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International Media Center of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone unveiled

Source:dahe.cn Published:2024-03-12 08:50

International Media Center of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone unveiled



The International Media Center of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (ZAEZ) was unveiled on March 5, which is bound to enhance the ZAEZ's global influence by improving its international communication capability.



Covering an area of about 1,000 square meters, the International Media Center is divided into various functional areas, including news conference hall, global link hall, live-broadcasting rooms, reception rooms, meeting rooms, administrative offices, integrated media center, dressing rooms and recording studios, which could meet different needs, such as press briefing, new-product launch events, art exchange meetings, entrepreneurial roadshows, speech contests, academic exchanges, etc.



"When put into full operation, the International Media Center will adopt an integrated management mechanism pillared by mainstream media and supported by professional media, public media, digital media and commercial media to achieve effective integration of media resources and production factors, thus enhancing the ZAEZ's urban influence, cultural appeal, business vitality and media penetration," said Ding Ning, head of Zhengzhou Air Silk Road Culture Media Co., Ltd.



"The establishment of International Media Center is not only an important step for ZAEZ to adapt to the new situation and new trend, but also an authoritative channel for the public to know a real ZAEZ and take part in public governance," said a staff member from the Administrative Committee of ZAEZ. Besides, he also welcomes more mass media and people from all walks of life to join the ZAEZ's development.

郑州航空港区管委会相关负责人表示,国际新闻中心的建立,是航空港区适应新形势、满足新需求的重要举措,它将为社会各界了解航空港区真实情况、参与社会治理提供便利。同时,他也呼吁更多的媒体和社会各界人士关注航空港区的发展,共同为港区的美好未来贡献力量。(中文来源/大河网 编译/杨佳欣 审校/丁岚)

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