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Sanmenxia, City of Swans

From early winter to early spring, Sanmenxia plays host to an interesting, intimate group of friends -- white swans.

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Xuchang is situated in the center of Henan Province, neighboring Zhoukou in the east, Pingdingshan in the west and Luohe in the south. The capital city of the province, Zhengzhou lies 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of the city.

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Pingdingshan located in the central Henan Province, Pingdingshan neighbors Luoyang in the northwest, and the capital city Zhengzhou is 135 kilometers (84 miles) of road mileage from the city.

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Everything Looks Fresh - Charming Xinxiang

Xinxiang is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains of China, bordering the Yellow River and Taihang Mountain. It is rich in natural resources, with reserve of cement rock as ten billion tons that of coal 8.4 billion tones, that of marble two bill

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Zhengdong New District Sees Rapid Growth

Zhengdong New District is located in the Eastern Putian Group area according to the Zhengzhou city overall planning approved by the State Council. The total plan area is about 150 square kilometers.

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Zhoukou has more than six thousand years of brilliant history. It was known as Chen in remote ages, and the Chu State in the late Warring States Period (476BC-221BC) made it the capital.

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Shangqiu is situated in the eastern region of Henan Province. It touches the borders of neighboring Kaifeng in the west, Zhoukou in the south, Shandong Province in the north and Anhui Province in the east.

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Nanyang, with a long history, splendid culture and pleasant climate, is situated in the southwest of Henan. It boasts abundant natural resources and a galaxy of outstanding people. Nanyang gets its name from the Funiu Mountain in the south and the Hanshui

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Located on the alluvial plains on the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, Kaifeng, a key tourism city along the banks of the river, is under the direct jurisdiction of the Henan provincial government. It is 70 kilometers from Zhengzhou in the we

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Dengfeng township in Henan Province is smaller than either Luoyang or Kaifeng, but it is well worth a visit if you have time. The township is located in the Songshan Mountains, about 45 miles from the provincial capital, Zhengzhou, and 50 miles east of Lu

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Xinxiang is a modern city with an impressive skyline. The city is 360 miles south of Beijing and 48 miles north of Zhengzhou.

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Located in the west of Henan Province and to the southern bank of the middle reaches of Huanghe River (Yellow River), a national historical and cultural famous city well-known at home and abroad, known as the ancient capital of nine dynasties, and also on

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Zhengzhou, located in the Central China plain with the Yellow River to the north and Mount Songshan to the west, is the capital of Henan Province.

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Henan to Be Known

Henan, an agricultural province in the middle-lower reaches of the Yellow River, is so named because a greater part of the province lies south of the Yellow River.

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Amazing Henan - Where China Began

In human history, many ancient and splendid civilizations were born and died. China is the only country with uninterrupted human civilization. Chinese civilization was born on the shores of the Yellow River in 2,800 BC. And the fertile land where Chinese

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