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Great Rivers Civilizations丨Imperial Mausoleum of the Northern Song Dynasty (Yongzhao Mausoleum)

Source:dahe.cn Published:2023-09-16 03:03

Great Rivers Civilizations丨Imperial Mausoleum of the Northern Song Dynasty (Yongzhao Mausoleum)


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The Imperial Mausoleum of the Northern Song Dynasty is located in the west and south of Gongyi city. It is the resting place of the Northern Song emperors and royal family members. It is one of the most complete and abundant ancient tomb groups with stone carvings in China. Seven of the nine emperors of the Northern Song Dynasty were buried here. These tombs, along with the tomb of the father of the Song founding emperor Zhao Kuangyin, are commonly known as the "Seven Emperors and Eight Tombs". In 1982, it was listed among the second batch of national key cultural relics protection units.


In 1063, Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty died and was buried here. Located in the western part of the urban area of Gongyi city, the tomb houses 60 surviving stone carvings. Also buried here is Empress Cao. Her mausoleum extends 1,050 meters from north to south and 300 meters from east to west. Yongzhao Mausoleum is the only restored imperial group tombs in the Song Dynasty, hence with unique historical value.

宋仁宗赵祯嘉祐八年(1063 年)葬于永昭陵。该寝陵位于巩义市城区西部,现存石刻 60 件。祔葬有慈圣光献曹皇后陵。现陵区南北长约 1050 米、东西宽约300米。永昭陵是宋陵中唯一复原的皇陵,独具历史价值。(赵汉青 杨佳欣)

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