023

The annual Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing from Thursday to Friday as Chinese leaders decided priorities for the economic work in 2023.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-17 21:28

More Anti-pandemic Efforts Urged for Holidays

Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, is the most important traditional Chinese festival and features family reunions and a travel rush.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-17 21:26

China Steps up Support for Firms Seeking Opportunities Overseas

China's trade council said that it has moved to restore economic and trade exhibitions overseas to help Chinese businesses explore opportunities in other countries.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-16 21:47

China Issues First National Five-year Plan on Modern Logistics

China has released its first national five-year plan on modern logistics to accelerate building a modern logistics system and promote high-quality development.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-16 21:46

China's Economy Making Steady Progress

China has seen historic achievements and development in the country's causes and embarked on a journey of high-quality development.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-15 21:59

China Credited with 4 of Top 10 Global Engineering Feats

Four major Chinese engineering feats are listed among this year's Global Top Ten Engineering Achievements.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-15 21:54

Drive to Modernize Will Boost Prosperity

China's ambitious target of achieving socialist modernization will shift the world's prosperity eastward.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-14 20:57

China Further Optimizes COVID-19 Response with New Measures

Local authorities across China have soon made specific policies to implement the 10 new prevention and control measures.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-14 20:56

China Holds National Commemoration for Nanjing Massacre Victims

The people of Nanjing observed a minute of silence, and sirens were heard across the city.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-13 20:32

Global Cooperation Key for Overcoming Challenges

Global cooperation must be strengthened to overcome the escalating challenges that the world faces.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-13 10:34

Nation's Modernization to Follow Harmonious Path

Chinese path to modernization also offers other countries a new, alternative path to prosperity.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-12 22:31

Modified Approach Ensure Maximum Benefit

After three years of battling COVID-19, experts said China is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as it continues to optimize measures against the epidemic.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-12 22:26

3 Years of Fighting COVID-19 with Vaccines, Drugs

China has withstood multiple COVID-19 waves in the past three years, aided by massive vaccination drives and self-developed medicines.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-11 21:12

To Build a China-Arab Community with a Shared Future

Xi and leaders from Arab states are expected to jointly lay out the blueprint for future cooperation, usher in a bright future of China-Arab strategic partnership.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-11 21:09

Cooperation Blueprint Mapped out

Xi says China, Arab states should forge closer community with shared future.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-10 17:55

China to Keep Advancing High-level Opening up

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Friday that China will open its door wider, keep advancing high-level opening up.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-10 17:54

Trip, Summits Send Positive Signs to Region

President Xi Jinping's visit to Saudi Arabia and his attendance at regional cooperation summits send a positive signal to the Gulf Cooperation Council region and beyond.

Source: People's Daily|2022-12-09 16:41

First C919 Jet Delivered to China Eastern Airlines

The first C919 large passenger aircraft was delivered to its first customer, China Eastern Airlines, on Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-09 16:39

Key Party Meeting Decides Major Economic Measures

China will work harder next year to coordinate its pandemic response and socioeconomic development.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-08 17:39

COVID-19 Response Further Optimized with 10 New Measures

China released a circular on further optimizing the COVID-19 response on Wednesday, announcing 10 prevention and control measures.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-08 17:37

Foreign leaders, scholars mourn former Chinese leader Jiang

Over the past few days, many foreign leaders have expressed deep condolences over the passing of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-07 16:00

Nation pays highest tribute to Jiang

Xi calls for honoring late leader's legacy by advancing great cause of national rejuvenation on Chinese path to modernization.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-07 16:00

Final farewell to a beloved leader

President Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders bade farewell to Jiang and escorted his remains to Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery in Beijing.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-06 18:15

Mourners vow to turn grief into positive action

People from across China continue to mourn former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, who died on Wednesday in Shanghai at the age of 96.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-06 18:15

Jiang Zemin's remains cremated in Beijing

The remains of Jiang Zemin, who passed away last Wednesday, were cremated at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-05 19:48

More global heads pay tribute to former leader

More leaders of countries and international organizations have expressed their deep condolences over the passing of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-05 17:50

Jiang hailed for improving nation, lives

Shortly after Jiang Zemin's passing was announced on Wednesday, hundreds of bouquets of flowers could be seen at significant places in the life of the late Chinese leader.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-05 17:49

Jiang Devoted Life to CPC, the People

Jiang Zemin was an outstanding leader whose enormous prestige was acknowledged by the whole Communist Party of China, the entire military and the Chinese people of all ethnic groups.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-03 18:07

Global leaders pay tribute to 'friend' Jiang

Foreign leaders have sent messages to President Xi Jinping or through other channels to express their deep condolences over the passing of Jiang Zemin.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-02 17:44

Jiang's remains arrive in Beijing

President Xi Jinping and other Party and State leaders received Jiang's remains at the capital's Xijiao Airport.

