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Autumn Harvest almost Done in Henan

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-10-15 18:03

Autumn Harvest almost Done in Henan

河南省秋收基本结束 小麦播种陆续展开


As of October 14, 108.91 million mu (1 mu equals to 0.067 hectares) of autumn crops have been harvested in Central China's Henan province, accounting for 91 percent of its total growing area, said the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs the same day. Only some late sown varieties, such as the rice along the Yellow River, sweet potato and vegetables, are still unharvested.



Autumn harvest is followed by autumn planting. At present, wheat-sowing has started across Henan province with 86.50 million mu of fields fallowed and 36.77 million mu prepared lands. So far, 7.90 million mu of wheat has been sown, accounting for 9 percent of the total growing area planned, mainly in Zhoukou, Shangqiu, Zhumadian, Luoyang, Nanyang, etc., down 22.58 million mu from a year earlier.

秋收连秋种,截至目前,全省腾茬面积8650万亩,整地3677万亩。小麦已播种790万亩,占预计面积的9%,主要在周口、商丘、驻马店、洛阳、南阳等地,较去年同期少2258万亩。(中文来源/大河网 翻译/赵汉青 海报/实习生王君艺 审校/陈行洁)

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