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Achievements of Henan's Service Trade Displayed at the 2021 CIFTIS

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-09-03 18:52

Achievements of Henan's Service Trade Displayed at the 2021 CIFTIS



On September 2, the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (the 2021 CIFTIS) kicked off in Beijing. Themed "Shared Opportunities, Shared Service Trade", the 100-square-meter Henan Booth mainly introduces the achievements and opportunities of Henan's service trade and outsourcing.


On September 2, the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services kicked off in Beijing. [Photo/Xinhua News Agency]

Henan Booth consists of three sections respectively related to the province's service outsourcing demonstration parks, national cultural export bases and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).



The section of Service Outsourcing Demonstration Parks not only demonstrates Henan's development advantages created by multiple national strategies, but also the province's preferential policies of service trade. Besides, this section also introduces Henan's service outsourcing demonstration cities, namely Zhengzhou (national level) and Luoyang (provincial level), 13 provincial service outsourcing demonstration parks, such as National 863 Central China Software Park (Zhengzhou), National University Science and Technology Park (Luoyang), Zhengzhou Jinshui Science & Education Park, Luoyang Hengsheng Science and Technology Park, etc., as well as a group of leading enterprises, such as Henan York Animation Film Co Ltd and Henan 863 Software Co Ltd.



The section of National Cultural Export Bases mainly shows the new opportunities of Kaifeng Area of the China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone in the integrated development of culture with trade, finance and tourism, and demonstrates the performance of Central China's first International Artworks Bonded Warehouse, Kaifeng Area's Social Heritage Registration Service Center and Art Authentication Service Center.



Centered on the development of Henan into a province with a strong TCM industry, Henan Booth also shows the province's long history and culture of TCM and its latest achievements so as to promote service trade in such a field. Danshen (salvia miltiorrhiza) and Chaihu (radix bupleuri) from the Funiu Mountains, Chinese yam and rehmannia glutinosa libosch from Jiaozuo, mugwort products from Nanyang, etc., are also exhibited. Besides, at the TCM section, Nanyang's TCM development mode featured by the brand of Zhongjing, based on the resources of TCM, oriented towards health industry and supported by the education of TCM therapies is also introduced.

围绕建设中医药强省,河南展区还重点展示了我省中医药悠久的历史文化和中医药创新发展成果,以积极推进中医药服务贸易发展。伏牛山的丹参、柴胡,焦作的怀山药、怀地黄,南阳的艾草产品等悉数亮相。展区还介绍了南阳作为全国中医药服务贸易先行先试重点区域城市,探索形成的以仲景文化品牌为特色、以中医药资源为基础、以健康产业为导向、以中医医疗教育为支撑的特色中医药服务贸易发展模式。(中文来源/河南日报 翻译/赵汉青 海报/实习生王君艺 审校/白玉杰)

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