Source: China Daily|2022-12-02 17:43

Jiang Zemin's remains transferred to Beijing

The remains of Comrade Jiang Zemin were transferred to Beijing from Shanghai aboard a special flight on Thursday afternoon.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-01 19:32

Memorial meeting for Comrade Jiang Zemin to be held on Dec. 6

A memorial meeting for Comrade Jiang Zemin will be held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Dec. 6.

Source: Xinhua|2022-12-01 19:20

Comrade Jiang Zemin's funeral committee formed

A funeral committee for Comrade Jiang Zemin, who passed away on Wednesday, has been formed, with Xi Jinping as its chairman.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-30 21:00

Announcement by Comrade Jiang Zemin's Funeral Committee

Jiang Zemin passed away due to leukemia and multiple organ failure in Shanghai at 12:13 pm on Nov 30, 2022.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-30 18:33

Jiang Zemin passes away

Jiang Zemin passed away due to leukemia and multiple organ failure in Shanghai at 12:13 p.m. on Nov. 30, 2022

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-30 18:26

Highlights of China's Shenzhou XV Space Mission

China's Shenzhou XV manned spaceship successfully docked with the space station combination on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-30 16:54

In Numbers: Why Chinese Dream Matters to Global Economy

China has taken great strides toward this goal, making unremitting efforts to build a great modern socialist country.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-30 16:54

China Safeguards Climate Justice, Boosts Global Confidence

China has always been taking earnest actions in climate governance.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-29 20:37

China to Provide Training for Foreign Astronauts

The China Manned Space Agency is doing preparatory work for the training of foreign astronauts to fly aboard the nation's Tiangong space station.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-29 20:36

Modernization Model Gains Traction with International Partners

China's increased diplomatic exchanges following the recent 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China are drawing global attention.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-28 18:53

China to Launch Shenzhou-15 Manned Spaceship on Nov. 29

The Shenzhou-15 crewed spaceship will be launched at 11:08 p.m. Tuesday (Beijing Time) from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-28 18:49

Smart Manufacturing Drives China's High-quality Growth

China will see 70 percent of its major manufacturing firms basically digitalized and networked and build more than 500 industry-leading smart-manufacturing demonstration plants by 2025.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-26 19:40

China Strives to Ensure Smooth Logistics amid COVID-19 Flare-ups

China has stepped up measures to improve logistics and ensure an unimpeded flow of goods as part of efforts to optimize the COVID-19 response.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-26 19:35

China's Primary-level Democracy Exudes Fresh Vitality

In China, democracy is not an ornament to be put on display but an instrument for addressing the issues concerning the people.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-25 15:58

Nation Strives to Safeguard Global Supply Chains

During his meetings with leaders of a number of countries, President Xi Jinping called for more efforts to stabilize global industrial and supply chains.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-25 15:55

China Lays out Plan for Future Deep Space Exploration

China will carry out more deep space exploration missions in the next 10 to 15 years.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-24 21:14

China Provides Solution for Building Secure, Stable World

China has provided meaningful experience for other countries.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-24 21:14

Nation Leads Surge in Global Patent Applications

Global intellectual property applications rose last year despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with China leading the growth.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-23 18:54

CPC Continues Self-reform While Embarking on New Journey

CPC has pledged to continue full and rigorous self-governance and to steer broader social transformation through its self-reform.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-23 18:53

China Unveils Plan to Shore up Industrial Economy

China will roll out a slew of measures to sustain the recovery momentum of the industrial economy, according to a circular released on Monday.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-22 20:18

High-quality Growth Envisioned

China is expected to speed up synergetic efforts to boost domestic demand and strengthen its supply system, as a key step to bolster the country's high-quality development.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-22 20:18

China's Broader Opening-up Brings Vitality to Global Development

China has been walking the talk of high-standard opening-up, with concrete moves that will allow economies worldwide to benefit.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-21 18:49

Trip Charts Global Governance Path

Xi's landmark six-day SE Asia journey expands partnerships, steadies ties.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-21 18:45

