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Landmarks in Chinese Spaceflight

Source:China Daily Published:2021-06-18 15:06

· Shenzhou V mission: Launched on Oct 15, 2003, lasting 21 hours. China's first manned space mission. One astronaut.

· Shenzhou VI mission: Launched on Oct 12, 2005, lasting nearly five days. China's first multiperson spaceflight. Two astronauts.

· Shenzhou VII mission: Launched on Sept 25, 2008, lasting nearly three days. China's first extravehicular activity. Three astronauts.

· Tiangong I mission: Launched on Sept 29, 2011, lasting about four-and-a-half years. As China's first space laboratory, it received two groups of astronauts from the Shenzhou IX and Shenzhou X missions.

· Shenzhou IX mission: Launched on June 16, 2012, lasting nearly 13 days. China's first space docking (with Tiangong I) and the first time Chinese astronauts entered a space laboratory. Three astronauts.

· Shenzhou X mission: Launched on June 11, 2013, lasting nearly 15 days. During the mission, the first space lecture for Chinese students was made. Three astronauts.

· Tiangong II mission: Launched on Sept 15, 2016, lasting almost three years. It was China's second space laboratory and received astronauts from the Shenzhou XI mission.

· Shenzhou XI mission: Launched on Oct 17, 2016, lasting 33 days. So far the longest stay in space by Chinese astronauts. Two astronauts.

· Shenzhou XII mission: Launched on June 17, 2021, planned to last three months. The first manned mission in the space station program. Three astronauts.

Editor:Zhao Hanqing