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Creative Artworks Feature Spring Petals and Leaves

Combining their painting skills with fresh petals and leaves, students from Lanzhou Jiaotong University in Northwest China's Gansu province have drawn creative handicrafts to welcome the arrival of spring.

Source:|2019-03-21 10:22

Landmark Building in Shanghai Celebrates 20th Birthday

Jinmao Tower, an 88-story landmark building in Shanghai's Lujiazui area, started operation on March 19, 1999.

Source:|2019-03-20 14:03

Miao Ethnic Group Celebrates Traditional Festival

With colorful costumes and silver accessories, girls of the Miao ethnic group in Southwest China's Guizhou province celebrated their traditional Fangu Festival on Saturday with drums and dances.

Source:|2019-03-19 10:38

Exhibition Puts Spotlight on People with Special Needs

A collection of 240 stamps centered around the life and work of physically and mentally challenged people from more than 220 countries and regions went on display in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu province.

Source:|2019-03-18 10:29

Guizhou's Fanjing Mountain Named 'Most Exciting Destination' for 2019

Fanjing Mountain in Southwest China's Guizhou province has been included as one of the 28 destinations and experiences for the year of 2019 by National Geographic Traveler magazine.

Source:|2019-03-15 16:11

Plum Blossoms Add Color to Spring

As the temperature rises, plum blossoms in the Jinfoshan ecological park in Xiuning county, birds of various species are attracted to the scent of flowers, creating a vibrant spring scene.

Source:|2019-03-14 11:24

Spring Brings Color to Meihua Mountain, Nanjing City

Visitors enjoy a spring outing on Meihua Mountain, Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, Mar 10, 2019.

Source:|2019-03-13 11:29

Black-headed Gulls Head Back to Siberia from Kunming

As weather warms up in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, thousands of black-headed gulls are about to migrate. Bird watching enthusiasts are cherishing the last chance to see gulls before they fly away in the middle of March.

Source:|2019-03-12 11:22

News Conference on Political Advisors' Performance of Duties in the New Era

members of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), attend a news conference on political advisors' performance of duties in the new era for the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee in B

Source:|2019-03-11 10:18

Gansu's Sanweishan Scene Spot Perfect for Meditation

Located 25 kilometers away from Dunhuang city, Sanweishan scene spot in Gansu province boasts a grand architectural complex of ancient temples. When the dark falls, the commanding architecture and star-studded night skies form a perfect backdrop for medit

Source:|2019-03-08 11:35

Henan Delegation Meeting Open to Media

Deputies to the National People's Congress from Henan province take part in a panel discussion on March 6, 2019.

Source:|2019-03-07 10:45

Silk Road-themed Concert Held in Cairo

More than 10 Chinese State-level artists staged a concert featuring both traditional Chinese folk music and classical tunes from countries along the ancient Silk Road.

Source:|2019-03-06 11:05

Jingxin Wetland: Paradise for Birds and Photography Enthusiasts

As the temperature goes up in the early spring, a group of rare birds, including Steller's sea eagles, white-tailed eagles, and vultures come back to Jingxin Wetland in Hunchun, Northeast China's Jilin province, at the end of February.

Source:|2019-03-05 11:21

Is it a Lake or a Mirror?

An unusual cold spell has blessed the lake in Zhangye Wetland Park, Northwest China's Gansu province, with a majestic mirror-like surface late in Feb. The frozen lake, resulting from the sudden temperature drop in Zhangye, which is in early spring already

Source:|2019-03-04 11:21

Woman Artist Depicts Spiritual Landscapes

Chinese artist Meng Liping shows an obsession with the line in her several series of paintings.

Source:|2019-03-01 10:49

Beijing Photo Exhibition Focuses on Brazil's Cowboy Culture

A photo exhibition at the Overseas Chinese Museum of China in Beijing focuses on the lesser-known cowboy culture in Brazil.

Source:|2019-02-28 10:21

Chinese Photographers Capture the Beauty of Spring

As spring is around the corner, flowers in various areas of China are coming into bloom and plants are taking on the green color.

Source:|2019-02-27 10:03

New Terms Begin in Beijing Schools

Students arrive at Huajadi Experimental Primary School in Beijing on Feb 25, 2019. On the same day, new terms begin in Beijing primary and secondary schools.

