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Chinese Scientists Develop New Moisture-wicking Fabric

Chinese scientists have developed a new moisture-wicking fabric with ultrafast water evaporation and quick-dry performance.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-16 11:29

English Criteria in China Linked to International Tests

China's Standard of English Language Ability, or CSE, the country's first evaluation standard for English proficiency, has been linked with the International English Language Testing System and Aptis, marking its official entry into the international exam

Source: China Daily|2019-01-16 11:26

Guangzhou Eyes More Cooperation with HK, Macao in 2019

South China's Guangzhou city said Tuesday that it would cooperate with Hong Kong and Macao to speed up construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in 2019.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-16 08:52

Charity Work in China Sees Improvement

China was home to 5,355 registered charity organizations as of Jan 11, 2019, according to Gao Xiaobing, vice minister of civil affairs Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-16 08:47

Beijing Sees Robust Development in Winter Sports

Beijing has seen robust development in winter sports as it makes preparations for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-15 14:52

Xinjiang Receives 150 Million Tourists in 2018

The number of tourists to Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region exceeded 150 million last year, up more than 40 percent.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-15 14:50

Artificial Canals Linking Pearl River to Yangtze River to Be Ready by 2035

The Pearl River Administration of Navigational Affairs under the Ministry of Transport will conduct further feasible studies on the construction of Xianggui (Hunan-Guangxi) and Ganyue (Jiangxi-Guangdong) artificial canals in the following months.

Source:|2019-01-15 14:32

Siberian Tiger Families Recorded since May in NE China

Videos of three Siberian tiger families have been recorded since May.

Source:|2019-01-14 17:43

Hong Kong Int'l Airport Sees Record High Passenger, Cargo Throughput

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) witnessed continuous traffic growth in 2018, with the volume of passengers and cargo throughput growing 2.5 percent and 1.5 percent respectively, said Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) on Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-14 17:41

Beijing to Launch Second Phase of Sub-center Construction

Beijing plans to launch the second phase of its sub-center construction in the northeastern Tongzhou district and build a comprehensive transportation hub, after key municipal organs moved to its new offices in the sub-center, a senior official said on Mo

Source:|2019-01-14 17:11

Hospitals Get Access to New Cancer Drugs

The latest 17 cancer drugs included in China's national basic medical insurance program in October are now available in more than half of all major hospitals in China, the top health authority said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2019-01-11 15:58

China Launches Zhongxing-2D Satellite

China sent Zhongxing-2D satellite into space on a Long March-3B carrier rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province at 1:11 am Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-11 15:57

China, NASA Share Data in Lunar Mission

Space authorities in China and the United States have been discussing cooperation in lunar and deep-space exploration since the second half of last year.

Source: China Daily|2019-01-11 15:47

China Sees 70 Pct Increase in New-energy Cars

The number of new-energy cars in China totaled 2.61 million in 2018, up 70 percent or 1.07 million year on year, the Ministry of Public Security said Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-11 15:36

China Boasts More Bookstores, Increasing Sales

China had 225,000 bookstores and sales outlets for books at the end of 2018, a 4.3-percent increase from the previous year.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-10 11:48

Guangdong-Hong Kong Cross-boundary Private Cars to Use HZMB on Trial Basis

Guangdong-Hong Kong cross-boundary private cars issued with relevant permits will be allowed to use the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) to travel between Hong Kong Port and Zhuhai Port on a trail basis.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-10 11:36

22-year-old Chinese Crowned 'International Master of Memory'

Can you memorize 1,260 numbers or 12 packs of cards in random order within one hour, and a pack of random cards within 74 seconds?

Source:|2019-01-10 11:33

China's Homegrown Anti-cancer Drug Wins International Recognition

China's homegrown drug Sintilimab designed for treating relapsed or refractory classic Hodgkin lymphoma has won international recognition.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-09 16:51

Ancient Tomb Unearthed during Construction of University Canteen

Sun Yat-sen University confirmed on Sunday that an ancient tomb was unearthed during construction of a canteen at its Guangzhou South campus.

Source: China Daily|2019-01-09 16:48

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Carries Record-high Passengers in 2018

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the world's highest and longest plateau railroad, last year carried around 16.56 million passengers.

Source:|2019-01-09 16:36

Shanghai a Magnet for Overseas Students

Shanghai was home to 60,870 overseas students who studied at 42 colleges and research institutions across the city in 2018.

Source:|2019-01-09 16:30

Construction Underway on Chongli Rail Link for Beijing 2022

SHIJIAZHUANG - Construction on a high-speed railway linking Beijing with Chongli district of Zhangjiakou city is underway, local authorities said on Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-08 16:38

Hainan Envisions Creating Medical Tourism Destination

Southern China's Hainan province has unveiled plans aimed at building the tropical island into a world-class medical tourism hub, combining high-end medical tourism with characteristic Chinese healthcare.

Source: China Daily|2019-01-08 16:36

Chinese Scientists Develop Anticorrosion Method for Steel in Marine Engineering

BEIJING -- Chinese scientists have used marine bacteria to inhibit the corrosion of steel materials through genetic editing, according to the China Science Daily Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-08 16:05

Scientists Develop Breakthrough Vaccine against Cervical Cancer

Chinese researchers have taken a major step forward in developing a new-generation vaccine that has the potential to protect against almost all of the most potentially lethal forms of human papilloma virus (HPV).

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-07 16:25

Shanghai Lays Plans for First Coastal Country Park in Pudong New Area

As a city that is vigorously promoting the ecological environment, Shanghai outlined its first coastal country park - Heqing Country Park in Pudong New Area - which will cover an area of 35.7 square kilometers.

Source: China Daily|2019-01-07 15:13

First 5G Subway Station Put into Service in Chengdu

China's first 5G subway station has been officially put into service in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, on Saturday.

Source:|2019-01-07 15:10

Beijing to Drive Development of Intelligent Connected Vehicles

China's capital is seeking to become a model city for intelligent connected vehicles (ICV), aiming to complete a 5G internet of vehicles in key areas of the city in 2020.

Source:|2019-01-07 14:55

China's E-commerce Hub to Build Credit Evaluation Mechanism

China's e-commerce hub Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, plans to build a credit evaluation mechanism in two years to regulate the city's e-commerce players, local authorities have said.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-04 14:33

Beijing’s Yanqing District Gears up for International Expo and Winter Olympics

Beijing’s Yanqing district has speeded up its preparation for the upcoming 2019 China Beijing International Horticulture Exhibition and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Source:|2019-01-04 14:31

Shanghai Residents Ranked the 'Most Lazy' in China

The rapid development of delivery services in China has made Shanghai the “most lazy” city in 2018, according to new data released by the internet giant Alibaba Group.

Source:|2019-01-04 14:29

Longer Fuxing Bullet Trains to Debut on Beijing-Shanghai Line

BEIJING - A new set of longer Fuxing bullet trains will start running on the Beijing-Shanghai line on January 5, according to the China Railway Corporation.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-04 11:44

Xinjiang Receives More Tourists during New Year Holiday

Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region received around 2.1 million tourists during the three-day New Year's Day holiday which started on Dec 30, 2018, a year-on-year increase of 40.58 percent, the regional department of culture and tourism sai

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-03 12:17

UNICEF Predicts Nearly 45,000 Kids Born in China on New Year's Day

On the last day of 2018, UNICEF released a prediction that China would welcome 44,940 babies into the world on New Year's Day, accounting for just over 1 in 10 births worldwide on Jan 1.

Source: China Plus|2019-01-03 12:15

Guangzhou Tops in Scientific and Technological Innovation

Guangzhou, capital of the Guangdong province, took the lead in scientific and technological innovation on the mainland in 2018, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Commerce.

Source:|2019-01-03 12:13

Chinese Naval Fleets Escort 3,400 Foreign Ships over Past 10 Years

China's naval fleets have escorted 3,400 foreign ships over the past 10 years, around 51.5 percent of the total escorted, according to a Ministry of National Defense statement.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-02 11:08

Five More Cities Offer 144-hour Visa-free Transit

Five more Chinese cities began offering 144-hour visa-free transit services to foreign travelers from 53 countries on Tuesday, said the National Immigration Administration.

Source: China Daily|2019-01-02 10:39

China Has 259 Top-level Tourism Spots: Ministry

China has more than 30,000 scenic spots and tourist attractions, among which 259 have 5A-level ratings, the highest rating for Chinese tourist sites, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Source: Xinhua|2019-01-02 10:35

New Year's Railway Passenger Numbers Peak at Holiday's End

China's railways were expected to go through a test of sorts on Tuesday as the number of passengers was forecast to peak at the end of the three-day New Year's Day holiday.

Source: China Daily|2019-01-02 10:31

Intelligent Driving Bus Line Put into Trial Operation in Central China

China's first route for intelligent driving buses on open roads was put into trial operation in Changsha, capital of Central China's Hunan province on Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-29 16:25

China's First Mongolian Language Search Engine Begins Operation

Northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region launched China's first Mongolian language search engine Friday, according to the region's ethnic affairs committee.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-29 16:22

China to Build Hainan into an Influential Tourism & Consumption Destinatination

China aims to build Hainan into an international tourism and consumption center by 2025 and a globally influential tourism and consumption destination by 2035, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-29 16:20

Expressway Linking New Beijing Airport Expected to Open Next June

BEIJING -- The expressway linking Beijing's new airport on the southern outskirts is expected to open in June 2019, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport announced Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-29 16:10

Reverse Urbanization Provides New Direction for Rural Regions

Spring Festival sees the largest annual migration in the world. During the 40 days of China's most important festival, hundreds of millions of people, most of them migrant workers, return to their hometowns from the distant cities where they work.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-28 15:17

China to Promote Government Online Services through New Media

BEIJING, Dec. 27 -- The General Office of the State Council, China's cabinet, has issued a guideline urging governments and departments at different levels to improve their online services through new media.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-28 15:13

Ultra-strong Microscopes Open Doors to Scientific Innovation

China is now capable of creating super-resolution optical microscopes that can see objects a mere 50 nanometers wide.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-28 15:00

Hong Kong Launches Smart ID Cards

The Immigration Department of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government said on Thursday that Hong Kong has started replacing identity cards with smart ID cards in phases.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-28 14:58

Xinjiang Opens New Airport, Raising Total Number to 21

A new airport was put into use Wednesday in the city of Tumxuk, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, bringing the total number of civil airports in the region to 21.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-27 15:58

Rural Tourism Generates 770 Billion Yuan Revenue in First Half of 2018

Rural tourism in China saw a boom in the first half of this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said on Wednesday.

Source:|2018-12-27 15:52

China's Underwater Glider Sets New Record

TIANJIN - Haiyan, a Chinese underwater glider, has set a new endurance record after working for 141 days and sailing 3,619.6 km in the South China Sea, said the developer.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-27 15:14

Restaurant Owner Gives Free Holiday Lunch to Street Cleaners for 17 Years

On the afternoon of Dec 23, over 500 street cleaners were invited to a mutton soup restaurant in Southwest China's Chongqing city to celebrate the Winter Solstice, the 22nd solar term of the year.

