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Jianye & H Brothers Movie Town

Source:WhereZhengzhou Published:2019-12-31 09:39

Along the movie avenue block, Dehua Street and Datong Road are reminiscent of old times. Based on Zhengzhou at the beginning of the last century, the movie town has restored the old buildings in the early days of Zhengzhou commercial port, and transformed the film history and culture and film industry into interactive experience. This is Jianye & H Brothers Movie Town.

Walking around the block of Tai Chi, you feel like entering in the scenes of the movie Tai Chi, as if you were Chen Changxing, the inheritor of Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan. The street restores the panoramic view of the film Tai Chi, which was designed by Tim Yip, the best art director at the 73rd Academy Awards.

This movie town has mountains, rivers and gate towers, fairs, a bustling capital and all kinds of weird machinery. The ancient folk houses in the central plain are opposite to the western chariot Troy, Tai Chi and steampunk combine, showing a movie world featuring integration of Chinese and Western culture and collision between ancient and modern arts.


Editor:Zhao Hanqing