Source:|2019-02-26 10:30

Exhibition in Tokyo Combines Dance and Ink Painting

Artists Mai Nakanishi and Lorelei Chang create calligraphy works at the China Cultural Center in Tokyo on Feb 19, 2019, opening a two-week exhibition featuring their painting and calligraphy works through March 1.

Source:|2019-02-25 16:49

Beijing Park Rings in Lantern Festival

People celebrate Lantern Festival at Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park in Beijing.

Source:|2019-02-22 14:10

A Breakfast Inspired by Chinese Poetry

A mother's eye-catching breakfast made with vegetables, bread and fruit for her 13-year-old daughter is helping her child learn about Chinese classical poetry in Zhengzhou, capital city of Central China's Henan province.

Source:|2019-02-21 10:31

Forbidden City Glows as Night Tours Open to Public Marking Lantern Festival

To help shine a light on the Lantern Festival, Beijing's Forbidden City on Tuesday night was unconventionally sparkling.The 720,000-square-meter complex of palatial edifices, which is now officially known as the Palace Museum, was lit up for the event, wh

Source: China Daily|2019-02-20 10:21

Dragon Lantern in Jiangxi Attracts Thousands of Visitors

A 200-meter dragon lantern appeared in a village in East China's Jiangxi province to welcome the Lantern Festival, which falls on Feb 19 this year.

Source:|2019-02-19 10:39

A Lifelong Passion for Photography

Whether he's capturing cities, landscapes, portraits or people, Zheng Xianzhang's unique sense of aesthetics always shines through in his images, Cao Chen reports in Shanghai.

Source: China Daily|2019-02-18 10:46

Chinese Flash Mob Brings Festive Mood to Museum in Wellington

A Chinese New Year flash mob entertains people at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, New Zealand on Feb 9, 2019.

Source:|2019-02-15 11:30

Beijing Embraces Post-Holiday Snow

Beihai Park is covered with snow in Beijing on Feb 12, 2019.

Source:|2019-02-14 11:11

Festive Moments in First Town along Yellow River

Tourists look at the Yellow River in front of a black dragon temple in Qikou ancient town, Linxiancounty, North China's Shanxi province,on Feb 8, 2019.

Source:|2019-02-13 10:47

Mauritian Students Make Chinese New Year Paper-Cuts

The event was organized by the China Cultural Center in Mauritius to celebrate Chinese New Year, attended by more than 60 pupils.

Source:|2019-02-12 11:03

Lunar New Year Traditions at Qiantong Ancient Town

The ancient town launched various traditional celebrations during the Spring Festival holiday.

Source:|2019-02-11 11:17

Woodcut-Printed New Year Pictures on Display in Beijing

An exhibition of more than 100 Wuqiang New Year pictures began Jan 31 in the National Library of China and will last until the end of March.

Source:|2019-02-02 10:12

Giant Panda Cubs Get in Festive Mood

Giant panda cubs play at the Shenshuping breeding base of Wolong National Nature Reserve, Southwest China's Sichuan province, Jan 31, 2019.

Source:|2019-02-01 11:35

Soldiers Send Spring Festival Greetings Home

Holiday shopping for the upcoming Spring Festival, which begins Feb 5, usually is routine for millions of Chinese. But soldiers in Lanzhou, Northwest China's Gansu province, are ditching convention and creating their own gifts for their loved ones.

Source:|2019-01-31 10:29

New Zealand Children Create Colorful Chinese Dragons and Terracotta Warriors

Nearly 100 children were invited to use their imaginations to color in sketches of Chinese dragons and warriors, and make them into simple crafts.

Source:|2019-01-30 10:23

New Palace Museum Gallery of Treasures to Open before Holidays

A new section of the Treasure Gallery of the Palace Museum in Beijing will be open to the public before Spring Festival.

Source:|2019-01-29 09:46

Concerts Celebrate Chinese New Year in Bulgaria

Musicians from Northwest China's Gansu province staged two folk concerts in Bulgaria's Varna and Sofia on Jan 21 and 24 to mark the upcoming Spring Festival

Source:|2019-01-28 10:54

Stunning Landscapes in a Unique Location in Southwest China


Source:|2019-01-25 11:38

Giant Panda Enjoys Fruit Feast as Lunar New Year Draws Near

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Southwest China's Sichuan province held a special fruit feast on Wednesday for Miao Miao, a giant panda born in 2012, as a way to welcome the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Source:|2019-01-24 10:27

Exhibition on Chinese Ballet Held in Singapore

Chinese ballet dancers perform at the exhibition Ballet in China - 60 Years' Inheritance and Development of the National Ballet of China, at the China Cultural Center in Singapore on Jan 16, 2019.