Source:|2018-12-26 16:39

Endangered Cranes Welcomed by Tibetans during Migration

LHASA -- Every year, black-necked cranes arrive in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, where they are welcomed by locals and tourists.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-26 16:38

Archaeologists Find 2,000-yr-old Tombs in Inner Mongolia

Archaeologists announced that they discovered a 2,000-year-old tomb complex on the Xilin Gol Prairie, northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-26 16:35

Solar Panels on Mountains Help Cut Carbon Emissions

Large-scale photovoltaic solar panels have been installed on the Taihang Mountains in Shexian county, North China's Hebei province, to make use of large mountainous areas and to promote clean energy.

Source:|2018-12-25 09:21

China's Marine Economy Sees Steady Growth

The structure of China's marine economy has been optimized over the past five years, with the tertiary industry's share growing by almost 9 percentage points in that period to 56.6 percent in 2017, lawmakers heard on Monday.

Source:|2018-12-25 09:19

Tree Coverage Takes Big Strides in North

China's efforts to fight desertification in northern China have made major strides over the past 40 years, but challenges remain, according to an evaluation report by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-25 09:17

Fuxing Bullet Train Options Set to Attract Global Buyers

Three new types of domestically developed Fuxing trains designed with varying top speeds made their debut on Monday, which experts said will offer more choices to potential overseas customers.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-25 09:15

China to Encourage Childbirth in 2019

The China Family Planning Association will continue providing guidance on reproductive health and childbirth, helping raise public willingness to have children, and resolving childcare difficulties.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-24 10:41

CRC Releases Chunyun Ticket Sale Info

Over 413 million trips are expected to be made by rail during the upcoming 40-day Spring Festival travel rush, an 8.3 percent year-on-year increase, according to national railway authorities.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-24 10:39

Satellite Ring in Works for Worldwide Broadband Web Service

China has made its first step toward building a vast space-based communications network that can provide broadband internet service worldwide.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-24 10:31

More Room to Breathe as the Forbidden City Thins the Crowds

On Oct 2, 2012, more than 180,000 people flocked to the Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, in Beijing, setting a record for the highest number of daily visitors in the institution's history.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-21 15:18

Nation's 1st Private Rocket Factory Begins Operation

The first privately owned carrier rocket factory in China, and the largest of its kind in Asia, recently began operations and is set to build what is expected to be the country's biggest privately designed rocket.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-21 15:14

Macao Marks 19th Anniversary of Returning to Motherland

A series of activities and events were held here on Thursday to celebrate Macao's 19th anniversary of returning to the motherland and the establishment of Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR).

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-21 15:06

Beijing Elects 10 'Tree Kings' to Enhance Ancient Tree Protection

Beijing's greening authorities said Thursday that the 10 most beautiful tree kings have been elected in an effort to protect ancient trees across the city.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-21 14:56

Chinese Researchers Find Way to Ease Radiotherapy-caused Neuropathic Pain

Chinese researchers have found that the medication pregabalin can help alleviate cancer patients' neuropathic pain caused by radiotherapy.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-20 16:35

Agriculture to Reap Harvest of Modernity

China will accelerate agricultural mechanization and widen the use of agricultural machines, which experts said will increase efficiency for diverse cultivations and help increase farmers' incomes.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-20 16:31

Farm Machine Imports Gain Wider Market

China will further open up its agricultural machinery market and offer equal treatment to domestic and foreign makers, which will promote fair competition and bring farmers more benefits, officials said.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-20 16:06

Hong Kong Opens Its First Children's Hospital

HONG KONG - Hong Kong Children's Hospital (HKCH), the first hospital specialized for children in Hong Kong, commenced provision of clinical services on Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-19 15:34

Chinese Researchers Develop Ultrahigh-voltage Micro-supercapacitors

SHENYANG - Chinese researchers have developed high voltage planar integrated micro-supercapacitors with superior flexibility.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-19 15:20

China's Petaflop Supercomputer Help Improve Vehicle R&D Quality

A supercomputer-based simulation platform for the research and development of vehicles has been launched in the National Supercomputer Center in north China's Tianjin.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-19 15:04

China Documentary Receives Wide Praise

A new political documentary focusing on 40 years of China's reform and opening-up has gained a wide audience and brought positive feedback since it was first screened on China's flagship channel last week.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-18 15:38

Fudan Researchers Achieve Scientific Breakthrough

Researchers from Fudan University in Shanghai and Cornell University in the United States have found evidence of a new type of quantum Hall effect existent in nanostructures of three-dimensional topological semimetal.

Source:|2018-12-18 15:32

Chinese Scientists Develop Low-cost, Flexible Robotic Hands

Newly-developed robotic hands by Chinese researchers were unveiled at a sci-tech exhibition on Tuesday in East China's Anhui province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-18 15:31

Macao Holds Int'l Parade to Mark 19th Anniversary of Return to Motherland

The government of China's Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) held an international parade Sunday afternoon to mark the 19th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-17 11:43

China to Build Platform for Arctic Environment Remote Sensing

China has launched a project to build a platform of collaborative research on the Arctic environment using remote sensing and numerical models, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-14 11:36

New Tunnel of Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Line Cut through

The longest tunnel for the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway was dug through on Thursday, marking a major breakthrough in the 174-kilometer rail line which is planned to fully open to traffic in 2019 to support the commute for the 2022 Olympic Winter

Source:|2018-12-14 11:34

Renewable Energy to Power Beijing's New Airport

Renewable energy will take up more than 10 percent of the Beijing Daxing International Airport's energy consumption mix when construction is completed next year, said the municipal authorities on late Wednesday.

Source:|2018-12-13 17:44

Western China's First Unmanned Bus in Trial Operations

A 14-seater new energy, unmanned bus struts its way just outside the headquarters of Sichuan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd – the manufacturer of the vehicle – in suburban Chengdu.

Source: CGTN|2018-12-13 17:33

Chinese Researchers Find New Compound to Lower Cholesterol

WUHAN -- Chinese researchers have discovered a new compound that can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-13 17:30

AI Technology Aims to Reduce Road Deaths in China

An AI-powered in-car monitoring system will be installed in trucks in China's Shenzhen city next year, in an effort to solve the problem of accidents caused by distracted drivers, reports

Source:|2018-12-12 16:09

Over 1 M Permanent Residents Registered in Xi'an as Hukou Restrictions Ease

Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, has attracted over 750,000 new permanent residents this year, according to local authorities.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-12 15:48

Hangzhou Surpasses Beijing as Most Attractive City for Chinese Graduates

Hangzhou has surpassed Beijing for the first time in the third quarter of 2018 as the most attractive city for new graduates, according to a report by a job-hunting website

Source: CGTN|2018-12-12 15:40

Beijing Winter Olympics' Host City to Power Xiongan New Area

China's northern city of Zhangjiakou will offer renewable electricity supplies to the Xiongan New Area in Hebei province, according to the city's Development and Reform Commission.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-12 15:35

Quantum Computer Control System Launched in East China

China's first quantum computer control system with independent intellectual property rights has been launched in Hefei, capital of eastern province of Anhui.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-11 15:50

Study Gives a Snapshot of Beijing Growth

The population of Beijing dropped slightly and is getting older, but residents are more educated, according to a study released on Sunday.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-11 15:46

Top Political Advisor Congratulates Guangxi on 60th Anniversary

China's top political advisor Wang Yang on Monday congratulated South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region on its remarkable achievements over the past six decades.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-11 15:39

Opening-up Has Brought Prosperity to Township in Guangdong

The situation in Changan township had become serious, with young people having left while the aged lived in panic after the farmlands had been abandoned.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-10 14:57

Archaeologists Unveil Deluxe Carriage from 2,500 Years Ago

Archaeologists at the archaeology research institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have unveiled the details of a deluxe carriage unearthed in a cemetery dating back to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256 B.C.) in North China's Hebei Province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-10 14:52

Submersible Jiaolong's New Mothership Takes to Water in Central China

A new mothership for China's manned submersible Jiaolong successfully took to water in the central city of Wuhan on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-10 14:45

Dinosaur Footprints Found at Mine

A large area of fossilized dinosaur footprints has been found at a copper mine in Sichuan province.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-07 11:48

Planned Water Conservation Projects Encouraged to Go Ahead

Efforts will be made to ensure that all water conservation projects proposed several years ago are launched by 2020, the Ministry of Water Resources said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-07 11:46

China Reveals Breakthroughs in Nuclear Safety, Quantum Computing

China announced two breakthroughs in cutting-edge research on Thursday — a digital control platform in the nuclear safety sector and an operation and control system of quantum computers.

Source:|2018-12-07 11:40

Opening-up Plays Key Role in Qingdao's Modernization

Reform and opening-up has proved a success in the modernization of the coastal city of Qingdao, in eastern China's Shandong province, Mayor Meng Fanli said.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-06 16:23

Chinese Scientists Aim for World's Most Detailed 3D Map of Human Brain

Why do some brains discover the laws of universe, while others create soul-stirring music or paintings? How is memory and consciousness generated?

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-06 16:11

New Booking Service to Give Ticket Buyers Edge over Scalpers

A new function of China's official train ticket booking website is expected to boost buyers' chances of obtaining a ticket during the upcoming Spring Festival travel rush.

Source:|2018-12-06 16:09

Austrian-born Panda Twins Return to China

Austrian-born panda twins, Fu Feng and Fu Ban flew to Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-05 18:15

China Delivers World's First Arctic Condensate Tanker

The construction of the first Arctic condensate tanker has come to an end at a shipyard in South China's Guangdong province, and the tanker will soon be handed over to its Greek owner.

Source:|2018-12-05 17:57

China Completes Second National Census on Names of Places

China has completed the second national census on the names of places, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-05 17:36

New Beijing Airport's Ground Transportation Construction Finished

The main structure of the high-speed expressway connecting the Beijing Daxing International Airport to the capital completed construction on Sunday.

Source:|2018-12-04 11:24

Low-earth Orbit Satellite Project Launched in Chongqing

China's first global mobile satellite communication and internet space project via low earth orbit (LEO) satellites has been launched in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-04 11:20

Hong Kong Scientists Discover Deadly Brain Cancer Mutation Route

The mutational mechanism of a rare and deadly brain cancer has been uncovered by scientists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, providing new therapeutic lead to the disease.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-04 11:18

Construction Starts on Railway Station in Xiongan

The construction of Xiongan railway station was started Saturday with a goal to optimize China's high-speed railway networks covering Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, according to sources from the China Railway.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-03 12:52

Researchers Develop Painless Method to Evaluate Tumor Progression

NANJING - Chinese researchers have developed a new evaluating model using medical imaging to help painlessly evaluate tumor progression in patients.

Source: Xinhua|2018-12-03 12:49

Yunnan Plans to Aid Foreigners with HIV

Southwest China's Yunnan province is considering providing free treatment to some foreign residents with HIV/AIDS, a top Chinese epidemiologist said.

Source: China Daily|2018-12-03 12:44

'Acid Rain City' Cleans Up Its Evironment

Liuzhou, an industrial center in Southwest China once riddled with acid rain, is transforming itself from a resource-consuming model to being driven by ideas and the environment.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-30 10:55

Shanghai Teams Up on Plans with Its Neighbors

Shanghai is teaming up with seven neighboring cities in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces for collaborative planning in one of the latest efforts to further push forward the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-30 10:53

Parts of Beijing Government Make Tongzhou Move

After six years of planning, design and construction, parts of the Beijing municipal government have moved from the capital's downtown center to Tongzhou district.