China Steps up Rural Employment Support Policy

China on Friday released a guideline to bolster employment and entrepreneurship prospects of rural migrant workers.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-18 22:50

China to Advance Broader Agenda of Opening up

China will advance a broader agenda of opening up across more areas and in greater depth, follow the Chinese path to modernization.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-18 22:40

China-CEEC Cooperation Intensifies Amid Global Changes

The cooperation mechanism between China and the Central and East European Countries (CEEC) has brought immense benefits.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-17 19:50

China to Bring More Stability, Certainty

China will work with the United Nations to push for concrete progress in implementing the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-17 19:50

China's Economy Expected to Further Recover

China's economy is expected to further recover in the rest of 2022 as the government's stimulative economic package is set to yield fruitful returns in the fourth quarter.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-16 23:01

China to Promote Digital Economy Development

China is a major country in digital economy, as well as an important promoter of healthy and orderly development of digital economy.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-16 23:00

Multinationals' Earnings Reports Put China Appeal Under Spotlight

The Chinese market has proven to be a reliable engine many multinational firms cannot afford to lose or even neglect in a tough time.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-15 20:25

Meetings Set to Boost Global Governance

China, as an important member of the G20, has always been active in global economic collaboration and governance.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-15 20:19

Stimulating Shopper Appetite, Boosting Consumption

In its 14th year, the Singles Day shopping extravaganza remains the world's biggest online shopping event.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-14 19:52

Airshow China Displays Advanced Technology, Shared Market

China's first homemade large jetliner, the C919, soared into the sky, its two roaring engines sending out a wave of sound.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-14 19:51

A Glimpse of How China's Digital Technology Creates Better Life

China has a sound environment for innovation in the internet industry, and competition in the field is very fierce.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-13 18:15

China Makes Notable Achievements in Poverty Alleviation

Over the past decade, all poverty-stricken villages in China have shaken off poverty.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-13 18:14

Six Keywords of CIIE Showcase China's Market Potential

Here are six keywords of CIIE that offer a glimpse of China's market prospects and the enthusiasm of exhibitors to tap into the huge Chinese market.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-12 15:37

China Will Remain a Leading High-tech Pioneer

China will continue to serve as a key growth market and driver of innovation for the world.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-12 15:35

Why Global Companies Share Continuing Passion for China

China remains a magnet for businesses around the world, and the China International Import Expo (CIIE) stands as a telling example.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-11 17:45

Int'l Exhibitors Eye Further Cooperation in China

The WIC Wuzhen Summit serves as a platform to showcase the latest trends in Internet technology development and cyberspace governance.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-11 17:45

Secret of the Success of China's Democracy

In China, the word for democracy is minzhu, which literally translates to people govern themselves.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-10 16:29

CIIE Opens Doors for Foreign Companies

China is now the Belgian port's third-biggest trade partner in terms of cargo volume and the largest trade partner.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-10 16:28

CIIE Offers Snapshots of Modern China

At this year's CIIE, the fifth edition of the event, a special exhibition area is dedicated to demonstrating China's achievements in opening up over the past decade.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-09 17:38

Awareness of Culture Key to Modernization

China is a country with a civilization older than 5,000 years and the rich cultures of 56 ethnic groups.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-09 17:37

Foreign Trade Growth Expected to Be Stable

The growth of China's foreign trade is expected to be stable this year, given the robust performance during the January-October period.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-08 18:55

Busy Agenda Points to Key Role in World

Visits by foreign leaders, two big events show China's strong global engagement.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-08 18:54

Nation Pushes High-level Opening-up

China is expected to take an active role in the formation of new international economic and trade rules and standards.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-07 17:57

Environmental Protection Makes China's Wetland Areas Flourish

China has made great strides in reclaiming and safeguarding crucial habitats.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-07 17:56

China Launches New Communications Satellite

China Saturday sent a new communications satellite into orbit from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-06 19:17

CIIE Landmark Initiative for Intl' Trade: Greek Official

China International Import Expo (CIIE) is a landmark initiative for international trade, a Greek official told Xinhua on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-06 19:13

Interview: China Plays Crucial Role in Wetlands Conservation

China now has the largest number of wetland cities in the world, and the country has adopted several measures to protect wetlands.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-05 18:50

5th CIIE Expected to Energize Global Economy, Cooperation

China is trying to turn the CIIE into a platform where the world's advanced technologies can join forces.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-05 18:43

Import Expo Boosts China's High-standard Opening up

The fifth China International Import Expo (CIIE) will open on Nov. 5 in China's economic hub Shanghai.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-04 20:29

