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Nation Aims to Boost AI to Benefit World

China is willing to promote development, maintain security and share results with other countries in the field of artificial intelligence, President Xi Jinping said on Monday in a congratulatory letter at the start of a gathering in Shanghai that has draw

Source: China Daily|2018-09-18 09:42

Airlines See Soaring Growth Prospects

With international trade and tourism booming in China, aviation companies are accelerating efforts to open new air routes, especially to emerging markets, according to industry insiders.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-17 09:57

Country Establishes National Festival Celebrating Contributions of Farmers

China will host more than 100 activities nationwide to celebrate the first Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Thursday.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-14 18:31

Foreign Companies Welcome, FM Says

Beijing reiterated on Wednesday that it welcomes foreign companies, including those from the United States, to invest and operate in China, and is willing to share development opportunities with them to achieve mutual benefits.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-13 15:35

Xi's Speech on Chinese Teachers' Day Impressive, Inspiring -- Overseas Teachers

The latest remarks by President Xi Jinping on the important role of education and teachers in shaping China's future development have impressed and inspired overseas teachers.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-12 09:02

Online-offline Integration Shaping Retail Industry Development

With e-commerce giants and physical stores joining forces to expand online and offline integration, the concept of unbounded retail is shaping the future of the industry's development.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-11 10:02

President Xi's Views on Teachers

On China's 34th Teachers' Day, let's review what President Xi Jinping has said about teachers.

Source:|2018-09-10 09:49

President Xi to Attend 4th Eastern Economic Forum in Russia

Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the fourth Eastern Economic Forum from Sept 11 to 12.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-07 09:42

China's Self-developed Anti-cancer Drug Approved

China's drug authority has given approval for the country's first domestically-developed cancer treatment drug to enter the market.

Source:|2018-09-06 11:16

Belt, Road Aligns with African Nations

China and Africa will align the Belt and Road Initiative with the development strategies of African nations to bring more opportunities for the growth and prosperity of the continent, President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-09-05 11:18

Highlights from Xi's Speech at FOCAC Beijing Summit

President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing on Monday.

Source: Xinhua/|2018-09-04 09:21

7th FOCAC Ministerial Conference Held in Beijing

BEIJING - The 7th Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was held on Sunday in Beijing.

Source: Xinhua|2018-09-03 10:40

Belt and Road Initiative Yields Fruitful Results in the Cultural Arena

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) proposed.

Source: CGTN|2018-08-31 11:43

Xi Urges Teachers to Help Students Appreciate Beauty

President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of aesthetic education on Thursday, calling for solid efforts to help the nation's young people develop in a fully rounded and healthy way.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-31 11:19

Top Leaders Attend Congress of Returned Overseas Chinese

About 3,000 people attended the opening ceremony of the 10th National Congress of Returned Overseas Chinese and their Relatives in Beijing Wednesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-30 09:41

Factbox: People-to-people Exchange Achievements along Belt and Road

China has been promoting cultural and people-to-people exchanges with countries along the Belt and Road (B&R) since the initiative's proposal five years ago.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-29 09:19

Xi Gives New Impetus to Belt and Road Initiative

President Xi Jinping on Monday underlined thorough and solid cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to benefit people in countries involved and build a community with a shared future for humanity.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-28 09:19

China-made Large Amphibious Aircraft Enters New Test Phase

China's independently-developed large amphibious aircraft, the AG600, has completed trial flights from a land take-off and entered a new test phase from the water.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-27 09:07

China Enters 'Unmanned Era' in Arctic Observation

Chinese scientists have installed an unmanned ice station system for the first time in the Arctic Ocean, ushering in an unmanned era for scientific observation of the North Pole.

Source:|2018-08-24 13:15

Tibetan Fungus Could Help Fight Liver Cancer, Academy Tests Show

Tests have shown that a chemical compound extracted from white lingzhi mushrooms, which are unique to the Tibet autonomous region, has anti-cancer qualities, according to the region’s Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Source:|2018-08-24 12:47

Xi: Spreading China's Story Key Mission

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has set new tasks, including telling China's stories well to the world, for the country's publicity agencies, including media, at a key meeting concluded on Wednesday.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-23 09:27

China Establishes Diplomatic Relations with El Salvador

China and El Salvador established diplomatic relations on Tuesday after the Central American country severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-22 09:13

President Eulogizes Annan as Multilateralism Advocate

President Xi Jinping expressed deep condolences and sympathy on Monday to the family of Kofi Annan and the United Nations, describing the diplomatic veteran as an active promoter of multilateralism.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-21 10:06

