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Chaya Mountain, Zhumadian

Source:govt.chinadaily.com.cn Published:2020-06-13 13:41

Chaya Mountain, Zhumadian

(驻马店市嵖岈山旅游景区 zhù mǎ diàn chá yá shān lyǔ yóu jǐng qū)

Chaya Mountain Scenic Zone is a shooting location of Journey to the West,the classic Chinese TV drama adapted from one of China's "Four Great Classical Novels". [Photo/chayashan.com]

Located in Suiping county in the south of Central China's Henan province, Chaya Mountain covers a total area of 148 square kilometers, including the main scenic area of 50 sq km. The mountain is only 514 meters above sea level, and it can be more accurately called a "hill" when compared with other mountains towering a few thousand meters high.

Consisting of four hills - Liufeng Hill, Mila Hill, Northern Hill and Southern Hill - the mountain is surrounded by four beautiful and poetic lakes, making it a picturesque and stunning living painting. It can be visited in all four seasons because each season offerstotally different but still very beautiful scenery.

Abundant with cultural and natural landscapes, the zone has more than 300 scenic spots with distinctcharacteristics. The unique geological phenomena play a significant role in the research of the Yanshan movement, one of the geological movements related to the formation of the North China Craton.

The area became even more famous a few years ago after a camera crew shot a TV series about what happened to the characters in the Chinese classic Journey to the Westafter the events depicted in the novel.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: May to early November

Opening Hours: 8:00 -- 18:00

Ticket Price: 65 yuan ($9.41) during the peak season (March 1 to Nov 30)

40 yuan during the low season (Dec 1 to the end of February)

Free Tickets:

①Children below 1.4meters;

②Disabled persons, active servicemen, reportersand those aged 70 or abovewith valid certificate.

Half Price: 32 yuan during the peak season and 20 yuan during the low season.

①The elderly between the ages of 60 and 69;

②Full-time studentswith registered student ID card.

Address: Chaya Mountain Scenic Zone, Zhumadian, Henan province

Website: http://www.chayashan.com/(Chinese)


Online Booking: http://www.chayashan.com/shop.php?cid=1


1. Wear comfortable clothes when climbing the mountains.

2. Please take care of your personal belongings and your children.

3. Visitors should fill in their real names when booking tickets.

Chaya Mountain is renowned for its exquisite stones and rocks. [Photo/chayashan.com]

Editor:Zhao Hanqing