Source:|2018-11-30 10:29

New Policy Promises Jobs for Foreign Students in Hainan

Excellent foreign students with a master's degree or above from Chinese universities will be allowed to find jobs and start businesses in Hainan and work permits will be granted.

Source:|2018-11-29 11:34

Bamboo Knitting Stays Alive in Wuzhen

For bamboo-knitting craftsman Qian Lihuai in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, the internet has not only altered the way he lives, but offered a golden path reviving traditional bamboo handicraft passed down over hundreds of years.

Source:|2018-11-29 11:25

Chinese Company Unveils First Satellite for Free WiFi

A Chinese internet technology company unveiled the first satellite in a constellation plan to provide free WiFi service worldwide on Tuesday, following international tech giants into the field.

Source:|2018-11-29 11:18

Tree-planting Project Spreads Green to Desert

The sands piled up outside our house, blocking the door overnight. We had to get out through the window and used shovel to clear the sand, said Chen Ningbu, a 70-year-old resident from Hanggin banner in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Source:|2018-11-28 15:24

Sea Buckthorn Berries Feed Economic Growth

On the back of its effective afforestation program, Youyu county is focusing on developing an ecological economy, with sea buckthorn, a hardy, fast-growing shrub, playing a major role.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-28 15:21

Online Platform for Property in Legal Cases Opens in Beijing

A Beijing court opened a new online platform for property handling on Tuesday to prevent individuals from transferring properties during case hearings and ensure verdicts can be effectively implemented.

Source:|2018-11-28 15:14

Researchers Develop Sensitive New Radar for Weather Observation

China has developed a millimeter-wave cloud radar for Beijing's new international airport, offering weather forecasts with higher accuracy than previous generations.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-27 17:50

China to Launch First 'Constitution Week' Campaign

China will launch its first Constitution Week publicity campaign, which is scheduled from Dec 2 to 8, according to an official circular released Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-27 17:42

China Launches Remote Sensing to Monitor Operation of FAST Telescope

Southwest China's Guizhou province has used remote sensing to monitor the operation of China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), the world's largest single-dish radio telescope.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-26 11:47

China's Icebreaker Xuelong Enters Floating Ice Field in Southern Ocean

China's research icebreaker Xuelong has entered a floating ice area in the Southern Ocean to avoid a cyclone.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-26 11:44

China Launches Work on Third Aircraft Carrier, Xinhua Says

China has launched work on building its third aircraft carrier, Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday.

Source:|2018-11-26 11:28

New Sino-Brazilian Satellite to Be Lifted to Earth Orbit by 2019

The sixth satellite jointly built by China and Brazil is scheduled to be launched next year, said space authorities from the two countries.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-23 14:49

China Plans First Undersea Tunnel for High-speed Trains

China will build its first undersea tunnel for high-speed trains, connecting two cities in eastern province of Zhejiang, according to local authorities.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-23 14:47

China Successfully Tests Recovering 7-ton Spacecraft

Chinese researchers have successfully tested two major systems in recovering large spacecraft of more than 7 tons, a weight of US Orion spacecraft, and the breakthrough improves China's capability to reach the world leading level.

Source:|2018-11-23 14:44

Hubei Woman Patrols Road on Foot for Eight Years

Among those who patrol roads in Central China's Hubei province, Zhang Si stands out with her dyed hair and flowery scarf.

Source:|2018-11-22 15:38

Chinese Schools to Debut AI Textbooks in 2019

China's first AI textbook series designed for primary and secondary school students is expected to debut in 2019, reports the

Source:|2018-11-22 15:32

Highway linking Beijing's New Airport with Downtown Nears Completion

The construction of a highway connecting Beijing's new international airport with the downtown area has been finished 70 percent, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said Wednesday.

Source:|2018-11-22 15:19

Fudan University to Further Develop General Education Curriculum

Fudan University will further develop its general education through exploring new interdisciplinary courses, multinational university cooperation and pragmatic curriculum optimization in the field over the next three years, according to the university.

Source:|2018-11-21 09:56

Shanghai Team Makes Stem Cell Progress

Scientists in Shanghai say they have uncovered how hematopoietic stem cells find a suitable microenvironment in vivo - observation of live isolated cells - offering insights into improving the efficiency of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-21 09:42

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Airports Record 10 Million Passengers

Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport in North China's Hebei province welcomed its 10 millionth passenger of 2018 on Tuesday, according to the airport.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-21 09:40

Beijing to Finish Credit System by 2020

Beijing will complete the legislative work on regulations of the social credit system by 2020, said a senior official of the capital at a press conference on Monday.

Source:|2018-11-20 10:00

Guangdong and Nova Scotia Establish Sister Relations

South China's Guangdong province and Canada's Nova Scotia province have agreed to establish sister relations, as the maturing bilateral relations are benefiting both.

Source:|2018-11-20 09:47

Shaanxi to Finish Its Panda Project in 10 Years

Shaanxi province will spend the next decade finishing construction of its segment of Giant Panda National Park.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-20 09:41

Lancang-Mekong Tourist Cities Forum to Be Held in Sanya

A tourism cooperation forum featuring tourist cities in countries along the Lancang-Mekong River will be held in Sanya, South China's Hainan province, local authorities announced on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-19 11:14

Foreigners to Enjoy 144-hour Visa-free Transit in More Chinese Cities

From January 1, people of 53 nationalities will be able to enjoy a 144-hour visa-free period when transiting through Xiamen and a number of other Chinese cities.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-19 10:54

China's Icebreaker Xuelong Makes Port Call at Australia's Hobart

China's research icebreaker Xuelong docked in Australia's port of Hobart Saturday morning to replenish supplies, the last time it will do so before sailing to the Antarctic.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-19 10:50

Central China Launches World-leading Quantum Communication Line

Connecting Wuhan city of Central China's Hubei province and Hefei city of East China's Anhui province, a world-leading quantum communication line was officially put into service on Tuesday.

Source:|2018-11-16 10:05

China to Provide More Children with Affordable Preschool Education

About 85 percent of preschoolers in China, aged between three and six, will be enrolled in certified kindergartens by 2020, according to a high-level directive published Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-16 10:00

SAR Remote Sensing Experiment Site Unveiled in Northern China

BEIJING - A synthetic aperture radar (SAR) remote sensing experiment site was unveiled in Zhangjiakou, Northern China's Hebei province, according to the China Science Daily.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-16 09:57

China Issues White Paper on Cultural Protection, Development in Xinjiang

The State Council Information Office on Thursday issued a white paper on cultural protection and development in Xinjiang.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-15 10:53

Chinese Scientists Release Design on Huge Collider

BEIJING - A Chinese research team Wednesday unveiled its concept design of a huge electron positron collider, which could be used in solving many problems in physics.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-15 10:41

Beijing Issues Action Plan to Promote AI Industry

BEIJING - Beijing issued an action plan on developing artificial intelligence (AI) and established an AI research institute Wednesday to promote the AI industry.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-15 10:38

CHTF 2018 Kicks off in Shenzhen

The China Hi-Tech Fair 2018 will kick off in Shenzhen on Wednesday, with more than 500,000 visitors from all over the world expected to take part in the annual technology feast.

Source:|2018-11-14 17:31

Air Show Highlights Zhuhai's Potential for Innovation

At the recent China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, a lineup of state-of-the-art products independently developed by Zhuhai companies was shown to the assembled visitors from around the world, ranging from satellites to large aircraft and

Source: China Daily|2018-11-14 17:26

Guangzhou to Hold Large-scale Convention in Dec to Attract More Talent

To attract more overseas talent and local students with foreign university degrees to work in China, the Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talent will open in South China's Guangzhou city for two days beginning Dec 21.

Source:|2018-11-14 17:19

PLA Air Force Plans Expansion into Space to Modernize Capability

The People's Liberation Army Air Force intends to expand its presence into space as part of its plan to become a world-class force, a senior officer said on Sunday.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-13 10:06

New global Survey Shows Chinese Most Optimistic about Their Country

China is the most optimistic country in the world, with 91.4 percent of its citizens believing their country will become better a place in the next decade, according to a report released Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-13 10:02

China Expands Supercomputer Share in TOP500

DALLAS - China expanded its share on a global list of the world's fastest supercomputers, according to a biannual ranking of the Top500 published Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-13 09:59

Fuxing Bullet Train to Join Battle to Deliver for Singles' Day

BEIJING - Fuxing bullet trains between Beijing and Changsha, the capital city of Central China's Hunan province, will join the battle to deliver for Singles' Day, an annual e-commerce shopping spree in China that falls on Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-12 11:57

Buddhist Grotto Comes Alive with 3D Technology

TAIYUAN - Supported by 3D printing technology, the replica of a cave in the Yungang Grottoes, a 1,500-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site, has been successfully made in Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-12 11:55

China Announces Roadmap for Building Stronger Modern Air Force

GUANGZHOU - The Chinese Air Force on Sunday announced a roadmap for building a stronger modern air force in three steps.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-12 11:32

China Promotes Global Water Resources Management

China is willing to promote sustainable development in global water resources management by sharing its water-control technologies and experiences, a senior official said this week.

Source:|2018-11-09 09:13

'Toilet Revolution' Gives China Potential to Lead Global Upgrade

China holds the potential to lead a global upgrade of sanitation solutions, public health advocates said during the Reinvented Toilet Expo that closed in Beijing on Thursday.

Source:|2018-11-09 09:10

New Airport Starts Operation in China's 'Red Tourism' City

A new airport went into operation on Thursday in Yan'an, a tourist city in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-09 09:06

Full-size Model of China's Core Space Station Module Debuts in Zhuhai

A full-size model of the core module of China's space station Tianhe made its debut on Tuesday at the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China) in Zhuhai, south China's Guangdong Province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-08 11:16

Hainan to Launch Major Recruitment Fair in Beijing

South China's Hainan province plans to recruit 7,471 people for jobs in 371 government agencies, institutions and companies at a recruitment fair in Beijing on Saturday, the latest move to gather urgently needed talent resources to help spur the tropical

Source:|2018-11-08 11:03

Advanced Technology Played Role in Construction of Undersea Tunnel

China's first undersea tunnel for a subway employed advanced technologies and machinery to combat complex geological conditions.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-08 10:55

China Unveils Plan for Huaihe River Green Economic Belt

BEIJING - China unveiled a plan on Wednesday to promote the construction of the Huaihe River green economic belt in a bid to foster regional economic and ecological development.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-08 10:49

China's Outbound Tourists Creates Wealth, Employment for Many Countries

SHANGHAI - China's outbound tourists have created considerable wealth and jobs for many countries all over the world, official data showed Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-07 09:19

Nature Reserves Now Cover 18 Percent of China

There are now 11,029 nature reserves in China, covering more than 18 percent of the country's land area.

