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Zhengzhou Museum

Source:WhereZhengzhou Published:2019-10-22 12:11

What did China's earliest darts look like? Did the ancient people play golf? If you want to learn about all kinds of sports in ancient China, you are in luck. Zhengzhou Museum, together with Henan Museum, Sichuan Museum and the Chengdu Sport University Museum, is holding "Bo•Yi-Huaxia Sports Relics Exhibition." 175 pieces (sets) of ancient sports relics have been selected for the exhibition, including 12 pieces (sets) of first-class national cultural relics, 13 pieces (sets) of second-class cultural relics and 108 pieces (sets) of third-class cultural relics.

Ancient sports include fitness and entertainment sports such as horse riding, martial arts, fishing and chess, athletic sports such as wrestling, dragon boat, Cuju and polo, as well as some unfamiliar sports such as Touhu and Chuiwan. Touhu, for example, is a throwing game similar to modern darts. This sport, more like a wager game, was often seen when ancient people drank. The losing side would be made to drink as a forfeit. Chuiwan is similar to the golf. The ancients hit a small ball with a stick to get it into the hole, hence the name Chuiwan. Experience zones are set for these special events, which take you "back" thousands of years to experience the sports of the ancients. Of course, you can also imagine yourself as a kung fu warrior going back to the ancient times.

Editor:Zhao Xichen