Source:|2019-01-23 11:14

Planet's Top Mass Travel Frenzy Begins

The world's largest annual human migration-the Spring Festival travel rush-kicked off on Monday, with nearly 3 billion trips expected to be made in the 40 days from Jan 21 to March 1.

Source: China Daily|2019-01-22 10:19

Art Tradition Brings Unexpected Fame to Northeast China

Huadian, in northeast China’s Jilin province, enjoys a nationwide reputation for its peasant artwork tradition, which is defined by its use of vibrant color and agricultural themes.

Source:|2019-01-21 11:54

Couple Returns to Hometown to Protect Traditional Tie-Dying

By combining Chinese traditional tie-dying with modern fashion, Zhang Hanmin and Zhang Bin have established a thriving business at their hometown in Dali Bai autonomous prefecture, Southwest China's Yunnan province.

Source:|2019-01-18 14:03

Museum Hosts Show of Sino-French 'Craftsman Spirit'

What are some similarities and differences between French and Chinese handicraft? What will people see when the two are displayed at the same time?

Source:|2019-01-17 14:32

Man Recreates Famous Painting with Discarded Cans

A man in Linfen city, North China's Shanxi province has made a replica of the famous painting Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival using thousands of discarded metal cans.

Source:|2019-01-16 08:56

Jack Ma Rural Teacher Award Recognizes 100 Rural Teachers

The Jack Ma Rural Teacher Award ceremony was held in Sanya, South China's Hainan province, on Sunday.

Source:|2019-01-14 17:47

Picture of Excellence

Construction workers receive portrait photos of themselves on Tuesday in Beijing as gifts from photographers who volunteered in a charity activity to honor the workers' contribution to society.

Source:|2019-01-11 16:16

Discovering Face of Peking Opera through Makeup

Discovering face of Peking Opera through makeup.

Source:|2019-01-10 11:17

Snow Sculpture Makes Debut in Jilin

Source:|2019-01-09 16:34

People Having Fun at Xiliinhot Winter Nadam

People have fun at Xiliinhot Winter Nadam.

Source:|2019-01-08 16:33

Elementary Opera Skills

A girl practices Peking Opera skills at an elementary school in Nantong, Jiangsu province, on Saturday.

Source:|2019-01-07 15:52

Ice Sculptors from 12 Countries Compete in Harbin

The eighth Harbin•China International Ice-assemblage Championship kicked off at Harbin Ice and Snow World in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province on Monday.

Source:|2019-01-04 15:00

Winter Nadam Fair Kicks off in Inner Mongolia

The opening ceremony for the Winter Nadam Fair of Inner Mongolia autonomous region took place on Dec 23 in Hulunbuir.

Source:|2019-01-03 10:12

Cherry Blossoms Attract Tourists in Kunming

The 1.9-kilometers-long Hongta West Road in Kunming, capital city of Southwest China's Yunnan province, is attracting a lot of tourists, as over 600 winter cherry blossom trees are blooming.

Source:|2019-01-02 11:20

Sightseers Catch Winter Fishing Festival

The start of the winter fishing season at a Jilin province lake-the only place in China where age-old traditional Mongolian fishing methods are still practiced-got off to a whopping start on Friday.

Source:|2018-12-29 16:45

Thousands of Camels Congregate at Inner Mongolian Tourism Festival

Thousands of camels gathered in Alxa League of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Wednesday for the second Alxa Camel Culture Tourism Festival, which will last until Saturday.

Source:|2018-12-28 15:08

Ancient Fortress Offers Unique View after Snow

The Jiayuguan Pass in northwestern China's Gansu province has been turned into a winter wonderland after a snowfall on Monday.

Source:|2018-12-27 15:33

Endangered Tiger DNA Sent into Space as Backup

Dry powder of DNA from a South China tiger of the Guangzhou Zoo was blasted into space by the Long March 11 carrier rocket on Saturday for backup storage of the genes of this endangered species.

Source:|2018-12-26 16:28

Tulip Show Staged in 'City of Flowers'

A grand flower show featuring tulipskicked off in Guangdong's provincial capital, providing a new attraction for local residents and tourists.

Source:|2018-12-25 15:16

Santas Race in Beijing

A Santa-themed race was held in Chaoyang Park in Beijing on Saturday.