Source:|2018-11-07 09:15

Development of CR929 Aircraft Continues

The long-range, twin-aisle passenger aircraft CR929, which is being jointly developed by China and Russia, finished the preliminary demonstration work and determined the main parameters, such as the shape and sizes of the aircraft, earlier this year, acco

Source:|2018-11-07 09:04

China's First AI Theme Park Opens in Beijing

China's first artificial intelligence (AI) theme park opened to public in early November, after 10 months renovation of a municipal park in northern Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-06 10:19

2nd World Forum on Ecosystem Governance Convenes in Eastern China

The 2nd World Forum on Ecosystem Governance convened Monday in Hangzhou, capital city of eastern China's Zhejiang Province, with discussions on topics such as ecological capital, ecosystem governance in urban and rural areas, and social engagement set to

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-06 10:14

Public Panda Program Shows China's Commitments to Protecting Endangered Species

A public welfare program aiming to share stories of panda-human relationships has been unveiled to the public, presenting China's tremendous ecological conservation achievements in protecting the endangered species.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-06 10:03

China Grants 9 More Tourist Attractions with Top Rating

BEIJING -- Nine more tourist attractions in China have been granted the 5A-level rating, the highest rating for Chinese scenic spots, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-05 10:35

Chinese Scientists Develop Nanocomposite to Prevent Wheat Disease

HEFEI, Nov. 3 -- Chinese scientists have developed a nanocomposite to prevent powdery wheat mildew, a common wheat disease.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-05 10:07

Nations Fast-track Pakistan Port Plan

The all-weather strategic cooperative partnership between China and Pakistan will be strengthened with a firm commitment to building the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, including the landmark Gwadar Port, according to a joint declaration released on Sun

Source: China Daily|2018-11-05 09:33

Hainan to Hold World Tourism, Investment Conference

The 2018 World Tourism and Investment Conference will be held in Haikou, capital of Hainan Province in south China, from Nov 23 to 27, the provincial government has said.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-02 11:23

First Track Laid for Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway

The laying of track for the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway began on Thursday and is expected to be completed at the end of May, according to the company building the line.

Source:|2018-11-02 11:18

Logistics Hub Promotes Exports and Efficiency

More than 60 percent of the goods that depart the China-Europe Freight Train Logistics Center in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, are made and traded in Xinjiang, according to local railway authorities.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-02 11:07

New Weather Stations Start Operating in South China Sea

Three new weather stations in China's Nansha Islands began operating on Wednesday and will bring more accurate weather reports and warnings to fishermen and ships, according to the China Meteorological Administration.

Source:|2018-11-01 09:17

China Starts Exporting Petroleum to Laos

With over 64 ton diesel, handed over from PetroChina to a Lao company at Laos-China border, the first export of Chinese refined oil to Lao market was made on Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-11-01 09:03

Dalian Port Sets Ambitious Agenda for Transformation

Yu Bing, 44, started his career as a terminal operator at Dalian Port in Liaoning province.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-01 08:58

China Launches Microbiome Data Platform

Chinese researchers have developed an online platform for the data management, analysis, and release of microbial genomics and microbiome, according to the website of Chinese Academy of Sciences on Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-31 10:36

Hangzhou Sets up Research Institute on Internet-related Disputes

A research institute on internet-related disputes and improving quality of such cases was established in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, on Tuesday.

Source:|2018-10-31 10:33

Shanghai Aims for Top Tech City Status

Being the nation's most desirable city for scientists around the world, Shanghai will continue to sharpen its technological innovation ability as it builds a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence, its top official said.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-31 10:29

Administrative Bureau of Giant Panda National Park Unveiled

The administrative bureau of the Giant Panda National Park was formally established in Chengdu, Sichuan province, on Monday.

Source:|2018-10-30 16:16

Low-budget Carrier 9Air Starts Direct Flight from Guangzhou to Yangon

chirmnof9Air.Thecrrier。ccordinoJi. 。

Source:|2018-10-30 16:15

Shanghai Most Ideal City among Scientists Working in China

Shanghai is the most ideal city for scientific to work in China, according to a report by Shanghai Institute for Science of Science and Springer Nature released at Pujiang Innovation Forum in Shanghai.

Source:|2018-10-30 16:03

Archaeologists Find Ancient Fishing Ruins in Northeast China

Archaeologists said Sunday that they have unearthed the remains of ancient houses and ash pits, together with animal bones, bronze ware and stone tools in Northeast China's Jilin province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-29 09:12

Marathon Comes to Xiaogang Village, Birthplace of China's Rural Reform

HEFEI -- Geoffrey Kipkoech Kirui of Kenya triumphed at the Fengyang International Marathon in Fengyang, a county that served as the cradle of China's rural reform in Anhui province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-29 09:10

World Buddhist Forum Opens in Fujian

PUTIAN, Fujian -- The fifth World Buddhist Forum opened in the city of Putian, East China's Fujian province, on Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-29 09:04

Foshan Forges Ahead with Research and Innovation

The government of the city of Foshan, a manufacturing hub in China, has backed the establishment of a new group of research institutes and innovation centers to bolster its pillar industry and improve its expansion on the global stage.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-26 10:28

China Launches HY-2B Marine Satellite

China sent a new marine satellite into orbit Thursday morning to form a network with the subsequent HY-2C and HY-2D for maritime environmental monitoring.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-26 10:05

Shanghai Serves Both as Gatekeeper and Magnet for Digital Talent in Delta

The Yangtze River Delta region has proved a magnet for domestic digital talent, with Shanghai playing a crucial role in the redistribution of such talent within the region.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-26 09:32

New Rail to Reinforce Region's Economy

Construction of a railway linking Hotan prefecture and Ruoqiang county in Xinjiang will start at the end of this year and is ultimately expected to boost development in southern Xinjiang, the local railway authority said.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-25 10:30

Direct Railroad Routes Turn Vision into Profitability

Last year, the French sports retailer Decathlon started to transport products made in its factory in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, to its warehouses in Dourges, northern France, direct by rail.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-25 10:26

Span over Water Will Give Boost to Economy

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge will boost development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, especially in tourism and logistics.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-25 10:24

China Starts Building 2nd Littoral Mission Ship for Malaysia

China on Tuesday started building the second littoral mission ship (LMS) for Malaysia in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-24 10:01

China's Space Programs Open up to World

When German scientists were conducting micro-gravity experiments on China's recoverable satellite in the 1980s, Chinese space engineer Tang Bochang was busy solving technical problems, while carefully keeping Chinese secrets.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-24 09:58

China Launches Third Prototype Exascale Computer

China has launched a third prototype exascale computing machine, the next-generation supercomputer, according to the developer.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-24 09:55

Classic Poetry Musical Attracts Huge Opening Weekend Audiences

Chinese musical, Shi Jing Cai Wei (Classic of Poetry), premiered at Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in Beijing on October 20, attracting audiences totaling 4,000 people over its opening weekend.

Source:|2018-10-23 10:27

China, Japan, ROK Cement New Cultural Ties in Tianjin

The 11th China-Japan-Korea Cultural Industry Forum was held in Binhai New District in Tianjin from Oct 19 to 21.

Source:|2018-10-23 10:12

AI Used to Identify Sweetness of Melons

At a muskmelon store in Haikou in Hainan Province, customers can use artificial intelligence technology to measure the sweetness of the melons on offer, reports

Source:|2018-10-23 09:57

China Quickly Embracing VR amid Tech Boom

What will replace smartphones in becoming our most indispensable gadget in daily and digital life?

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-22 09:32

Westlake University Established in Hangzhou

Westlake University, a research-oriented private university, held its founding ceremony on Saturday in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-22 08:53

Mainland, HK Cooperate on Space Telescope to Search for Dark Matter

Scientists and space engineers from Chinese mainland and Hong Kong are working together on a space telescope to search for the mysterious dark matter in galaxy clusters about 300 million light years away.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-19 10:26

Traditional Chinese Medicine Primary Topic of Discussion

The Forum on 2018 Chinese Medicine Culture Development was held on Thursday in Beijing as an important part of the fifth annual conference of the Taihu World Cultural Forum.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-19 10:12

Shanghai Forum to Promote Innovation

The 2018 Pujiang Innovation Forum is set to be held in Shanghai at the end of October, aiming to continue promoting science and technology innovation in China and the world and supporting global innovation development.

Source:|2018-10-18 14:25

China’s Self-developed Commercial Drone Feihong-98 Completes Test Flight

A large commercial drone developed and modified by the China Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology made a successful test flight at Baotou test site in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Tuesday.

Source:|2018-10-18 14:23

HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to Open Tuesday

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge connecting the east and west sides of the Pearl River Delta in South China will officially open on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-18 11:50

BeiDou-3 Continues Journey to Homegrown Satellite System

China is independently producing key parts of BeiDou-3 satellites and user devices, exploring a way to bring significant projects under control.

Source:|2018-10-17 09:11

Foreigner's Knee Pain Cured by TCM

After receiving acupuncture treatment four times at the Central Hospital of Wuhan in Hubei province, John Kendrew no longer feels any pain in his knee.

Source:|2018-10-17 09:05

Database Established to Study Ancient Chinese Philosopher Zhu Xi's Doctrine

Chinese researchers have set up a database to study doctrine of Zhu Xi, a well-known Chinese ideologist, philosopher and educator who is believed to have lived from 1130 to 1200.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-17 08:56

Chinese Scientists Discover Better Treatment for Liver Transplant Rejection

Chinese scientists have potentially found a more effective solution to liver transplant rejection, which is life-threatening when it occurs.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-16 09:04

Beijing Publishes First Round of Applicants of Household Registration

The first round of 6,019 applicants who meet the qualifications for Beijing's household registration system, called hukou in Chinese, was published on Monday for public supervision, according to municipal authorities.

Source:|2018-10-16 08:58

Maritime Silk Road Museum Planned in Fujian

The Palace Museum and Shimao Group are going to build a museum focused on the Maritime Silk Road in Quanzhou, Fujian province, where the ancient maritime route began.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-16 08:51

Home-Sharing Inspires Rural Tourism

Last month, Beijing's Wang Jiahui, a software engineer, had what she described as the most unforgettable accommodation experience, courtesy Airbnb, a key player in China's home-sharing market.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-15 10:54

Macao Hosts Greater Bay Youth Forum on Opportunities for Young People

Chief Executive of China's Macao Special Administrative Region Chui Sai On called for concerted efforts Saturday to create better conditions for young people in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, who could strive to achieve their dreams withi

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-15 10:45

40 Years on, Xiaogang Still Testbed of China's Rural Reform

China's agricultural conglomerate Beidahuang Group has just concluded the first season harvest on a modern rice plantation in Xiaogang Village, east China's Anhui Province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-15 10:35

Chinese Universities to Develop Smart Public Transport System

BEIJING -- Hunan University in Central China has launched an innovation initiative to develop a smart urban public transport system, according to Thursday's Science and Technology Daily.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-12 10:05

Shanghai Medical Insurance Covers International Hospital

Shanghai's medical insurance scheme extended its coverage to medical bills at a foreign-funded hospital on Wednesday as part of efforts to boost the city's healthcare service sector.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-12 09:55

Great Wall Renovation An Uphill Struggle

As the first ray of sunshine reaches Donggou village in Beijing's Miyun district, Yang Chenghai and his fellow villagers walk behind 14 mules, each laden with bricks, and make their way up a hill to a section of the Great Wall.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-12 09:53

China Launches New Remote Sensing Satellites

Two remote sensing satellites were successfully sent into space Tuesday from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-11 09:35

Palace Museum Begins Building Branch in Northwestern Beijing

After years of preparation, construction of a branch of the Palace Museum formally kicked off on Wednesday in Beijing's northwestern outskirts.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-11 09:28

Renovation of Potala Palace Roof Nearly Complete

Renovation of the golden roof of the Potala Palace is nearly complete and is awaiting inspection by the National Cultural Heritage Administration, said the Potala Palace Management Office in the Tibet autonomous region on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-11 08:52

Chinese Tourists Benefit Global Tourism Industry

Chinese tourists not only contribute a lot to domestic tourism revenue but also to the income of many other countries and regions since nearly 7 million outbound trips were made from Chinese mainland during the weeklong National Day holiday.

