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Qingming, a Poetic Blend of Commemoration and Unity

Source:Xinhua Published:2023-04-05 15:19

It drizzles thick and fast on the Pure Brightness Day, I travel with my heart lost in dismay. Is there a public house somewhere, cowboy? He points at Apricot Village faraway.

This well-known Chinese poem about the Qingming Festival, which falls on April 5 this year, reveals a sense of mourning, a lively atmosphere of spring and even a sense of beauty.

On this day, Chinese people pay respect to heroes and martyrs who have devoted their lives to the people and country, which displays Chinese people's love for their families and the nation.

Join Xinhua correspondents Shamim Zakaria and Liu Jie on a journey through poetic Qingming.

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Editor:Zhao Hanqing