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Ancient Makeup Artifacts Fit for Summer

Summer is here, and many like to put on beautiful clothing to add some more color to the already vibrant season.

Source:|2018-09-18 10:44

Huge Flower Basket in Tian'anmen Square for National Day

A huge basket-shaped flower arrangement with the theme Blessings to China will be installed in Tian'anmen Square as part of the decoration plan drawn up for the square and Chang'an Avenue for the National Day holiday on Oct 1.

Source:|2018-09-14 18:20

First Domestically Built Icebreaker Launched in Shanghai

At around 3:30 pm Monday, China's first home-grown icebreaker was launched from a shipyard in Shanghai, a further step toward its first scientific expedition to Antarctica next year.

Source:|2018-09-11 09:26

J-10 Fighter Jets Take off on Training Sortie

A J-10 fighter jet attached to an aviation brigade under the PLA Air Force takes off for a sortie during a recent flight training exercise.

Source: China Military Online|2018-09-10 10:12

Freshmen Stamp Their Mark at Start of New Semester

More than 7,400 freshmen at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan wear T-shirts of different colors at the opening ceremony of new semester to form the initials of the school.

Source:|2018-09-07 09:07

Shanxi Artist Expresses Love for Hometown in Pyrographic Art

Zhang Ge, an artist in Datong, North China's Shanxi province, has created a series of pyrography, artworks themed on famous landscapes, historical figures and stories about the city, such as the Yungang Grottoes and Xuankong Temple.

Source:|2018-09-05 10:36

Silk Road Turpan Grape Festival Returns

The 27th Silk Road Turpan Grape Festival kicked off in Turpan, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Monday.

Source:|2018-09-04 08:56

Children Welcome the Start of Spring in Beijing

A boy dressed in traditional costume whips a figure of an ox with a wicker stick at the Ancient Observatory in Beijing, Feb 4, 2018.

Source:|2018-09-03 11:16

Changchun Subway Line 2 Starts with Artistic Style

Changchun Subway Line 2 began service on Thursday – with a little artistic flair.

Source:|2018-08-31 09:46

Elderly Chinese Bike Riders Finish 3-month Tour of Europe

Four senior cyclists have returned to China after completing an 89-day bike ride around Europe, Yangtze River Daily has reported.

Source:|2018-08-29 09:15

Search Begins for Iconic Panda Image to Represent Chinese Culture around World

The search will begin soon for an iconic giant panda image that can represent Chinese culture in international cultural communications and activities.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-27 09:42

Artist’s Impressions of the Eye of the Yellow Sea

Artist’s impressions of the Eye of the Yellow Sea, China’s first all-steel glass arch bridge that is under construction in Rizhao, Shandong province.

Source:|2018-08-23 09:49

Ingenious Bamboo 'Gallery' Wins Top Honors in Contest

The work Suspended Gallery, built mainly with bamboo by students of the School of Architecture of South China University of Technology, won the top prize at the Third International Colleges and Universities Construction Competition held recently in Xiamut

Source:|2018-08-20 10:19

Air Force Releases Promotional Movie


Source:|2018-08-17 15:38

Man’s Stone Collection A Feast for the Eyes Only

Li Yuehua, a collector in Changshou district, Southwest China's Chongqing, has spent years collecting stones that look like food.

Source:|2018-08-15 09:59

Panda Sijia Celebrates Birthday

The giant panda Sijia celebrated its 12th birthday with more than 2,000 fans from all around the country at the Yabuli ski resort in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province on Sunday.

Source:|2018-08-14 09:28

Stunning Views of Solar Eclipse Visible in Parts of China

The sun appears above the skyscrapers during the solar eclipse.

Source:|2018-08-13 09:51

Man Re-creates Garden from Chinese Classic in Mini Landscape

Liu Zhenyuan from Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang province, recently finished the landscape artwork on a miniature version of the Grand View Garden, or Daguanyuan, a major setting in the classic Chinese novel The Dream of Red Mansions.