Xi to Host China-Africa Forum in Sept

President Xi Jinping will host the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation to be held Sept 3 and 4, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang announced on Monday.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-21 09:21

Xi: Show Respect for Health Staff

President Xi Jinping called on Friday for greater understanding for medical workers, to help create an atmosphere that respects doctors and acknowledges the importance of hygiene and health work.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-20 10:34

Xi Urges Medical Workers to Carry forward Humanitarian Spirit

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday called on medical workers to carry forward the humanitarian spirit to save lives, and make further contributions to promoting people's health.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-17 15:09

Xi's Books Stand out at Shanghai Exhibition

A showcase specially devoted to the translated versions of President Xi Jinping's works, including the two volumes of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China, is attracting readers' attention during the 2018 Shanghai Book Fair, which opened at the Shanghai Ex

Source: China Daily|2018-08-17 14:53

Asia's Largest Railway Station Being Built in Beijing

The reconstruction work on Beijng's Fengtai Railway Station, the capital's oldest, has recently begun, and it is expected to result in Asia’s largest railway station, the reported on Tuesday.

Source:|2018-08-16 09:46

China's Pursuit of Creativity Surges

While watching a 3D printer deftly add layers of material to create a new object at China's first 3D Printing Cultural Museum in Shanghai, it struck me just how many science and technology ventures I had witnessed over the past several days while travelin

Source: China Daily|2018-08-15 09:45

China Exports 12,651 Publication Copyrights in 2017


Source: Xinhua|2018-08-14 09:18

Lu Xun Literature Prize Names 2014-17 Winners

The Seventh Lu Xun Literature Prize announced its final winners for 2014-17 on Saturday in Beijing.

Source:|2018-08-13 09:33

Scientists Make Tiny DNA 'Trojan Horse' to Strangle Tumors

Chinese scientists have folded DNA molecules in an origami-like process to make a minuscule Trojan horse - 4,000 times thinner than a human hair - that can release killers to fight cancer tumors.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-10 08:47

From 2008 to 2022: Olympic-themed Exhibition to Open in Beijing

The world's eyes were on Beijing on Aug 8, 2008, as the Olympic Games opened grandly at Bird's Nest - the national stadium for the Games, on that day. On its 10th anniversary this year, the Bird's Nest Culture Center will open an Olympic-themed exhibition

Source:|2018-08-09 09:30

Astronomers Discover 'Extremely Rare' Star

Chinese astronomers have discovered the most lithiumrich red giant star known in our Milky Way to date. Scientists said on Tuesday that this extremely rare and interesting star can help solve the mysteries of stellar evolution and the origin of lithium

Source: China Daily|2018-08-08 08:59

China Launches Exascale Supercomputer Prototype

China on Sunday put into operation a prototype exascale computing machine, the next-generation supercomputer, according to the developers.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-07 17:27

AI Speeds up Radiation Treatment for Cancer Patients

To prepare the radiation plan for a rectal cancer patient, physician Chen Bo used to spend more than an hour studying a CT scan image and manually determining the targeted area.

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-03 10:40

Scientists Create Artificial DNA Molecule

By editing chromosomes-the DNA molecules that carry an organism's genetic information-Chinese scientists have created a yeast strain with all the genetic information fused into a single chromosome, rather than the customary 16 for this species.

Source: China Daily|2018-08-03 10:34

CPC Meeting Stresses Economic Stability in H2

China will keep its economy on a stable and healthy development track with a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy in the second half of 2018, according to a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Commi

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-02 09:33

CPC Central Committee Holds Symposium on Economic Work

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) convened a symposium earlier this month to listen to the suggestions of leading members of non-Communist parties, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and representatives of persona

Source: Xinhua|2018-08-01 13:51

Luck Air Allows Passenger to Buy More Than One Ticket

Hainan-based budget airline Luck Air is now allowing passengers to purchase more than one ticket on their same flight, reports Henan-based news portal

Source:|2018-07-31 15:55

Widen Road to Be More Wonderful through Opening-up

Henan Province is the significant starting point of the ancient Silk Road as well as an important province along the Belt and Road route. In such as context, what responsibilities should Henan Province undertake? In the new era, how to deeply integrate in

Source:|2018-07-30 09:59

Heat Wave to Continue in Parts of China

China's meteorologists on Sunday renewed a yellow alert for high temperatures as a persistent heat wave continued to scorch some parts of China.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-30 09:12

Henan Delegation’s Visit to Luxembourg, Germany and Russia II

Around 17:30, July 9, 2018, Prime Minister Bettel and Henan delegation witnessed the signing of letter of intent to cooperate on the opening of intercontinental passenger route between Zhengzhou and Luxembourg.