China's Development Is An Inspiration for the World

China's development achieved through meticulous planning and diligence has inspired the rest of the world.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-04 20:29

Astronauts Enter Mengtian Lab Module for First Time

Chinese astronauts onboard the nation's Tiangong space station entered the Mengtian lab module on Thursday afternoon.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-03 19:37

China's Potential Growth Rate to Remain in Reasonable Range

China's potential growth rate is expected to remain in a reasonable range, the country's central bank governor said Wednesday.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-03 19:36

China's Economic Recovery Consolidated

The Chinese economy has maintained a steady upward momentum as a pro-growth policy package was implemented.

Source: People's Daily|2022-11-02 19:44

China Pledges Further Efforts to Support Self-employed Businesses

Chinese officials on Tuesday pledged more efforts to support self-employed businesses.

Source: Xinhua|2022-11-02 19:43

Transport Network to Further Grow

China's transport sector has mapped out a detailed plan to build the backbone network of the country's comprehensive transportation system.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-01 19:40

Country's Safeguards for Health Boosted in Past Decade

In the past decade China has strengthened its public health monitoring network.

Source: China Daily|2022-11-01 19:40

Nation's Opening-up Seen as Driver of Global Growth

China is firmly advancing high-level opening-up amid downward pressures and challenges from multiple global crises.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-31 17:56

Efforts Urged to Publicize Spirit of Party Congress

A senior Party official said on Sunday that efforts should be made to publicize the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-31 17:55

China's Recipe for Bigger Pie of Global Development

Observers believe that as global recovery progresses in fits and starts, China, under the leadership of the CPC, will remain an indispensible stabilizing force.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-29 16:36

China Opens More Sectors to Foreign Investment

China on Friday issued a new catalog of industries where foreign investment will be encouraged, opening more sectors to foreign investment.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-29 16:36

CPC's Governance Experience Is Worth Learning from

The CPC's governance experience is worth learning from for political parties in other countries.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-28 17:14

Nation's Modernization Both Challenging and Significant

The modernization of its huge population is significant for both China and the world.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-28 16:46

Translations Spread Word of CPC Report

Chinese modernization was deemed by most of the foreign experts to be one of the main messages that readers would get from this year's report.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-27 18:26

How Report to 20th CPC National Congress Shaped

The report was approved at the congress on Oct. 22.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-27 18:21

China's Far-reaching Blueprint Boosts Global Confidence

China's vision of building a human community with a shared future is gaining support from more countries.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-26 22:33

China's Promotion of Free Trade Significant to World Markets

China's promotion of free trade is significant to the sound development of markets around the world.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-26 22:24

China to Make Greater Contributions to Human Progress

It is believed that the 20th CPC National Congress not only is significant to China, but also places important impacts on the rest of the world.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-25 18:40

How the CPC's New Central Leadership Was Formed

Xi once stressed that political integrity must be upheld as the primary criterion when electing the CPC's new central leadership.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-25 18:34

New Leadership to Inspire Nation on Modernization

The new Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee was elected at the first plenary session of the 20th CPC Central Committee on Sunday.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-24 19:07

CPC Unveils New Top Leadership

The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Sunday unveiled its new top leadership.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-24 18:59

Xi Presents New CPC Central Leadership

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, presented the Party's new central leadership.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-23 18:28

What Does the 20th CPC Congress Mean to World Economy?

At week-long 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a blueprint for China's future development has been mapped out.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-23 18:21

New CPC Leadership to Meet Press on Sunday

They will meet Chinese and foreign journalists in Beijing at around 12 p.m.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-22 17:26

CPC Elects New Central Committee

The 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the 20th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection have been elected.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-22 17:25

A New Modernization Choice for World

Chinese modernization trajectories remain deeply intertwined with those of the rest of the world.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-21 17:41

Chinese Answers for the Next Five Years

Chinese modernization is socialist modernization pursued under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

Source:|2022-10-21 15:07

Global Firms Eye Opportunities, Bolster Presence

Business leaders say they are impressed by country's high-standard opening-up.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-20 18:13

China's Diplomacy Wins Global Friends

China has stepped up efforts to develop its diplomatic service over the past decade with a comprehensive, multilevel and multifaceted agenda being established.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-20 18:12

Chinese Path Gives World 'New Choice'

China has risen through peaceful development, which is fundamentally different from the way that Western countries have risen and influenced the world.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-19 14:28

