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China Solicits Public Opinion on Revised Cultural Heritage Law

Source:Xinhua Published:2020-11-13 17:02

BEIJING -- The National Cultural Heritage Administration on Wednesday has begun soliciting public opinion on a draft revision to the law on cultural heritage protection.

The revision adds a new chapter on the supervision and inspection of cultural heritage work, which includes detailed stipulations on government responsibilities, intensifying national-level inspection and implementing a level-based management system for cultural relic safety hazards, among other aspects.

According to the revision, cultural heritage authority under the State Council will inspect regional governments' work on cultural heritage protection, and follow up major criminal cases and safety accidents involving cultural heritage.

The revision also requires regional governments above the county level to take the effect of cultural heritage protection into consideration when evaluating the work of relevant subordinate units and governments at lower levels.

The public can submit their opinions via e-mail or mail before Dec. 10, according to the administration.

Editor:Zhao Xichen