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Great Rivers Civilizations丨Grotto Temple in Gongyi, Henan

Source:dahe.cn Published:2023-09-16 03:15

Great Rivers Civilizations丨Grotto Temple in Gongyi, Henan


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The Grotto Temple is located at the foot of the Dali Mountain in Siwan Village, Heluo Town, Gongyi City. It was listed among the second batch of national key cultural relics protection units in 1982. Construction began during the reign of Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei (471-499) and the caves had already taken shape during the Jingming reign of Emperor Xuanwu (500-503). Buddha image carving lasted more than 400 years, spanning the Eastern Wei,Western Wei, Northern Qi, Sui,Tang, and Song dynasties, and resulted in a majestic and spectacular group of grottoes. They provide important physical materials for the study of the history of Chinese cave carving and commands high scientific, historical,and artistic research value.

石窟寺位于巩义市河洛镇寺湾村大力山下,1982年被公布为第二批全国重点文物保护单位。该石窟开凿于北魏孝文帝(471-499年)时期,至宣武帝景明年间(500-503年)已形成规模,后历经东魏、西魏、北齐、隋、唐和宋朝,连续400多年相继凿窟造像,形成巍巍壮观的石窟群。石窟寺结构布局紧凑,雕刻内容丰富,构图完整精细,为中国石窟雕刻史研究提供了重要的实物资料,具有较高的科学、历史、艺术研究价值。(赵汉青 杨佳欣)

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