'Chinese Modernization' Written into Key CPC Congress Report

Chinese modernization, a key term defining China's journey to rejuvenation, has for the first time been written into a report to the national congress of the Communist Party of China.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-19 14:24

Leaders Say Report Plays Guiding Role

Chinese leaders have hailed the report Xi Jinping delivered at the opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on Sunday.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-18 15:21

China's Accomplishments Under CPC Leadership Remarkable

China has made remarkable achievements in various fields and is marching towards building a great modern socialist country in all respects.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-18 14:42

Parties From Around World Laud Congress

The ruling parties of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba have sent their congratulations to the Communist Party of China.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-17 18:55

CPC Charts Course for Chinese Modernization

The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Sunday unveiled its blueprint for building a modern socialist China in all respects for the next five years and beyond.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-17 18:38

CPC Opens 20th National Congress

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-16 15:34

CPC Outlines China's Overall Development Objectives for Year 2035

The Communist Party of China (CPC) outlined China's overall development objectives for the year 2035.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-16 15:32

How CPC Convenes Its National Congress

How CPC convenes its national congress?

Source: China Daily|2022-10-15 19:16

Agenda Set for 20th CPC National Congress

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held from Sunday to Oct 22, a spokesman for the congress said on Saturday afternoon.

Source:|2022-10-15 19:13

CPC Holds Wide Consultation on Draft Report

The Communist Party of China Central Committee has solicited opinions and suggestions from non-CPC personages on the draft report to the Party's 20th National Congress.

Source:|2022-10-14 15:32

A Decade: The People Are the Foundation of the State

In the past decade, China has given top priority to people's lives and their sense of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Source: CCTV|2022-10-14 11:10

Delegates to CPC National Congress Arriving in Beijing

Delegates from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) arrived in Beijing on Thursday.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-13 17:17

China's Dynamic Decade: Up and Out of Poverty

Looking back on the past decade, what changes in China have been most impressive?

Source: China Daily|2022-10-13 15:53

Upcoming CPC National Congress Will Have Major Global Influence

The upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will have a significant global impact.

Source:|2022-10-13 15:44

China's Income Growth Keeps Pace with Decade's Economic Expansion

China's resident income growth has basically kept pace with the country's economic growth in the past decade.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-12 15:36

China's Dynamic Decade: A Global Economic Engine

What economic developments in China have most interested you over the past decade?

Source:|2022-10-12 15:34

Party Points the Way on Path to Prosperity

President Xi Jinping announced in February last year that China had completed the arduous task of eradicating extreme poverty.

Source: China Daily Global|2022-10-11 16:26

Vision with Actions: China Works for Shared Future for Mankind

Over the past decade, under Xi's leadership, China has been committed to the path of peaceful development.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-11 14:43

How Does the CPC Build Friendships Around the World?

How the CPC builds friendships from its birth in 1921 to now the world's largest ruling Party?

Source:|2022-10-11 14:39

China Sees Leapfrog Development of Photovoltaic Industry

China has become a dominant player in the global photovoltaic (PV) industry.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-10 16:41

Decade of Innovation Sees Invention Patents Soar

The rapid growth of patents and trademarks in the past decade demonstrates the vitality of the national innovation.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-10 16:28

19th CPC Central Committee Holds 7th Plenary Session

The seventh plenary session of the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee started on Sunday in Beijing.

Source:|2022-10-09 16:43

Media Center for 20th CPC National Congress to Open on Oct. 12

A media center for the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will open on Oct. 12.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-09 16:41

China Unswervingly Follows Path of Peaceful Development

China, following a path of peaceful development, has explored a new way of vitalization that’s different from what has been taken by other major countries.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-08 15:51

Disciplinary Body Approves Work Report

Document will be formally submitted to upcoming CPC National Congress.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-08 15:50

CPC Top Discipline Inspection Commission Holds Plenum

A total of 129 CCDI members attended the session, and two other attendees were present in a non-voting capacity.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-07 19:43

Autumn Harvest to Be Better Than Expected

China is expecting another bumper autumn harvest this year, with grain harvesting in full swing across the country.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-07 19:25

World Expects New March of CPC After Extraordinary Decade

China's extraordinary achievements over the past 10 years have been widely acknowledged.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-06 17:47

China Sees Further Rise in International Influence

China today is more than the country itself; it is very much a part of the world.