Source:|2018-08-10 09:06

Cooling off, Panda Style


Source:|2018-08-07 17:14

Chinese Spirit Injected into Oil Painting

The freehand style of xieyi, literally painting the spirit, which is unique to the classic Chinese ink painting, emphasizes depicting a feeling of poetry and intensity through loosely brushwork rather than detailed strokes.

Source:|2018-08-03 11:04

China's First Highway for Tourists

Chishui Valley tourism highway located in Southwest China's Guizhou province is the first tourism highway in China. Here at the beautiful highway, visitors can drive along the Chishui river and watch the rugged red landscape of Mount Danxia. Let's take a

Source:|2018-08-02 10:00

Underwater Museum Offers A Glimpse into River's Past

Take an escalator down to the world's first underwater museum accessible without diving in Fuling, Southwest China's Chongqing.

Source:|2018-08-01 14:07

Fourth Birthday of Giant Panda Triplets Celebrated

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-30 09:26

The US Photographer Who Captured Changing China

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of China's reform and opening-up policy. China Daily talks to some people from overseas who have experienced or witnessed the important drive.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-26 09:29

In Pics: What Are People Doing at High Temperature in Zhengzhou


Source:|2018-07-18 17:27

Water Gushes Out from Xiaolangdi Reservoir on Yellow River in C China's Henan


Source: Xinhua|2018-07-13 09:58

Acrobatics School Offers Kids Skills Training, Academic Lessons in China's Henan

A trainee does gymnastic practices at an acrobatics school in Dongbeizhuang Village of Puyang, central China's Henan Province, July 11, 2018. In Dongbeizhuang Village, an acrobatics school enrols some 40 trainees aged between five and 15 who are faced wit

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-12 09:45

Intangible Cultural Heritage: Hand-made Clay Statuette 'ninigou'


Source: Xinhua|2018-07-11 16:15

Picturesque Scenes of Summer

Landscapes of lakes and hills around Sanmenxia in Henan province offer an inviting escape for those who want to have a refreshing tour. The scenic spots in summer are stunning and breathtaking. Followings are a few descriptions and images of their charms.

Source:|2018-07-11 14:03

Photos of Firemen from Luoyang Fire Service


Source:|2018-07-11 10:07

Lotus Flowers Attract Tourists in C China's Henan


Source: Xinhua|2018-07-10 09:20

China's Wetland Area Ranks 4th in The World

China, with a total wetland area of 53.6 million hectares, ranks first in Asia and fourth in the world, official data showed.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-09 13:40

Xiaolangdi Reservoir Discharges Water at 2,300 Cubic Meters Per Second


Source: Xinhua|2018-07-05 18:32

American Kungfu Enthusiasts Perform Martial Arts with Monks at Shaolin Temple


Source: Xinhua|2018-07-03 09:45

Taiji Schools, Training Centers in Central China's Henan Attract Lots of Fans


Source: Xinhua|2018-07-02 09:43

Pagodas in Henan: Landmarks for Sight-seeing and Observers of Chinese History


Source: Xinhua|2018-06-29 14:41

Online Business Booms in Huozhuang Village, C. China

With the help of e-commerce platform, the business model of Huozhuang Village has gone through fast development from scattered, clan little workshops to online businesses.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-27 16:48

Refreshing Summer Scene in Kaifeng City

Lotus flowers in full bloom at the Yu river scenic area in Kaifeng city, Henan province on June 25. Summer is the prime season for lotus.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-26 11:23

In Pics: Lotus Flowers at Zijingshan Park, Central China's Zhengzhou

Lotus flower blooms at Zijingshan Park in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan Province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-25 16:38

Shaolin Monks Harvest Wheat

Monks from the Shaolin Temple harvest wheat at a farm in Dengfeng, Henan province, June 21, 2018.

Source:|2018-06-22 10:53

Farmers Harvest Vegetables in Xihua County, Central China's Henan


Source: Xinhua|2018-06-19 14:11

Wheat Harvested in Central China's Henan


Source: Xinhua|2018-06-19 14:08

Tourists Visit Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area in China's Henan


Source: Xinhua|2018-06-19 14:05