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China to Open up Wider

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday pledged that China's door of opening-up will only open wider, and will never be closed.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-15 14:30

Residents Benefit from National Parks

China has achieved a win-win situation in the construction of national parks and the sustainable development of local communities by attaching great importance to benefits for residents.

Source: China Daily|2021-10-15 14:23

Declaration to Advance Ecological Commitments

Participants at the United Nations Biological Diversity Convention have adopted the Kunming Declaration.

Source: China Daily|2021-10-14 17:39

China's Whole-process Democracy Prospers

An idea from a middle school student that triggered a revision to the minor protection law gives a glimpse of how China's whole-process democracy operates.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-14 17:31

Commentary: High Time to Protect Biodiversity

It is high time for the international community to join hands to protect their common future.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-13 15:38

China's Biodiversity Conservation, by the Numbers

China issued a white paper titled Biodiversity Conservation in China to share the country's achievements and experience with the world.

Source:|2021-10-13 15:29

All You Need to Know about COP15

The 15th meeting of the Conference of Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) kicked off in Kunming on Monday.

Source:|2021-10-12 18:10

Complete Reunification of China Will Be and Can Be Realized

The Taiwan question arose out of the weakness and chaos of the Chinese nation, and it will be resolved as national rejuvenation becomes a reality.

Source: People's Daily|2021-10-12 17:57

Together for Greater Harmony between Man and Nature

China is a significant participant, a major contributor, and a leading nation of global biodiversity governance.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-10-11 14:01

China to Share Ideas on Building Eco-friendly World

China will work with the international community to contribute its experiences on environmental protection and call for joint efforts from countries around the world to tackle climate change and other environmental challenges.

Source: China Daily|2021-10-11 13:47

CPC Strong Force to Lead Chinese People toward National Rejuvenation

The Communist Party of China (CPC) is the strong force to lead the Chinese people in realizing national rejuvenation.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-10 15:26

China's National Rejuvenation Has Become Historical Inevitability

China's national rejuvenation has become a historical inevitability, President Xi Jinping said on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-09 18:13

Holiday Consumption Boosts Expansion Hopes

Chinese consumers' spending boomed during the seven-day National Day holiday in the first week of this month, driven by huge demand for catering services and entertainment businesses.

Source: China Daily|2021-10-09 18:00

Red Tourism, Family Outings Fuel Holiday Travel Surge

The National Day holiday saw a surge in tourism, as people unleashed a strong demand for traveling that was suppressed over the summer holiday due to sporadic COVID-19 outbreaks.

Source: China Daily|2021-10-08 15:01

China Issues White Paper on Biodiversity Conservation

China's State Council Information Office Friday issued a white paper to introduce the country's actions on biodiversity conservation and share its achievements in the sector.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-08 14:55

Carbon Cut, Pollution in Policy Focus

China has been making accelerated efforts to establish a system to appraise its concerted efforts in controlling pollution as it forges ahead with its climate targets, experts said.

Source: China Daily|2021-10-07 18:44

'Red Tours' Stand out During National Day Holiday

Red tourism, which refers to visiting historical sites with revolutionary legacies, has gained popularity during the National Day holiday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-06 20:12

Global Exhibitors Make Final Preparations as Import Expo Nears

The CIIE is the first dedicated import exhibition in the world and has seen fruitful outcomes in the past three expos.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-06 20:11

Strong Vitality of BRI Wins Wide Praise

The BRI has demonstrated strong vitality and creativity and will continue to provide impetus for the global economic recovery.

Source: China Daily|2021-10-04 14:09

Chinese Ambassadors, Foreign Officials Eye Deeper Cooperation

Chinese embassies in various countries have held events to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-03 16:30

End Unilateral Coercion, China Calls

China's ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday called for the complete and immediate lifting of unilateral coercive measures.

Source: China Daily|2021-10-03 16:25

People's Republic Celebrates Its 72nd Anniversary

People from across the country gathered in Tian'anmen Square to witness the national flag-raising ceremony on Friday morning.

Source: China Daily|2021-10-02 16:39

Flag-raising Ceremony Marks 72nd National Day

A flag-raising ceremony was held in celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, at Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, on Oct 1, 2021.

Source:|2021-10-01 16:53

China's State Council Holds National Day Reception

China's State Council on Thursday held a reception at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Source: Xinhua|2021-10-01 16:28

People's Lives Notably Improved

Chinese people's lives have been notably improved on the country's path to moderate prosperity, according to a white paper released by China's State Council Information Office Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-30 15:14

Travel Surge Tipped for Weeklong Holiday

The flourishing tourism market during last week's Mid-Autumn Festival holiday points to a likely surge in travel during the weeklong National Day holiday beginning on Friday.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-30 15:04

World Can Learn from Chinese Afforestation

China's successful experiences controlling desertification and land degradation offer an instructive solution for the world to mitigate and adapt to the global climate crisis, officials said.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-29 16:30

Growth Shows Stable Recovery of Economy

Profits at China's major industrial companies maintained steady growth in August, showcasing the resilience of high-tech manufacturing.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-29 16:05

China's Whole-Process People's Democracy

By achieving moderate prosperity in all respects, China has better ensured the economic and political rights of its people.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-28 14:48

China Takes Responsible Approach in Global Cyberspace Governance

China is set to work with the international community to enhance digital government efficiency and create a better future for all countries.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-28 14:37

No Force Can Block China's Forward Progress

Today, China’s national rejuvenation has become a historical inevitability.

Source: People's Daily|2021-09-27 15:35

China 'Is a Leader in 4th Industrial Revolution'

Private Chinese businesses are seeing improved performance, due to growing market vitality and the business environment amid the country's antitrust efforts.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-27 15:30

Clinical Efficacy Proof Key for TCM Advancement

Establishing a clinical assessment system tailor-made to traits of the traditional Chinese medicine and integrating it with international practices is the key to advancing TCM development.

Source:|2021-09-26 16:45

Openness, Sci-tech Cooperation Key to Overcoming Global Challenges

China has been striving to strengthen international sci-tech cooperation that is open, inclusive and beneficial to all.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-26 16:28

Wide Range of Events Promote Harmony and Reap Economic Benefits

This year marks the fourth Farmers' Harvest Festival, the first to be held since the law on the promotion of rural vitalization was adopted by the national legislature in April.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-24 16:14

China's First Forest Carbon Sink Bonds Issued

The Agricultural Development Bank of China (ADBC) launched the country's first carbon-neutral bonds for forest carbon sinks on Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-24 16:10

Build a Better World for All with Concrete Actions, True Multilateralism

China has promised on multiple occasions that it will strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-23 16:13

China's Overseas Coal Power Plant Promise a Paradigm Shift

Chinese President Xi Jinping said China will not build new coal-fired power projects abroad at the general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-23 15:58

Chinese People Enjoy Safe Holiday Travel

Chinese public security authorities have ensured safe and smooth trips for travelers during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday that ended Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-22 14:52

China's Railways Embrace Mid-Autumn Festival Travel Peak

China's railways were expected to serve 10.5 million passenger trips Sunday, the first day of the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-20 19:53

SCO Countries Pledge Closer Cooperation in Various Areas

The member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) vowed on Friday to further boost cooperation in political, security, economic, cultural and other fields.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-18 15:53

China's CPTPP Move Seen as Good for World

China's formal application on Thursday to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the CPTPP, is the latest proof of the country's higher-level opening-up.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-18 15:50

One Billion Chinese Fully Vaccinated

More than 1 billion people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in China, making the country a front-runner in global immunization efforts, health officials said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-17 15:36

China Brings Astronauts Back, Advances Closer to 'Space Station Era'

With a resolution for self-reliance in aerospace technology and an open mind for international cooperation, these years China has been converting its space ambitions into splendid achievements step by step.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-17 15:32

'Digital Divide' Seen Narrowing Nationwide

Internet use grew rapidly among older people during last year's COVID-19 outbreak.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-16 14:38

Shenzhou-12 Separates from Space Station Core Module

The spacecraft Shenzhou-12, which is carrying Chinese astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo, separated from the space station core module Tianhe at 8:56 a.m. Thursday (Beijing Time).

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-16 14:32

CPC's 100-Year History Key Focus at Book Event

Books explaining the nation's progress and others celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China are being featured prominently at the 28th Beijing International Book Fair.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-15 13:24

Extra Domestic Flights Arranged for Holidays

China has scheduled extra domestic flights to cater to increased demand during upcoming holidays, the national civil aviation regulator said on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-15 13:21

How Will China's Manufacturing Fare in Next Five Years?

China has set strategic goals to develop into a manufacturing powerhouse from 2021 to 2025, forging ahead on greater innovation and vitality, said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-14 17:09

Central Region Seen 'Fostering High-quality Development'

More efforts will also be made to cultivate the next-generation technologies like quantum communications and genetic technology.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-14 17:01

Climate Envoy Links Tech to Carbon Goals

Xie Zhenhua, China's special envoy for climate change affairs, has called for intensified efforts to tap the potential of digital, intelligent technologies in helping fulfill the country's ambitious climate targets.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-13 17:03

Sneaking a Peek at Coming Digital Currency Era

Do users want the monetary authorities to know in detail about their payment habits and the scale of their money transfers?

Source: China Daily|2021-09-13 16:42

To Make BRICS Mechanism Brim with Renewed Vigor, Vitality

The international society believes that the signal of pursuing a multipole world sent by China has injected positive energy into and stabilized the uncertain world.

Source: People's Daily|2021-09-12 17:31

How BRICS Cooperation Strengthens Multilateralism

Leaders of the BRICS countries reaffirmed on Thursday their commitment to multilateralism as the world grapples with a raging pandemic and tortuous global economic recovery.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-11 17:32

First Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine Plant in Europe

Construction of the first Chinese COVID-19 vaccine production facility in Europe started in Serbia on Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-10 15:04

BRICS Can Play Bigger Role in Anchoring Tumultuous World

Since its inception in 2009, the emerging-market mechanism of BRICS has grown from strength to strength as its members can always come together to tackle shared challenges and achieve common goals.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-10 14:54

Q&A on Booster Shots and COVID-19 Variants

The National Health Commission has responded to key public concerns about COVID-19 booster shots and vaccine effectiveness amid a global resurgence of novel coronavirus and its variants in recent weeks.

Source:|2021-09-09 15:32

Cooperation of BRICS Members to Benefit World

China has played an active role in guiding cooperation among the BRICS nations to promote multilateralism in the face of global challenges.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-09 15:31

China Shares Achievements with World for Global Economic Recovery

Preliminary statistics showed that this year's CIFTIS saw a total of 1,672 various projects and contracts concluded.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-08 14:20

Clinical Trials Underway on All China-developed COVID-19 Vaccines

All of the COVID-19 vaccines developed by China, including both those currently in use and those pending approval, have now embarked on clinical trials, a Chinese health official said at a press conference Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-08 14:06

Nation to Further Open up Capital Market

China is considering launching a new round of capital market opening-up measures while seeking closer international cooperation in supervising overseas-listed Chinese companies.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-07 16:44

Financing a Green Future, China in Action

China, while maintaining an effective policy mix to spur green investment, is working towards a policy system that supports financing activities in a market-based way.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-07 16:36

Philanthropy Seen as Key Driver of Post-COVID Recovery

Charitable organizations should join hands with governments and business sectors to promote cooperation in areas of funding, human resources and policies to drive post-pandemic recovery.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-06 16:20

Services Fair Exhibitors Impressed by Winter Olympics Venue

Shougang Park, a steel mill-turned cultural and sports complex in western Beijing, is hosting some exhibitions and forums for this year's China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) from Sept. 2 to 7.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-06 15:32

Chinese Premier Stresses Achieving Harmony between Humanity and Nature

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Friday called on the international community to promote the construction of a beautiful world in which humanity and nature live together in harmony.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-05 19:42

China Continues to Pursue Openness

Openness and cooperation in the service sector is becoming an increasingly important driver for development.