Source:|2018-07-26 09:18

Henan Delegation’s Visit to Luxembourg, Germany and Russia

Henan delegation successfully concluded its friendly visit to Luxembourg, Germany and Russia on July 18.

Source:|2018-07-24 09:48

504 Ancient Chinese Coins Found in Henan

The coins, unearthed at a construction site in Sanmenxia City, date back to the mid to late Spring and Autumn Period (771 B.C.- 476 B.C.), according to researchers from the local museum.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-23 09:11

A Local Guy from Henan Province Selected into Zhejiang Good People List

The reporter learned yesterday that Zhejiang Good People List jointly launched by the Publicity Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Office of the Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee and Zhejiang Daily Press Group was issued.

Source:|2018-07-20 13:42

Enterprises Seek Diverse Export Channels

Chinese enterprises have been taking measures such as diversifying export destinations to minimize the possible negative effect of the US-initiated trade war, according to managers.

Source:|2018-07-19 09:18

40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up: History of the Yellow River Bridges

Since the reform and opening-up, the bridges over the Yellow River have witnessed the dreams of “rejuvenating the country with transportation” of countless people with lofty ideals, recorded the glory of Henan people who finally built “their own bridges”,

Source:|2018-07-18 16:52

Ancient Coins Bear Great Significance to Monetary Research in Zhongyuan

A total of 504 ancient Chinese coins were discovered in a village of Shanzhou district in Sanmenxia, Henan province on July 12.

Source:|2018-07-18 11:26

The Movie Li Xuesheng Premiered in Wenzhou 13 Years Later

On July 16, the high-profile movie Li Xuesheng was premiered in Wenzhou, and the officials and masses from all walks of life watched it.

Source:|2018-07-17 18:10

Man Refuses Reward for Saving Four Phuket Boat Passengers

A man from Xinyang city of Henan province refused a 100,000 yuan ($14,960) reward for saving four lives after the Phuket boat accident, reported on Monday.

Source:|2018-07-17 14:30

Sanmenxia Industrial Agglomeration Area Promoted to Higher Level

Sanmenxia Industrial Agglomeration Area was awarded 3 million yuan ($449,553) by the People's Government of Henan Province for its promotion from a one-star to a two-star industrial cluster on July 11.

Source:|2018-07-17 09:16

DAHE ENGLISH CHANNEL Officially Launched

Wonderful Henan, Global Partnership. On July 16, 2018, after two-month trial operation, Dahe English Channel was launched to serve global Internet users. From this day on, world has a window to know Henan directly and Henan also has a new platform to spre

Source:|2018-07-16 18:01

Alert Renewed for More Rainstorms

The National Meteorological Center renewed its yellow alert for rainstorms on Friday, as heavy rains are expected to continue from southwestern to northeastern China.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-16 09:30

Brazilian Forward Fernando Karanga Joins Henan Jianye

27-year-old Brazilian forward Fernando Karanga joined Henan Jianye from Bulgarian club CSKA Sofia, the China Super League club announced on Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-13 09:50

Trading of Agricultural Supplies Totals 2.57 Billion Yuan on Alibaba Platforms

The total trading volume of agricultural supplies on the combined platforms of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba reached 2.57 billion yuan ($386 million) in 2017, according to the latest statistics released by the company.

Source: People's Daily Online|2018-07-12 13:46

Henan Hosts Intl Korfball Competition for First Time

The 2018 ZZU Eurasian Korfball Competition kicked off at Zhengzhou University, Central China's Henan province, on Thursday afternoon, marking the first time the province has held an international korfball competition.

Source: China Daily|2018-07-12 13:42

Lingbao Dubbed 'Rural Revitalization Strategy Demonstration City'

The city of Lingbao in Sanmenxia was listed as a demonstration city for China's highlighted rural revitalization strategy, according to reports from Sanmenxia Daily on July 7.

Source:|2018-07-11 09:25

China's Air Quality Improves: Including Henan

China's air quality has improved across the country, showed a report on the implementation of the Air Pollution Control Law on Monday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-09 17:41

Gallivanting Dad Writes 26 Adventure Books for His Daughter

41-year old Chen Chunren from Xinyang, Henan province, recently hit the headlines for spending five years writing books for his daughter, who is particularly obsessed with tales of adventure.

Source: People's Daily Online|2018-07-06 16:52

Sculpture Workshops Focus on Social Heroes Such as Jiao Yulu

At a recent workshop marking the 97th anniversary of the founding of Communist Party of China on July 1, Wu and three sculptors created portraits of Jiao Yulu (1922-64), a devoted Party chief at the grassroots.

