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Why an Old Lady in Her 70s still Obsessed with Paper-cutting?

Source:dahe.cn Published:2021-11-19 22:07

Why an Old Lady in Her 70s still Obsessed with Paper-cutting?



"I set up my own folk art gallery in 2017. Since then, every month I will go to kindergartens for paper-cutting teaching. Besides, over 20 local villagers have already mastered the skills of paper-cutting and pounding grass to dye fabrics under my guidance." On November 18, Zhu Xiuyun, an inheritor of two intangible cultural heritage projects, told dahe.cn, she is in her 70s now, but her passion for paper-cutting is getting stronger.


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In the database recording Henan province's journey to Xiaokang (a moderately prosperous society), there is a piece of information about Zhu Xiuyun. Born in Renmazhai village of Xizhangcun town, Shanzhou district, Henan's Sanmenxia city, Zhu Xiuyun is adept at many folk art skills of West Henan, such as paper-cutting, pounding grass to dye handwoven fabrics, embroidery, fabric art (cloth tiger and sachet), fabric dyeing with plant extracts, dough figurines, folk tunes, etc. As one of the first group of folk culture talents of Henan and a senior folk artist at the provincial level, she is the only representative inheritor of two intangible cultural heritage projects, the skills of paper-cutting and pounding grass to dye fabrics.



Henan is to promote the inheritance and revitalization of intangible cultural heritages, according to the 11th Party Congress of Henan Province.



In Nangou village of Xizhangcun town, Shanzhou district, there are also many paper-cutting lovers. More than 500 paper-cutting artists out of over 2,000 local residents are living in the village, who can conjure a piece of red paper into different vivid and interesting images with a pair of scissors. Shanzhou's paper-cutting culture, an epitome of the Central Plains culture, represents the highest level of the province's paper-cutting skills. Inheritance-based innovation keeps Shanzhou's paper-cutting culture alive throughout the long history of the broad Central Plains.



Zhu Xiuyun told dahe.cn, "Paper-cutting has a long history and it does not have an age requirement, so I will keep working on it as long as I can."



"Paper-cutting is popular in Henan and even the whole country, since it directly reflects the culture of the Central Plains," said Li Guilin, deputy director of the Collection Department of Henan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center. "Shanzhou's paper-cutting has regional characteristics and is especially featured by its unique black paper-cutting works."



The integration of intangible cultural heritages and tourism is good idea for Henan, which enjoys rich intangible cultural heritage resources, to promote high-quality development of its cultural tourism and creative products, according to Henan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center. Apart from the integration of intangible cultural heritages with scenic spots, study tours, homestays and creative products, the inheritance of intangible cultural heritages should start with children, too. Therefore, the activities of "bringing intangible cultural heritages to campus" should be on-going and the transformation from "bringing intangible cultural heritages to residential communities" to "making intangible cultural heritages take deeper roots at residential communities" should be promoted, so that the heritages can truly be integrated into modern life to strengthen the public's awareness of and confidence in their national culture.

据河南省非遗保护中心负责人介绍,河南是非遗资源大省,推动文旅文创产业高质量发展,可以在深度推进非遗与旅游融合方面下功夫,从“非遗+景区”“非遗+研学”“非遗+民宿”“非遗+文创”等模式上做好空间和内容上的融合。另外,传承非遗,要从娃娃抓起,持续开展好“非遗进校园”活动,推进“非遗进社区”向“非遗在社区”转变,让非遗真正融入现代生活,增强人民群众文化自觉、文化自信。(中文来源/大河网 记者/刘思嘉 翻译/赵汉青 王家琦 海报/王君艺 审校/陈行洁)

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