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International students in Henan, 'It is really a heart-warming winter vacation!'

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-02-08 17:36

International students in Henan, 'It is really a heart-warming winter vacation!'



"By learning Taijiquan, I have become more interested in Chinese culture. When I go back to my hometown, I will teach what I have learned to my family and friends to make them love China and Chinese culture even more." On February 6, Du Bo, a student from Jordan who studies at the International Education College of Henan Polytechnic University, was carefully practicing every movement of Taijiquan with his classmates.


Students of the International Education College of Henan Polytechnic University. [Photo provided to Henan Daily]

To enrich campus life of the international students during the winter vacation, provide an opportunity for them not only to enjoy the warmth of the school, but feel the atmosphere of Chinese New Year, a series of activities including "cultural experience" and "technological innovation" were held by the International Education College of Henan Polytechnic University, such as Taijiquan performance, Chinese Spring Festival culture, technological innovation training, etc.



Among them, the performance of Taijiquan taught by the CPC volunteers from the School of Physical Education became the highlight of the activities. In regard to the cultural experience of Chinese Spring Festival, Du Bo displayed his calligraphy work: a couplet composed of "牛气冲天气象新, 福气满满快乐年" (Wish you a happy New Year and a good fortune). During his study at Henan Polytechnic University, Chinese calligraphy is his favorite hobby.



According to the international students' wishes, the International Education College also organized many folk cultural activities and related online contest, such as hanging red lanterns, sticking Spring Festival couplets and window decorations, making dumplings, etc., to make them have a taste of Chinese New Year and experience the enthusiastic hospitality of Chinese people. Moreover, badminton, cricket, shuttlecock and other fitness activities were also carried out based on the international students' interest to enhance their health and motivate their interest and enthusiasm in learning Chinese culture.



"These activities make me feel warm in heart," Du Bo said, "This winter vacation is not only rich and colorful, but interesting and meaningful."



In addition, together with the Engineering Training Centre of Henan Polytechnic University, a series of training for the international students' technological innovation abilities (such as UAV express delivery service, paper cutting by laser, etc.) were held to promote their practice and awareness of scientific and technological innovation as well as their understanding of China's scientific and technological development in the new era.



"These activities working as an ideal platform not only enriched the international students' life during the winter vacation, but laid a good foundation for the university to cultivate outstanding international students who know China, learn to live with it better and love it," Wang Zhe, dean of the International Education College of Henan Polytechnic University, remarked that, "We are striving to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure that the international students will have a safe and warm winter vacation while enhancing their sense of closeness to China."

“活动不但充实了外国留学生的假期学习生活,而且为学校培养‘知华、友华、爱华’的国际人才奠定了良好基础、提供了理想平台。”河南理工大学国际教育学院院长王哲说,“国际教育学院正全力答好疫情防控、欢度假期这道‘考题’,让健康、快乐成为寒假的温馨底色,让留学生们过得平安、暖心的同时,进一步拉近他们对中国的亲近感、认同感。”(中文来源/河南日报 翻译/赵汉青 海报/韩雨松 审校/丁岚)

Editor:Zhao Hanqing