Source: People's Daily|2022-10-06 17:42

Nation Leads Globally in Planted Forest Area

China ranks first globally in the land area of planted forests and forest coverage growth, contributing one-fourth of the world's new forest area in the past decade.

Source: China Daily|2022-10-05 16:05

Holiday Spending Reflects Upturn in China's Consumer Market

During the National Day holiday in China, both online and offline shopping have gained momentum in the country.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-05 15:48

Experts Say Decoupling from China Unrealistic

Given China's economic resilience and pivotal position in the global economy and supply chains, the decoupling from China rhetoric is not only unrealistic, but also short-sighted.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-04 12:48

Policy Incentives Set to Sustain China's NEV Boom

China has renewed its policy support for the new-energy vehicle (NEV) sector, a move that experts believe will further fuel an industry that is already in the fast lane.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-04 12:44

Good Wishes Expressed for Party Congress

Foreign officials and experts expressed their good wishes for the upcoming 20th National Congress of the CPC and eyed further cooperation.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-03 17:56

BRI Proving a Boon to Many Countries

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has gone a long way to make positive contributions to many countries since its inception in 2013.

Source:|2022-10-03 17:53

Flag-raising Ceremony in Beijing Marks 73rd National Day

People from all walks of life gathered in the square to witness the solemn moment.

Source:|2022-10-02 12:19

Chinese Netizens Contribute Wisdom to CPC National Congress

Chinese internet users have actively participated in an initiative launched by the CPC to solicit public opinions and suggestions for the upcoming 20th CPC National Congress.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-01 18:20

China's State Council Holds National Day Reception

China's State Council on Friday held a reception at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Source: Xinhua|2022-10-01 18:15

China a Key Player in Global Poverty Decline

Since China's reform and opening-up in 1978, the population uplifted out of poverty in the country has accounted for more than 70 percent of the global total over the same period.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-30 16:10

China Expands Global Partnerships Under True Multilateralism

Over the decade, China has developed a distinctive Chinese style of by both drawing on fine traditions and adapting to changing times.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-30 16:09

China Ramps up Transport Investment to Bolster Economy

China has been briskly expanding and upgrading its transport networks this year in an effort to drive up investment and boost development.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-29 15:55

China on Its Way to Dual Carbon Goals

The station is constructed under the guidance of the green and low-carbon development philosophy. It is rated as a top-level green structure in China.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-29 15:53

How China Wins Poverty Fight, Advances Rural Revitalization

Thriving industries are the foundation for rural revitalization and sustainable development in rural areas.

Source: Xinhua|2022-09-28 14:59

How Chinese Leaders Were Elected to Upcoming Party Congress

Fifty-two Chinese leaders were elected as delegates to attend the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2022-09-28 14:09

Nation Always Upholds People-centered Rights

China has always upheld the people-centered perspective on human rights and takes the path to effectively meet the people's ever-growing need for a better life.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-27 15:25

CPC Congress Delegates Broadly Representative

Every effort has been made to ensure that the delegates elected to attend the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China are broadly representative.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-27 15:16

Decade of Efforts to Strengthen Environmental Laws

China has made consistent efforts to bolster environmental legislation and awareness of environmental rights in recent decades in a bid to improve human rights.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-26 17:14

Renminbi's Global Use Set to Expand

China's renminbi is expected to continue its steady rise in global use and play a bigger part in safeguarding international financial stability.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-26 17:13

China Reaps Fruitful Results in Ecological Conservation along Yellow River

The Yellow River, the second longest river in China, is hailed as the cradle of Chinese civilization.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-25 17:12

China's Modernization Opens up Broader Prospects for Common Development of Mankind

China always adheres to the vision of peaceful development and shares its development dividend with the rest of the world.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-24 19:07

China Manned Space Program -- 30 Years of Success

So far, China has sent 14 astronauts into space.

Source: Xinhua|2022-09-23 12:42

Chinese Economy Reshaped by Decade of Phenomenal Development

China's economic landscape has been reshaped over the past decade.

Source: Xinhua|2022-09-23 12:38

China Confident in Its Path of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

The path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the right path that leads the Chinese people to happiness and tranquility.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-22 15:50

China Makes Big Strides in Developing Whole-process People's Democracy

Whole-process people's democracy in China is a complete system with supporting mechanisms and procedures.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-22 15:49

China's Services Industry Sees Robust Growth Over Past Decade

China's services industry made marked progress over the last decade, with industrial structure improved and new drivers emerging.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-21 14:38

China's Regional Development Gap Narrows Over Past Decade

The regional development gap within China has been narrowing over the past decade thanks to the country's efforts to coordinate regional development.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-21 14:37

Remarkable Achievements Made in Nature Conservation in Past Decade

Over the past decade, China has stepped up efforts in promoting the harmonious coexistence of human and nature and has achieved remarkable results in preserving natural resources.

