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Henan receives nearly 1 billion tourists last year

Source:dahe.cn Published:2024-01-19 22:02

Henan receives nearly 1 billion tourists last year


A conference was conducted in Zhengzhou on January 17 to review the accomplishments of Henan's cultural and tourism sector in 2023 and outline the key objectives for the sector in 2024.


In 2023, Henan's cultural and tourism sector made remarkable achievements by thoroughly implementing the strategy of integrating the cultural, tourism and creative industries, enhancing the influence of the brand - "Henan, Where China Began", and keeping developing the cultural, tourism and creative industries into pillars.


Here are some achievements in 2023: Henan received 995 million tourists (228.2 percent over 2022 and 110.6 percent over 2019) with a revenue of 964.56 billion yuan (305.2 percent over 2022 and 100.4 percent over 2019). Besides, cultural and tourism products were more diversified. A total of 12 demonstration counties for cultural and tourism consumption were identified, and 100 new scenarios for cultural and tourism consumption were introduced. More than 200 homestay brands were fostered, and over 30 homestay clusters including 2,164 homestays were built. Course design and product development for "Yellow River Culture Thousand-MileJourney" were completed. Henan mapped out 147 key cultural and tourism projects with a total investment of 451.64 billion yuan.


To promote the influence of the brand - "Henan, Where China Began", Henan released the first 6 cultural relics-themed tour paths and 9 tour routes. Furthermore, the construction of a strong province in cultural relics and archaeology was accelerated, and the research on the origins of the Chinese civilization was furthered. Notably, 3 items were included into China's Top 10 New Archaeological Discoveries of 2022, including the multi-grid city layout at the Erlitou site. Additionally, approval was granted for the construction of seven national archaeological site parks.


In 2024, Henan will strive to make breakthroughs in creating a new landmark of Chinese culture so as to further shape the brand of "Henan, Where China Began". By developing oracle bone inscriptions into a new landmark of Chinese culture, carrying out the new media-based creative marketing and launching the plan of "Attracting tourists into Henan", Henan will endeavor to solve the problems of lacking creative ideas, pillar industries and achievement transformation.

今年,河南将在打造中华文化新地标上力求突破,为塑造“行走河南·读懂中国”品牌架梁立柱。主要从打造以殷墟甲骨文为代表的中华文化新地标、开展以新媒体为主阵地的创意营销、实施“引客入豫”计划等三大方面进行发力,着力解决“有形式、缺内容”“有名声、缺支撑”“有流量、缺转化”的问题。(中文来源/河南日报 记者/温小娟 郭歌 编译/杨佳欣 审校/李文竞)

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