Source:|2018-12-24 10:37

Pole Dancers Brave Extreme Cold in NE Heilongjiang

The 2018 Pole Dance Cold Competition kicked off in China's northernmost city Mohe, Heilongjiang province, on Dec 20.

Source:|2018-12-21 15:45

Snow in Mohe Attracts Tourists

While some places are still waiting for the first snow, China's northernmost city Mohe in Heilongjiang province has turned into a fairyland capped with snow.

Source:|2018-12-20 15:51

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge to Reopen by Year's End

The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, China's first self-designed road and rail truss bridge constructed by the nation, will reopen by the end of the year after 27 months of renovation.

Source:|2018-12-19 16:14

Rare Birds Caught on Camera

Photographers in a snowy field in Sanmenxia city, Central China's Henan province, captured golden pheasants, a bird species listed as a second-level protected wild animal.

Source:|2018-12-17 13:19

Chinese Fashion Show Held in Moscow

Chinese fashion show is held in Moscow.

Source:|2018-12-14 12:03

Armed Police Train in Minus 25C in Gobi Desert

The Armed Police in Jiuquan city of Northwest China's Gansu province completed a week-long training in the Gobi Desert on Wednesday.

Source:|2018-12-13 17:52

Giant Pandas Enjoy Snow in NE China

A couple of two-year-old giant pandas, Chuxin and Muyun, seemed happy playing in the snow-covered Siberian Tiger Park in Changchun city, capital of Northeast China's Jilin province.

Source:|2018-12-12 15:54

Kite Enthusiast Hopes to Pass down Skills

A kite enthusiast in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province has made more than 1,500 kites over the past two decades.

Source:|2018-12-11 15:33

Art in Minutes with Dough Figurines

Gao Shan, 43, has been making dough figurines for more than 10 years in Jiyuan city, Central China's Henan province.

Source:|2018-12-10 15:32

Hani People in Yunnan Celebrate New Year

The Hani ethnic group in Southwest China's Yunnan province celebrated their New Year Festival.

Source:|2018-12-07 11:58

US Consular Finds Chinese Friend after 34 Years

Jamie Fouss, a US consular, succeeded finding a Chinese friend, Sun Yuzhen, he met 34 years ago when he was on a tour in China.

Source:|2018-12-06 16:07

Most Beautiful Filial Teens Show Chinese Virtue

Out of more than 1,000 candidates, 10 teenagers from across China were voted as the Most Beautiful Teenagers with Filial Piety at the awarding event on Nov 25.

Source:|2018-12-05 18:10

Craftsman Has a Head for Opera

Han Xiaoli, a 55-year-old craftsman from Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, can make more than 100 kinds of headwear for a local opera.

Source:|2018-12-04 11:30

Salt Lakes of Xinjiang

Images: Salt lakes of Xinjiang.

Source:|2018-12-03 13:19

Ancient Beddings from Palace Museum's Collection

As the chilly winter is around the corner, people are taking out thick quilts from their closets or buying new ones.

Source:|2018-11-30 10:47

Sculptor Turns Slate into Canvas

A female sculptor in Hebei province chisels various “paintings” on rock slates.

Source:|2018-11-28 15:10

World's Highest Power Lines Set in Tibet

World's highest power lines set in Tibet.

Source:|2018-11-27 17:46

China's 'Most Beautiful Book' Named

Xun Xiu Ji, a book which literally means Looking for Embroidery, has been named China's Most Beautiful Book together with 24 other books from 20 publishing houses from across the country.

Source:|2018-11-26 12:01

Free Capsule Hotel for Patients' Families Wins Praise

A hospital in Luoyang city, Central China's Henan province, has recently set up a capsule hotel for relatives of intensive care unit patients for free, so that the family members can stay overnight outside of the visiting hours.

Source:|2018-11-22 15:35

Kindergarten Children in Traditional Clothes Play Games

Kindergarten children in traditional clothes play games.

Source:|2018-11-20 10:29

Double-decker Bullet Train Makes Debut

Double-decker bullet train makes debut in Hunan.

Source:|2018-11-19 11:00

Artist Creates 2,000 Microscopic Carvings

In the past 10 years, Zhao Qiushi has created more than 2,000 pieces of microscopic carvings in Changchun, capital city of Northeast China's Jilin province.

Source:|2018-11-16 10:10

Go Players Compete in Central China

Go players compete in Central China.

