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Henan's cultural tourism market booms during Dragon Boat Festival holiday

Source:dahe.cn Published:2024-06-11 20:43

Henan's cultural tourism market booms during Dragon Boat Festival holiday

文化“圈粉” 山水引客 河南省端午假期文旅市场火热


The sweet fragrance of zongzi, tender rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves, mingling with the earthy aroma of Chinese mugwort, marks the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival. Since the holiday coincides with the end of the college entrance examination this year, Henan has seen a surge in people's enthusiasm for outings. Statistically, Henan welcomed a total of 14.434 million domestic tourists, marking a year-on-year increase of 14 percent, with tourism revenue reaching 6.45 billion yuan, reflecting a 16.2 percent increase. Compared to the same period in 2019, the number of tourists received increased by 52.9 percent, and tourism revenue by 43 percent.


According to statistics, during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the top five tourist-receiving scenic spots are Zhengzhou Enjoyland International Resort, Longmen Grottoes, Wansui Mountain, Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure Theme Park, and Yuntai Mountain. The top five by revenue are Zhengzhou Enjoyland International Resort, Unique Henan· Land of Drama, Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure Theme Park, Yuntai Mountain, and Chongdugou Natural Scenic Spot.



During the Dragon Boat Festival, various regions in Henan launched rich and diverse folk leisure activities according to local conditions. Culture, traditional Chinese elements and "new Chinese-style" tourism have become hotspots driving the growth of the tourism market. Cultural venues and tourist attractions across Henan launched a variety of folk activities, including eating zongzi, collecting mugwort, hanging scented sachets, tying colored ropes, and participating in the traditional game of "shooting the poisonous animals", creating a strong festive atmosphere.


This year, the Dragon Boat Festival coincides with Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. The Millennium City Park provided visitors with an immersive experience of the Song Dynasty culture with a series of folk activities. The folk festival held at Xinyang Jigong Mountain Scenic Area highlights the "auspicious" cultural brand through experiences such as zongzi wrapping and sachet making. Various scenic spots on the Southern Taihang Mountains in Xinxiang hosted a variety of activities during the Dragon Boat Festival, allowing visitors to experience the charm of traditional culture.

今年端午假期恰逢文化和自然遗产日,清明上河园的万粽迎宾、端午科考为游客带来“宋潮”民俗活动体验,信阳鸡公山景区的“国风端午民俗节”通过包粽子、做香囊等体验擦亮“吉”文化标签,新乡南太行各景区举办端午游园会、诗词对弈等民俗活动,让游客感受到传统文化的魅力。(中文来源/大河网 记者/莫绍华 翻译/杨佳欣 实习生/李凯 审校/张军平 赵汉青)

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