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Colorful Activities Warm the Journey Home for Travelers

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-02-10 20:48

Colorful Activities Warm the Journey Home for Travelers



Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Henan has seen its daily passenger flow decline before the Spring Festival holiday, but the festive atmosphere is still strong everywhere in the province.


Writing Spring Festival couplets for passengers. [Photo provided to Henan Business Daily]

On the high-speed train, the flavor of the Chinese New Year is permeating with many wonderful festive activities going on, such as sticking paper-cuts, hanging red lanterns and guessing riddles. Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 also held a special activity of "Sending Spring Festival couplets to greet the Chinese New Year" for the passengers.



As the Spring Festival approaches, the rail, road and metro departments have organized various activities to make the journey home nice and warm.



By train



The train is full of joy with folkloric activities



On February 8, attendants carefully decorated the carriages of the G370 train before its departure.



"It is our tradition to  dress up the carriages carefully during the annual Spring Festival. With fewer passengers, the 2021 Spring Festival looks even more special. We want to make our passengers feel the flavor of the Chinese New Year on their journey home." Train conductor Ge Xintong told the reporter.



When the passengers boarded the train, they could not help but notice the spacious and tidy carriages festooned with fancy paper-cuts, red lanterns and ox ornaments.



Ms. Wei, a passenger, said happily, "The carriage is so beautiful with strong festive atmosphere! I used to be so busy with my work that I rarely had a chance to feel the flavor of the Chinese New Year while traveling, but today I am overwhelmed by what I see as soon as I enter the carriage. I'd like to give the attendants a thumbs-up for their careful and caring arrangement!"



To spread Chinese culture, a special activity was also held on the train. Those who answer the riddles about the Spring Festival correctly could receive a lucky bag with a pair of couplets in it.



On the high-speed train, everyone is looking forward to a better New Year.



By metro



Extending New Year's greetings with voluntary activities



Pasting couplets during the Spring Festival is a tradition of the Chinese nation.



The red Spring Festival couplets could convey the Chinese people's good wishes of welcoming the Chinese New Year and looking forward to a new life! On February 7, Zhengzhou Metro Line 3 held a special activity of "Sending Spring Festival couplets to greet the Chinese New Year" for the passengers.



At the Erqiguangchang and Fenghuangtai stations, young volunteers wrote and sent Spring Festival couplets to the passengers, creating a strong festive atmosphere at the metro stations.



At the Fenghuangtai Station, they also brought some cultural programs, such as guitar playing, singing and dancing, to the passengers, extending their heart-warming blessings to those staying put. With happy smiles, the passengers who received the couplets said, "The hand-written couplets have made the Chinese New Year more meaningful!"



By bus



With passenger flow declined by half compared with previous years, service enthusiasm is not diminished



The Chinese Lunar New Year is coming, but the passenger flow has declined at the Zhengzhou South Bus Station. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zhengzhou South Bus Station has seen its passenger flow decline by nearly half, but the staff's service enthusiasm remains undiminished.



Only after wearing a mask, scanning the health code and measuring the temperature can passengers enter the ticket hall. In the hall, the volunteer service team led by Wang Jing is answering questions and welcoming passengers aboard. The volunteer service team has been working in the ticket hall since the Spring Festival travel rush, providing passengers with supplies such as boiled water, disposable drinking cups and trolleys.



Disinfected twice a day, this station still has adequate tickets available, creating a safe and comfortable travel environment for passengers during the Spring Festival travel rush.



Recently, Zhengzhou South Bus Station also organized the staff to write Spring Festival couplets for passengers for free and give Matang (a type of handmade candy) and toys as gifts to children to make them feel the warmth of the festival on their way home.

日前,郑州客运南站还多次组织工作人员在候车厅免费为旅客写春联,为小朋友们送麻糖和玩具活动,为疫情中的春运增添了浓浓的年味儿,让旅客们在回家途中感受到节日的温馨。(中文来源/河南商报 翻译/赵汉青 海报/韩雨松 审校/张玉红)

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