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Egypt's Chinese Cultural Center Organizes Symposium on Chinese Tourism

Source:Xinhua Published:2019-06-12 11:25

The Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo held a symposium titled "Tourism Bridge of Communication between People: Egypt and China as a Model" on Sunday night.

"China enjoys tourism and cultural diversity. It has all the tourist products in the fields of beach tourism, archeology, safari, festivals, exhibitions and conferences, as well as sports, therapeutic and educational tourism," said Nasser Abdel-Aal, former Egyptian tourism advisor to Beijing.

He described some tourist areas in China as "paradise on earth" and called on Egyptians to visit China and learn about its tourist attractions.

He said China was a "large tourist market" for Egypt, referring to the possibility of attracting large numbers of Chinese tourists to Cairo.

The symposium was part of the monthly Chinese Culture Salon organized by the center under the title "China in the eyes of the Egyptians."

"The salon is a new window for Egyptian officials and the public to learn about China clearly and is a tool for opening doors for dialogue to push forward cooperation between the two countries in various fields," said Chinese Cultural Counselor to Egypt Shi Yuewen.

It will also highlight strength and weakness in the Chinese-Egyptian cultural ties to improve mutual relations, Shi added.

He explained that all the lecturers in the salon are Egyptian experts, thinkers, diplomats and businessmen who have seen the reality of China.

Dozens of Egyptians, lovers of Chinese culture, attended the seminar, led by former foreign minister Mohammed al-Orabi and former minister of culture Shaker Abdul Hamid.

Editor:Zhao Xichen