Source:|2018-11-14 17:23

Folk Performances from SW China Grace Auckland


Source:|2018-11-12 12:24

Number of Captive Pandas Rises to 548

A total of 48 captive giant pandas were born this year and 45 are alive, bringing the total number of captive pandas worldwide to 548, said Li Chunliang.

Source:|2018-11-09 09:15

Zhuhai Airshow Wows Visitors

Zhuhai airshow wows visitors.

Source:|2018-11-08 11:14

Running in High Heels

A special race for women in high heels was held Friday to Sunday in Fuling district of Southwest China's Chongqing municipality.

Source:|2018-11-06 10:17

Focusing on Reform and Opening-up

This album celebrates the 40th anniversary of economic reform and opening-up, and is China Daily's salute to the ordinary Chinese people without whose painstaking efforts China would not be the country that it is today.

Source: China Daily|2018-11-05 10:50

Apple Harvest Time Is Something to Smile about

Located on the eastern edge of the Loess Plateau, Lingbao city of Central China's Henan province, one of China's two major bases for apple production, enjoys a reputation as Apple Town and has a planting history of more than 100 years.

Source:|2018-11-02 11:27

Glass Art at Henan Show

Fusion and Crossover, a glass art triennial now on at the Henan Art Museum in Zhengzhou, through Nov 4, celebrates the imagination of Chinese artists in enriching the representations of glass.

Source:|2018-11-01 08:53

White Swans Migrate to Sanmenxia to Spend Winter

White swans migrate to Sanmenxia to spend winter.

Source:|2018-10-31 10:41

Sanitation Workers Photographed to Celebrate Their Day

On the occasion of China's 22nd Sanitation Workers' Day on Friday, a caring company in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, initiated an activity to dress up and photograph sanitation workers to celebrate the special day for the city's beauticians.

Source:|2018-10-30 16:01

Rice Farmers Set New Record in High-altitude Area

Farmers in Yongning township, Yonglang county of Southeast China's Yunnan province, have pushed the rice yield in high-altitude areas to new high, according to local agricultural authorities' recent on-site test results.

Source:|2018-10-26 10:02

Abandoned Rail Carriage Turned into Reading Room in Zhengzhou

A college recycled an abandoned rail carriage and turned it into a free reading room for students in Zhengzhou, capital city of Central China's Henan province.

Source:|2018-10-24 09:38

Hotan Night Market Offers More than Good Food

There is so much more than mouth-watering traditional Uygur food at the night food market in Hotan city in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Source:|2018-10-23 09:49

Teacher's Joy Is Making 'Dancing' Leaves

When winter approaches, leaves fall, and those leaves can be used, with some fruits and flowers, to create pictures of dancers.

Source:|2018-10-19 10:10

They're Sheepfolds, Not Drums

Several waist drum-shaped sheepfolds in Shaanxi province have been built as part of a local cultural tourism project in Yan'an's Ansai district.

Source:|2018-10-18 11:55

Dance Drama Debuts for Guangxi Anniversary

A dance premiere under the theme of the legend of flower goddess of Zhuang ethnic group is held in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, on Oct 12.

Source:|2018-10-16 09:19

Euphrates Poplar Trees Create Golden Oasis

An over 20,000-hectare forest of Euphrates poplar trees decorates the landscape with golden fall foliage in Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Source:|2018-10-15 10:43

Shanghai Disney Resort Readies for Halloween

This fall, spooky fun and entertainment can be found all over Shanghai Disney Resort as the Halloween season returns in full force. Until Nov 4, guests can find mysterious events, special parties, Halloween-themed treats, decorations, and more, with many

Source:|2018-10-12 10:34

Vintage Cars on Epic Trip Arrive in China

Vintage cars on epic trip arrive in China.

Source:|2018-10-11 09:50

Harvest Time! Farmers Dry Corn in Gansu

Farmers are busy drying the corn in Zhangye, NW China’s Gansu province, Oct 8, 2018. The Cold Dews is the corn harvest season in north China.

Source:|2018-10-10 09:43

Fenhe River in Mist Looks Like Picturesque Chinese Ink Painting

After days of autumn rain, the Fenhe River in Jishan county, Shanxi province, got shrouded in mist, and looked like a picturesque Chinese ink painting.

Source:|2018-10-09 09:17

40 Years through A Lens

China launched its reform and opening-up policy in 1978.

