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The Ecological Scenic Spot of Yanming Lake

Source:wherezhengzhou Published:2019-11-11 14:06

Surrounded by green banks, Yanming Lake in Zhongmou, Zhengzhou, features a vast expanse of smoke and magnificent views. With an area of 4,000 mu, the lake has plenty of water and lush grass and is covered with reeds, and abounds in wild aquatic products including fish, crab, eel, shrimp and turtle. It is a good place to taste Yellow River carp and hairy crabs, and watch the rare birds including egrets, geese, swans and mandarin ducks.

We often use "the first crab eater" to describe people who are innovative. Autumn is the best time to eat crabs. If you have time, go to the Yanming Lake. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery, eat crabs, feel the daring of the first crab eater, and cheer for the upcoming final quarter of the year.

Editor:Zhao Xichen