Source: Xinhua|2022-09-20 14:45

China Sees Intensive, Extensive Development of Opening up in Past 10 Years

Opening up is a fundamental policy of China, as well as a hallmark of contemporary China.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-20 14:42

A Decade of Progress in China's Thriving Industrial Sector

China has sustained sound growth momentum in industrial growth and demonstrated enhanced capability in resisting shocks.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-19 15:31

China Contributes Over 30 Percent to World Economic Growth in 2013-2021

China's average contribution to global economic growth exceeded 30 percent during the 2013-2021 period.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-19 15:30

Renewing Silk Road Spirit and Working for a Community with a Shared Future

More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Silk Road was opened by the people in China and Central Asia, driven by a desire for friendship and mutual learning.

Source: People's Daily Online|2022-09-18 12:06

Decade of Green Policy Pays Back Big Dividend

China has experienced sweeping, historic and transformative changes in its environment in the past decade.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-18 11:58

Promises Must Be Kept: China Reaffirms Goals of Carbon Peak, Neutrality

China reaffirmed its resolution of achieving the goals of a CO2 emissions peak and carbon neutrality on Thursday.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-16 15:37

China a Greener Country after Decade-long Ecological Efforts

China has forged ahead in ecological and environmental conservation by transforming firm actions into fruitful achievements.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-16 15:34

China Sees Remarkable Ecological Progress Over Past 10 Years

Drastic change mirrors the remarkable achievements made by China in the past 10 years in terms of ecological progress.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-15 16:43

Belt and Road Cooperation Builds up Connectivity for Global Prosperity

The Belt and Road cooperation has grown into a global platform where countries along the routes work together to promote people's wellbeing and give a further boost to global development.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-15 16:42

China-proposed Initiatives Focus on Global Development, Security

The Chinese president has proposed a number of important initiatives and proposals for global development and security.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-14 15:25

BRI a Great Undertaking that Benefits People of All Participating Countries

In Pakistan, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is well underway, and the electricity projects under the framework have lighted up numerous local families.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-14 15:24

Provinces Take Lead in Stabilizing Growth

China's major provincial economies are stepping up efforts to stabilize the growth in their regions.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-13 14:52

Progress of the Belt and Road Initiative

In the last almost one decade, the Belt and Road Initiative has been an integral part of the global economy and has greatly bolstered developing economies.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-13 14:51

Mid-Autumn Festival: Traditions and New Trends

Whether it is a tradition or a new trend, the festival is attracting more and more foreigners.

Source:|2022-09-11 13:21

China Sees More Full-time Teachers in Past Decade

The number of full-time teachers in China increased by around 3.8 million over the past decade, statistics from the Ministry of Education showed.

Source: Xinhua|2022-09-10 18:09

Past Decade Witnesses Notable Strides in Delivering Better Healthcare

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 2012, the central Party leadership has prioritized the people's health in a strategic move.

Source: Xinhua|2022-09-09 14:43

China's Economy Set to Get a Major Boost, to Anchor Global Economy in Long Run

Global attention is focused on the Chinese economy, the main driving force of global growth.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-09 14:42

Dynamic Zero-COVID Protects Lives, Economy

China's dynamic zero-COVID strategy remains the most economical and scientific approach to tackling the disease as the pandemic continues to spread across the globe.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-08 16:14

Stronger Foreign Trade Expected

China's foreign trade is expected to expand steadily in the coming months, driven by the government's supportive policies and the resilience of its industrial chain in electromechanical industry.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-08 16:13

China's Example is More Than Adequate to Learn from

The comprehensive strategic partnership between Pacific island countries and China will enjoy long-term stability and bear more fruits.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-07 15:47

Int'l Services Trade Fair Provides New Opportunities for Global Service Trade

The 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) concluded here on Monday, achieving fruitful results and bringing new opportunities for global service trade.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-07 15:43

Futures, Options Show More Signs of Opening-up

A green light given to foreign investors regarding investment in China's onshore futures and options market will provide more asset allocation tools for foreign investors.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-06 14:47

CIFTIS Ends, Sees Large Number of Deals, Agreements, Product Launches

CIFTIS has further highlighted its role as a key platform for innovative growth by advancing common development through high-level opening-up and facilitating global economic recovery.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-06 14:46

China Upgrades Manufacturing Industry for Global Economy Certainty

China will encourage domestic enterprises to strengthen international cooperation, integrate into the global industrial chain, and help boost global economic growth.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-05 14:48

Share Development Opportunities with CIFTIS to Jointly Promote Global Recovery

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Aug. 31 sent a congratulatory letter to the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS).