Source:|2018-07-06 09:45

Chinese Firm Aims to Build 'Artificial Hair Hub' in Liberia

Liberian president George Weah has welcomed a visiting Chinese business delegation whose aim is to set up an artificial hair factory in the west African country.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-04 15:01

Ancient Coin Exhibition Opens to Public

A total of 128 coins from ancient states along the Silk Road were on display Tuesday at central China's Henan Numismatic Museum.

Source: Xinhua|2018-07-03 16:55

Henan's First Intl Korfball Competition Ends

On Monday, the 2018 ZZU Eurasian Korfball Competition ended successfully after its four-day competition in Zhengzhou University, Central China's Henan province, marking the first time the province has ever held an international korfball competition.

Source: |2018-06-27 09:49

How Well Local Officials Have Cared for Environment Must Also Be Evaluated

The second inspection team sent by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to Luoyang in Central China's Henan province this month found a State-owned coal mining company had not stopped its polluting behavior as instructed after the first inspection. Ins

Source: China Daily|2018-06-26 14:02

Ethiopian Airlines to Start Cargo Flights to Zhengzhou

Ethiopia's national flag carrier Ethiopian Airlines (ET) is to start cargo flights to Zhengzhou, an Ethiopian official said on Tuesday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-25 17:19

Sierra Leonean Students Acclaim CRSG’s Development Cooperation

Sierra Leonean students currently studying Expressway Construction and Operation Management have commended China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) for giving them the opportunity to be trained in the People’s Republic of China.

Source: People's Daily Online|2018-06-20 15:36

Exhibition on Antiques of Ancient Egypt Held in China's Henan

2017 shows a model of ancient Egyptian sarcophagus at an exhibition on antiques of ancient Egypt at Henan Museum in Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan Province

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-20 10:49

Nanyang Agricultural Exports off to A Good Start in Q1

Nanyang's agricultural export value increased by a whopping 82.9 percent year-on-year to reach 1.93 billion yuan ($304 million) in the first quarter of 2018.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-20 10:43

Three Cities Pool Ideas on Vocational Education

The 3rd Yellow River Triangle Vocational Education Group Forum opened in Sanmenxia, Henan province on June 13.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-20 10:41

Henan Village Cooks up An Instant Noodle Success Story with Challenges

It has been almost 30 years, but Wang Hongbin from Nanjie, a village in Central China's Henan province, still has vivid memories of the day his instant noodles first went on sale.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-20 10:39

Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 Kicks off

Parachuters perform at Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan province, April 27, 2018. The Zhengzhou Air Show 2018 kicked off here on Friday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-19 14:33

Sanmenxia Launches Marathon Along Yellow River

Sanmenxia, Central China's Henan province, made its debut in the international marathon field by hosting some runs along the Yellow River, China's second longest waterway, on May 1.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-19 14:25

Peony Exports Of China's 'City Of Peonies' Hit $2.7m in 2017

Luoyang, China's city of peonies in Henan province, exported more than 17 million yuan (about $2.7 million) of peonies in 2017, data from Zhengzhou Customs showed Thursday.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-19 14:19

Sanmenxia Shines at National Cultural Fair

The 14th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair in Shenzhen began on May 10, with the goal of strengthening cultural cooperation between Belt and Road countries.

Source: China Daily|2018-06-19 14:18

Ten More Nanyang Bus Lines Start Accepting Mobile Payment


Source: China Daily|2018-06-19 14:17

28 Sierra Leonean Participants Learn Yugongyishan

On June 9, 2018 Training Course on Expressway Construction and Operation Management for Sierra Leone hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by China Railway Seventh Group Co., Ltd & Henan University of Technology came to Yugongyishan Executive

Source: People's Daily Online|2018-06-19 13:52

China Focus: One-yuan Public Transport Helps Henan County Out Of Poverty

It was a long trip under the hot sun or in the rain, and the road was not safe, said Xiao, a resident of Renhe Township of Huangchuan County, in central China's Henan Province. But now, with public buses, the trip has become safer and more convenient.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-19 13:49

Henan to Open World's Longest Horseshoe-shaped Glass Skywalk

From Saturday, visitors to the Fuxi Grand Canyon in central China's Henan Province will be able to see straight down to the canyon floor 360 meters below as they walk on the world's longest horseshoe-shaped glass bridge.

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-19 13:47

Apple Futures Fuel Speculative Boom

In less than five months, China's apple futures have fuelled a speculative boom among investors, with the highest daily turnover reaching 616.3 billion yuan

Source: Xinhua|2018-06-19 13:45