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The Ancient City of Yanyue

Source:wherezhengzhou Published:2019-11-01 11:32

The ancient city of Yanyue is an ancient town with the characteristics of the Central Plain. Based on the original site "Yanyue City", the landscape integrates the elements of Heluo culture in the Central Plains. The historical and cultural scenes in the area of Heluo in the Central Plains have been restored through the interactive activities such as the interpretation of "Emperor and Empress Worship Buddha", exhibition and performance of "Henan Opera Culture", demonstration of "folk customs" and experience of "famous food in the Central Plains".

When you are in the ancient buildings with gray tiles and carved beams, you'll feel as if you were in ancient times. Especially when the sun goes down, with the performance of the classic Henan opera including Five Generations Volunteer for the Army, Lady General Mu Takes Command and Lady General Hua Mulan, we seem to be brought into the plot and become a heroine. The performances make people feel the rich and profound culture of the central plains more closely.

Editor:Zhao Xichen