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-05 14:47

Multinationals Tap Opportunities at Services Trade Fair

This year's CIFTIS has attracted more than 400 Global Fortune 500 companies and industry-leading enterprises to attend the fair offline.

Source: Xinhua|2022-09-04 18:45

Together Through Rain, Heading Towards the Rainbow

Climate change, once a myth has become a reality and it has started showing its adverse effects on human society.

Source: People's Daily Online|2022-09-03 17:46

Action Plan Targets Conserving Yellow River

Chinese authorities unveiled an ambitious action plan on conserving the Yellow River.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-02 16:33

Congress Organizers Announce Media Plans

Organizers of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will adopt a range of measures to facilitate news coverage by reporters from Chinese and foreign media outlets.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-02 16:31

China Offers Lessons on Becoming Modernized

China has adopted the approach of focusing on the future, not the past, and is striving tirelessly for modernization.

Source: China Daily|2022-09-01 16:16

Index Shows China's Thriving New Growth Drivers

New development drivers are increasingly underpinning China's growth, adding to economic vitality and innovation capability.

Source: People's Daily|2022-09-01 16:15

CPC Sets out Plans for Key 20th Congress

A key meeting of the Communist Party of China on Tuesday proposed that the Party's 20th National Congress will be convened in Beijing on Oct 16.

Source: China Daily|2022-08-31 16:11

Ambassadorship in China of Great Significance

There is no greater honour for me than to serve as the Ambassador of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to the People’s Republic of China.

Source: People's Daily|2022-08-31 16:10

China's Commitment to Opening up Helps Global Economic Recovery

The 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) will be held here from Aug. 31 to Sept. 5.

Source: People's Daily|2022-08-30 15:36

Nation a Vital Market for Europe's Companies

China remains a key market for European companies as its economic resilience and large domestic market are vital for them to stay globally competitive.

Source: People's Daily|2022-08-30 15:35

One-China Principle Brooks No Distortion

There is no change in the respective one China policies, where applicable.

Source: People's Daily|2022-08-29 15:16

China an Indispensable Part of International Cooperation

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reiterated on multiple occasions the necessity and urgency to strengthen multilateral cooperation.

Source: People's Daily|2022-08-29 15:12

Nation Relaxes Its Rules for Cross-border Travelers

Cross-border travelers will soon no longer need to report their COVID-19 nucleic acid test results, previous infection history and vaccination dates when going through Customs.

Source: China Daily|2022-08-27 19:36

China Focus: Plasma Detector, a Watcher on China's Space Station

A plasma in-situ imaging detector will be installed on the Wentian lab module's extravehicular platform.

Source: Xinhua|2022-08-26 13:05

China Focus: Solid Progress Made in Employment, Social Security

China has made historic achievements in employment and social security during the past decade.

Source: Xinhua|2022-08-26 13:02

How China Is Winning Hearts Worldwide

The People's Republic of China is a real bearer of democracy in the world by having a government of and for the people.

Source: People's Daily|2022-08-25 14:11

China Eases Visa Rules for International Students

China has eased border entry restrictions for international students and business travelers starting on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2022-08-25 14:10

Environmental Protection Industry Helping to Bolster Economic Growth

China's booming environmental protection industry is playing an increasingly important role in boosting economic growth.

Source: China Daily|2022-08-24 15:30

Yellow River Protection Prioritized

A national-level guideline on the protection and use of cultural heritage along China's mother river was jointly released.

Source: China Daily|2022-08-24 15:25

China Prioritizes Concept of Common Security

A Chinese ambassador to the United Nations on Monday called for the establishment of a security concept.

Source: China Daily|2022-08-23 14:27

China's Foreign Trade Growth Sees Stable Recovery in January-July Period

China's foreign trade maintained double-digit growth in the first seven months of this year.

Source: People's Daily|2022-08-23 14:24

China's Robot Industry Bolts Forward

More than 500 sets of robots have shown up at the World Robot Conference 2022 (WRC 2022).

Source: Xinhua|2022-08-22 16:44