Source: People's Daily|2021-09-04 20:01

China, Russia Vow to Uphold Correct View on WWII

The Battle of Dongning Fortress was the last battle of WWII, and was an important witness to how the Chinese and Russian people fought shoulder-to-shoulder.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-04 19:56

Better Overall Health, Fitness among Chinese Students

Chinese students' overall health and fitness have been improved in recent years, with increased height, weight, speed and lung capacity, according to a national report released on Friday.

Source:|2021-09-03 17:52

China Opens Int'l Services Trade Fair

The 2021 CIFTIS kicked off on Thursday in Beijing, highlighting China's new pledges to open the country's services sector wider and enhance global cooperation for further economic recovery.

Source: Xinhua|2021-09-03 17:06

Meeting Sets out Peaceful China Vision

At a meeting on Wednesday, China's top political adviser, Wang Yang, called for efforts in building a peaceful China at a higher level.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-02 11:51

Restrictions Loosening on Domestic Tourism

Central authorities have gradually adjusted restrictions on domestic tourism now that the recent resurgence of COVID-19 outbreaks in China has been brought well under control.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-02 11:48

Infographics: Highlights of China's Whole-process Democracy

Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, public opinion has been solicited on 187 draft laws.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-09-01 15:09

Nation's Antitrust Efforts Aim to Create Fair Market

The country's antitrust measures treat all market entities equally, whether they are State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises or mixed-ownership enterprises.

Source: China Daily|2021-09-01 14:57

Chances, Challenges for China's Job Creation in 2021-2025

China's job market will remain generally stable for the next five years as the country cranks up its proactive job-creation measures to cope with the challenges ahead.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-31 18:27

China Issues Commemorative Coins to Mark Its First Mars Mission

China's central bank issued a set of commemorative coins Monday to celebrate the success of the country's first Mars mission.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-31 18:23

Report on CPC's Mission, Contributions Lauded Overseas

As of June, China had provided $2 billion in aid for the international COVID-19 response, sent medical supplies to more than 150 countries and 13 international organizations.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-30 15:38

China Has 289 Million Students in 2020

The number of students at all levels of education in China, including at universities, reached 289 million in 2020, up by 6.74 million on the previous year, according to the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-30 15:18

A Change in Greetings Hails Social Development in China

The effective anti-pandemic measures across the country have brought domestic travel and short trips under the spotlight.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-29 16:38

State Governance, Strength in Organization Key to China's Anti-pandemic Success

China's state governance, featuring high efficiency and a decentralized national system, and strength in organization have played a key role in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-29 16:36

Vaccines in Arms Top 2 Billion across Country

More than 2 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses had been administered in China as of Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-28 16:39

Experts Praise CPC for Century of Work

The Communist Party of China has always striven to seek happiness for the people and progress for humanity.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-28 16:22

Survey: Nation Getting Greener over Past Decade

The area of forests in China has surged to 284.12 million hectares over the past decade, making the nation a greener one with an improved environment.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-27 18:55

A Right View on China's Pursuit of Common Prosperity

Common prosperity is an essential requirement of socialism and a key feature of Chinese-style modernization.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-27 18:35

CPC always Maintains Vigor, Vitality: Key Publication

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has always been able to maintain vigor and vitality, said a key publication.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-26 17:53

CPC Releases Key Publication on Its Mission, Contributions

The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Thursday released a key publication on the Party's mission and contributions.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-26 17:44

Govt Aims to Upgrade Transport Services

The transport sector will continue to improve service quality to benefit people as it builds on major progress made in the past.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-25 14:58

China to Bolster Business Logistics

China is rolling out new efforts to ensure the healthy, high-quality development of the business logistics sector, as it is of critical importance for boosting consumption.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-25 14:54

Smart Industry Expo Signals China's Wider Reform

China's firm determination to open up wider and share development opportunities of its economic recovery will fuel the growth of the world economy.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-24 16:07

China's Vision and Pursuit of Common Prosperity

While embarking on the journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country, China has envisioned a future where prosperity is shared by everyone in the country.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-24 15:49

CPC to Release Key Publication on Its Mission, Contributions

The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee will release a key publication on the Party's mission and contributions.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-23 19:35

China's Rover Travels Over 1 Kilometer on Mars

China's Mars rover Zhurong had traveled more than 1,000 meters on the surface of the red planet as of Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-23 19:31

World's Highest Expressway Opens to Traffic

The world's highest expressway, running between the city of Nagqu and Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, went into operation on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-22 16:44

Interview: BRI Fulfills UN Charter Spirit, Says Expert

There is a fulfillment of the United Nations (UN) Charter spirit in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), said a long-time member of the Schiller Institute, a Germany-based political and economic think tank.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-22 16:36

More Wild Animals Spotted in China: Official

More wild animals have been spotted in human habitats in China recently. It is a result of the country's intensified animal protection efforts, an official said Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-21 13:53

Expo Demonstrates Strengthened China-Arab Unity, Cooperation

Today, China and Arab countries continue to expand economic and trade cooperation while jointly fighting the raging pandemic.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-21 13:49

Premier Li Stresses Flood Prevention, Emergency Operation in Henan

Premier Li Keqiang pressed for sound flood prevention, disaster relief, and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction while hosting a session in Zhengzhou city, Central China's Henan province, on Aug 19.

Source:|2021-08-20 17:21

Li Vows More Aid to Henan Relief

Premier Li Keqiang has pledged greater support to flood-hit areas in Henan province to expedite steps for post-disaster reconstruction.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-20 17:19

Premier Stresses Post-flood Recovery, Reconstruction in Henan

Effective measures should be taken to meet the basic needs of flood-affected people and advance post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, Premier Li Keqiang said.

Source:|2021-08-20 17:14

Premier Urges Continuing Anti-virus Efforts in Henan

In disease control and prevention, Henan now should not only make huge efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic, but also ensure no major outbreak of infectious disease occurs after the recent flood.

Source:|2021-08-20 17:13

Premier Li Inspects Central China's Henan Province

Premier Li Keqiang visits residents who were affected by floods in Yuanzhuang village, Xiaohe township of Hebi city, Central China's Henan province, on Aug 18.

Source:|2021-08-19 15:08

Premier Li Inspects Dike Repairing in Central China's Henan

Premier Li Keqiang visited Weihui, a county-level city in Central China's Henan province, on Aug 18 to learn about the repair of the dikes on the Weihe River.

Source:|2021-08-19 15:03

People's Support Source of Strength for Century-old CPC

Looking back on the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC) over the past 100 years, one can see that the Party always has firm support of the Chinese people.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-19 14:53

Biggest Financial Risks Tackled to Ensure Recovery

China will step up efforts to address major financial risks to ensure a stable recovery as growth momentum softens amid rising economic challenges, experts said on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-19 14:49

China's Stringent COVID-19 Control Measures People-centered, Coordinated Approach

China is demonstrating remarkable governance capabilities in reining in coronavirus while coordinating economic and social life.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-18 16:08

China, Russia Defend Virus Origins Tracing, Truth of WWII: FM

China and Russia are model strategic partners that have deep trust in each other.

Source: Global Times|2021-08-18 16:04

Henan's Business Performance in H1

How was the business performance of Central China's Henan province in the first half of 2021?

Source:|2021-08-17 16:05

More Expats in China Receive COVID-19 Vaccines

Usama Kalim, a 28-year-old doctoral student from Pakistan, felt relieved after he knew his brother in the home country had received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine supplied by China.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-17 14:30

China's Open and Transparent Approach Says No to US Politicization of Virus Origin Tracing

The WHO's plan for the second phase of its study into the origins of COVID-19 was put forward unilaterally by the WHO Secretariat without receiving the prior approval of all member states.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-08-17 14:27

China-Europe Freight Train Trips Grow in July

The total number of China-Europe freight train trips hit 1,352 in July, up 8 percent year-on-year, data from the China State Railway Group Co Ltd showed.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-16 15:51

China's Contribution to the Global Fight against COVID-19

The Report on the Global Use of COVID-19 Vaccines has been jointly released by the Institute of the Boao Forum for Asia and the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China.

Source:|2021-08-16 15:08

Young Foreigners Pledge to Build More Bridges

Young foreigners in China have expressed their appreciation for the nation's openness and its abundant opportunities for study, work and starting businesses.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-15 16:36

Getting off to a Good Start

In 2021, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has marked its centenary and the nation began to implement the 14th Five-Year Plan, getting off to a good start to fully build a modern socialist country.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-15 16:22

Is China's Stringent Virus Approach Too Pricey?

The recent resurgence of the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant worldwide has once again put the different anti-virus strategies of various countries under the spotlight.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-14 20:30

Putting People First Is the Principle of China's Anti-pandemic Strategy

Some U.S. media have recently conspired to attack China's anti-pandemic strategy, claiming that China's approach to tackling the virus will lead to its long-term isolation from the world.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-14 20:26

What We Know about the Delta Variant

What do we know about the Delta variant? How can we protect ourselves?

Source:|2021-08-13 16:10

Highlights from White Paper on Human Rights

China on Thursday issued a white paper to elaborate on how its realization of all-round moderate prosperity represents comprehensive progress in ensuring universal human rights in China.

Source:|2021-08-13 16:04

White Paper on Human Rights Progress Through Moderate Prosperity Attainment

China on Thursday issued a white paper to elaborate on how its realization of all-round moderate prosperity represents comprehensive progress in ensuring universal human rights in China.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-12 14:03

Toward a Prosperous, Green China

No country has been so bold or ambitious in the fight against climate change as China.

Source: China Daily Global|2021-08-12 13:53

Duty of a CPC Member

From the afternoon of August 5 to the early morning of the next day, Wu Hao had been working on nucleic acid test sampling from the local residents of Yaozhai community.

Source:|2021-08-11 21:05

China, Turkey Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties

Faced with the pandemic, the two countries have stood in solidarity, helped each other and ensured the health of their people.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-10 16:16

Chinese Doses Delivered Through COVAX

A shipment of nearly 980,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines donated by domestic drugmaker China National Biotech Group through COVAX left for Pakistan in the early hours of Monday.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-10 15:54

Nation Well on Way to Greener Future

After graduating with a master's in social sciences from the University of Chicago in 2016, Luo decided to put herself at the forefront of exploring ecological civilization in China by establishing Laotu, a social enterprise.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-09 16:20

China's Bigger Role in Offering Vaccine Stressed

China is set to beef up its role as a provider of global public goods, including COVID-19 vaccines and its response to climate change.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-09 16:15

What Does CPC Stand for in Eyes of World?

Since its founding 100 years ago, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has led China to make both enormous achievements at home and significant contributions to global peace and development.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-08 16:36

Sunshine of Cooperation Will Finally Dispel Dark Cloud of COVID-19

China will strive to provide 2 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses to the world throughout this year and offer $100 million dollars to COVAX to promote vaccine provision in developing countries.

Source: People's Daily|2021-08-08 16:34

Chinese Vice Premier Inspects Virus-hit Zhengzhou, Orders Swift Actions to Contain Outbreak

Chinese Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan inspected virus-hit Zhengzhou, the capital of central China's Henan province.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-07 17:40

Chinese Inspired by Athletes at Tokyo 2020

Most Chinese respondents surveyed by the China Youth Daily, or 98 percent of them, feel inspired by the athletes at the ongoing Tokyo Olympic Games.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-07 17:36

Outbreaks Generally under Control

Recent COVID-19 outbreaks in China are generally under control, with all 15 provincial-level regions that have reported confirmed cases implementing active epidemic containment measures.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-06 18:55

BBC's Credibility Sinks to New Low

Foreign journalists enjoy the right to freely report in China according to the law, but they are expected to report objectively and accurately.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-06 18:53

Delta Variant Still Controllable: Expert

COVID-19's Delta variant is still controllable, leading expert Zhang Wenhong said, noting vaccines significantly reduce the number of severe cases and deaths.

