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Protecting Wetland for People's Wellbeing

Source:dahe.cn Published:2023-02-02 17:09

Protecting Wetland for People's Wellbeing

保护大美湿地 增进民生福祉


February 2 marks the 27th World Wetlands Day with the theme of "Wetland Restoration", aiming to raise the global awareness of the vital role of wetlands for people and the planet, and calls for everyone's participation in the restoration of lost or degraded wetlands.


Photo taken on Jan 29 shows visitors take pictures at Sanmenxia Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park. [Photo provided to dahe.cn]

Central China's Henan province spans four major river basins of the Huaihe River, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Haihe River, with various landforms and favorable climatic conditions. The wetlands in Henan are mainly characterized by rivers, lakes, swamps and man-made wetlands.



According to the second nationwide wetland resources survey, Henan has 9.42 million mu (one mu equals about 666 square meters) of wetlands, accounting for 3.76 percent of China's total land area. Henan's wetlands have their own characteristics, becoming one of the most representative inland wetland types in China.



So far, Henan has built 1 internationally important wetland, 27 provincially important wetlands, 11 wetland nature reserves (3 at the national level and 8 at the provincial level) and 116 wetland parks (35 at the national level and 81 at the provincial level), with the wetland protection rate jumping from 36 percent from 2015 to 53.26 percent in 2021, basically forming a wetland protection system.

目前,河南省已建立1处国际重要湿地、27处省级重要湿地,11处湿地自然保护区(国家级3处、省级8处),116处湿地公园(国家级35处、省级81处)。全省湿地保护率由2015年的36%增长到2021年的53.26%,湿地保护体系基本形成。(记者/刘晓阳 编译/赵汉青 何蒙贺 审校/李文竞)

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