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CIIE Enlarges Henan's 'Circle of Friends'

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-11-09 15:59

CIIE Enlarges Henan's 'Circle of Friends'



The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked off on November 5. Trade groups from Jiaozuo, Xinyang, Luohe and other places across Henan province have been sent to the CIIE. Many world-renowned enterprises, such as Tesla, Canon, Bayer, Swarovski, etc., also hope to take the CIIE as a platform to seek further cooperation with Henan.


Henan's Jiaotai porcelain exhibited at the CIIE. [Photo provided to Henan Daily]

"We have maintained a good cooperative relationship with Henan. Many hospitals in Henan, including the county-level ones, have also introduced our advanced equipment." According to Hu Rong, marketing director of the Imaging Department of Canon Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd., with a large population, Henan has a large demand for medical equipment, so they plan to promote more cost-effective equipment in Henan to help improve the medical services in Henan's rural areas. "We would like to introduce the world's first 4K Ultra HD CT to Henan as soon as possible if we get the registration certificate."



Tesla, a leader in the world's pure electric vehicle industry, is a highlight at the CIIE. According to Yang Haoxiang, who is in charge of Tesla's sales in Shanxi and Henan, after entering the Chinese market in 2014, Tesla has kept expanding its layout in China and increasing its investment in R&D and development. Tesla is optimistic about the prospect of Henan, a major province in Central China. "Zhengzhou is not only a national central city, but also a key transportation hub in China. The promotion of new energy vehicles in Henan is important for sustainable energy development." In recent years, Tesla has made great efforts to build its charging pile network, taking Zhengzhou as the center, and gradually covering the province and even the whole Central China, he said. So far, 33 supercharging stations including 237 supercharging piles have been built by Tesla in Henan.



On October 8, Tesla opened its delivery center and new store in Zhengzhou, meaning that Tesla has a new "base" for further development in Henan. "Tesla will continue to make contributions to the green travel in Henan by actively implementing the local government's green policies and strengthening the new energy infrastructure construction," said Yang Haoxiang.



A consumption market with huge potential that has not yet been fully explored in Henan has been favored by many world-renowned enterprises. According to Wei Hua, managing director of Greater China, Finance & Administration Department of Swarovski, with a big consumer market, Henan has developed rapidly in recent years. He said that the performance of Swarovski's stores in Henan is remarkable. "Henan supports Zhengzhou and Luoyang to build international consumer centers, and we are very interested in this plan, willing to keep working with Henan to expand the domestic consumer market under the new 'dual circulation' development pattern."

潜力巨大的消费市场,让不少企业一致看好河南。施华洛世奇财务行政部大中华区董事总经理卫华认为,河南近年的发展势头非常好,拥有广阔的消费市场。他表示,在消费领域,公司在河南的店铺销售成绩不俗,“我们对河南支持郑州、洛阳建设国际消费中心城市的计划非常关注,未来也希望继续与河南一道扩大国内消费市场,畅通双循环。”(中文来源/河南日报 记者/孙静 梁莹莹 赵若郡 编译/赵汉青 海报/王君艺 审校/张玉红)

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