Source:|2021-08-05 16:07

Supplies for Pandemic Fight Flowing Well

Despite disruptions caused by the recent spread of the novel coronavirus, China has managed to secure smooth global supply chains and safe transportation of key antivirus products.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-05 15:59

CPC Founding Spirit a Source of Strength as China Strives for National Rejuvenation

Eighty-five years ago, American journalist Edgar Snow traveled to northwest China to find out what Chinese Communists were like.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-04 14:46

Putting People First Ensures CPC's Vibrancy

Xin Xiangyang, vice-president of the Academy of Marxism of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the people are the secret weapon that has kept the CPC vibrant for a century.

Source: China Daily Global|2021-08-04 14:00

Success of Nation a Boon for Foreign Companies

Many of the success stories of these foreign companies have dovetailed with the first centenary goal set out by the Communist Party of China of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-03 16:20

Measures Needed to Minimize Risk

Ten days after floodwaters claimed the lives of six people in the Jingguang Expressway tunnel in downtown Zhengzhou, Henan province, traffic slowly resumed.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-03 15:58

Chinese Military: Determined Defender of World Peace

As the world undergoes profound changes unseen in a century, the PLA will safeguard China's sovereignty, security and development interests and never seek expansion or spheres of influence.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-02 13:44

Chinese Sprinter Makes History at Tokyo Games

Sprinter Su Bingtian ran into the record books at the Tokyo 2020 Games on Sunday when he became the first Chinese athlete to qualify for the men's 100-meter sprint final at an Olympics, setting a new Asian record on the way.

Source: China Daily|2021-08-02 13:37

WHO Members Oppose Politicization of COVID-19 Origin Tracing: Media

Member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) agree that the COVID-19 origin tracing should not be politicized.

Source: Xinhua|2021-08-01 19:22

Uncover Truth by Science-based Origin-tracing

Only by conducting science-based origin-tracing of COVID-19 virus, can we uncover the real truth.

Source:|2021-08-01 19:09

Recovery Efforts Ongoing after Henan Flood

Providing timely relief and preventing flood-borne diseases are key tasks as more than a million people have been relocated after torrential rains hit Henan province.

Source:|2021-07-31 17:50

Donations Exceed 200 Million Yuan from Taiwan Business People, Enterprises

Taiwan business people and enterprises have donated funds and materials worth more than 200 million yuan to support the flood control and disaster relief in Henan.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-31 17:42

Plans for Green Transportation Meeting on Track

China's transport sector is forging ahead with preparations for the second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference in Beijing later this year, the Ministry of Transport said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-30 14:21

Looking into China: My Indissoluble Bond with China

Anna Lanau Larramona worked as a Spanish teacher in Beijing for six years. During her stay in China, the hospitable people and rapid development of the country impressed her a lot.

Source: Global Stringer|2021-07-30 12:16

Inhaled Vaccine Shows Signs of Promise

A two-dose inhaled COVID-19 vaccine developed by Chinese researchers appears to be safe and capable of eliciting strong immune responses comparable to those of its one-dose injected counterpart, a preliminary study released this week said.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-29 14:24

Come with Help, Not Cameras Please

Many volunteers joined the rescue and relief teams to help Henan residents, for which the latter have expressed their gratitude on social networking sites.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-29 14:14

Tech Used in Flood Control, Disaster Relief

A large number of advanced technologies have been used in China's all-out efforts to ramp up flood control and disaster relief in Central China's Henan province. Here are some of the highlights.

Source:|2021-07-28 16:29

Bus Service Restored in Some Henan Cities

As of Tuesday morning, bus services in some rain-ravaged cities in Central China's Henan province have resumed operation, the local transport authority said.

Source:|2021-07-28 16:25

Across the Nation, Chinese Rush to Feed Henan

People from across China driving all manner of daily necessities, including fresh vegetables, to Henan province to ease people's lives in the flood-affected province.

Source:|2021-07-28 16:23

Medical Intern Saves Dozens of Lives as Floodwaters Engulf Subway Train

Yu Yifei, a 26-year-old medical intern at People's Hospital of Zhengzhou in Henan province, saved about a dozen people trapped in a flooded subway train when torrential rain lashed the city on July 20.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-28 16:19

People Hit by Flood Find Many Sources of Help

Liu Meilan and her husband have been living in a classroom for almost a week after leaving their home in Xinxiang, Henan province, due to heavy downpours.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-27 15:50

Crop Damage Limited in Henan Flooding

About 0.3 percent of the farmland involving autumn crops will have no harvest after inundated by recent flooding in Henan province — a small amount without much impact — according to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Source:|2021-07-27 15:45

Most Bus Service Restored in Zhengzhou

As of Sunday afternoon, about 96 percent of bus services in rain-ravaged Zhengzhou city in central China has resumed operation, the local transport commission said.

Source:|2021-07-27 15:45

Joining Hands in Rescue Mission in Zhengzhou

In such a difficult time, the foreigners were not left alone, the government and citizens showed full support to the foreigners in case they needed any kind of help and were kept updated timely despite the language barrier.

Source:|2021-07-27 15:26

Section of Dam along Swollen Weihe River Closed

The section of a dam along the Weihe River in Hebi city, Henan province, that was breached after recent heavy downpours was closed early on Monday.

Source:|2021-07-26 14:50

Henan Strives to Restore Residents' Everyday Life

Authorities in Central China's Henan province are racing against the clock to restore normalcy after more than a week of downpours.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-26 14:15

PLA Helicopters Drop Supplies in Henan

The People's Liberation Army has deployed the Z-20, the military's first domestically developed medium-lift utility helicopter, to carry out aerial mapping and supply airdropping operations in Xinxiang.

Source:|2021-07-25 16:29

Support for Henan Rolls in for Victims

Donations, supplies and condolences rolled in from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for Central China's Henan province, after a massive flood that left at least 56 dead and affected millions.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-24 12:01

Less Carbon Emissions, More Water Facilities, Key to Reducing Floods

Since mid-July, Henan province, especially its capital Zhengzhou, has been battered by rainstorms. But very few expected the unprecedented deluge that devastated Zhengzhou last week.

Source:|2021-07-23 16:13

Drones Restore Telephone Services

China has deployed unmanned aircraft to restore communication services and survey conditions in several parts of Henan province that were severely affected by recent heavy rain and flooding.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-23 11:36

Experts Predicted the Fatal Rains in Zhengzhou

Meteorologists forecast the fatal torrential rains that struck Zhengzhou, Henan province, on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-23 11:29

Putin Thanked for Message to Xi over Floods: Foreign Ministry

Beijing has expressed appreciation to the message from Russian President Vladimir Putin to President Xi Jinping over the floods in Henan province, saying that the message fully demonstrated the close friendship between the two leaders.

Source:|2021-07-23 10:09

Experts Explain Cause, Duration of Rainstorms

From Saturday morning until Wednesday morning, extreme rainfall rarely seen in history lashed most parts of Henan province.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-22 11:26

Spirits Rise as Floods Subside

People in the flood-ravaged province of Henan have suffered great inconvenience, economic losses and even tragedy in recent days, but they have been able to display courage and help others in a time of peril.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-22 11:16

China, ASEAN Embark on New Journey with Closer Partnership

Standing at a historical juncture, the world can expect an even closer China-ASEAN bond in their joint quest for regional and global stability and development.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-20 14:16

China's Five-star Red Flag Flies Proudly on Red Planet

Four photos of Mars taken by the Tianwen 1 probe were unveiled in China last month, but the excitement generated by humanity's next great step in space exploration was shared around the world.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-20 14:10

Emissions-trading Program Vital for China's Green Goals

China's long-awaited national carbon market started online trading Friday, demonstrating the country's unswerving commitment and concrete actions to honor its carbon-reduction pledge.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-19 14:04

Declaration Resonates with Young

Students who took part in the ceremony marking the centenary of the Communist Party of China on July 1 said they were inspired by the speech delivered by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-19 13:43

China Proposal Injects Impetus into Asia-Pacific Cooperation, Global Economic Recovery

As Xi noted, all members should stand in solidarity, promote anti-COVID-19 cooperation and economic recovery.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-18 16:01

China to Make New Chapter of International Human Rights Progress with Rest of World

China's stance on human rights was widely supported and responded to at the session.

Source: People's Daily|2021-07-18 15:57

Scientists: SARS-CoV-2 Has Natural Origin

On Friday, 22 scientists published a commentary supporting a natural origin theory for SARS-CoV-2 in the journal Science China Life Sciences.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-17 19:44

Hot, Damp Season Ideal for TCM Treatment

More residents embrace traditional Chinese medicine when confronted with the heat and moisture of the ongoing 'sanfu' time.

Source:|2021-07-17 19:31

China Puts People's Lives and Health in First Place

China called for equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide and stressed the importance of improving the accessibility, affordability, and production of such vaccines in developing countries.

Source: People's Daily|2021-07-16 15:28

China Eyes Solid Economic Growth

China's gross domestic product expanded 12.7 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2021 and the country's GDP rose 7.9 percent in the second quarter from a year earlier.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-16 15:20

Scapegoating to Fail in a World Trusting Science and Justice

The advocates of the lab-leak theory are now overwhelmed by stronger voices of science and reason.

Source:|2021-07-15 17:36

China Makes Great Achievements Thanks to CPC's Wise Leadership

It is impressive that China is the only major economy in the world which registered positive economic growth last year during the pandemic, he said.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-15 14:43

China's GDP Expands 12.7 Percent in H1

China's gross domestic product (GDP) expanded 12.7 percent year on year in the first half of 2021 as recovery continues to firm, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-15 14:30

Five Key Notions in Foreign Congratulatory Messages on CPC Centenary

Political parties, political leaders and friendly individuals in many countries have extended warm congratulations on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-14 20:38

China's H1 Foreign Trade Hits Record High

China's foreign trade in the first half of the year posted the best performance in history, underpinned by the country's sustainable economic recovery and strong global demand.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-14 12:16

Museum of Party History Draws Large Crowds

More than 40,000 people from every walk of life have visited the Museum of the Communist Party of China since its opening last month to understand more about the journey of the CPC over the past century.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-13 13:31

Highlights of Foreign Congratulatory Messages on CPC Centenary

Leaders of foreign political parties and governments continued extending warm congratulations on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-13 13:27

Aviation Industry Steadily Recovering

China's civil aviation sector showed signs of steady recovery in the first six months of this year, with international air cargo transportation rising remarkably, official data indicate.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-12 14:20

Chinese Vaccines Key to World's Fight against COVID-19

As of Friday, China has provided 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines and concentrates used for production to more than 100 countries and international organizations.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-12 14:17

China Firmly Committed to South-South Cooperation

China set up both of these, and they highlight the country's unyielding commitment and concrete contributions to South-South cooperation.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-11 19:11

China's Development Path Charted by CPC 'Impressive'

Over the past 40 years, the world has seen such a rapid development of productive forces in China.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-11 19:02

CPC-led Victory over Poverty Hailed

China's achievements in reducing poverty and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects have manifested the outstanding leadership of the Communist Party of China.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-10 16:20

How Does the CPC Garner Overwhelming Support from the Chinese People?

China held the Communist Party of China (CPC) and World Political Parties Summit via video link on Tuesday.

