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Heartwarming Moments at Henan's Nucleic Acid Testing Sites

Source:dahe.cn Published:2022-01-14 19:42

Heartwarming Moments at Henan's Nucleic Acid Testing Sites


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My mom works as a volunteer at a nucleic acid testing site in Zhengzhou every day. This is a picture on her mobile phone. I was deeply moved. They, in their 50s, may have had arguments in their daily lives or never met each other before. Once dressed in red vests and hats, they immediately become partners forgetting themselves and fighting the Covid-19 side by side. Who says there are no more heroes? Respect to those selflessly fighting on the front line of anti-pandemic war!


Over the past several rounds of citywide nucleic acid testing, they were like a light shining in every corner of nucleic acid testing sites. They are shopping at supermarkets for those in locked-down areas and disinfecting the public space in residential buildings. Day or night, they are always there, ready for working. Thank you, the lovely volunteers!

在多轮核酸检测中,你们如同一道光,照在抗“疫”现场的每一个角落。超市里有你们帮居民采购的身影,居民楼里有你们消杀的身影,不管是白天还是黑夜,只要有需要,你们就会站出来,感谢你们,可爱的志愿者!(文案/朱丽文 编译/赵汉青 审校/白玉杰)

Editor:Zhao Hanqing