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Wandering in Flowers

Source:Henan Daily Published:2020-05-20 13:52

Chinese cabbage flowers are in full bloom in the mountainous area of Jiyuan. [Photo provided to Henan Daily]

On April 19, 100,000 qing (a unit area; 1 qing is about 6.6667 hectares) of beautifully blossoming wild rhododendrons at the West Mount Tai Scenic Area in Ruyang county attracted a lot of tourists. [Photo provided to Henan Daily]

More than 1,000 mu of wild alpine rhododendrons were about to blossom on April 20 in Foshan village of Fushan town, Shangcheng county, which is located in the deep hinterland of the Dabie Mountain. [Photo provided to Henan Daily]

Editor:Zhao Xichen