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Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden

Source:wherezhengzhou Published:2019-10-28 13:36

Here comethe Phalaenopsis Exhibition and the Chrysanthemum Exhibition in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden. Indoors is a romantic Phalaenopsis exhibition that lasts from September 28 to October 31. In the intelligent greenhouse of 4000 square meters, different species of phalaenopsis including golden armor, threecolor bird, amethyst, queen beer, fireworks, moonlight beauty, fire phoenix and pink green dendrobium are gorgeous and blooming, particularly dazzling against the plants such as ivy, asparagus fern, kamuning and jonquil. Outdoors is ebullient chrysanthemum exhibition that lasts from October 1 to 15, with dragon boat sailing, auspicious cloud on column, peacock spreading its tail, and elephant as the elements of the themes.

To celebrate the 70th birthday of the People's Republic of China, the Green Expo Garden creates a flower sea feast with flower gallery, aircraft carrier, flying to the moon, Great Wall, tree of life, prosperous central plains, "Belt and Road" as the theme landscape.

Here, we can enjoy the trip of looking for "rainbow flower" that can bring happiness and joy as if we were flower faerie.

Editor:Zhao Xichen