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Zhengzhou Airport Completes First International D/O Exchange

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-07-14 20:59

Zhengzhou Airport Completes First International D/O Exchange



At 11:25 am on July 9, an all-cargo plane operated by Luxembourg's Cargolux Airlines International took off from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, Central China's Henan province. On the plane was a batch of special cargo first transported to Zhengzhou by China Central Longhao Airlines from Hanoi and then to Chicago by Cargolux, marking a successful completion of Zhengzhou Airport's first international air freight mission with D/O exchange.



A total of 1.37 tons of goods, mainly electronic books and tablet computers, were transported from Hanoi to Chicago via Zhengzhou by different airlines this time. According to the schedule, the follow-up goods will also be transported this way.



Southeast Asia's manufacturing industry has developed rapidly in recent years with an increasing demand for air freight capacity but the construction of a sound air freight network is not enough. Zhengzhou Airport, an important international air freight hub in China, ranks 6th across the country in terms of air freight scale with 45 air freight destinations and more than 150 cargo flights per week, which has basically formed a network spanning three major economic zones (Europe, the United States and Asia) and covering the world's major economies. Besides, it has also become an open gateway for the broad Central Plains of China to be integrated into the "Belt and Road" route. The successful completion of the Airport's first international air freight mission with D/O exchange has not only furthered its transfer capacity, but also helped to promote the province's dual-circulation development paradigm.

近年来,东南亚地区的制造业快速发展,对航空货运运力需求日益旺盛,但是货运航线网络不够完善。郑州机场作为我国重要的国际货运枢纽机场,航空货运规模居国内第六位,货运通航点已达45个,周货运航班量150班以上,基本形成了横跨欧美亚三大经济区、覆盖全球主要经济体的枢纽航线网络,已经成为中部地区融入“一带一路”的开放门户。此次首单国际换单模式的“空空中转”测试成功,进一步提升了郑州机场货运转运能力,有助于促进国内国际双循环。(中文来源/河南日报 翻译/赵汉青 海报/实习生王君艺 审校/焦丹)

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