Source: China Daily|2018-10-08 10:24

40 Years of Change in A Chinese Village

Forty years ago there was never enough food in Xiaogang, a village considered the birthplace of China’s rural reform.

Source:|2018-09-30 10:31

Photos from Across China: Sept 21-28

Photos from Across China: Sept 21-28

Source:|2018-09-28 11:10

A Slide Made of Steel and Glass in Huaxi Village

A 388-meter-long slide made of steel and armored glass made its debut last week at a park in Huaxi village, Jiangsu province.

Source:|2018-09-27 10:40

Reform and Opening-up Exhibition Opens in Shanghai

A major exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up will make its debut at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on Wednesday.

Source:|2018-09-26 09:34

Portraits of A Changing China

In this season of harvest, China Daily will publish a photo album-Portraits of a Changing China-on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-25 13:40

Local Cuisine Gets Online Boost

Foreign and Chinese visitors try the local snacks of Shengzhou, Shaoxing, at the Computing Conference held in Hangzhou on Wednesday.

Source:|2018-09-21 11:45

Giant White Gourds Reflect Bountiful Harvest in Henan

Giant white gourds reflect bountiful harvest in Henan.

Source:|2018-09-20 09:45

Ancient Makeup Artifacts Fit for Summer

Summer is here, and many like to put on beautiful clothing to add some more color to the already vibrant season.

Source:|2018-09-18 10:44

Huge Flower Basket in Tian'anmen Square for National Day

A huge basket-shaped flower arrangement with the theme Blessings to China will be installed in Tian'anmen Square as part of the decoration plan drawn up for the square and Chang'an Avenue for the National Day holiday on Oct 1.

Source:|2018-09-14 18:20

First Domestically Built Icebreaker Launched in Shanghai

At around 3:30 pm Monday, China's first home-grown icebreaker was launched from a shipyard in Shanghai, a further step toward its first scientific expedition to Antarctica next year.

Source:|2018-09-11 09:26

J-10 Fighter Jets Take off on Training Sortie

A J-10 fighter jet attached to an aviation brigade under the PLA Air Force takes off for a sortie during a recent flight training exercise.

Source: China Military Online|2018-09-10 10:12

Freshmen Stamp Their Mark at Start of New Semester

More than 7,400 freshmen at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan wear T-shirts of different colors at the opening ceremony of new semester to form the initials of the school.

Source:|2018-09-07 09:07

Shanxi Artist Expresses Love for Hometown in Pyrographic Art

Zhang Ge, an artist in Datong, North China's Shanxi province, has created a series of pyrography, artworks themed on famous landscapes, historical figures and stories about the city, such as the Yungang Grottoes and Xuankong Temple.

Source:|2018-09-05 10:36

Silk Road Turpan Grape Festival Returns

The 27th Silk Road Turpan Grape Festival kicked off in Turpan, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Monday.

Source:|2018-09-04 08:56

Children Welcome the Start of Spring in Beijing

A boy dressed in traditional costume whips a figure of an ox with a wicker stick at the Ancient Observatory in Beijing, Feb 4, 2018.

Source:|2018-09-03 11:16

Changchun Subway Line 2 Starts with Artistic Style

Changchun Subway Line 2 began service on Thursday – with a little artistic flair.

Source:|2018-08-31 09:46

Elderly Chinese Bike Riders Finish 3-month Tour of Europe

Four senior cyclists have returned to China after completing an 89-day bike ride around Europe, Yangtze River Daily has reported.

Source:|2018-08-29 09:15

Search Begins for Iconic Panda Image to Represent Chinese Culture around World

The search will begin soon for an iconic giant panda image that can represent Chinese culture in international cultural communications and activities.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-27 09:42

Artist’s Impressions of the Eye of the Yellow Sea

Artist’s impressions of the Eye of the Yellow Sea, China’s first all-steel glass arch bridge that is under construction in Rizhao, Shandong province.

Source:|2018-08-23 09:49

Ingenious Bamboo 'Gallery' Wins Top Honors in Contest

The work Suspended Gallery, built mainly with bamboo by students of the School of Architecture of South China University of Technology, won the top prize at the Third International Colleges and Universities Construction Competition held recently in Xiamut

Source:|2018-08-20 10:19

Air Force Releases Promotional Movie


Source:|2018-08-17 15:38

Man’s Stone Collection A Feast for the Eyes Only

Li Yuehua, a collector in Changshou district, Southwest China's Chongqing, has spent years collecting stones that look like food.

