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Birds flying over Danjiang Wetland National Nature Reserve

Source:dahe.cn Published:2024-01-17 19:47

Birds flying over Danjiang Wetland National Nature Reserve



On January 13, in the warm winter, flocks of migratory birds were spotted flying, foraging or playing in the Danjiang Wetland National Nature Reserve (hereinafter referred to as the Danjiang Nature Reserve) in Xichuan county of Nanyang city, Central China's Henan province, painting a harmonious picture with blue sky and clear water.


Eurasian coots. [Photo provided to Henan Daily]

According to Wang Yang, deputy director of the Management Office of the Dangjiang Nature Reserve, "Good environment attracts birds. We have welcomed more than 20,000 migratory birds in this winter. Both the number and the species of birds under Class I and Class II state protection are on the rise year after year." 



Covering an area of 64,111 hectares, the Danjiang Nature Reserve is the water source of the middle route of China's South-to-North Water Diversion project. With more than a decade of efforts, researchers of the reserve have mastered the habitat status of many rare and endangered species, such as Chinese mergansers, black storks, Baer's pochards and yellow-breasted buntings.


Ruddy shelducks, or tadorna ferrugineas. [Photo provided to Henan Daily]

"Nature will bring us surprises as long as we make efforts in ecological conservation," Wang Yang said.


Over 70 years later, in February 2023, a crested ibis, a bird symbolizing happiness and auspice, was spotted at the Danjiang Nature Reserve again.



On November 25, 2023, 28 oriental white storks were spotted at the Danjiang Nature Reserve again. It was an exciting natural event that for the first time they arrived in Southwest Henan.



On December 20, 2023, the Danjiang Nature Reserve was approved officially as one of the key habitats for migratory birds in China.



"Protecting water here is our duty and responsibility, and accelerating the construction and protection of wetlands to create a livable ecological environment are the common goals and ideals of us," Wang Yang said while looking at the birds flying against sunset.

“确保一池清水入库、一泓清水北送,是我们的责任与担当;加快湿地建设和保护,打造宜居的生态环境,更是我们一代代人共同奋斗的目标和理想。”夕阳西下,水天一色,王阳望着湖面上自由翱翔的鸟儿,坚定地说。(中文来源/河南日报 记者/孟向东 编译/杨佳欣 审校/焦丹)

Editor:Zhao Hanqing