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Lyu Yang Has Insisted on Training Even in Spring Festival Since 2008 Beijing Games

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-07-29 16:01

Lyu Yang Has Insisted on Training Even in Spring Festival Since 2008 Beijing Games

为了这块金牌 河南妹子吕扬13年没在家过春节


"Today, I get this gold medal. Give my thanks to Henan, my hometown. I'm sorry to hear the news about the flood disaster in Henan. I believe my hometown can recover soon!" On July 28, Team China's Chen Yunxia, Zhang Ling, Lyu Yang and Cui Xiaotong won the gold medal during rowing Women's Quadruple Sculls final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. After the competition, Lyu Yang expressed her best wishes to Henan immediately.


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Lyu Dawei, Lyu Yang's father, was an athlete. He told dahe.cn that he once talked to his daughter on the phone after the heats. "Take it easy, show your best and strive to be a gold medal winner."



Due to strict training with more competitions, Lyu Yang rarely goes home, only once a year, for about three days, when all the games are finished, said Lyu Dawei.


Chen Yunxia, Zhang Ling, Lyu Yang and Cui Xiaotong power their way to gold-medal glory. [Photo/dahe.cn]

"From 2008 to now, she has not spent a Spring Festival holiday at home for 13 years." Lyu Dawei said, "She has achieved the 'Grand Slam' after winning the gold medal. When she comes home, her mother and I will make more local dishes for her, such as jiaozi and pancake."



During her interview with CCTV, Lyu Yang said, "Lying in bed the night before the final, I was still wondering if I could win the gold medal? But coach Zhang told us, 'Take it easy and tell me your pressure.'"



Did Lyu Yang, a "team pillar" in the eyes of chief coach Zhang Xiuyun, have any worries? She said frankly, "The competitions in our team always give me the big pressure. We were not 'sitting firmly' in the boat although you saw four of us rowing it. There were so many aces in the team that I was always afraid of being replaced."



To become a "permanent" member of this boat, you have to train very hard.


Lyu Yang's hands with blisters. [Photo/Screenshot from video posted online]

During the interview, the four girls showed their hands with blisters to the audience.



Qualified in the heats, Lyu Yang strived to win the championship in the final.



Lyu Yang works hard in training with stable performance and clear goals, so we needn't worry about her, commented by her coach Zhao Tongbao.



"Lyu Yang did well not only in training and tests, but also in some previous competitions, so we are very confident about her performance in the Olympics," said Zhao Tongbao.



At Henan Water Sports Management Center nears Nanwan Lake in Xinyang, Lyu Yang's first coach and fellow teammates also cheered her up.


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Xi Cunzhou, director of Henan Water Sports Management Center, told dahe.cn, "Congratulations to Lyu Yang. The girls worked very hard. Three years of hard training in the national team was not in vain. This boat is most critical for the national team."



The Chinese rowing team won their first gold medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games' rowing Women's Quadruple Sculls final, while the gold medal 13 years later becomes the team's first gold medal won overseas.



"This gold medal is also the first Olympic gold medal for Henan's water sports, which creates a history," said Xi Cunzhou.


Lyu Yang's first coach and fellow teammates also cheer her up. [Photo/dahe.cn]

Lyu Yang and her partners completed their mission and will soon return home for 28 days of quarantine and training.



They will fight together in rowing Women's Quadruple Sculls at the 14th National Games.



Besides, Lyu Yang will also participate in Women's Single Sculls. Let's cheer her up!

同时,吕扬还承担着河南水上单人艇项目的比赛任务,让我们一起为吕扬加油,全运再见。(中文来源/大河网 翻译/赵汉青 海报/实习生王君艺 审校/李文竞)

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