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More Made-in-Henan Satellites to Shine in Universe

Source:dahe.cn Published:2022-09-22 16:53

More Made-in-Henan Satellites to Shine in Universe



A plan for the development of satellite industry in Central China's Henan province has been released recently, said a source from the Development and Reform Commission of Henan Province on September 20. The plan proposes to promote the construction of satellite industrial clusters with complete industrial chains in the cities of Zhengzhou and Hebi. Besides, by 2025, the scale of Henan's satellite industry will reach 20 billion yuan and the revenue of its industries related to surveying, mapping and geographic information will exceed 100 billion yuan, with an industrial system covering satellite manufacturing, application, research and innovation initially formed.



In recent years, Henan has made notable progress in Beidou navigation and location service, with more and more made-in-Henan technologies and products contributing to China's satellite industry. Now, related industries are developing well in Henan. By the end of 2021, Henan has embraced more than 40 key satellite enterprises with its satellite industry reaching 10 billion yuan.

据了解,近年来,河南紧跟国家战略,以北斗导航与位置服务为突破,越来越多“河南造”挺起了我国卫星事业,相关产业发展良好。截至2021年年底,全省卫星产业规模达到100亿元,拥有卫星重点企业40余家。(中文来源/河南日报 记者/逯彦萃 编译/赵汉青 杨佳欣 审校/李文竞)

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