Source: People's Daily app|2021-07-10 16:14

Why Kissinger's Secret China Visit Still Matters 50 Years Later

In an era of growing interdependence and rising global challenges, humanity has no future but a shared one.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-09 16:48

'Well-off Society' Marks Historic Milestone in China's Progress

As the Communist Party of China celebrated its 100th birthday last week, China solemnly declared the realization of its first centenary goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-09 16:23

Why Did World Bank Raise China’s Economic Growth Forecast?

The World Bank has raised its latest forecast for China’s economic growth this year to 8.5 percent from 8.1 percent. This revision can be attributed to the stable improvement of China's economy, experts believed.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-07-08 14:56

Global Political Leaders Hail China's Success

Foreign leaders and diplomats hailed the Communist Party of China's people-centered philosophy, which has led to the country's remarkable achievements, at a virtual gathering on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-08 14:46

World Political Parties Should Jointly Work for People's Wellbeing

Political parties shoulder the responsibility of seeking happiness for the people.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-07 17:48

Different Approaches to COVID-19 Vaccines

There are different approaches to COVID-19 vaccines. What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Source:|2021-07-07 12:15

Do Right Things, Be Right Choice -- 100-Year-Old CPC's Governing Code

Two scholars with Cornell University in the United States recently observed that over the last two decades, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has built contacts with more than 400 political parties in over 160 countries.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-06 14:57

Ensuring Grain Security for Chinese People's 'Rice Bowl'

A handful of wheat and a bowl of rice mean much to President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-06 14:48

Experts: China to Remain Haven for Foreign Investors

China's steady economic recovery from the impact of COVID-19 has effectively stabilized global investment and cushioned Asia from the hit of the pandemic, experts said.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-05 15:11

China’s National Rejuvenation a Historical Inevitability

The important speech delivered by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, at a ceremony marking the centenary of the CPC sparked positive responses from the international society.

Source: People's Daily|2021-07-05 15:05

TCM Spreads Its Wings across the Globe

TCM has gained traction worldwide in recent decades.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-05 14:46

CPC Boosting Political Ties around World

The CPC maintains regular contact with more than 560 political parties and organizations in over 160 countries.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-05 14:42

CPC's Leadership, Competence to Mobilize Key to China's Success

The strong leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and its competence to organize and mobilize is key to China's success, a Guinea-Bissauan party leader has said.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-04 12:22

A Hundred Years of Glory Created, an Eternal Cause to Build

At this important moment when the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way starts smoothly, we usher in the 100th anniversary of the CPC.

Source: People's Daily App|2021-07-04 12:18

Diplomats Hail Inspirational Speech

Foreign diplomats in China lauded the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, saying that the speech delivered by Xi Jinping was inspirational.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-03 20:15

Recipients of Highest CPC Honor Members at Frontline: Media

All recipients of the July 1 Medal, the highest honor of the Communist Party of China (CPC), were party members at the frontline, with none drawn from senior ranks.

Source: Xinhua|2021-07-03 20:03

Nation Prospers as Result of Party's Vision

By the time Xi became general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and president about a decade later, China had emerged as the world's second-largest economy with a burgeoning consumer market.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-02 16:00

CPC Members Inspired by Xi's Centenary Speech

Party members from all walks of life in Shanghai said that they have been inspired by the remarks that Xi Jinping made during the ceremony commemorating the centenary of the CPC in Beijing on Thursday.

Source:|2021-07-02 15:37

CPC Carries on Its Fighting Spirit

No one can argue against China's success in achieving long-term economic growth and social stability.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-01 14:30

CPC Guiding Light for Development

Over the 100 years of its existence, the CPC has always seen development as an integral part of its core mission.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-01 14:23

CPC Dedicated to Remaining Open

China has lifted more than 770 million rural people out of poverty and has reached the poverty alleviation target set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 10 years ahead of the specified date.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-01 14:19

CPC Sticks to Its Original Mission

During its 100-year-long history, the mission of the CPC has never changed: to seek happiness for the Chinese people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-01 11:53

Anniversary Helps China, World Engage

Observers said that the CPC, as the world's largest Marxist ruling political party, with more than 95 million members, will use the anniversary as a historic opportunity to enhance mutual understanding between China and the world.

Source: China Daily|2021-07-01 10:48

CPC always Puts People above Everything

The CPC will always make it its fundamental mission to strive for people's wellbeing and its fundamental purpose to serve the people whole heartedly.

Source: People's Daily|2021-06-30 15:49

Decoding CPC Leadership's Path to China's Economic Success

Now, under the CPC leadership, China has become one of the main drivers of the global economy.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-30 15:27

UNDERSTAND CHINA: Why is the socialist system so successful?

It's hard to truly and fully understand a country without first appreciating the nature of its own political system and unique path towards development.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-06-29 22:57

Red Tourism Booms on Interest from Young

Tourism has reinvigorated some scenic spots in former backwater areas, creating attractions that are giving a boost to local economies.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-29 15:33

Leadership Recognized by Counterparts in Russia

The Communist Party of China has led the country to tremendous successes, demonstrating to the world the great advantages of the socialist path of development.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-29 15:26

Great Economic Leap Reflects Party's Success

The Chinese economy has grown 189 times in real terms since the People's Republic of China was founded, demonstrating how the country's economic strength has made great strides under the CPC's leadership.

Source:|2021-06-28 15:05

CPC Contributes Socialism with Chinese Style

The Communist Party of China has led to profound changes in the international landscape by contributing Chinese wisdom and solutions for solving problems facing mankind.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-28 14:58

What's behind CPC's Lasting Charm among Youth

Why has the CPC maintained its charm among young Chinese?

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-27 19:43

Revelations of China's Political Party System

Over the decades, a new political party system has emerged in China marked by continuous growth and improvement, making its own contributions to the world's political civilization.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-27 19:35

Deep Sea No 1 Seen as Milestone for China's Offshore Engineering

An analyst said the project proves that China has taken another step toward becoming a strong maritime country.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-26 21:45

White Paper Lauds Country's Party System

China's unique political party system has displayed unquestionable strength and vitality in the country's political and social life.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-26 21:23

Why Is the CPC Worthy of Trust?

The CPC has always considered itself a test-taker, whose performance should be reviewed and graded by the people.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-25 16:00

Foreign Envoys Praise CPC's Commitment

The CPC has adhered to its mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-25 15:39

CPC's Early History Continues to Inspire Chinese Youth

Near the center of Beijing, tourists swarmed past a four-story red brick building as a guide introduced it as a significant hub of thought in modern Chinese history.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-25 15:17

CPC Adds Diversity to Concept of Human Rights: White Paper

The CPC takes a people-centered approach to human rights, aims for people's well-rounded development.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-24 15:46

CPC Makes Comprehensive Progress in Human Rights: White Paper

The Communist Party of China (CPC) upholds the rights to subsistence and development as the primary and basic human rights, and works hard to ensure and improve people's wellbeing through development.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-24 14:15

Tracing the Footsteps of the CPC Over Past Century

As the blueprint rolls out, the capital of the world's largest socialist country, riding the waves of innovation, is set to lead China into a more remarkable future.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-23 15:09

Highlights of Foreign Congratulatory Messages on CPC's 100th Founding Anniv. (3)

Political parties, political leaders and friendly individuals in other countries are extending warm congratulations on the upcoming 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-23 14:35

Highlights of Foreign Congratulatory Messages on CPC's 100th Founding Anniv. (2)

Political parties, political leaders and friendly individuals in other countries are extending warm congratulations on the upcoming 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-23 14:32

Survey Highlights Public Interest in Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a concept that has gained widespread recognition among Chinese people, according to a recent survey.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-22 15:24

Highlights of Foreign Congratulatory Messages on CPC's 100th Founding Anniv. (1)

Political parties, political leaders and friendly individuals in other countries are extending warm congratulations on the upcoming 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-22 15:09

China-made Vaccines Vital to Pandemic Effort

Sinopharm vaccines are already widely in use in countries whose own authorities granted approval ahead of the WHO.

Source: China Daily Global|2021-06-21 15:08

China-Europe Freight-Train Service Records Over 40,000 Trips

The China-Europe freight-train service has recorded more than 40,000 trips, with the transported goods valued at over $200 billion, official data shows.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-21 14:01

Movie Marking Birth of CPC Set to Hit Theaters

A movie titled 1921, one of the key art pieces saluting the Communist Party of China at the centenary of its founding, will be shown across the country from July 1.

Source:|2021-06-20 20:28

CPC Museum to Open to Public after July 1

The Museum of the Communist Party of China will open to the public in due time after July 1, said the publicity office of the museum on Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-20 20:27

Astronauts Arrange New 'Home' in Space

Astronauts on board the core module of China's space station have started to prepare their orbiting residence for operations over the next three months.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-19 19:03

Landmarks in Chinese Spaceflight

Shenzhou XII mission: Launched on June 17, 2021, planned to last three months. The first manned mission in the space station program. Three astronauts.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-18 15:06

Renowned Translator Dies at Age of 100

In the course of nearly four decades, Xu published more than 150 translation works and theories, covering translations from Chinese to English, English to Chinese, French to Chinese and Chinese to French.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-18 14:00

Foreign Experts: West Can Learn from Most 'Formidable' CPC

Foreign experts and scholars on Wednesday said the achievements made by China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China are of great significance to other economies.

Source:|2021-06-17 15:57

Diplomats Laud CPC's Governance

Foreign envoys have hailed the Communist Party of China's successful governance of the country as well as its contributions to promoting world peace and development.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-17 14:55

China to Send 3 Astronauts to Space Station

China will launch its seventh manned space mission on Thursday morning to deploy three astronauts to the core module of the nation's permanent space station, according to a project leader.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-16 14:38

Chinese Vaccines Prove Their Safety, Efficacy

The new batch of Chinese government-donated Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines arrived at Wattay International Airport in Lao capital Vientiane on Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-16 15:20

Global Express Deliveries Soar

The global express delivery sector is expected to grow further in the next three years, with more than 170 billion parcels expected to be handled this year.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-16 14:53

China Estimates 124 Million Passenger Trips During Holiday

Total passenger trips made during China's Dragon Boat Festival holiday are expected to reach 124 million, according to official data.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-15 15:40

Agricultural Innovation Aids Region's Economic Growth

This regular scene at large cattle farms in Ningxia is far removed from traditional milking practices.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-15 15:34

Ice-breakers of China-UK Trade

China's reform and opening up has drawn The 48 Group Club and Jack and Stephen Perry closer to China.

Source:|2021-06-14 19:33

Mars Rover to Move South after Testing

China's Mars rover Zhurong will continue moving southward to explore the Red Planet, focusing on key scientific issues.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-14 19:31

China’s Afternoon Tea Market Shows Promising Prospects

Prospects for China’s afternoon tea market look promising, with young women aged between 18 and 24 continuing to be the main consumer group.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-06-13 18:59

Lam Emphasizes CPC's Support for HK's Development

Only the CPC, which puts the people at heart and cares about the well-being of Hong Kong compatriots, can implement such an enlightened system, Lam said.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-13 18:47

More People May Benefit from Vaccines

China's COVID-19 vaccines can provide protection against very dangerous variants, public health experts said on Friday.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-12 18:38

Foreign Investment Not Affected by Law

China looks to expand its opening-up as the country continues to share its development opportunities with the world, the spokesman added.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-12 18:37

Tsinghua, Peking Named among World's Top 20 Universities

Two universities in the Chinese mainland, Tsinghua University and Peking University, have ranked among the world's top 20 for the first time.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-11 15:58

Dragon Boat Festival Tourism Boom Tipped

China's domestic tourism market is looking forward to further growth as the traditional Dragon Boat Festival approaches.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-11 14:45

Nation to Push Major Projects in 5-Year Plan

China will advance the implementation of major programs set out in the outline of the 14th Five-year Plan (2021-25) to better tap the key role of effective investment.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-10 18:14

Over 200,000 Foreigners in China Receive COVID-19 Vaccines

Over 200,000 foreigners in China have received COVID-19 vaccines up to now, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Thursday at a daily press briefing.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-10 17:47

Wiretapping scandal unmasks U.S. 'cybersecurity guard'

The wiretapping scandal disclosed the real face of a country that frequently cracks down on others on the pretext of cybersecurity.