Source:|2018-10-10 10:20

China's First Firefighting Train Debuts

A train designed for firefighting made its first appearance in a drill in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province recently, the country's railway operator China Railway Corp's official WeChat account, chineserailways, reported.

Source:|2018-10-10 10:13

Young Chinese Set out on the Road to Adventure

The younger generation is turning its back on the traditional holiday routes of museums and shopping malls in favor of new experiences. Xin Wen reports.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-10 10:10

China Develops Lower-limb Rehabilitative Robot

China has developed a lower-limb rehabilitative robot which will soon be put into clinical use, according to the China Science Daily on Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-09 09:32

Infographic: More Chinese on the Road during 'Golden Week'

Infographic: More Chinese on the road during 'Golden Week'.

Source:|2018-10-09 09:27

Beijing to Host Life Science Conference

Beijing will host the 2018 World Life Science Conference later this month, which will focus on areas including medicine and health, agriculture and food safety, the environment and biotechnology, the organizer said at a news conference on Monday.

Source:|2018-10-09 09:25

Breakthrough Made in Peanut Planting on Qinghai Plateau

Chinese scientists have successfully grown peanuts in Northwest China's high-altitude Qinghai province for the first time, local authorities said.

Source: Xinhua|2018-10-08 09:40

Better Prices, Services Boost Holiday Travel

Nearly 730 million trips were made by Chinese travelers within China over the seven-day National Day holiday, a year-on-year increase of 9.43 percent, thanks to cheaper tickets and higher-quality travel services, according to the Ministry of Culture and T

Source: China Daily|2018-10-08 09:32

Rail Traffic Peaks as Millions Return from Holiday Trips

China's railway traffic reached its peak on Sunday, the last day of the weeklong National Day holiday, with an estimated daily passenger flow of 15.2 million, China Railway Corp said.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-08 09:14

Jiangsu Couples Can Apply for Digital Marriage Certificate on Alipay

Starting on Friday, couples in east China's Jiangsu Province can apply for a digital copy of their marriage certificate on Alipay using a mini program launched by the Jiangsu Provincial government.

Source:|2018-09-30 10:00

China Launches Centispace-1-s1 Satellite

China launched its Centispace-1-s1 satellite on a Kuaizhou-1A rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China at 12:13 pm Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-30 09:49

New School to Cultivate International Development Talent

As one of the earliest universities in China to carry out teaching and research on international development, the University of International Business and Economics unveiled a new school in Beijing on Friday to further cultivate multi-level international

Source:|2018-09-29 09:56

China's Third Internet Court Opens in Guangzhou

China opened its third internet court, in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on Friday to help deal with the rising number of disputes and problems caused by society's ever-growing reliance on cyberspace.

Source:|2018-09-29 09:54

New Combat Aircraft for Export Makes Debut Flight

The FTC-2000G, a new multirole combat aircraft developed for export by the State-owned defense giant Aviation Industry Corp of China, made its debut flight in Anshun, Guizhou province, on Friday morning.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-29 09:41

Long March Rockets to See More Commercial Use

China's Long March rockets are expected to carry out more commercial launches next year, providing better and comprehensive services in space, according to a senior executive at a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Source:|2018-09-28 08:36

High-speed Railway Finally Reaches Jiamusi

High-speed rail will finally reach Jiamusi city in eastern Heilongjiang province, as the railway line from Harbin, the provincial capital, will be put into use on Sunday.

Source:|2018-09-28 08:33

60 Years on: Ningxia on Path to A Better Future

60 years on: Ningxia on path to a better future

Source:|2018-09-28 08:31

Foreign Ministry Announces New App for Overseas Tourists

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a mobile application on Wednesday which will provide consular services to citizens overseas just ahead of the National Day holiday which will witness a peak in the number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad.

Source:|2018-09-27 11:16

Researchers Expand Test of Saline Soil Rice to Loess Plateau

The saline soil rice R&D team of Yuan Longping, the prestigious pioneer of hybrid rice, is expecting a harvest from a test field in the Loess Plateau, the world's highest soil erosion area.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-27 11:09

Beijing Focuses on Functions of Central Districts

Beijing said it will focus more on political functions in the use of land as it banned new residential real estate projects in its core districts on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-27 10:34

Advanced Rescue Ship Planned

China State Shipbuilding Corp is designing what it says is the world's most advanced rescue ship, and plans to commission it around 2021.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-26 11:23

3.95 Million Visit Beijing for Mid-Autumn Festival

Beijing received 3.95 million visitors during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday from Sept 22 to 24, according to data released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Tuesday.

Source:|2018-09-26 10:24

China Aims to Explore Polar Regions of Moon by 2030

BEIJING -- China plans to land on and explore the southern and northern polar regions of the Moon by 2030, according to an official of the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

Source: China Daily|2018-09-26 09:43

'Red Tourism' A Top Travel Priority for Upcoming Holidays

Red tourism will stay highly popular, as will cultural tourism, during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, according to a recent forecast.

Source:|2018-09-25 15:09

HK Enters A New Era with High-speed Rail

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor has welcomed a new era in the SAR with the commencement of high-speed rail, linked with the country's extensive express rail network.

Source:|2018-09-25 15:04

Macao's Total Industrial Revenue up by 12.1% to $1.43B in 2017

MACAO - Macao's total revenue of the industrial establishments amounted to 11.54 billion patacas ($1.43 billion) in 2017, up by 12.1 percent year-on-year.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-25 14:59

HK Express Rail Makes Historic Debut

The much-awaited Hong Kong section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link, or XRL, got off to a smooth start on Sunday in what could amount to a big bang in the evolution of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-25 14:49

Greater Support Pledged for Ningxia

The central government will better support the development of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region and make sure that relatively less-developed ethnic areas achieve a moderately prosperous society in all respects together with other regions by 2020, a senior

Source: China Daily|2018-09-21 11:36

Rapid Rail to Boost HK Growth

The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link will promote the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's long-term prosperity and its integration into national development by enhancing people-to-people, economic and trade contacts with the Chinese ma

Source: China Daily|2018-09-21 11:31

China's First Airplane Developed by Private Firm Makes Maiden Flight

China's first aircraft independently developed by a private company, the Guanyi GA20, made a successful maiden flight in East China's Jiangxi province on Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-21 11:12

Tibet Aims to Make All Villages Road-accessible by 2020

The government of the Tibet autonomous region has been enhancing road construction and maintenance in the region’s rural areas, with 695 of its 697 townships accessible by road, according to the region’s department of transportation.

Source:|2018-09-20 10:20

Chinese Student Wins EU Science Contest Prize

A Chinese student was awarded here on Tuesday the third prize of the 30th European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS), the highest prize ever won by China since its participation in the contest in 2003.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-20 10:01

Ground Transport Network to Serve Capital's New Airport Mapped out

Beijing has mapped out the operations plan for several ground traffic routes to facilitate operations at the city's new airport - Beijing Daxing International Airport - which is scheduled to open in September 2019.

Source:|2018-09-20 09:47

Space Lab Working beyond Life Span

China's Tiangong II space laboratory, which has exceeded its designed life span, remains in space and is still able to conduct scientific tasks, according to its developer and a leading expert.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-20 09:33

China Cybersecurity Week Opens in Chengdu

The 2018 China Cybersecurity Week opened in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, on Monday and will run until Sunday.

Source:|2018-09-19 09:53

Online Bus-pooling Service to Debut in Beijing

A new way of riding a bus — hailing a bus online and waiting until a certain number of people around your location make the same request — will soon be available to the public in Beijing according to Beijing Public Transport, Beijing Youth Daily reported

Source:|2018-09-19 09:47

Chinese Eye Doctors to Provide Free Treatment in 6 BRI Nations

China has announced plans to send medical teams to provide free surgery to 3,000 cataract patients in six countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative in the next three years.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-19 09:45

FAST to Start Formal Operation in 2019

China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, will start formal operation and open to Chinese astronomers in 2019.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-18 10:03

Online Literature Readers Number 400 Million in China

The number of China's online literature readers has increased to 400 million this year, almost half of the country's total online population, the Beijing Daily reported Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-18 10:01

China Establishes First Research Institute for National Parks

China has established a research institute for national parks in the city of Xining, the capital of Northwestern Qinghai province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-18 09:59

'Smart Glasses' to Incorporate Facial Recognition

Chinese smart glasses producer Beijing LLVision Technology Co Ltd and the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced on Wednesday the launch of a joint laboratory focused on vision technology, to accelerate the commercialization of facial recognition.

Source:|2018-09-17 09:20

China's R&D Spending Sees Rapid Growth in Past Decades

BEIJING - China's spending on research and development (R&D) has seen rapid growth in the past 25 years as the country pursues a strategy of development through scientific and technological progress.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-17 09:16

Flowers to Decorate Beijing as National Day Nears

A huge basket-shaped flower arrangement themed Blessings to China will be installed in Tian'anmen Square under the decoration plan for the upcoming National Day holiday on Oct 1.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-17 09:11

Shanghai Hosts International Tourism Festival

SHANGHAI - Over 1,300 performers from 25 countries and regions celebrated the opening of Shanghai Tourism Festival on Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-17 09:08

Poplar Trees Get New Status under BRI

Source: China Daily|2018-09-14 18:45

Bullet Train Line Will Reach Grottoes

Tourists will be able to reach Dunhuang, Gansu province, directly by high-speed train soon and see its famous Mogao Grottoes among other sites, after a high-speed train reached the city during a test run on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-14 18:35

Global Vision Drives Iris-recognition Technology

Experts can map the iris - the colored ring between the black pupil and the white sclera - of a human eye. It is a unique individual feature that remains unchanged from age 1, said expert Tan Tieniu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-14 18:25

Tujia Art Troupe Brings Village Light Relief

As her colorfully clad students sing folk songs and offer tourists homemade rice wine, 83-year-old Gong Guimei enjoys watching and humming along.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-13 15:38

Boeing Forecasts China to Need 200 New Freighters in 20 Years

China is expected to demand 200 new air-cargo freighters and 470 converted freighters over the next 20 years, said a senior official of Boeing in Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-13 15:31

China Building Its Largest Marine Fisheries Research Vessels

SHANGHAI -- Researchers from Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences are building the country's two largest marine fisheries research vessels.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-13 12:24

China Makes Steady Progress in Urbanization

China has made steady progress in urbanization during the past 40 years thanks to its reform and opening-up, with a rapidly-growing population of city dwellers.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-12 09:06

China's 2018 Future Science Prize Winners Announced

China's Future Science Prize, one of the country's most prestigious non-governmental science awards, announced on Saturday the 2018 winners in the areas of life science, physical science, and mathematics and computer science.

