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Liu Yuxi Park

Source:wherezhengzhou Published:2019-11-04 13:51

Liu Yuxi Park is a cultural theme park in Xingyang, Zhengzhou. It is an open park fully integrated with the art of landscape architecture based on the tomb of Liu Yuxi, the great poet of Tang Dynasty with his poem as the theme. Covering an area of 180,000 square meters, it is adjacent to the Xingyang Chess Square and Three Emperors’ Statues, one step away from the botanical garden.

In the picturesque environment, we seem to have returned to the Tang Dynasty. Liu Yuxi was praised as "a great poet" by Bai Juyi. He was also an outstanding essayist, philosopher and politician in the middle Tang Dynasty, who wrote the popular An Epigraph for My Humble Room. In memory of Liu Yuxi, the park recreates the scene described in the text. Walking into the humble room, grass and trees, tables and chairs bring us to the elegant life of the great writer.

Editor:Zhao Xichen