Source:|2021-06-10 16:58

Chinese State Councilor Stresses Ensuring Food Safety

Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong on Tuesday urged continuous efforts to guarantee the country's food safety.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-09 17:34

Travel Boom Expected for Upcoming Dragon Boat Festival

Travel reservations for the Dragon Boat Festival have seen a sharp increase, as the traditional Chinese festival is around the corner.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-09 17:25

China Tests New Parachute System for Rocket Boosters

China tested a new rocket-booster parachute system during a recent launch from the southwest of the country.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-08 15:43

China to Improve Quality of Public Hospital Service

China will make efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of public hospital service.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-08 15:41

APEC Urged to Speed up Vaccine Flow

China is willing to work with all members to maintain the stability of the industrial and supply chains in the Asia-Pacific region, and promote the recovery of the regional economy.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-07 15:35

Students Nationwide Sit Gaokao


Source: China Daily|2021-06-07 13:42

Putin Says Russia-China Relations at Highest-ever Level

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia-China relations have reached an unprecedentedly high level and the two sides have extensive shared interests.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-06 18:38

China's Poverty Alleviation Success Demonstrates CPC's Strong Leadership

China's success in alleviating poverty demonstrates the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-06 18:32

World Environment Day: The future in our hands

The future is not a random choice. Every time we choose we change ourselves, and it's what fulfills our lives.

Source: People's Daily app|2021-06-05 20:07

Hurry up America, donate those vaccines!

Hurry up America, donate those vaccines!

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-06-05 20:01

China's Climate Ambition Unprecedented But Realistic

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that nobody is safe until everybody is safe, a lesson that can be easily applied to the threat of climate change as well.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-05 19:07

Nation's Efforts in Elderly Care Recognized

China's efforts to improve seniors' health has won international recognition for channeling more resources to prolong their healthy life spans and improve their quality of life.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-05 18:58

Mainland's Universities Top Rankings

Chinese institutions dominate the latest edition of the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings, with Tsinghua and Peking University now holding the top two positions for two consecutive years.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-04 17:06

Chinese Premier Stresses Boosting Employment, Business Start-ups

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday urged efforts to create more opportunities for employment and business start-ups to meet this year's job-creation target.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-04 15:29

Chinese Premier Stresses Boosting Market Vitality

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday called for boosting market vitality and social creativity to promote sound economic growth.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-03 14:42

China Launches New Meteorological Satellite

China sent a new meteorological satellite into planned orbit from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province on Thursday morning.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-03 14:49

Party Rules Updated to Strengthen Discipline

The Communist Party of China Central Committee made public on Tuesday the first document that targets the supervision of chief officials and leadership teams at all levels in a bid to strengthen strict governance and discipline within the Party.

Source: china Daily|2021-06-03 15:44

Over 681 Million COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Administered Across China

Over 681.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered across China as of Tuesday, the National Health Commission said Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-02 16:14

Chinese Box Office Records Highest-grossing May

Last month saw China's monthly box office revenue total 4.86 billion yuan (about $764 million), marking the highest-grossing May in the country's movie history.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-02 15:40

Record 10.78 Million Students to Sit Gaokao in 2021

The gaokao was postponed for a month to July 7 and 8 last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source:|2021-06-02 14:11

Interview: Always staying with the people is secret of CPC's great achievements -- former Japanese PM

The secret of the Communist Party of China (CPC)'s great achievements over the decades is that it has always stayed with the people, said former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.

Source: Xinhua|2021-06-02 10:53

CPC Always Puts People, Lives First

In disaster relief, to take people's lives and safety as the top priority has remained a firm commitment of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Source: People's Daily|2021-06-01 17:36

Protection for Minors Given a Legal Boost

Comprehensive measures to intensify online protection for juveniles and prevent internet addiction will be promoted by an amended law from Tuesday, which is International Children's Day.

Source: China Daily|2021-06-01 17:33

Belt and Road Helpful in Economic Recovery

As high as 87 percent of central banks deemed the Belt and Road Initiative conducive to economic recovery in the post-pandemic era, according to the China Report 2021 released at the International Finance Forum.

Source:|2021-05-31 17:43

China to Support Couples Having Third Child

China will support couples that wish to have a third child, according to a meeting of the Political Bureau of Communist Party of China Central Committee held on Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-31 17:39

RMB Climbs to Three-year High against Dollar

The renminbi strengthened against the US dollar to reach 6.3858 on Friday, a record high since May 2018, but experts said the Chinese currency's rapid appreciation may not last long.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-30 21:50

'Chinese Artificial Sun' Sets New World Record

Chinese scientists have set a new world record of achieving a plasma temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for a period of 101 seconds in the latest experiment on Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-28 17:28

China’s Rover Makes First Step on Mars

China’s first Mars rover, Zhurong, drove down from its landing platform to the Martian surface at 10:40 a.m. (Beijing Time), May 22 and started exploring, leaving the first mark of China on the red planet.

Source: People's Daily|2021-05-28 17:22

Six Cities Touch 80% Threshold for Herd Immunity

Six cities - Beijing, four cities in South China's Hainan Province, and Dalian in Northeast China's Liaoning Province - have a first-dose coverage rate above 80 percent, touching the threshold for herd immunity.

Source: Global Times|2021-05-27 17:29

China's Industrial Profits Surge 106% in First Four Months

Profits of China's major industrial companies saw accelerated growth in the first four months of this year as the country's economic recovery further firms up, official data showed Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-27 17:27

China Continues to Promote Party History Learning

China will continue to promote the learning of the history of the CPC, the history of New China, the history of the nation's reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development across Chinese society.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-26 16:34

Regional Gap in Vaccinations Expected to Close

Health experts have expressed confidence in narrowing the regional disparity in China's mass vaccination campaign.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-26 16:31

People Mourn 'Father of Hybrid Rice' at Funeral Service

A funeral to bid farewell to Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, was held in Changsha, Hunan province, on Monday.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-25 16:34

Smart Healthcare Brings Patients Greater Convenience

The accelerated integration of the new generation of information technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data into the medical industry across China has brought greater convenience for patients.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-05-25 13:35

China to Keep Yuan Exchange Rate Basically Stable

The exchange rate of China's currency, the renminbi, or yuan, has remained basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level this year and will continue in this manner.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-24 17:00

Only Open Trade Can Ensure Growth: Experts

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement provides a golden opportunity for the signatory countries to accelerate their economic upgrading.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-24 16:56

Chinese Premier, Pakistani PM Pledge to Enhance Ties over Phone

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday held a phone conversation with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, with both sides pledging to strengthen bilateral communication and cooperation.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-21 10:22

China's FAST Telescope Detects Over 200 Pulsars

Using China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), scientists have discovered 201 pulsars, including faint pulsars and millisecond pulsars.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-21 10:15

Oceanographic Research Satellite Launched

China launched its latest oceanographic research satellite, HY-2D, on a Long March 4B carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert on Wednesday morning.

Source:|2021-05-20 17:03

Cross-border E-commerce Overperforming

Cross-border e-commerce business has grown robustly in China as consumers shopped more online during COVID-19-stricken 2020.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-20 17:02

China's Satellite Navigation Industry Sees Sound Recovery

The total output value of China's satellite navigation and location services industry reached 403.3 billion yuan (about 62.75 billion U.S. dollars) in 2020, up 16.9 percent from the previous year.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-19 17:58

China to Launch 6th Vocational Education Week

China will hold its sixth vocational education week from May 22 to 28, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-19 17:55

Space Station Core Module in Orbit

The recently-launched core module of China's Tiangong space station has moved to a rendezvous orbit to prepare for the planned docking with the Tianzhou 2 cargo spaceship that will soon be lifted.

Source:|2021-05-18 17:29

More Chinese Youths Seeking Civil Service Jobs

The job preferences of Chinese young people are changing, with civil service posts becoming more attractive.

Source:|2021-05-18 17:27

Probe Makes Historic Landing on Mars

A Chinese spacecraft successfully landed on the surface of Mars on Saturday morning, marking a historic accomplishment in China's space endeavors and making it the second country in the world to achieve the feat.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-17 17:23

China’s Smart Electric Vehicle Industry Speeds Up

Recently, a video clip of a self-driving test for a vehicle backed by Huawei solution went viral on the internet.

Source: People's Daily|2021-05-17 17:18

China Succeeds in First Mars Landing

The lander carrying China's first Mars rover has touched down on the red planet, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) confirmed on Saturday morning.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-15 21:18

Job Market for College Grads Going Smoothly

The employment situation for China's new college graduates has been progressing smoothly this year thanks to joint efforts by central and local governments and universities.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-14 16:51

China to Improve Urban Garbage Treatment

China wants to improve the sorting and utilization of household garbage in urban areas in the next five years. Authorities set specific targets for urban garbage treatment in the 2021-2025 period.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-14 16:49

Senior Legislator Urges Greater Role for TCM in China

A senior Chinese legislator has called for enhancing the role of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in advancing the Healthy China Initiative.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-13 17:50

China Will Have 9 Million New College Graduates This Year

China is expected to have 9.09 million new graduates from the country's universities and colleges this year, 350,000 more than the number from last year, the Ministry of Education said Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-13 17:49

Premier Stresses Social Atmosphere

Premier Li Keqiang highlighted on Tuesday the importance of creating a social atmosphere that respects science, knowledge and talent to spur innovation and social creativity.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-12 17:27

Nation Breezes Toward Cleaner Future

Wind power will play a crucial role as China strives to improve the proportion of renewables in its energy consumption mix amid high emission reduction goals, according to analysts.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-12 17:25

China Releases 7th Population Census Data

The State Council Information Office held a news conference on the outcome of the seventh national population census on Tuesday.

Source:|2021-05-11 17:57

Chinese Firms Show Vitality at Brand Day

Chinese brands are pumping vitality into the national economy and are building strong competitiveness, as could be seen at the 2021 China Brand Day exhibition on Monday in Shanghai.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-11 17:55

China-EU Investment Deal 'Important': Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday she remained convinced that the EU-China investment deal was an important undertaking even as strained relations complicate the agreement's ratification.

Source:|2021-05-10 17:55

Next Phase of China's Growth Will Ride out Odds

With the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations becoming broad-based, the growth rate of China's foreign trade is likely to experience a high-speed expansion in the first half of this year.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-10 17:52

Genuine Multilateralism, Int'l Cooperation Championed Worldwide

The world needs genuine multilateralism, and all countries should refrain from pursuing unilateralism and hegemonism, Chinese President Xi Jinping has said.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-09 18:57

Experts Hail First China Intl Consumer Products Expo

Economists and experts believe that the first China International Consumer Products Expo that kicked off on Thursday offers a platform for companies that seek opportunities in the Chinese market.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-08 17:31

China Sees 117 Million Holiday Railway Passenger Trips

Passenger trips on Chinese railways hit 117 million during an eight-day travel rush from April 29 to May 6, official data showed.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-08 17:29

Food Security Ensured with Fine Harvests

China will further promote stable grain production and step up its ability to ensure food security, participants in the State Council's Executive Meeting, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, decided on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-07 17:29

China's Domestic Tourism Market Bounces Back

China's domestic tourism market has fully recovered, reported Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao newspaper.

