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Henan Receives 12.3665 Million Tourists During This Year's Dragon Boat Festival

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-06-15 17:11

Henan Receives 12.3665 Million Tourists During This Year's Dragon Boat Festival

河南端午接待游客 较2019年涨三成


Over the 3-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Henan received 12.3665 million tourists and saw its tourism revenue standing at 5.562 billion yuan, with each increasing by 30.97 percent and 23.27 percent compared with the figures during the same period in 2019, according to the Department of Culture and Tourism of Henan Province on June 14.


Many visitors visit the Yuntai Mountain in Jiaozuo city, Henan province. [Photo by Wang Zheng and Wang Zhao for Henan Daily]

The Dragon Boat Festival this year falls on the same day as the country's annual Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. A series of folk activities were carried out across the province, such as eating zongzi (stuffed glutinous rice balls wrapped with reeds or bamboo leaves) and racing dragon boats. Besides, tourist attractions featuring "red tourism" and folk culture were also highlighted during the holiday.

今年端午节假期恰逢我国“文化与自然遗产日”,全省各景区纷纷推出吃粽子、赛龙舟等民俗活动,游红色线路、观红色景区、唱红色经典,保护文化遗产、欣赏民俗国风、涵养家国情怀成为假日旅游市场最大亮点。(中文来源/河南日报 翻译/赵汉青 审校/张玉红)

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