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Baiyun Mountain, Luoyang

Source:govt.chinadaily.com.cn Published:2020-06-03 09:18

Baiyun Mountain, Luoyang

(洛阳白云山风景区 luò yáng bái yún shān fēng jǐng qū)

The inscription, "Fairyland on earth- Baiyun Mountain," was written by Qi Gong, a master of Chinese culture and calligrapher. [Photo/chinabym.com]

Baiyun Mountain in Luoyang, Henan province occupies an area of 168 square kilometers, which boasts five tourism spots, namely Yuhuang Summit, Jijiaoman, Baiyun Peak, old-growth forest area and Jiulonghe Sightseeing Area, all of which feature wonders and beauty.

Located in the wildwood area of Funiu Mountains, Baiyun Mountain is abundant with plant and animal resources (204 species of animals and 1,991 species of plants), and with a forest coverage rate of more than 98.5 percent, it is praised as "natural museum". Yuhuang Summit, towering 2,216 meters, is the highest point of Baiyun Mountain, a perfect place to enjoy the sunrise and sea of clouds.

With its mix of natural treasures, the mountain is a comprehensive scenic area with different characteristics. It is the best place in the Central Plains to take a sightseeing tour, enjoy a vacation or escape the summer heat, as well as an ideal place for scientific research and study or wild exploration.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: April to early November

Opening Hours: Open throughout the day.

Ticket Price: 75 yuan ($10.92)

Free Tickets:

① Six-year-old children or younger and children below 1.4 meters in height;

② Active servicemen, retired army officers, disabled revolutionary servicemen and those aged 70 or above with a valid certificate.

Half Price:

① Minors between the ages of 8 and 18;

 ② Disabled persons;

③ The elderly between the ages of 60 and 69;

④ Full-time university bachelor or junior degrees with a registered student ID card.

Address: Songxian county, Luoyang city, Henan province

Website: http://www.chinabym.com/website/websiteView.do(Chinese)

Online Booking: http://www.chinabym.com/website/piaowuyudingView.do


1. The climate on the mountain is rather cold, so prepare enough clothes to keep warm.

2. No smoking.

3. Obey the rules and do not enter undeveloped areas in case of danger.

4. Sightseeing bus is 70 yuan for each visitor.

Editor:Zhao Xichen