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Annual Spring Festival Fitness Activities Kick off in Henan

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-02-11 17:21

Annual Spring Festival Fitness Activities Kick off in Henan



The annual Spring Festival fitness activities in Henan kick off! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual fitness activities for the public will be held online to welcome the 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year, with varied forms for all age groups.


The news briefing. [Photo by Lei Naiyi for dahe.cn]

Sponsored by Henan Sport Administration and technically supported by the provincial and municipal program management associations, the Spring Festival fitness activities of 2021 are undertaken by Henan Social Sports Affairs Center, Henan Wushu Sports Management Center and other prefecture-level cities.



Why 17 competition events?



The 2021 Spring Festival fitness activities include three categories, namely online competition, online performance and stay-at-home fitness, including 17 events, such as games of chess and cards, electronic sports, aerobics dancing, folk sports, traditional Wushu, science and technology sports, general physical strength, etc., according to the news briefing held on February 8.


File photo. [Photo/dahe.cn]

According to Zhao Jun, head of the Mass Sports Department of the Sport Administration of Henan Province, a total of 25 competition events were recommended through two rounds of online open recommendation activities. Following the people-centered principle and taking other factors into consideration, such as the events popularity, mass participation, localization and safe distance, 17 events were finally selected for individuals, groups, parents & kids, etc., covering all ages.



The registration of online competition starts at the beginning of February, and subsequent online competition from February 15 to 28. Online performance and stay-at-home fitness programs will commence accepting video submission since February 1, which will be reviewed and broadcast simultaneously. The competition results will be released during March 1 to March 12 and the excellent submission will be recommended to publish on the platforms of Henan Sport Administration regularly.



What is expecting on Wushu performance?



Wushu, a significant part of the Spring Festival fitness activities of 2021, has been presented for 16 consecutive years on the stage, attracting tens of thousands of traditional Wushu enthusiasts to show their skills and share ideas each year. It has not only become a symbol of the annual Spring Festival fitness activities, but also an indispensable cultural feast for the public.


File photo. [Photo/dahe.cn]


According to Ma Quanjun from Henan Wushu Sports Management Center, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the performance will be held online with 15 sub-venues such as Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Jiaozuo, aiming to show excellent boxing schools and traditional sports events in varied forms like videos submission, competition judging or livestreaming.



"The performance of Wushu can not only enrich people's leisure life during the Spring Festival, carry forward the spirit of Wushu, inherit Wushu skills, spread Wushu culture and give full play to the role of Wushu in national fitness for the promotion of the sustainable development of Henan traditional Wushu culture, but also make the ordinary people truly enjoy the healthiness, proud and happiness brought by Wushu," said Ma Quanjun.

“中原大舞台武术展演活动不仅为了丰富群众春节期间体育文化生活,弘扬武术精神,传承武术技能,传播武术文化,充分发挥传统武术在全民健身活动中的作用,推动我省传统武术文化持续发展,还要使老百姓真正享受武术运动所带来的健康和快乐,从中获得幸福感、自豪感。”马全钧说。(中文来源/大河网 翻译/赵汉青 海报/韩雨松 审校/焦丹)

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