Source:|2021-05-07 17:27

Labor Day Holiday a Tailwind for Economic Recovery

With roads, hotels and popular scenic spots packed with millions of people, the five-day Labor Day holiday is a testament to China's success in COVID-19 containment and economic recovery.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-06 17:21

Rail Innovations Lead World

With more innovations in the pipeline, Traffic Control Technology is now ready to export its expertise to the world.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-06 17:19

China's Space Station to House More Int'l Cooperation

China successfully launched the core module of its space station on Thursday, opening a new foothold for humanity in space.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-04 21:10

Report: China Charges ahead in Research Fields

The report, titled Mapping Science Structure 2021 and published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institutes of Science and Development, examined highly cited papers from over 10,220 research fronts from 2012 to 2017.

Source: China Daily|2021-05-02 22:45

CPC Leadership Holds Meeting to Study Economic Work

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee held a meeting on Friday to study and analyze current economic circumstances and related work.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-01 10:28

Q&A: Getting to Know China's Space Station

A core module of China's space station was launched into space on Thursday. The following questions and answers provide insight into China's new space venture.

Source: Xinhua|2021-05-01 10:18

China Sets National Standards on Basic Public Services

China recently released its new national standards on basic public services.

Source: People's Daily|2021-04-30 16:32

Nation Plans Steps to Sustain Foreign Capital

China will keep opening up and improving its business environment, to further optimize the structure and quality of foreign investment and maintain the overall scale of foreign investment this year.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-30 16:25

Govt Approves New Law to Boost Rural Vitalization

China's top legislature passed a law on Thursday to promote the national rural vitalization strategy with provisions ranging from attracting talent to boosting rural industries to preserving ecology.

Source:|2021-04-29 16:27

Graduates' Startups Get Policy Boost

The nation is channeling more resources to support college students and graduates who want to start their own businesses.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-29 16:25

Online Sales of Prescription Drugs 'Will Expand Patient Choices'

China's decision to greenlight the online sales of prescription drugs will give patients more options and make it easier for the public to access healthcare services, experts said.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-28 17:13

China Emerges as Global Trade Titan: UN Agency

China has what could be one of the most unprecedented stories of economic development in recent history, UN agency UNCTAD said on Tuesday.

Source:|2021-04-28 17:09

China Expects 250 Million Domestic Trips During Holiday

China expects to see around 250 million domestic trips during the upcoming Labor Day holiday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-27 17:13

China Launches Nine Commercial Satellites

China launched its Long March-6 rocket on Tuesday, sending nine commercial satellites into space.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-27 17:11

Mars Rover Named after Ancient God of Fire

China named its first Mars rover Zhurong on Saturday after a figure in Chinese legend who was the god of fire in ancient times.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-26 17:06

Chinese Students to Have 2 Hours of Daily Physical Activity

China's Ministry of Education (MOE) has called for appropriate school scheduling to ensure that students at the compulsory education stage engage in one hour of physical activity both during and after school hours every day.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-26 17:04

China Aims to Launch Chang'e-6 Lunar Probe around 2024

China aims to launch the Chang'e-6 probe to collect samples in the South Pole-Aitken Basin on the far side of the moon around 2024, said a space expert on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-25 16:46

Forum on Chinese Brands Going Global Held in Boao

A forum on Chinese brands going global was held on Wednesday in Nanqiang village, Boao, dubbed as a beautiful rural meeting center for guests participating in the 2021 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference.

Source:|2021-04-25 16:42

China to Further Cut Coal Use in 2021

China aims to reduce the share of coal in its energy mix to less than 56 percent this year, according to a guideline released by the National Energy Administration (NEA).

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-23 16:59

China Has Made Great Strides in Digital Economy

China has made great strides in reshaping its own economy based on technology, and now other emerging markets are getting a push from the same digital engines.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-23 16:57

China's Consumption Regains Strength in Q1

China's retail sales of consumer goods, a major indicator of a country's consumption strength, picked up further in the first quarter of this year as the economy recovered from the impact of COVID-19.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-22 17:38

Directly Allocated Funds to Boost Businesses

China will implement the direct allocation of fiscal funds on a regular basis, to amplify the role of public money in benefiting businesses and the public.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-22 17:33

Sarah Lewis: China Leading Way to Winter Sports Participation

Sarah Lewis, presidential candidate for the International Ski Federation (FIS), said that China is leading the way for winter sports participation.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-21 21:05

Country Set to Attract More International Investment

China will remain committed to making itself an important destination for global investment and continue to level the playing field and ensure fair competition for businesses from different countries.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-21 20:48

Nation Expects Steady Growth of FDI This Year

Foreign direct investment into China is expected to grow at a stable pace this year.

Source: China Daily Global|2021-04-20 17:15

China to Create Own Standards for Cotton

China is set to release its own version of the Better Cotton Initiative standards soon, as it ramps up efforts to build its own brand of cotton to promote a comprehensive set of principles and criteria for offering high-quality products.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-20 17:13

China to Strengthen BRI Cotton Cooperation

China will strengthen cooperation in the cotton industry with countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25).

Source: China Daily|2021-04-19 16:10

Hiring Demand in China Increases in 2020: Survey

Despite disruptions by the COVID-19 epidemic, hiring demand in China saw an uptick last year, bucking a global downward trend.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-19 16:08

Livestreaming Job Fair Gains Popularity

While livestreaming has become the most important way for commodity sales on the Chinese mainland since the COVID-19 outbreak, it's also being used by employers as a new way to hire employees.

Source:|2021-04-16 16:34

China to See 200 Million Passenger Trips

Chinese will undertake around 200 million trips during the five-day May Day holiday this year, exceeding the pre-coronavirus level at the same period in 2019.

Source:|2021-04-16 16:28

TCM Plays Valuable Role in COVID-19 Treatment

TCM has been recognized by many countries worldwide as effective in alleviating some symptoms related to the novel coronavirus, but faces challenges in being exported to markets outside China.

Source: China Daily Global|2021-04-15 17:26

Commercialization of Sci-tech Gathering Pace

China recently released the annual report on the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements in 2020, showing continuous vibrant activities in the transformation of scientific and technological results.

Source:|2021-04-15 17:19

China-Europe Freight Train Service Thriving During Pandemic

Although the global logistics market has been seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic since last year, the freight train service between China and Europe has shown strong resilience.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-14 16:34

China Releases Lunar Sample Data Online

China's space agency has released an online database of the first batch of the lunar samples brought back by the Chang'e-5 probe.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-14 16:31

China's Economic Growth Expected to Rise to 8.8%

China's economy will continue to rebound in 2021 with expected growth of around 8.8 percent, according to the China Economic Security Outlook Report 2021 released recently by Peking University.

Source:|2021-04-13 16:26

China to Develop Aerospace as Strategic Emerging Industry

China will continue to exert great efforts to boost aerospace as a strategic emerging industry in the next five years, a senior aerospace official said.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-13 16:24

China to Celebrate CPC Centenary with Mass Activities

China will launch mass activities to mark the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-12 16:47

China Encourages Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination: Official

China encourages voluntary COVID-19 vaccinations, and works to ensure all people eligible for vaccination have access to it, an official with Chinese health authority said on Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-12 16:46

70% of Chinese Expected to Get Vaccinated by Year-end

Nearly 70 percent of Chinese are expected to receive COVID-19 vaccines by the end of this year, said Feng Duojia, president of the China Association for Vaccines.

Source:|2021-04-09 16:32

China's Travel Industry Returns to Pre-pandemic Level

China's travel industry bounced back to pre-coronavirus level by some metrics over the three-day Tomb Sweeping Day, or Qingming, Festival, from Saturday to Monday.

Source:|2021-04-09 16:28

Why Learning Party History Matters So Much to CPC

Reading books, watching documentaries, tuning in to APP-based programs -- 91 million members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) are diving into the Party's history.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-08 16:22

Foreign Investment Approvals Eased

The removal and streamlining of approval procedures for certain foreign-invested projects will attract and assist overseas companies while benefiting overall investment this year.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-08 16:06

Senior Citizens Gradually Adapt to Digital Economy with Help

More and more senior citizens in China have gradually overcome the digital gap, once considered an obstacle for them in adapting to and embracing the digital economy.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-04-07 17:01

China Sees Higher Online Payments During Qingming Holiday

NetsUnion, the Chinese online payment clearinghouse, and China UnionPay, a card payment giant, on Tuesday, reported higher payments during the 2021 Tomb-sweeping Day holiday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-07 16:57

Nation Targets Hot Pace for Economic Growth

China has set an annual economic growth target of more than 6 percent for this year after its GDP last year exceeded 100 trillion yuan ($15.23 trillion), a year-on-year rise of 2.3 percent.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-06 16:46

Vaccines Said Key to Reopen Intl Borders

Mass vaccination is the only way for China to build herd immunity against the novel coronavirus and fully reopen to the world, a renowned health expert said.

Source: China Daily|2021-04-06 16:45

Remembering Overseas Martyrs on China's Tomb-sweeping Day

Overseas Chinese as well as local people have expressed their admiration for the fallen heroes from China, who sacrificed their lives on foreign lands for the cause of safeguarding world peace and promoting global development.

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-05 14:09

Trains Brace for Qingming Travelers

Trains across the country are expected to carry 49.7 million passengers from Friday to Monday during the Qingming Festival, China's railway operator said on Friday.

Source:|2021-04-03 11:18

Ministry Gives Guidance to Ensure Students Sleep Enough

China's top education authorities on Friday gave detailed suggestions on when students should go to bed to ensure sufficient sleep amid ongoing efforts to reduce students' burden.

Source:|2021-04-02 16:47

Scientists Expect FAST to Deliver Nobel-level Discoveries

Some world-leading scientists said that the five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) in Guizhou province may turn out Nobel-level discoveries and they may consider applying for observations.

Source:|2021-04-02 16:45

Chinese Legislators Inspect Enforcement of TCM Law

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) has recently launched an enforcement inspection of the Law on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Source: Xinhua|2021-04-01 17:15

'Ear Economy' Booms in China

China's online audio sector, or the ear economy, represented by online audiobooks, audio live-streaming, and pay-for-knowledge products has witnessed rapid development in recent years.

Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition|2021-04-01 17:12

China Strives to Achieve Common Prosperity for All

China will bring people's well-being to a new level and take solid steps toward achieving common prosperity during its 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025).

Source: People's Daily|2021-03-31 16:51

More Jobs Created in First 5 Weeks after 2021 Spring Festival

The start and peak period of spring recruitment came early with more positions available in China's job market this year, reported on Tuesday.

Source:|2021-03-31 16:49

China's Tourism Sector Embraces Continuous Recovery

Successful COVID-19 control is gaining robust revitalization for China's tourism sector.

Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition|2021-03-30 16:34

China Gradually Improves Elderly Care Service System

Remarkable progress has been made by China to improve its elderly care services in recent years, as the country ramps up efforts to renovate rural nursing homes and offer government-subsidized elderly care services.

Source: People's Daily|2021-03-30 16:32

Foreign Firms Find Sweet Spot in China

With China leading the global economic recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country's mega market will continue to generate big dividends for global companies in the long run.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-29 16:59

New Air Travel Season Kicks off with More Domestic Flights

China started the new air travel season on Sunday, with more domestic flights, the top civil aviation regulator said.

Source:|2021-03-29 16:56

Epidemic Controls Eased on Transport

Transport operators have loosened epidemic control measures at public transport venues now that China has no more medium-or high-risk areas for COVID-19, the Ministry of Transport said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-26 16:54

E-commerce Predicted to Balloon Through 2024

China's e-commerce market is projected to grow 70 percent over the next four years to reach $3.17 trillion by 2024.

Source:|2021-03-26 16:53

New Measures Announced to Spur Domestic Consumption

China on Thursday announced targeted measures to spur new types of consumption, including accelerating new infrastructure construction and pilot programs for digital currency rollout.

