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Bathed in the Sweetness of Spring Festival in Henan

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-02-15 10:44

Bathed in the Sweetness of Spring Festival in Henan



When the Chinese Spring Festival falls, it has become much warmer.


The Spring Festival is the most important and the grandest festival for Chinese people since it is the time for the whole families to get together. But this year, hundreds of millions of people choose to stay put for the holiday as encouraged by local authorities to curb the spread of the virus. Many non-natives don't return home for the Spring Festival and become natives in this sense.


To ensure a heartwarming Spring Festival amid regular epidemic control measures, many cities across Henan have organized various cultural and tourism events, such as free entrance to scenic spots, traditional folk activities and classic performances, etc.


Bathed in the warmth and sweetness of the special Spring Festival, people celebrate the New Year by relaxing themselves in such ways as enjoying flowers in parks, visiting art exhibitions, reading at libraries, etc.

人们纷纷走出家门,去公园赏花、去美术馆看展、去图书馆看书……放松身心,消除疲惫,欢欢喜喜过大年,感受这个特殊春节的甜与暖。(文/图 河南日报 翻译 赵汉青 海报 韩雨松 审校 丁岚)

Editor:Zhao Hanqing