Source:|2018-08-15 09:59

Panda Sijia Celebrates Birthday

The giant panda Sijia celebrated its 12th birthday with more than 2,000 fans from all around the country at the Yabuli ski resort in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province on Sunday.

Source:|2018-08-14 09:28

Stunning Views of Solar Eclipse Visible in Parts of China

The sun appears above the skyscrapers during the solar eclipse.

Source:|2018-08-13 09:51

Man Re-creates Garden from Chinese Classic in Mini Landscape

Liu Zhenyuan from Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang province, recently finished the landscape artwork on a miniature version of the Grand View Garden, or Daguanyuan, a major setting in the classic Chinese novel The Dream of Red Mansions.

Source:|2018-08-10 09:06

Cooling off, Panda Style


Source:|2018-08-07 17:14

Chinese Spirit Injected into Oil Painting

The freehand style of xieyi, literally painting the spirit, which is unique to the classic Chinese ink painting, emphasizes depicting a feeling of poetry and intensity through loosely brushwork rather than detailed strokes.

Source:|2018-08-03 11:04

China's First Highway for Tourists

Chishui Valley tourism highway located in Southwest China's Guizhou province is the first tourism highway in China. Here at the beautiful highway, visitors can drive along the Chishui river and watch the rugged red landscape of Mount Danxia. Let's take a

Source:|2018-08-02 10:00

Underwater Museum Offers A Glimpse into River's Past

Take an escalator down to the world's first underwater museum accessible without diving in Fuling, Southwest China's Chongqing.

Source:|2018-08-01 14:07

Fourth Birthday of Giant Panda Triplets Celebrated

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-30 09:26

The US Photographer Who Captured Changing China

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of China's reform and opening-up policy. China Daily talks to some people from overseas who have experienced or witnessed the important drive.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-26 09:29

In Pics: What Are People Doing at High Temperature in Zhengzhou


Source:|2018-07-18 17:27

Water Gushes Out from Xiaolangdi Reservoir on Yellow River in C China's Henan


Source: Xinhua|2018-07-13 09:58

Acrobatics School Offers Kids Skills Training, Academic Lessons in China's Henan

A trainee does gymnastic practices at an acrobatics school in Dongbeizhuang Village of Puyang, central China's Henan Province, July 11, 2018. In Dongbeizhuang Village, an acrobatics school enrols some 40 trainees aged between five and 15 who are faced wit

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-12 09:45

Intangible Cultural Heritage: Hand-made Clay Statuette 'ninigou'


Source: Xinhua|2018-07-11 16:15

Picturesque Scenes of Summer

Landscapes of lakes and hills around Sanmenxia in Henan province offer an inviting escape for those who want to have a refreshing tour. The scenic spots in summer are stunning and breathtaking. Followings are a few descriptions and images of their charms.

Source:|2018-07-11 14:03

Photos of Firemen from Luoyang Fire Service


Source:|2018-07-11 10:07

Lotus Flowers Attract Tourists in C China's Henan


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China's Wetland Area Ranks 4th in The World

China, with a total wetland area of 53.6 million hectares, ranks first in Asia and fourth in the world, official data showed.

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Xiaolangdi Reservoir Discharges Water at 2,300 Cubic Meters Per Second


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American Kungfu Enthusiasts Perform Martial Arts with Monks at Shaolin Temple


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Taiji Schools, Training Centers in Central China's Henan Attract Lots of Fans


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Pagodas in Henan: Landmarks for Sight-seeing and Observers of Chinese History


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Online Business Booms in Huozhuang Village, C. China

With the help of e-commerce platform, the business model of Huozhuang Village has gone through fast development from scattered, clan little workshops to online businesses.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-27 16:48

Refreshing Summer Scene in Kaifeng City

Lotus flowers in full bloom at the Yu river scenic area in Kaifeng city, Henan province on June 25. Summer is the prime season for lotus.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-26 11:23

In Pics: Lotus Flowers at Zijingshan Park, Central China's Zhengzhou

Lotus flower blooms at Zijingshan Park in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan Province.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-25 16:38

Shaolin Monks Harvest Wheat

Monks from the Shaolin Temple harvest wheat at a farm in Dengfeng, Henan province, June 21, 2018.

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Farmers Harvest Vegetables in Xihua County, Central China's Henan


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Wheat Harvested in Central China's Henan


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Tourists Visit Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area in China's Henan


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