Source:|2021-03-25 16:53

China Plans to Add Over 30 Civil Airports in 3 years

China plans to add more than 30 civil airports within three years as part of efforts to improve its transportation network, Wang Zhiqing, vice transport minister, said Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-25 16:51

China Unveils Steps to Boost Manufacturing

China on Tuesday announced key measures to promote the use of manufacturing services for the transformation and upgrade of the manufacturing sector and to foster high-quality development over the next five years.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-24 16:47

China to Extend Pilot Scheme for Cross-border E-commerce

China will extend its pilot program for cross-border e-commerce retail imports to facilitate trade and open up wider.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-24 16:45

Number of Skilled Workers in China Exceeds 200 Million

There are over 200 million skilled workers on the Chinese mainland by far, among whom more than 50 million are highly-skilled workers, according to China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS).

Source: People's Daily|2021-03-23 15:48

China Unveils Guideline for Poverty Alleviation Outcomes

The Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council on Monday released a guideline on realizing the synergy of consolidating poverty alleviation outcomes and promoting rural vitalization.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-23 15:46

China Eyes 6G as Next Tech Frontier

China is pushing forward the use of informatization within the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25) with 6G technologies being a top priority.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-22 11:28

Good Prospects for Trade with EU in 2021

Bilateral trade between China and the European Union will maintain steady growth this year as the two sides have expanded a number of free trade programs to boost their economic and trade ties.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-22 11:26

Engineering Society to Boost Exchanges

Chinese engineers will expand exchanges and cooperation with foreign peers to create innovative solutions for global challenges ranging from climate change to public health, officials said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-19 15:13

Bookings Surge for May Day Holiday

Domestic tourism is projected to shoot up during the five-day May Day holiday as pent-up demand for travel is unleashed.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-19 15:11

Nation to Promote Cleaner Energy

China will promote the use of renewable energy nationwide on a large scale and ensure that clean energy accounts for a large proportion of the overall energy mix in a market-oriented way at lower costs, said an official.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-18 16:01

Innovation to Drive China's Development

China is set to enter a new stage of innovation-driven and high-quality development over the next five years, providing new impetus to global recovery and growth, experts said on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-18 15:57

Innovation Key to Higher-quality Growth

In an article published in Qiushi journal on Tuesday, President Xi Jinping once again emphasized the importance of innovation to modern economy, and said that China should become a global center for science and innovation.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-17 15:56

Democracy with Chinese Characteristics in ‘Two Sessions’

The ‘Two Sessions’ are totally different from a traditional parliament in every sense including formations, functions, and procedures. They are completely democratic, but at the same time unlike the parliaments of other nations around the world.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-03-17 15:53

Major Targets and Tasks for 14th Five-Year Plan Period

China sets major quantified objectives and tasks for economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) Period.

Source:|2021-03-16 16:11

New Impetus for Industrial Development

China's goal of strengthening industrial and supply chains during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25) will help drive high-quality development of the manufacturing sector and nurture strategic, emerging industries, experts said on Monday.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-16 16:02

Economy and Ecology - The Win-win

Over the last few years, a new development model is gaining ground in China and the world. The triple-win solution: Integrating the economy and environment and peoples livelihoods in an ecological civilization.

Source: China Daily Global|2021-03-15 17:08

Youths in China Warm to Patriotism

A stable and prosperous society has helped young Chinese deepen their love for the country and gain a stronger sense of national identity, according to experts.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-15 17:02

How China's Democracy Works

The two sessions are an important window to observe how the country’s system of socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics works.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-03-12 15:50

China's Five-Year Plan: A Democratic Perspective

China's latest medium and long-term economic and social development plan, approved at the country's top legislature on Thursday, unfurls a roadmap of China's development for the next five years and beyond.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-12 15:47

Highlights from Premier Li's News Conference

Premier Li Keqiang met the press on Thursday after the closing of the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-11 19:18

China Adopts Decision to Improve Hong Kong Electoral System

The National People's Congress, China's top legislature, on Thursday adopted a decision on improving the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-11 16:46

Chinese Vaccines: A Key Weapon Against COVID-19

China is at the forefront of developing, administering, and distributing COVID-19 vaccines.

Source:|2021-03-11 15:47

A New Chapter in China’s High-quality Development

To pursue high-quality development, China will develop a scientific analysis of this new development stage, act on the new development philosophy, and move faster to build the new development paradigm.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-03-11 15:43

China Builds Over 5.59 Mln Hectares of High-standard Farmland in 2020

China built 83.91 million mu (about 5.59 million hectares) of high-standard farmland and increased the coverage of efficient water-saving irrigation systems to 23.95 million mu in 2020, surpassing the country’s annual targets.

Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition|2021-03-10 16:10

China to Deliver Confidence, Power and Hope to World

Confidence and strength in economic development are what China’s government work report this year has signaled , and also what make the world believe the country’s economic certainty will bring more confidence, power and hopes.

Source: People's Daily|2021-03-10 16:06

More Efficient Two Sessions on the Agenda

Back at their regular place in the calendar, the the two sessions has taken on new characteristics this year against the backdrop of COVID-19 prevention and the pursuit of quality and efficiency.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-09 16:20

How Are China's Development Goals for 2021 Determined?

China will target GDP growth of at least 6 percent in 2021, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced on March 5 in the Report on the Work of the Government delivered at the opening meeting of the fourth annual session of the 13th NPC.

Source: People's Daily|2021-03-08 16:42

China's Economic and Social Progress in 2020

Braving the virus test and challenges in domestic and international situations, the Chinese economy ended 2020 on solid footing, becoming the only major economy to achieve positive growth in the pandemic-ravaged year.

Source: .Xinhua|2021-03-08 16:39

Highlights of Government Work Report

Premier Li Keqiang delivered a government work report at the opening of this year's session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing on Friday.

Source:|2021-03-05 16:09

China's National Legislature Opens Annual Session

China's national legislature opened its annual session Friday morning in Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-05 16:01

China's Key Political Season Kicks off

China's top political advisory body started its annual session Thursday in Beijing, kicking off the country's major political season of the year that will pool the strength for fully building a modern socialist country.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-05 15:57

China's Top Political Advisory Body Starts Annual Session

China's top political advisory body started its annual session Thursday afternoon in Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-04 16:58

Spotlight Focuses on Road to Future

Global attention turns to Beijing on Thursday as the two sessions, China's biggest annual political event, get underway.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-04 15:19

What to Expect at Two Sessions

As the year 2021 marks the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), the world will watch how China, with the elimination of absolute poverty just declared, charts its course toward fully building a modern socialist country.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-04 15:01

Two Sessions: What You Need to Know

What you need to know about China's biggest annual political gathering

Source: China Daily Global|2021-03-03 16:37

China's Two Sessions Show Achievements, Confidence in Battling COVID-19

China's two sessions are slated to convene this week, returning to the regular March schedule after last year's postponement to May due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Source: Xinhua|2021-03-03 16:36

China a Major Promoter of Global Poverty Reduction

As the world's largest developing country, China's remarkable success is inspiring the world to achieve a better future regarding poverty reduction.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-03-02 16:01

China's Top 10 Scientific Advances in 2020

China's Ministry of Science and Technology unveiled the country's top 10 scientific advances of 2020 on Saturday.

Source:|2021-03-02 15:55

Economic Momentum Continues in February

China was confirmed to have been the only major economy that expanded in the crippling pandemic year of 2020, and it also sustained its growth momentum in February.

Source: China Daily Global|2021-03-01 16:04

Lunar Soil Sample on Display at Museum

A 100-gram sample of lunar soil was added to the collection of the National Museum of China on Saturday and unveiled for public viewing.

Source: China Daily|2021-03-01 15:59

CPC to Award Honorary Medal

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee decided to award the July 1 Medal for the first time as the CPC celebrates its centenary this year.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-27 18:39

What Does China's Poverty Reduction Victory Mean to the World?

Ending absolute poverty in the world's most populous country is nothing less than a history-making moment.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-26 15:10

Spring Festival Gave Tourism a Boost, Ministry Says

China's tourism industry got a boost during Spring Festival earlier this month despite many people being encouraged to stay put over the holiday, according to a release by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Thursday.

Source:|2021-02-25 16:41

Tianwen 1 Probe Enters Preset Parking Orbit

China's Tianwen 1 robotic probe entered its preset parking orbit above Mars on Wednesday and will fly in this orbit for about three months before releasing its landing capsule.

Source:|2021-02-24 16:56

China's Urban, Rural Subsistence Allowances Cover 44.3m People

Nearly 44.3 million people are covered by China's urban and rural subsistence allowances at present, said a senior civil affairs official Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-24 16:53

Sales of Gold Jewelry Boom During Spring Festival Holiday

Chinese gold jewelry stores saw their sales boom during the Spring Festival holiday, with young people born in the 1990s becoming the main consumer group.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-02-23 16:46

Nation to Support Virus Fight in Egypt, Kyrgyzstan

President Xi Jinping pledged on Monday China's support for Egypt and Kyrgyzstan in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that the country stands ready to deepen vaccine cooperation with both nations.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-23 16:36

Spring Festival Sees Fitness Activities Become New Trend

The just-concluded week-long Spring Festival holiday in China saw fitness activities become increasingly popular and witnessed significant growth in sports-related consumption

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-02-22 17:15

Chinese Economy's Spring Festival Holiday Data Highlights

China's economy continued to gather steam during the Spring Festival period despite millions of people staying put for the weeklong holiday which started on Feb 11, which usually sees mass migration across the country.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-22 17:08

Travel Industry Set to Rebound in Coming Year

While the domestic tourism market took a heavy hit from the COVID-19 pandemic last year, it is poised to rebound as the outbreak has been successfully contained with a combination of effective measures.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-20 16:39

China Further Promotes TCM Development

China has unveiled 14 key laboratories of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in an effort to strengthen the building of scientific research platforms that would underpin and promote the development of TCM.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-20 16:37

China Promotes Global Vaccine Equity

China is contributing its fair share to help ease the global shortfall in COVID-19 vaccines as it expands assistance to countries in dire need.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-19 16:54

Gaokao Scheduled for Usual Time in 2021

The national college entrance examination, or gaokao, will be held on June 7 and 8 this year, the usual time slot for one of the most important exams for Chinese students.

Source:|2021-02-19 16:51

More Festive Greetings Delivered via Courier

The number of people who chose to send greetings through takeout services increased significantly during this year's festival.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-18 16:51

China Lends Helping Hand to Nations

With China on course to attain its goal of building itself into a moderately prosperous society in all respects this year, its international development cooperation is also set to enter a new stage.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-18 16:47

Xi's Article on Poverty Alleviation to Be Published

An article by Xi Jinping on the poverty alleviation work during his visit to Fuping County of North China's Hebei province will be published Tuesday in this year's fourth issue of the Qiushi Journal.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-16 11:08

Pioneering Spirit, Hard Work Urged as China Embraces Year of the Ox

As China rings in the Year of the Ox, President Xi Jinping has urged promoting the spirit of the ox in pursuit of fully building a modern socialist China.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-14 11:27

IOC President Sends Greetings to Xi on Spring Festival

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach on Friday sent a letter of greetings to President Xi Jinping on the occasion of the Spring Festival.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-13 10:58

Spring Festival Gala Draws Record Viewership

A total of 1.14 billion people watched CCTV's Spring Festival Gala, which broadcast at 8 pm, Feb 11, via television, the internet and other outlets during the live broadcast.