Source: People's Daily Online|2018-09-12 09:04

40 Years since Reform and Opening-up: Changes in Transportation

40 years since reform and opening-up: Changes in transportation

Source:|2018-09-12 08:51

Submersible Sets Ocean Depth Record

China's unmanned submersible Hailong 11000-also known as Sea Dragon 11000-recently set a national depth record for a Chinese robotic submersible, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-11 09:58

Multinationals Say Variety of Strategies Key to China Success

Successfully employing a range of different strategies, the development of multinational corporations in China has benefited from the nation's unique market and the support of personnel and technology.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-11 09:30

Guangzhou-Shenzhen-HK High-speed Train Tickets Go on Sale

Tickets for high-speed trains linking Chinese mainland and Hong Kong go on sale on Monday via online platforms, telephone hotline and railway stations, reported.

Source:|2018-09-11 09:00

China's Public Donations Exceeds 75 Billion Yuan in 2017

Public donations topped 75.5 billion yuan (more than $11.1 billion) in China in 2017, said the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA).

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-10 10:05

Chinese scientists Use Domestic Satellite to Conduct Light Pollution Research

Chinese scientists have conducted nighttime light pollution research using a domestically-produced remote sensing satellite, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-10 10:02

China Launches First Domestically Built Icebreaker

China is launching its first domestically built research icebreaker, Xuelong 2, or Snow Dragon 2, on Monday, and plans to officially put it into service in the first half of 2019, according to its builder.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-10 10:00

New Chinese TV 'Star' Rises across Africa

A digital broadcaster is forging links of friendship between China and people in countries across the continent. Li Zhihui and Cao Pengyuan report for Xinhua.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-07 09:35

New Ocean Park in Shanghai Sets Opening Date

The Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, the next major attraction in the city following Disneyland, will begin its trial run on Oct 1 and officially open on Nov 16, the park said on Thursday.

Source:|2018-09-07 09:26

Atmosphere and Marine Observation Station to Be Built in North China

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Atmospheric Physics and Laoting County have reached an agreement to build an atmosphere and marine research station and an industrial base in this north China county.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-07 09:17

Intelligent Monitoring System for Manhole Covers Installed

An intelligent monitoring system is being used to manage manhole covers in Beijing, Beijing Daily reported Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-06 11:35

Snow Leopard Consensus Signed in Beijing

Representatives of the world's major snow leopard range countries signed a consensus on global snow leopard conservation in Shenzhen on Wednesday.

Source:|2018-09-06 11:11

China's First Independently-developed Atmosphere Observation System Installed

China has installed its first independently-developed atmosphere observation system known as APSOS in Tibet Autonomous Region in the southwest of the country.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-06 11:09

Next-gen Imax system Makes Debut in Shanghai

China’s first Imax laser projection system, one of the most advanced movie projection technologies, has been adopted at Shanghai Hoyts Cinema in Imix Park.

Source:|2018-09-05 11:15

AI Used to Predict Chances of Recovery from Brain Trauma

Chinese researchers and doctors have built an artificial intelligence model that uses medical imaging to help determine whether patients with severe brain damage might regain consciousness.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-05 11:11

World's Longest-span Aircraft Hangar Gets Its Roof

As the last roof structure was lifted in place Monday morning, the aircraft hangar in Beijing Daxing International Airport, an international hub, was capped after around four months of operation.

Source:|2018-09-05 10:38

Tunnel Construction Signals New Phase in Bridge Project

Construction of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge, another mega bridge and tunnel project along with Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, entered a new stage when construction of an immersed tube tunnel began in Jul

Source: China Daily|2018-09-04 09:29

Chongqing Builds A Glass Bridge with 5D Effect

A glass bridge, 230 meters long, with a 5D effect recently opened at a scenic spot in Southwest China's Chongqing.

Source:|2018-09-04 09:26

Symposium Held to Commemorate WWII Victory Anniversary

China on Monday held a symposium to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the victory in the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-04 09:24

Silk Road Tour Highlights Dunhuang Elements

The Mogao Grottoes, an art performance and a lecture featuring the ancient history of Dunhuang in Northwest China's Gansu province drew a delegation closer to Silk Road culture during their tour from Sept 1-2.

Source:|2018-09-03 10:47

China Begins Urgent Visa Reissue Service for Foreigners Who Lose Passports

SHANGHAI - Jordan Kane, a 24-year-old woman from Britain, was thrilled to get her Chinese visa reissued in just one hour Saturday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-03 10:44

China-developed AI Helps Assess Brain Injury Patients

Chinese researchers and doctors have built an artificial intelligence (AI) model with medical imaging to help determine whether patients with severe brain damage might regain consciousness.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-03 10:31

Beijing-donated Archway Coming to Brooklyn

A distinctive Chinese-style archway to be installed in Brooklyn borough in New York is set to become a new landmark in the city and a symbol of China-US friendship.

Source:|2018-08-31 11:46

Chinese Scientists Measure Gravity with Record Precision

A group of Chinese researchers recently has measured the most precise estimates for the strength of gravity by using two independent methods.

Source:|2018-08-31 11:15

Ningxia Celebrates 60 Years of Success

The Ningxia Hui autonomous region has made historic achievements in social development since it was founded 60 years ago, the chairwoman of the region said.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-31 10:55

Shanghai Seeks World-class Sports Stature

Shanghai released a document on Wednesday listing 30 guidelines to boost the sports industry-part of its effort to build itself into a global city of excellence by 2035.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-30 10:27

China Builds National Database for Water Networks

Having an ID number is not the exclusive domain of human beings -- now it's also a right owned by the waters in China.

Source:|2018-08-30 09:45

Project Launched to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cells in E China

A project on developing hydrogen fuel cells was launched to build a hydrogen city in Jinan, east China's Shandong Province on Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-30 09:12

Chinese Tourists Biggest Spenders in the World

China maintained its leading role in the global tourism market with outbound tourists spending $258 billion in 2017, accounting for one-fifth of the world's total spending on tourism, according to a world tourism report.

Source:|2018-08-29 09:21

China Building A Superconducting Computer

Chinese scientists are building a low-energy and high-performance superconducting computer, aiming to complete a prototype as early as 2022 according to a media report.

Source:|2018-08-29 09:12

New Rules Aid Applicants Who Plan Overseas Trips

Mainland residents who need a passport or a permit for travel to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, will be able to complete the application process at any entry and exit office nationwide starting on Sept 1, the State Immigration Administration said on Tuesday

Source: China Daily|2018-08-29 09:03

Civil Aviation Authorities Set up On-site Office in C919 Developer

China's civil aviation authorities have set up an on-site airworthiness office in the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), developer of the C919 and ARJ21 airplanes, according to COMAC on Sunday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-28 10:06

Meteorite Crater Acquired by Shanghai Museum

A meteorite crater in Yunnan province has been recovered and collected by the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum on August 18, marking the first time that a Chinese museum has acquired such a crater.

Source:|2018-08-28 09:58

'Seawater Rice' Rides Tide of Hope and Hype

A test next year will determine whether new strain can be grown commercially, Xie Chuanjiao reports from Qingdao, Shandong.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-28 09:29

China Adds 8,130 kilometers of Expressways to Toll Road Network in 2017

China added 8,130 km of expressways to its toll road network last year, an increase of 6.5 percent year on year, according to the Ministry of Transport.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-27 09:13

Freight Train Fetes 10,000th Europe Trip

China Railway Express, also known as the China-Europe freight train, completed its 10,000th trip on Sunday as it returned to Wuhan, Hubei province, after a two-week journey from Hamburg, Germany.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-27 09:01

New Carrier Sets out on Second Sea Trial

China's first domestically designed aircraft carrier embarked on its second sea trial on Monday from its shipyard in Dalian, Liaoning province.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-27 08:58

Chinese Researchers Record More Endangered Gazelle

Chinese researchers have found a record number of Przewalski's gazelle, an endangered species found only around a lake in Northwest China's Qinghai province, during an annual large-scale survey this year.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-24 12:49

Chinese Private Space Company to Launch First Carrier Rocket

China will launch its first solid-propellant carrier rocket developed by a Chinese private company late this year.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-24 12:41

High-speed Railway to Open, Connecting Hong Kong with 44 Destinations

The government of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) announced Thursday that the operating arrangements for the Hong Kong Section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL) would be commissioned on Sept 23.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-24 12:27

'Longevity Protein' Found Effective in Primates

Chinese scientists have discovered that a longevity protein called SIRT6, which regulates aging in rodents, can also affect development in nonhuman primates.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-23 09:39

China Launches First Financial Court in Shanghai

China's first court specializing in handling finance-related cases opened Monday in the country's financial hub of Shanghai.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-22 09:45

New Highway Section in Beijing Launched; Region to See Benefits

A 38-kilometer section of highway that connects Beijing's southern Daxing district with eastern Tongzhou district opened to vehicles on Monday at noon, bringing the larger 940-km project into full operation.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-22 09:41

Town's Move Provides New Opportunities

The relocation of a poor, remote township in a mountainous area of Guizhou province is expected to be finished by the end of this year and help locals get out of poverty and enjoy better public services.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-22 09:36

Baby Koala Meets Public in East China

A baby koala born in Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo in East China's Jiangsu province made its first public appearance on Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-21 10:02

World's First Solar Panel Expressway Being Repaired

The world's first expressway section paved with solar panels, which opened for trial service in Jinan, Shandong province, on Dec 28, is undergoing repairs, Qilu Transportation Development Group said on Monday.

Source:|2018-08-21 09:59

Students Who Want to Be Teachers Get Huge Boost with Fee Waiver

A regulation has been introduced for government-paid teaching students at six key universities to help improve education equality, especially in central and western regions.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-21 09:33

An All New Fengtai Rail Station Underway in Beijing

Construction work began on Beijing's new Fengtai Railway Station - expected to be one of the largest stations in Asia - after the last scheduled train passed through the old station.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-20 11:09

Greater Bay Area Backs TCM Going Global

Traditional Chinese medicine experts from Guangdong province and the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions have joined forces to set up a landmark integrated TCM center in the region, resolving to spur innovation and advancement in treating a

Source: China Daily|2018-08-20 11:05

China Completes 1st Test on Propulsion System for Space Experiment Module

XI'AN - Chinese researchers have successfully completed the first test of the propulsion system for the experiment module of the country's planned space station.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-20 09:20

3D Atlas of China Published

The first 3D atlas of China has been published by Harbin Cartographic Publishing House, the Science and Technology Daily reported on Wednesday.

Source:|2018-08-17 15:20

Beijing's 7th Ring Road Opens to Traffic This Month

The Capital Region Ring Expressway, a 1,000-kilometer-long highway linking Beijing and its neighboring cities, will open to traffic this month, reported on Friday.

Source:|2018-08-17 15:17

Hero Captain Lands at Tsinghua University

Liu Chuanjian, the hero captain who safely landed Sichuan Airlines Flight 3U8633 in May, has been admitted to the aeronautics and aviation management program at Tsinghua University.