Source:|2021-02-12 18:38

China to Expand Its Water Transfer Project

China will expand a massive project that diverts water from the Yangtze River Basin to the drought-prone north this year.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-10 11:45

Rail Network Continues Expansion after Boom

More than 10 new railway lines were put into operation across China last year, benefiting more passengers during this year's Spring Festival travel rush.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-10 11:41

Chinese Premier Stresses Efforts to Benefit People

Premier Li Keqiang has stressed solid work on benefiting the people and constantly improving their living standards amid continuous development.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-09 16:04

FAST Does 'Eye Exercises' to Maintain Top Performance

The 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope has been upgraded and maintained many times after making some great achievements.

Source:|2021-02-09 16:01

Festival Gala Aims to Instill Sense of Hope

The annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast live by China Central Television at 8 pm on Thursday to celebrate the year's most important traditional Chinese festival.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-08 15:56

Chang'e 4 Lander, Rover Resume Work on Moon

The lander and rover of the Chang'e 4 probe have resumed work for their 27th lunar day on the far side of the moon.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-08 15:54

China to Further Promote Recovery of Civil Aviation Industry

China will further promote the recovery of the civil aviation industry in 2021 with comprehensive measures, according to civil aviation authorities.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-07 16:44

China Tests Its Missile Interception Equipment

China conducted a land-based, midcourse missile interception test on Thursday-the fifth land-based, anti-ballistic missile test the country has publicly announced.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-07 16:43

COVID-19 Testing Capacity Enhanced for Holiday Travel

Health authorities have enhanced the capacity and services of COVID-19 nucleic acid testing to facilitate travelers heading home for the approaching Spring Festival.

Source:|2021-02-05 17:24

Traffic Safety Ensured for Festival Trips

Public security authorities have taken multiple measures to ensure traffic safety during the Spring Festival travel rush and crack down on related violations.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-05 17:20

Stay-at-home Economy to Shine during Spring Festival

The blossoming stay-at-home economy is likely to break new ground in terms of growth and market size in China.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-04 16:31

China Aims to Enhance On-time Performance in Civil Air Transport

China will further enhance the on-time performance of its civil air transport sector, aiming to tackle the issue of flight delays, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-04 16:24

Internet Empowers China's Battle Against COVID-19

The internet has played a key role in aiding China's battle against COVID-19 in 2020, with the total number of registered health QR code users nearing 900 million since the outbreak.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-03 15:52

China Has Nearly 1 Billion Internet Users

The number of China's internet users hit 989 million by the end of last year, an increase of 85.4 million from March 2020, according to a report on China's internet development released Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-03 15:51

Stay-at-home Economy to Shine in Lunar New Year Holiday

The blossoming stay-at-home economy is likely to break new ground for growth and market size in China.

Source: Xinhua|2021-02-02 16:12

Investor Access to Improve Openness

China's continued efforts to improve market access for both domestic and foreign investment will improve the level of openness and build an efficient, fair and unified domestic market in the country.

Source: China Daily|2021-02-02 16:10

China Bucks the Global Luxury Market Trend

China has become the only country in the global luxury market to experience positive growth last year.

Source:|2021-02-01 16:38

Rail Stations Go Contact-free for Safer Holiday Travel

Railway authorities across China are redoubling efforts to improve their contactless services during chunyun, or the Spring Festival travel rush, to ensure passengers travel safely and at ease.

Source:|2021-02-01 16:35

Fast Data Sharing Boosts Global Virus Fight

Chinese researchers involved in identifying the pathogen that causes COVID-19 as the disease first began its rapid spread said they stress both speed and prudence in their work in order to provide quick and accurate information.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-29 15:49

Food Supply Will Remain 'Stable' During Festival

China's food supply will remain stable during Spring Festival, the most important traditional holiday for Chinese people, despite challenges caused by COVID-19 risks.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-29 15:45

China's Spring Festival Travel Season Kicks off Thursday

China's 2021 Spring Festival travel season starts on Thursday with lowered expectations of passenger flows as the country tightens measures to curb the COVID-19 resurgence.

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-28 10:37

'Full 5G Coverage by 2025' to Breathe Vitality into Digital Economy

China will basically achieve full 5G network coverage in urban and rural areas by the end of 2025.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-28 10:33

China's FDI Bucks Trend in 2020

China's paid-in foreign direct investment (FDI) bucked the trend in the past year despite the complicated international situation and severe impacts from COVID-19.

Source: People's Daily|2021-01-27 17:09

Chinese Vaccines' Advantages Explained by Producers, Experts

The COVID-19 vaccines made by China are doing well in a variety of criteria for the vaccine's effectiveness, according to the chairmen of domestic vaccine manufacturers and other experts.

Source:|2021-01-27 17:07

New System to Improve SME Lending

China has established a unified national financing registration system that uses movable property and rights as pledges.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-26 16:59

China’s FDI Bullish amidst Headwinds

China has managed to overcome challenges and maintain its appeal to foreign investors in 2020.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-01-26 16:57

TCM on Front Line in Battle with Virus

The use of herbal medicines in treating COVID-19 patients is part of a broader effort by central authorities to push for a mix of traditional medicine and modern therapies in tackling epidemics.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-25 16:18

China Topped the World in FDI in 2020

China was the world's largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2020, as flows rose by 4 percent to $163 billion.

Source: China Daily Global|2021-01-25 16:15

China's First Solar Probe to Be Lofted in 2022

China's first solar probe, Advanced Space-based Solar Observatory (ASO-S), is scheduled to be launched into space in the first half of 2022, marking the country's first-ever mission to touch the sun.

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-22 10:26

Business Environment Brightens for Investors

There may be more changes to China's business environment than you thought.

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-22 10:25

Chinese Scientists List Top 10 Stories of 2020

The Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering on Tuesday jointly revealed the top 10 news stories of scientific and technological progress in China and in the world in 2020.

Source:|2021-01-21 11:25

China Spends 400 Billion Yuan on Fighting COVID-19

China spent more than 400 billion yuan ($61.73 billion) of fiscal funds on fighting COVID-19 by the end of November 2020, the Ministry of Finance said.

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-21 11:21

Brazil Launches Mass Inoculation of Chinese CoronaVac Vaccine Against COVID-19

Brazil launched a mass immunization campaign against the COVID-19 pandemic in every state starting at 5:00 p.m. Monday local time (2000 GMT).

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-20 14:43

Communications Satellite Successfully Launched

China launched a communications satellite early on Wednesday morning — its first space mission this year, according to the country's leading space contractor.

Source:|2021-01-20 14:42

GDP Tops 100 Trillion Yuan for First Time

China's stronger-than-expected economic rebound and continuous structural improvements last year have signaled that the country's pursuit of high-quality growth is set to gain more momentum in 2021.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-19 15:01

Job Market Kept Stable Despite Virus

China's job market remained stable last year, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Monday.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-19 15:01

A Glimpse into Sinovac's COVID-19 Vaccine Work

About 500 million doses of the CoronaVac vaccine developed by Beijing-based Sinovac Life Sciences can be produced each year in the capital's southern suburbs.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-18 15:41

China's International Cooperation, by the Numbers

China issued a white paper titled China's International Development Cooperation in the New Era on Jan 10. Here are some highlights.

Source:|2021-01-18 15:40

China to Create More Opportunities for World Economic Recovery

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently called for ensuring a good start for fully building a modern socialist country, sending a positive signal to revitalize the confidence of the world.

Source: People's Daily|2021-01-17 18:31

China's Diplomacy in 2020

Data from the China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs as of January 4, 2021

Source:|2021-01-15 15:07

China's Foreign Trade in 2020

China emerged from the global economic and trade challenges in 2020 as the world's only major economy to have registered positive growth in foreign trade in goods.

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-15 15:07

E-commerce Boosts Income of Chinese Farmers

E-commerce has helped bump up the income of Chinese farmers, contributing to the country's efforts on rural vitalization, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-14 15:19

Big Virus Resurgence Highly Unlikely

It is highly unlikely that China will experience a major resurgence of the novel coronavirus during the upcoming Spring Festival.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-14 15:18

All-China Women's Federation Lifts over 5 Million Women out of Poverty

A series of policies and measures have rolled out in the country since 2012 to help Chinese females get rid of poverty, offering strong support for impoverished Chinese women.

Source: People's Daily|2021-01-13 15:25

China’s Proactive Role in International Development

Promoting a global community of shared future is the mission of China's international development cooperation.

Source: People's Daily Online|2021-01-13 15:25

China Supports WHO-Led Cooperation for Origin-Tracing of COVID-19

China said Monday it supports scientists of all countries in carrying out global scientific research on the origin and route of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-12 16:05

New Rules Boost Global Standing of A Shares

International investors' trust in Chinese equities has been enhanced after tougher regulations took effect to weed out listed companies indulging in misconduct or with weak fundamentals, experts said.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-12 15:27

Document Plots Internationall Cooperation Progress

China will contribute to a global community of health for all, promote the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-11 15:05

WHO Experts to Visit China on Jan 14

An international expert team from the World Health Organization will arrive in China on Thursday to conduct joint scientific research with Chinese scientists on the origin of the novel coronavirus.

Source:|2021-01-11 15:05

Yuan Continues Rally Against Greenback

China's renminbi moved to the strongest value against the US dollar in more than two years on Thursday, as global investors continued to have faith in the nation's strong economic recovery.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-08 15:06

COVID-19 Vaccine: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here we've provided answers to commonly asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

Source: |2021-01-08 15:05

Progress in Quantum Network Realized

Chinese scientists have created the world's first integrated space-to-ground quantum network.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-07 15:29

Nation's Carbon Trading Efforts Could Serve as Model

A national carbon trading effort that has been put into operation in China could be a model for other nations.

Source: China Daily |2021-01-07 15:29

China's Growth to Pick up at 7.9 Percent in 2021

China's economy is expected to expand by 7.9 percent in 2021, nearly double the global growth rate predicted for the year, the World Bank said in its forecast on Tuesday.

Source:|2021-01-06 15:34

China Walks the Talk on COVID-19 Vaccine Sharing

China has promised and championed from the very beginning that COVID-19 vaccines developed in the country will be made a global public good when they are available.

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-06 15:34

China Vaccinating Key Groups Against COVID-19

China is administering COVID-19 vaccines to key groups across the country, with Beijing slated to complete the inoculation for key groups before the Spring Festival, which falls on Feb. 12 this year.

Source: Xinhua|2021-01-05 15:02

Pandemic Gives TCM Global Role

Authorities are speeding up efforts to develop new drugs based on traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions that have proved effective in treating COVID-19 to boost the fight against the pandemic, China's top TCM authority said.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-05 15:02

Rail Operator Projects over 3 Billion Trips This Year

A total of 3.11 billion railway trips are expected to be made across China this year, a year-on-year increase of 43.7 percent, the country's national railway operator China Railway Corp said on Monday.

Source:|2021-01-04 15:21

Space-bred Seeds Offer Valuable Opportunities

China's historic 23-day Chang'e 5 mission has not only obtained precious rocks and soil samples from the moon, but has also brought back a group of seeds that traveled the furthest in the nation's agricultural and forestry histories.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-04 10:48

Xi: Triumphs Epic Written by the People

The Chinese people have written an epic of disease control with their unity and strength throughout the extraordinary year of 2020.

Source: China Daily|2021-01-01 10:46

Young Chinese Have More Choices in Job Market

Bolstered by forms and models of business, bringing more choices for young Chinese in the job market.

Source: People's Daily Online|2020-12-31 15:10

Willingness to Get COVID Inoculations Strong

People qualified to get an emergency inoculation against COVID-19 in China have shown a strong willingness to take the shot.

Source: China Daily|2020-12-31 15:10

Nation Set to Accelerate 5G Rollout in 2021

China will build more than 600,000 5G base stations in 2021 as the nation accelerates the rollout of the wireless technology, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Source: China Daily Global |2020-12-30 15:31