Source:|2018-08-17 14:47

China Has World's Second-largest Number of Top Ranking Universities

The 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities released on Wednesday by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy reveals that 62 research universities in China have made their list of the world's top 500 universities.

Source:|2018-08-16 10:12

Lunar Probe Unveiled as It Readies for Expedition

Chinese scientists unveiled their latest lunar probe, the Chang'e 4, on Wednesday, saying it will be launched in December on a mission to land on the far side of the moon.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-16 10:06

Bay Area Expected to Unleash Power

Vice-Premier Han Zheng said on Wednesday that the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area must fully utilize the advantages of the one country, two systems principle. It also must unleash the integrated power of Guangdong province

Source: China Daily|2018-08-16 09:55

Internet Technology to Assist Healthcare in Yangtze Region

Residents of China's Yangtze River delta region stand to benefit from distant medical diagnosis and algorithm-backed disease detection services.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-15 09:47

Scientists Intend to Chase Solar Eclipses in Space

Total solar eclipses - when the moon comes between the viewer and the sun - are spectacular opportunities for scientists to observe the sun's corona. But from Earth, they are brief and rare.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-15 09:34

Spacecraft to Extend Lifespan of Satellites

Chinese satellite experts are designing a new type of spacecraft that will be capable of moving a de-orbiting satellite back into its intended orbit, thus extending its period of service.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-14 09:24

Beijing Builds 5G Base Stations for Faster Networks

Chinese telecom giant China Unicom's Beijing subsidiary launched a 5G NEXT plan Monday, to embrace faster wireless 5G networks in the near future.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-14 08:49

Chinese Scientists Achieve Record Efficiency on Organic Solar Cells

Chinese scientists have achieved a record 17.3 percent power conversion efficiency on organic solar cells, marking a step forward in the wide application of the green battery.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-13 09:37

Govt to Lower Prices of 14 Drugs to Treat Cancer

China's medical insurance administration said it will lower the prices of 14 cancer drugs and instructed provincial-level drug-procurement platforms to follow the new standard by the end of next month.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-13 09:35

Annual Tibet Festival Starts with Thangka


Source: CHINA DAILY|2018-08-13 08:59

International Plan Draws Foreign Students


Source: China Daily|2018-08-10 08:40

Torchbearers for Beijing Olympics Reunite in City

It has been 10 years since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but for many the memory of the sports extravaganza will always remain fresh, especially the event's torchbearers.

Source:|2018-08-10 08:38

Scientists Led by Fudan University Develop New Imaging Technique

Researchers led by a team from Fudan University have developed a new form of nanoparticle and associated imaging technique that could change the way medical professionals detect disease biomarkers, including cancer.

Source:|2018-08-09 09:17

Beijing-Tianjin Railway Speed Rises to 350 Kph

China on Wednesday increased the maximum speed of bullet trains on the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed railway to 350 km per hour (kph), reducing the inter-city travel time by five minutes.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-09 09:15

Tsinghua Scientists Design Electronic Skin

Chinese scientists have developed a graphene-based tattoo-like electronic skin that could function as a wearable device to monitor a person's health.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-08 10:22

Hexi Corridor Excavations Lead to Climatic Change Discovery

The Hexi Corridor, part of the ancient Silk Road in China's northwest, experienced sharp climatic change from about 3,700 years ago, archaeologists have said.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-08 09:04

Experiments Solicited for Space Station

China has begun to solicit proposals for scientific and technological experiments from the international research community to be conducted aboard its manned space station scheduled to enter service around 2022.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-08 09:02

Chinese Astronomers Discover Giant Star Rich in Lithium

BEIJING - Chinese astronomers have discovered the most lithium-rich giant star ever known, which could shed new light on the evolution of the universe.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-07 17:30

Coordination Plan Sees Better Development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

China's strategy to coordinate development in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has driven faster and better development in the area, according to official data.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-07 17:20

China Will Give International Students Work Options

Source: China Daily|2018-08-07 17:09

China's Animal Theme Park Launches AR Mini Program

Chimelong Safari Park in the southern city of Guangzhou unveiled an Augmented Reality (AR) mini program to help visitors explore the park.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-03 10:45

Jinan-Qingdao High-Speed Railway Starts Test Runs

The Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway began test runs in Shandong province on Thursday. If no complications arise, the rail line is expected to go into service at the end of this year, the railway authority said Thursday.

Source:|2018-08-03 10:42

High-tech Propels Regional Growth

Chinese regional economies witnessed relatively stable growth in the first six months of the year while divergence remained. Debt-laden or resource-dependent areas lagged behind, while those focusing on high-tech industries took the lead.

Source: China Daily Europe|2018-08-03 10:38

More Fitness Venues to Allow Public Access

China's governing body for sports, saying it wants to encourage greater mass participation in exercise, has pledged to open more State-owned facilities to the public.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-03 10:30

Woman Goes to Hospital with Snake that Bit Her

Photos of a woman going to hospital with a snake twined around her wrist have gone viral on Chinese social media.

Source:|2018-08-02 10:57

Reusable Rockets Taking off

Chinese rocket scientists are devising ways to enable some of their products to be reusable, according to senior space scientists.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-02 10:49

International Norms to Be Set for Colleges

As China looks to enhance its reputation as a world-class center for higher learning, education chiefs are putting the final touches on the nation's first quality standards for university programs aimed at international students.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-02 09:44

Belt and Road Positive Force for Middle East

The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, commonly known as the Belt and Road Initiative, is a grand vision for China's engagement with roughly 70 countries that are home to two-thirds of the world's population.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-01 09:51

Research Ship Leaves on Scientific Mission

Research vessel Dayang Yihao, or Ocean No 1, departed its home port in Qingdao, Shandong province, on Tuesday and embarked on a 100-day scientific ocean expedition.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-01 09:48

China Fossils Confirmed as New Dino Species

British and Chinese researchers have confirmed that fossils found in China are from an entirely new species of dinosaur that belonged to the same family as the iconic extinct giants diplodocus and brontosaurus.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-01 09:32

Traditional Chinese Medicine Law Implemented Effectively

The Law on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been implemented effectively since its release on July 1, 2017, according to the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-31 09:43

Investment Injection to Give Real Economy Added Impetus

Multiple measures have been issued by the central government to ease financing difficulties for ongoing projects and boost effective investments, meaning more capital will go to the infrastructure sector and support the real economy in the second half of

Source: China Daily|2018-07-31 09:41

The Technology Ball Rolls on, through the Eyes

There's a saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul. The visual sense is regarded as a unique communication channel among human beings, but Li Ming is dedicated to developing the sense into an interactive tool between people and machines.

Source: Chinadaily|2018-07-30 09:45

China Launches New Twin BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellites

China on Sunday sent twin satellites into space via a single carrier rocket, entering a period with unprecedentedly intensive launches of BeiDou satellites.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-30 09:39

China's 2nd International Arbitration Court Set up

An international arbitration court was launched on Sunday in the southern-most island province of Hainan.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-30 09:34

World's Largest Container Vessels under Construction in China

Construction of two container ships with the carrying capacity of 22,000 TEUs, which would make them the largest container vessels in the world, began on Thursday, the reported.

Source:|2018-07-27 18:57

China’s Self-developed Large Drone Xiangying-200 Completes Test Flights

Shenyang Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), recently completed test flights of Xiangying-200 unmanned helicopter and it has now entered its acceptance stage.

Source:|2018-07-27 18:50

Govts Will Open Further to Business

Facing trade frictions, local governments will continue opening up to make the business environment fair and equal to all - lowering the market access threshold and costs for enterprises - senior officials said on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-27 10:01

China to Launch Internet Courts in Beijing, Guangzhou

China plans to set up internet courts in Beijing and Guangzhou based on the experience of the internet court in Hangzhou, according to a statement from China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) on Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-26 09:56

China to Complete Standardizing Urban, Rural Medical Insurance by 2019

A unified national medical insurance service, from which both urban and rural residents enjoy equal benefits, will be in place by 2019, said the state medical insurance administration Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-26 09:53

Giant Panda Longlong Delivers Male Baby

Giant panda Longlong, born in July 2013 in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, has delivered a male baby at a local zoo, marking a successful breeding of the second generation of the animal in South China.

Source:|2018-07-26 09:48

Chinese Researchers Use Ice to Develop 3D Nanofabrication Method

Chinese researchers have created a 3D nanofabrication method by using ice and fabricated 3D nanostructures.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-25 09:37

Prices of Anti-cancer Drugs Reduced in Some Provinces

Many provinces recently have seen the prices of anti-cancer drugs reduced, Beijing News reported.

Source:|2018-07-24 17:00

China to Conduct Grain Storage Audits

The State Council, China's cabinet, has unveiled a plan to implement audits on policy-supported grain storages to ensure the security of grain reserves.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-24 10:16

China's Salt-resistant Rice Lauded by UAE

Source:|2018-07-24 10:06

World's Biggest Dam Is Fertile Ground for Rare Plants

On top of the 185-meter high dam of the world's largest hydroelectric project, endangered plants are having a field day.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-23 15:03

China Sees 310 Million Exits, Entries in First Half of 2018

China saw over 310 million exits and entries across the border in the first half of 2018, a 7.7-percent increase year on year, according to the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration under the Ministry of Public Security.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-23 09:24

Flexible Micro-batteries Developed for Smart Wearable Electronics

Chinese scientists have developed flexible micro-batteries with high energy density and steady performance under extraordinary high-temperature, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-20 10:10

China Developing In-orbit Satellite Transport Vehicle

China is developing a space vehicle to help transport orbiting satellites that have run out of fuel, Science and Technology Daily reported Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-20 10:00

Reading Meets High-tech at Book Expo

At the 28th National Book Expo beginning on Thursday, innovative technology for buying, reading and listening has been caught in the spotlight.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-20 09:54

Snow Leopard Habitats Expand in China

Chinese researchers said Thursday that the habitats of rare snow leopards have been expanding in recent years, as the big cat has been sighted in more areas of China.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-19 17:16

Premier Urges Cheaper Prices of Anti-cancer Drugs

Premier Li Keqiang urged more efforts in reducing the price of anti-cancer drugs after a hit movie drew people's attention to the dilemma faced by cancer patients.

Source:|2018-07-19 10:14

China Develops Powerful Subsea Equipment

China's new underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), one of the world's most powerful ROVs, rolled off the production line in Shanghai, Science and Technology Daily reported Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-19 10:02

New Airport Comes with New Construction Tech

Beijing's new airport - currently under construction in the southern part of the city - is loaded with quality innovations that will make it one of the most efficient in the world, even as it becomes the world's largest airport.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-18 13:14

Chinese Embrace Sanfu, Hottest Time of Year

Chinese people embraced the first day of sanfu, the hottest and dampest period of the year, on Tuesday in unique ways across the country.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-18 09:08

AI Robots Newest Recruits in China's Kindergartens

Good morning everyone! I am Keeko. Nice to meet you! In the classroom, an artificial intelligence (AI) robot introduces itself before putting forward a question: Why are there four different colored garbage bins in our kindergarten?

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-17 13:45

High-tech Zones Are 'Driving Growth'

China's National High-Tech Industrial Development Zones, the backbone of the country's high-tech industries, have seen stable, positive growth in the first half of this year, officials said on Monday.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-17 13:43

New Science with an Ancient Focus

The science of studying the roots of modern people via DNA extracted from the bones of ancient humans — people who lived from 5,000 to 50,000 years ago — is very new. Even 15 years ago, it barely existed.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-16 09:48

China's Earth Observation Satellites Monitor Typhoon Maria

China has been using two of its Earth observation satellites for emergency monitoring of Typhoon Maria, which made landfall Wednesday morning in Lianjiang county, East China's Fujian province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-13 09:46

China's FAST Telescope Identifies 43 Pulsars

China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, has discovered 43 new pulsars so far since its trial operation began in September 2016, the research team announced on Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-13 09:43

Central Bank to Issue Commemorative Coin for High-speed Rail

The People's Bank of China, China's central bank, will issue a commemorative coin for the high-speed railway on Sept 3, according to a statement on its official website.

Source:|2018-07-12 16:32

China Rises on List of Innovators

China's capability to innovate won't be affected by a trade war with the United States, though such a war would pose a challenge to the international flow of knowledge, experts said.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-12 09:54

Foreign Journalists Learn about China

Thirteen senior editors and reporters from 12 countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative have gained a deeper understanding of China's development in the new era after a training program that concluded in Beijing on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-12 09:51

China Breaks into Top 20 Innovative Economies: WIPO Ranking

China was among the top 20 most-innovative economies in the annual Global Innovation Index (GII) ranking published on Tuesday by Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-11 09:44

Cutting-edge Chip Moves at Light Speed

A test production line is expected to be completed this year following Chinese breakthroughs in the development of a new type of computer chip - one that replaces electrons with light, making it incomparably faster than current chips.

Source: China Daily |2018-07-11 09:41

China Launches New Beidou Navigation Satellite

China sent a new Beidou navigation satellite into orbit on a Long March-3A rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, in the southwestern Sichuan province, at 4:58 am Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-10 16:11

China Readying for Space Station Era

China is accelerating its timetable for a space station, with the core capsule expected to be launched in 2020, says Yang Liwei, director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office and the country's first astronaut.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-10 09:42

New AI Wave Coming for Medical Field

A large number of applications to get market approval for medical devices that employ deep learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, are expected to be filed next year, but full commercialization of the products is not necessarily within easy reach,

Source: China Daily|2018-07-10 09:37

China to Pilot E-ticket for High-speed Trains

China is about to pilot E-ticket in some of its high-speed lines by the end of this year, reports the China News Service.

Source: China Plus|2018-07-09 16:45

China Conducts Massive Synthesis of Liquid Solar Fuel

Chinese researchers have successfully increased the scale of synthesizing liquid solar fuel, taking a step forward to boost the use and output of renewable energy in the country.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-09 10:14

Chinese Scientists Find New Diagnostic Method for Liver Cancer

BEIJING - Chinese scientists have identified new biomarkers of liver cancer and developed a new diagnostic method for the disease.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-09 10:12

Opening Day Set for New Beijing Airport

The acceptance check for Beijing's new airport and auxiliary projects has been set for June 30, and three months later, the airport will be put into operation on Sept 30, 2019, according to a comprehensive plan issued Friday.

Source:|2018-07-09 10:07

Evaluations Aim to Help Innovation

To promote innovation, China has launched its most detailed performance evaluation systems so far for talented researchers, institutes and projects, officials said on Thursday. The system will be more streamlined and efficient, they said.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-06 13:46

High-speed Trains to Go even Faster

China's high-speed railway system is setting more ambitious goals for domestically developed Fuxing bullet trains, Lu Dongfu, head of the national railway operator, said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-06 13:44

Construction Begins at Yanqing Olympics Hub

The construction of sports venues in Yanqing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will use high technology to make the Games sustainable, officials said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-06 13:42

World's First High-speed Rail Suspension Bridge Takes Shape

The northern tower of Wufengshan Yangtze river bridge, the world's first high-speed rail suspension bridge, was capped recently, according to Shanghai railway bureau.

Source:|2018-07-05 17:42

Toilet App Draws Road Map to Relief for Those in Need

A national cloud platform to help people locate toilets has served more than 100,000 users since Nov 19, the day it popped up online as part of China's so-called toilet revolution, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-05 17:37

Milky Way Larger after Chinese Telescope Research

BEIJING - Astronomers are recalculating the size of the Milky Way thanks to data from a Chinese telescope.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-04 15:35

AI Education Booms As China Cultivates Talent

China's booming artificial intelligence industry has generated demand for talent. To build a strong pool of skilled AI workers, China is now fostering specialized education at universities by improving the curriculum and promoting interdisciplinary resear

Source: China Daily|2018-07-03 15:05

Chinese Scientists Break Quantum Computing Record

Chinese physicists have achieved quantum entanglement with 18 qubits, surpassing the previous world record of 10. This represents a step toward realizing large-scale quantum computing, according to recent study published in the journal Physical Review Let

Source:|2018-07-03 15:01

China's Railway Freight to Increase 30 Percent by 2020

BEIJING -- China will increase its railway freight volume by 30 percent, or 1.1 billion tonnes, from 2017 to 2020, an official said Monday, as the country is working to improve its transport network and services.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-03 14:55

China Developing Smart Rocket Able to Plot Own Flight Plan

BEIJING - China is developing a smart rocket that can rectify mechanical failures during flight and plot a new flight path.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-02 16:57

Chinese Railways to See 647 Million Passenger Trips in Summer

BEIJING - China's railway network is expected to see 647 million passenger trips in this year's summer transport from Sunday to the end of August, according to the China Railway Corporation.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-02 16:54

Longest Span Arch Bridge Achieves New Milestone

Workers have successfully completed the closure of the top-bear concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge with the world's longest span of its kind in Southwest China's Guizhou province when they installed the last steel tube on Saturday.

Source:|2018-07-02 15:27

Internet to Foster Rural Development

China will improve internet services and IT infrastructure under the Internet Plus Agriculture model to promote integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas and bring farmers more business opportunities that he

Source: China Daily|2018-06-29 14:23

China Set to Become Largest 5G Market by 2025

SHANGHAI - China is expected to become the world's largest 5G market by 2025, accounting for 430 million 5G connections, or one-third of the global total, according to a report released by Global System for Mobile Communication Association (GSMA) and Glob

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-29 14:14

High-speed Rail Coming Soon to Frigid Zone

The longest high-speed rail line in China's frigid zone is expected to start operating in September, China Railway Harbin Group said.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-29 14:08

China's C919 Project on Track with Two in Flight Tests

BEIJING - China's C919 large passenger plane project is making steady progress, with two planes undergoing flight tests, according to the State-owned Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (COMAC).

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-28 14:31

China Launches New-tech Experiment Twin Satellites

XICHANG - China successfully launched new-tech experiment twin satellites on the Long March-2C rocket from Southwest China's Xichang Satellite Launch Center Wednesday morning.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-28 14:26

China's First Stainless Steel Airport Terminal Roof Installed

QINGDAO -- A giant metal roof has been installed on the newest airport terminal in Qingdao in East China's Shandong province, the country's first stainless steel roofing project for an airport terminal.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-28 14:22

Communist Youth League Starts National Congress

BEIJING - The Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) started its 18th national congress in Beijing Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-27 11:33

China to Have 700 National Key Labs by 2020

BEIJING - China's national key laboratories will be more than tripled to around 700 by 2020 as a major part of its national innovation system, according to the latest guidelines posted online by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-27 11:25

China to Implement Three-year Transport Development Plan

China will implement a 3-year action plan to improve its transport network and services, according to the Ministry of Transport.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-26 11:54

Nation Plans to Mark 40th Year of Reform, Opening-up

China will launch promotional and educational activities across the country to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its reform and opening-up policies.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-26 11:36

Nanotechnology Limits Pushed

China has made several breakthroughs in cutting-edge nanotechnology in the past five years that will have significant applications in electric vehicles, industrial printing and public health, scientists said on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-26 11:15

WorldSkills Official Praises China

China has made improvements in running competitions to encourage young people to pick up skills or achieve a higher level of performance as a skilled worker, said a senior WorldSkills International official.

Source: China Daily USA|2018-06-25 12:14

High-tech Tools Aim at Wildlife Protection

The International Fund for Animal Welfare and tech giant Baidu are using advanced technology, including big data and artificial intelligence, to help crack down on wildlife-related crimes online.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-25 12:05

Slow Train to Russia Plays Key Role in Cross-border Trade

Zhang Xiaojun has completed nearly 2,000 round trips between China and Russia in the past 10 years, but he has never had the opportunity to travel around China's vast neighbor to the north.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-25 11:55

Boost Benefits to Retain Skilled Workers, SOEs Told

China's State-owned enterprises directly managed by the central government have been instructed to take steps to improve benefits for skilled workers - for example, offering more stock ownership incentives - to help sustain key workforces and improve the

Source: China Daily|2018-06-22 09:45

Festival Created to Celebrate Harvest, Giving Farmers Their Day in the Sun

The nation will celebrate Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival on the autumn equinox on the Chinese lunar calendar starting this year, Han Changfu, minister of agriculture and rural affairs, said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-22 09:34

Footprints Tell A Story: These Dinosaurs Were Social

Four parallel paths of dinosaur footprints - which include 70 footprints of a small type of didactyl (a two-toed dinosaur) called Deinonychus - provide the first evidence that the creatures lived in groups, according to an article published in Cretaceous

Source: China Daily|2018-06-21 14:19

Three-year Action Plan Aims for Blue Skies

Within three years, air pollution in China's key urban areas will be significantly reduced, resulting in more blue-sky days, by shrinking outdated production capacity and the use of substandard coal, as part of efforts to change energy consumption and the

Source: China Daily|2018-06-20 11:24

Science Fund to Support Innovation

The National Natural Science Foundation of China, the country's main foundation for basic scientific research, will continue reforms to cultivate innovative talents and groundbreaking scientific work, officials said on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily |2018-06-20 11:21

Draft to Ease Income Tax by Raising Threshold

China's top legislature is revising the personal income tax code in a sweeping overhaul of the tax system.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-20 11:12

China Sees More Trips Made during Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

Chinese tourists made 89 million domestic trips during the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, up 7.9 percent year on year, official data showed.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-19 15:17

Space Tourism Not Far Off, Rocket Maker Says

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology is known as a prestigious developer of carrier rockets, but in the near future, it may acquire a new tag: China's first space tourism provider.

Source: China Daily |2018-06-19 15:12

Xi's Example in His Youth Inspires Students

Thousands of students at Shaanxi Normal University have drawn inspiration from President Xi Jinping's seven years as an educated youth in the small village of Liangjiahe in Shaanxi province.

Source: China Daily |2018-06-19 15:09

Book on Xi's Journalistic Thought Published

A book on Xi Jinping's journalistic thought has been published by the People's Publishing House and Xuexi Publishing House and is available in Xinhua Bookstore outlets nationwide.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-15 16:17

Pensions to Be Ensured Through Plan

The central government is adopting an adjustment fund system for the basic pension covering employees of enterprises to address the different situations among provincial regions and ensure punctual and full pension payments to retirees.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-15 09:45